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“She always is.” I have no doubt that she looks incredible but I’ve already seen her at her best. Naked, with me on top of her, inside of her, connected to her…
Oh fuck
. I shift uncomfortably and pull myself from my thoughts before I get a boner in front of hundreds of people.

Julia steps back then turns to wait for Ruthie and Annabelle to make their way down. Ruthie holds Annabelle’s hand as she walks slowly and unsteadily down the aisle. Everyone gushes and snaps a million pictures. Once they reach the end, Julia bends down and sweeps Annabelle up in her arms and kisses her cheek. “You did so good, baby girl.” She walks Annabelle over to Jaxson so he can kiss her too, then she takes her over to Grams’ waiting arms.

Ruthie walks up to Cade before taking her spot next to the girls. “Wookin’ good, big guy.” All of us bite back a smile as she holds her fist out for a knuckle bump.

“You too, kid. Always,” he replies and knocks fists with her.

With a bright smile she skips over to her spot and gives me a light punch in the arm as she passes by. “Goodwuck, Mister Shewiff.”

“Thanks. Do you think I’m going to need it?”

“Well she is hopin’ to knock you on yowr ass.”

We all burst into a fit of laughter, including Pastor Williams. Faith leans down and pulls Ruthie in next to her. “Butt, honey, remember it’s butt for you.”

“Oh yeah, wight, sowwy.” Faith kisses her cheek, letting her know it’s okay.

When the music changes and everyone stands, I swing my attention back to the aisle and suck in a sharp breath at the sight before me.
Ho-ly shit.
All the oxygen leaves my lungs as I stare awestruck at the girl whose arm is linked with her father’s, as she walks toward me. I knew she would look amazing, but jesus…she looks like an angel, an innocent one, except I know she is anything but. I have corrupted her way too many times for her to be innocent any more. But as I take in her white, strapless dress, long blonde hair flowing down past her slender shoulders in big, loose curls and the veil high on her head—she looks like the most innocent angel that God has ever created. That’s until her sweet, soft smile turns into something else the closer she gets. It’s a smile that tells me she’s up to something.

Stopping a short distance in front of me, her dad leans down and kisses her cheek. Just as he’s about to pass me her hand she pulls free and launches herself at me. I catch her in surprise with a grunted chuckle that quickly vanishes when she gives me one hot fucking kiss. I snap out of my shock quickly then take control, like always. A low growl escapes my throat as soon as her sweet taste touches my tongue, the deep sound is covered from everyone hooting and hollering at her unexpected act.

Kayla is the one to break the kiss first, and thank god she does because I probably would have never stopped. I keep hold of her, her feet still dangling off the ground and stare into her smiling face. “I think the kiss comes at the end,” I tell her with a smirk.

“I’ve never been one to follow the rules, Sheriff. You know that.” She leans in closer then whispers, “But you can punish me for it later.”

My amusement vanishes and I groan inwardly. “You can count on it. I have lost time to make up for. I missed you last night.”

“Me too,” she replies softly. I press a kiss to her forehead then drop her back on her feet. “You like my dress?” she asks, giving me a little twirl.

Chuckles fill the air around us, including mine. “Yeah, baby.” I pull her back in to me. “You look beautiful, just like always, but you’re going to look even better when I take it off of you tonight.”

“Mmmm, agreed.” She reaches up and gives me another kiss, but this one ends much quicker than the last, much to my disappointment. Kayla steps back then looks up at Pastor Williams with a smile. “Sorry, Pastor, I just couldn’t help myself. He looks so darn good in this suit of his.”

She gives me a sassy wink that makes me want to haul her ass up to our room and say ‘fuck all this’ and just sign the papers tomorrow. Somehow, I manage to restrain myself. It’s what this woman does to me, what she has always done to me. She pushes every button I have with just a look, a wink or a sassy remark—all to get a rise out of me. And she loves when I take it out on her later, when we are alone and…

“No problem. Whenever you’re ready we can start,” the pastor replies, interrupting my perverted thoughts.

“I’m ready,” she says then looks at me. “You ready?”

“I was born ready, baby.”

She smiles. “Good answer.”

With a chuckle from the pastor he starts, and thankfully the ceremony is fairly quick, which is what we wanted because South Carolina in June is hotter than hell. After the signing of the papers, exchange of rings and vows, Pastor Williams finishes it with: “Now, by the power vested in me by the state of South Carolina, and as a minister of the gospel, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss…” That’s the last thing I catch before Kayla launches herself at me again. This time though, I’m prepared for her. I lift her off her feet once again and claim her mouth first. Our kiss is slower and more intimate than the last and I get completely lost in her, like always. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve kissed this girl, I can never get enough of her.

She pulls back and drops her forehead on mine with a smile. “I told you I was going to marry you one day, Cooper McKay.”

I return her smile with a smirk. “You did, but little did you know that was my plan long before yours.”

With a sweet giggle she leans in and kisses me again. “I love you, Officer Sexy,” she mumbles against my lips.

“I love you too, baby.”


rom the moment that kiss ended everything turned into chaos—from pictures in the smoldering heat, to supper, speeches and now the first dance. I’m not a big dancer, actually, I don’t like it at all, but right now, as I hold Kayla’s soft, slender body close to mine, I decide it’s not such a bad thing after all. Even though we have hundreds of people watching us, I feel like, for the first time today, it’s just her and me, and I’m thankful for the small reprieve.

“So has it been everything you hoped it would be?” I ask.

She nods softly. “Yes, actually even more than I had hoped it would be.” For some reason I get the feeling that her words hold meaning, but before I can think more of it she reaches up and wraps her arms around my neck. “What about you?”

Most guys don’t give a shit about things like this. I know girls think about this moment from the time they are kids, but us guys don’t. Well, maybe the wedding night, but not the actual wedding. I could have cared less what we did or where we had our wedding just as long as she was here. “Yeah, baby, because all I needed was you.”

“Well, yeah, it wouldn’t have been anyone else or I would have cut a bitch.”

I bust out laughing, knowing it’s true. “I wish you would be more possessive where Gladys is concerned. Jesus, that lady has been relentless all night. Where is your ass kickin’ skills when I need them?”

“Now come on, Coop, you don’t really want me to kick an old lady’s ass, do you? You should be flattered, Sheriff. I mean, she could call anyone to come find her panties, but she trusts your investigatin’ skills to get the job done.” I grunt at her sarcasm, not finding it very funny, which only makes her laugh.

Unfortunately, that is not where my torment ends when it comes to Gladys. An hour later, when I’m sitting at a table with all the guys, she comes up to me, looking excited as shit because my wife just told her that I would dance with her. My eyes snap to Kayla on the dance floor, where she’s dancing with the girls, and she gives me a sassy little wave of her fingers.
Oh she is going to fucking pay for this.

I look back up at Gladys’ hopeful expression and try to figure out how the fuck I’m going to get out of this. “Well that’s real nice of you, Miss Gladys, but unfortunately, I’m not a very good dancer.” Her face falls, making me feel like shit, so I add: “But Sawyer here loves to dance.”

Her face lights back up and I feel Sawyer’s hard gaze on me but I don’t acknowledge him. That will teach the fucker for messing with me about the pink ties.

“Oh he will work just fine, too.” She turns to Sawyer. “What’s your favorite dance, Sugar?”

Jaxson chuckles next to me, and when I glance over at Sawyer, I swear, if looks could kill I would be ten feet under right now. He snaps out of it quickly and pastes a smile on his face. “Sorry, but I’m only allowed to dance with my Cupcake. She gets really mad if I dance with other women, especially ones as beautiful as you, and I sure wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

What a smooth motherfucker.

Gladys nods, as if fully understanding this. “Oh yes, I get that a lot. It seems the younger ladies do find me a little threatening, and I love Miss Grace. I wouldn’t want her feelings hurt either.”

You have got to be shittin’ me.
I start feeling like an ass as she watches us eagerly, waiting for one of us to fill the role. Right when I think I’m fucked and have no other choice but to dance with her, old Gus, Kayla’s grandpa, comes walking over and asks her. She’s caught off guard but happily accepts then walks off arm and arm with him.
Thank fuck!

I glance back to Kayla to see her looking amused as shit. When she gives me a wink, I shake my head to let her know she’s going to pay for this later. Suddenly, a napkin gets thrown at me from across the table and pulls me from our stare-down.

“You fucker!” Sawyer berates me under his breath. “Why the hell did you throw me under the bus? Why not him?” He points to Jaxson.

I whip the napkin back at him. “Because he hasn’t been annoying me by running his mouth all day about the pink fucking ties.”

He grunts. “That’s because he enjoys dressing like a chick, too.” Jaxson throws his napkin at him now, which he catches with a laugh. “Oh calm your shit, ladies, I’m kidding. And what the hell are you thinking inviting that lady anyway? I mean, jesus, she is off her fucking rocker and you know it.”

“Yeah, but she’s harmless…most of the time, and Kayla said we had to since she’s Grams’ friend.” It’s pretty much the only reason I agreed to it.

Before anyone can say more, Ruthie comes skipping over and jumps up on Cade’s lap. Her beanie is now back on her head, even though she’s still in her flower girl dress, but I have to admit, if anyone can pull it off it’s her. “Hey, big guy, you havin’ fun?” she asks Cade.

“Yeah. How about you?”

“Oh yes. I tan’t wait until you and Faif get married and I weally tan’t wait to be your best man, or I guess I should say best girl,” she adds with a giggle.

He smirks. “Me too, kid.”

Cade and Faith’s wedding is in a few months. Sawyer was always his best man while Jaxson, Chris and I are his groomsmen. Then Ruthie told him that the best man is supposed to be his best friend, and since she’s his best friend she asked if she could stand next to him. Of course he said yes. Who could say no to her? However, we have all agreed that Sawyer is still in charge of the bachelor party.

The conversation gets broken up when the music suddenly switches from a slow song to a fast one,
I’m Sexy and I Know It
, blaring loudly from the speakers. “Oh my gosh, Sawyer.” Grace squeals from across the dance floor, drawing all of our attention. “It’s your song,” she yells with a laugh then turns to him and starts dancing along. When she kisses each of her biceps we all burst into a fit of laughter.

Sawyer isn’t fazed in the least—he’s too arrogant. Instead he watches her with an amused smirk then gets up and makes his way to the dance floor. We all groan because we know what’s coming, and so does Grace, if her attempt to dodge him is any indication. Of course she isn’t able to make her escape. Bending down, he picks her up, sweeping her off her feet.

“Put me down, Sawyer!” she demands with a laugh.

“Sorry, Cupcake, but no can do. We have some business to take care of.” We all shake our heads as he walks out of the tent.

“Where’s he takin’ her?” Ruthie asks.

“Nowhere!” All of us shout at once. I hope wherever he’s taking her, he has the decency to go somewhere private, or better yet, their room.

Ruthie lets out a big yawn and drops her head on Cade’s chest, her eyes getting droopy. “You tired, kid? Want Christopher and Alissa to take you to bed?”

“No, I’m okay,” she replies sleepily, then passes out not even two minutes later. Christopher and Alissa carry her to the suite Cade and Faith rented, and take Annabelle with them also.

Sawyer and Grace return thirty minutes later, Sawyer looking cocky and Grace looking…well satisfied but clearly embarrassed, if her red cheeks and lack of eye contact with any of us guys is anything to go by.

At the very end of the night, after everyone has cleared out and the staff is cleaning up, all of us friends walk out to the garden for one last drink. Katelyn headed up to her room a little while ago, while my cousin left with some chick Kayla works with. Us guys are sitting on the stone steps to the fountain while the girls sit on our laps and talk about the day’s events.

“It really was an amazing day. Thank you for letting us be a part of it,” Faith says, and a chorus of agreement goes around.

“No, thank you, all of you,” Kayla speaks for the both of us. “We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party. Coop and I are very thankful for you guys… Even you, Hulk,” she adds, glancing over at Jaxson. “And to think you didn’t turn green once today, I’m so damn proud of you.”

He grunts at her smart mouth. “I guess we both deserve a pat on the back then, because just think—you didn’t take a bat to anyone’s truck tonight.”

She punches him in the arm. “Well, the night’s not over yet. Where did you park again?” All of us chuckle at their usual bantering.

“We definitely have been through a lot together,” Julia says softly, steering the conversation back to the original topic. “I tell Jaxson all the time how blessed we are to have each other. We’re more than friends, we’re family, and I know our kids will grow up to be close, too.”

Sawyer points at me with a smirk. “I guess it’s time for you to get cracking on your baby-making skills, Sheriff.”

BOOK: The Final Temptation
5.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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