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“No! I’m not letting you run away again.”

“Please don’t do this,” I plead on a shaky whisper. “I can’t take any more this week.”

I feel his body soften behind me. “Please just hear me out, baby?”

Oh the bastard just had to use
, didn’t he?

He takes my silence as a yes, which I guess it is, then takes a seat on the bench where I was just sitting and pulls me down on his lap, his obvious erection now nestled along my ass. The stubborn side of me wants to wiggle my way out of his arms but the other side, the wounded one that has missed him so much, wants to burrow closer. Instead I sit stock-still, stare at the flowing water and try to steel myself against the conflicting emotions battling inside of me. But I don’t have much luck when his arms hug me closer and I feel his lips on my bare back.

“I’m sorry, Kayla. I’m so sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean it.” I open my mouth to argue but he quickly claps a hand over it. “Please, just let me finish, if you still want to yell at me after I’m done then fine. But just hear me out first.”

My protest deflates and I slump in his arms. He removes his hand and continues. “I was really pissed off that night, and I wasn’t even all that upset at you. I was mad at Brittany for being a bitch and hurting you. I was pissed off and worried when I found out from Jaxson that you were at that party. Then when I found you there, running scared, with your face messed up like that…” He trails off and drops his forehead on my back with a heavy breath. “I was furious, Kayla, and I snapped. I fucking hated that I couldn’t beat the shit out of that prick, and hated even more that I almost lost control, which would have ended my career. The entire night was a giant cluster-fuck and I said things that I didn’t mean.”

I take a moment to absorb everything he just said. I get it. If anyone understands saying things in the heat of the moment it’s me, but it doesn’t lessen the sting of what he said. “I understand how you were feeling, because I felt the exact same way most of the night, but what you said, Cooper, was harsh and it really hurt me.”

“I know. I swear if I could take it back—”

I turn and cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth. “It’s my turn now.”

I feel him grin. “Sorry, baby, continue.”

I begin to remove my hand but before I can he encloses his fingers around my wrist and kisses my palm, the entire gesture warming my heart. His light green eyes are soft and pleading but I try to steel myself against it because this needs to be said. “I’m not sure it matters anymore, because I’m never going to change. This is who I am. I’m irrational and I get pissed off quickly. I jump to conclusions and I really don’t have much self-control, but that’s not all of who I am. I’m a good person, Cooper, despite what you think, and I usually only get irrational like that when it comes to people I care about.”

His eyes fall closed and he drops his forehead on my shoulder again, but not before I see pain flash through them. “You’re the best person I know, Kayla, and I fucking hate that I made you think otherwise. If I could take it back I would, but I swear I’ll make it up to you. I promise to make sure you never doubt my feelings again.”

“And what are your feelings?” His head snaps up and I force myself to hold his gaze, then taking a deep breath, I gather my courage and voice my feelings. “As much as I want you, I need to understand where you’re coming from. This isn’t some crush for me, I’ve loved you for a long time,” I admit softly. “And if you don’t intend for this to be more than you working me out of your system then I can’t do it. I’m sorry but I can’t.”

His eyes bore into mine and my heart jackhammers in my chest as I wait to see if I will be rejected. I expected to see some alarm in his gaze from my admission of the L word, but shockingly, I don’t.

He reaches up and cups the side of my face, his thumb tracing delicately along my bottom lip. “You are the biggest pain in the ass.” I frown at his unexpected response. “But you are my pain in the ass,” he quickly adds with a smirk. “You always have been and I don’t want you to change for anything.” His smile vanishes as he lets out a heavy breath. “There are reasons why we couldn’t be together until now, ones that really matter to me. Yeah, I could have dated you, but I know that I wouldn’t have had the self-control to keep my dick in my pants. But make no mistake of my feelings for you, Kayla. You’ve weaved your stubborn ass so deep inside of me there will be no working you out of my system, baby, and tonight everything changes for us.”

Joy explodes through my chest and I drop my forehead on his with relief. I stare into his intense gaze, my lips only a breath from his. “I’m good at weaving my stubborn ass inside of people, it’s a gift.”

He smirks then turns his face into the side of my neck and trails his lips up my throat. “Do you forgive me, baby?”

“Mmm, maybe,” I whisper as I tilt my head to the side for him.

“Come on, even perfect assholes like me make mistakes sometimes.”

“Pffft,” I harrumph.

With a chuckle he leans back then frames my face before drawing my mouth down to his. I gasp at the first touch of his lips, it’s completely electrifying and soul touching. I weave my fingers through his hair to hold him close and let his kiss ease the wounds that were engraved on my heart this past week.

His tongue wastes no time thrusting past my lips, demanding more, and I happily give him the access he wants. I whimper as his delicious flavor floods my senses, one that I have craved and dreamed about since that night on his parent’s kitchen table. “Goddamn, I love the way you taste.” His big, warm hand slides up my high slit and grasps my upper thigh. “And this dress is going to drive me fucking crazy all damn night.”

“It doesn’t have to,” I mumble breathlessly. “Let’s go back to your place and you can rip it off me, or hell, just hike that shit up and do all the dirty things you want to me.”

He chuckles but it trails off into a groan. “No, I’m not letting you miss your prom, but I promise, baby, you’re going to feel me tonight. Everywhere. My mouth, my hands, my cock—all of it. I’m going to claim what’s mine, what has always been mine.”

My panties flood with arousal at his possessive words and I desperately want to hike my dress up, crawl on top of him and have him claim every part of me right here, right now. I consider doing just that but he ends up pulling away and stands us up.

“No, don’t stop.” I jump and cling to him like a dog in heat then crush my mouth to his again.

His hands cup my silk-covered ass as he lifts me off my feet with a growl. “Baby, we have to stop or I’m going to come in my fucking pants.”

“That’s okay, it will feel good, take the edge off until we go back to your place.”

He expels a tortured groan. “Jesus, Kayla, I’m trying to do the right thing here, help a guy out.”

“Sometimes it pays to be bad, Coop.” I press on, hoping to convince him.

“Oh believe me, there is nothing good about anything I plan to do to you tonight, but…” He drops me back down to my feet. “Not until midnight.”

I huff in frustration and blow a stray curl out of my face. “Fine, then let’s get this show on the road so we can get out of here.” I grab his hand to drag him behind me but he doesn’t budge and ends up yanking me back against him.

“Hold up,” he whispers in my ear, sending shivers along my spine. “I have something for you.” He picks up the mangled looking corsage off the bench and slides it on my wrist. “Sorry it’s a fucking mess, it got wrecked when I was running from my truck that I had to park a mile away.”

I smile down at it. “It’s perfect.”

“You’re lying, it’s shit.”

“You’re right, it is.” I admit with a giggle. “But it is perfect to me because it’s from you.”

I feel his smile against my cheek before his lips brush it softly. “Come on, baby, let’s go inside. Jaxson and Julia are saving seats for us.” Linking our fingers together I start leading the way, when suddenly I hear him groan behind me. I glance back to see him staring at the open back of my dress. “This is going to be the longest fucking night of my life.”

He’s got that right.

We make our way into the banquet hall and are immediately assaulted with loud music and a sea of bodies. We wind our way through the crowd to find Jaxson and Julia at one of the tables in the center of the room. Julia stands then meets me halfway and pulls me in for a hug. “Everything okay?” she asks in my ear.

I squeeze her back tightly. “Yeah, actually, everything is perfect.”

She steps back and gives me a big smile. “Looks like we got our wish,” she says, glancing over at the guys. “Well you got yours, I only got half of mine, but at least he’s here with me.”

“It will happen one day, Jules, I know it.” And I do because I see the way he looks at her, everyone does. “Come on.” I sling my arm around her shoulders as we walk over to the table.

The first half of the night surprisingly speeds along and I’m having a good time. We take pictures, Julia and I dance while the guys glare at anyone who comes near us. At one point I thought Bobby Wright was a dead man when he started dancing behind Julia, but with one look from Jaxson he backed his ass right to the other side of the dance floor. As the night wears on I become more anxious for midnight to hit. Every time Cooper looks at me his eyes are intense and hold promise. Every gentle touch, whether it be on my leg or back, has tremors racing along my skin and my body humming with arousal.

After the announcement of prom queen and king, we decided to pick up a pizza and go to the beach where Jaxson and Julia always hang out. Cooper and I went in my car while Jaxson drove his truck, and it took some major self-control on my part not to maul the sexy bastard on the way over. But I knew it would only make it harder on the both of us. I understand now how important it is for him to wait until that clock strikes midnight.

So here we are, the four of us sitting in front of the ocean, our feet in the warm sand and the ocean breeze misting across our faces while we chow down on pizza from Antonio’s. Both Julia and I are wearing the guys’ jackets since it’s a little cooler this close to the water.

Once we finish eating Cooper pulls me between his legs. I lean back against his hard chest and try not to moan when I feel his erection against my lower back.
Jesus, has that bad boy been like this all night?

When Julia walks back from throwing out our garbage she goes to take the seat next to Jaxson but he surprises us both by pulling her in the same way Cooper has me. I watch her soft expression break out into the biggest smile.

“So, girls, how does it feel to almost be done with school for the rest of your lives?” Cooper asks.

“It feels a little weird,” I reply first. “If you think about it we have been in the same routine for the last twelve years, thirteen if you want to count kindergarten. Wake up early and go to school, every Monday you pray for it to be Friday, you look forward to the weekends and summers but also love seeing your friends at school every day. As much as I’m going to enjoy not having school work anymore, I don’t think I’m really feeling this bill business that will start coming my way soon. I’m quite content to have my dad still buy me everything.” They all chuckle but what they don’t realize is I’m partly serious.
Who the hell wants to grow up and have more responsibilities?
Well, okay, Cooper makes it a little more appealing. I’m assuming he wouldn’t be cool with me living off my dad forever.

“Well I’m not done with school yet,” Julia says, cutting into my thoughts. “If I get into the University of Charleston I will have four more years of it. But I have decided to take a year off because, like you said, I need a break after twelve years.

“You didn’t tell me that,” Jaxson says in surprise.

“I just decided a few days ago after talking with Grams about it.” She pauses then turns back to look up at him. “Why? You don’t think it’s a good idea?”

“I think it’s a great idea. Take a break, have fun for a year then go to college. I have no doubt that you will get in and end up being the best teacher any kid can have.”

She smiles up at him. “Thanks, Jax.” He leans down and gives her a kiss on the forehead.

I roll my eyes and shake my head.
Seriously, how can she not see this shit?

“Have you given any more thought to those business courses? It sounds like Eddie really wants you to take over the shop for him,” she says, talking about the mechanic shop he works at.

There’s a slight pause, and out of the corner of my eye I see him briefly glance over at Cooper before he clears his throat. “No, not yet.”

What is that all about?

“That’s okay, you have time,” she replies with a shrug, missing the exchange.

A comfortable silence settles over us as we listen to the sound of the waves crash against the shore, but I swear I can hear a clock ticking every second. I know Cooper does too, since he’s checking his watch constantly. The last time he checks it I lean over and see we still have a half hour. I hear him blow out a frustrated breath behind me. “You know what, fuck it.” Before I can register his words he hauls me up to my feet. “We’re out of here, we’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow.”

He yanks on my hand to propel me forward but I plant my feet in the sand then reach down and swipe my shoes. I barely have them snagged when he pulls on me again. “Bye,” I yell back to Jaxson and Julia with a wave.

“Yeah, I won’t be going home tonight,” Jaxson grumbles behind me.

I hear Julia giggle but can’t make out what she says since Cooper is pulling me at a fast pace. “Coop, slow down, this dress wasn’t made for running.” Instead of listening, he turns back and catches me off guard by picking me up around the waist. With a squeal of surprise I wrap my arms around his neck, and laugh as he races to the car. I expect him to throw me in but instead he pins me against it then his mouth descends on mine. Moaning, I kiss him with the same desperation.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he mumbles against my lips. “I’ll take you home and start fucking you with my mouth and hands until midnight, then you better be ready, baby, because it will be my cock next and I have years of need to work out.” He drives his statement home with a hard thrust against me, his erection hitting the little spot that has electricity shooting through every nerve ending in my body.

BOOK: The Final Temptation
5.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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