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Catching me off guard, he picks me up by my ass and walks us a few steps. I hear a bunch of shit crash to the floor before my back suddenly meets the cold, hard surface of his kitchen table. We never break the kiss, our mouths devouring one another, our tongues dueling a beautiful battle of frustration and pure, hot lust. My lungs crave oxygen but I can’t stop, I don’t want to, I need more. I rip open his uniform shirt and the tiny buttons fly all over the place. My hands slip beneath his undershirt and roam over the smooth, hard plains of his abs.

With a groan he rips his mouth from mine, and starts trailing his lips down my throat. “You drive me fucking crazy!” he growls. “The way you torment my dick, prancing around this tight, little body of yours. Testing every measure of my control!”

And I finally snapped it. Thank the Lord!
Before I can put that thought into words he rips the top of my tank top down and immediately frees my breasts from the pink lace confines of my bra.

“Look how pretty your tits are,” he croons, his dirty words intensifying the throbbing between my legs. “Even fucking better than I imagined.”

I’m so drunk with desire that I can’t form a coherent word, let alone a witty reply. Cupping the swollen, achy mounds, he leans in and takes a tortured bud between his warm, firm lips. “Oh god, yes.” I arch into his mouth as the most amazing sensations flow through me. His teeth graze my sensitive tip while his fingers work my other, pinching with a force that has my pussy clenching with an intensity that hurts.

Lifting my hips I grind against his erection, and whimper when I feel how hard he is. “Cooper, please,” I beg with a whimper. “I ache so bad.”

Growling, he reaches down and cups me through my yoga pants. “Oh yeah? Has this sweet little pussy been wet and aching for me, baby?”

His words send another wave of heat to soar through me. “Yes. So bad, and for so long,” I confess on a moan.

“Good!” he snaps. “Because that’s what you do to me. You’ve been torturing my dick for years with that smart mouth of yours.”

I falter, his words bringing joy to explode through my chest. Okay, so it isn’t
I love you
but at least I know he has been wanting me as bad as I’ve been wanting him.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?” I reach for his pants, ready to get this show on the road, but he stops my attempt with a growl and locks my arms above my head.

“No! The only one who will be doing the touching tonight is me.” I scoff at that and go to reach for him again, but his grip tightens on my wrists and his jaw clenches in restraint. “I mean it, Kayla. Only me, or everything stops now.”

I stare at him and quickly realize he’s serious. I’m about to argue but he doesn’t give me the chance. Leaning down, he takes a nipple into his mouth again while his hand slips into my pants and his fingers glide through my wet flesh. A fiery whimper escapes me as he skims over my swollen clit just before he thrusts two fingers inside of me. I gasp and arch at the sweet invasion.

“Ah yeah.” He groans. “As tight as I knew you would be. That’s because no one else has been here. Right, baby?” I nod in response because I’m too lost in my desire to speak. “That’s right. Because this is fucking mine!”

“Yes,” I moan breathlessly. Little does he know, I’m all his—body and soul—but I decide to keep that to myself for now. The man already has enough power over me, and quite frankly it’s a little scary.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve been doing to me these last few days? Hell, the last few years. Watching you in that fucking hot tub last night, having to jack off for any relief so I didn’t come down there and bend you over the side of it, and fuck you from behind like the animal you’re making me.”

Oh god.
The image in my head, along with the pleasure of his fingers, has my body feeling like it’s about to combust. I try to wiggle closer to him, wanting so desperately to touch him, but he won’t release my wrists. “Cooper, please,” I plead. “I want to touch you, too.”

He smirks down at me. “You wanted to know what it feels like to be cuffed, baby. Isn’t that what you said?”

Oh he does not want to play this game with me, because I will play right back. I try to clear the fog of arousal clouding my head. “Yes, but that’s in your bed when you are fucking me with your cock, not your fingers.”

His heavy-lidded eyes turn wild as he expels a mumbled chuckle. “You and that sassy fucking mouth of yours. Soon, Kayla, soon you will find out what I’m going to do to it, and you will learn quickly just who’s in charge here. During the day you can run your mouth all you want, but when your clothes are off and my cock is inside of you, that’s my territory, baby.”

Holy hell he can be sexy when he’s arrogant, but as much as I love his demand right now I want something more from him. I need it to be more. “If you won’t let me touch you, will you at least kiss me?” I whisper, hoping I don’t sound as vulnerable as I feel.

His expression softens just before he leans down and gives me his mouth. Our tongues intertwine again, but this time the pace is slower and more intimate, giving me the connection I crave. He finally releases my wrists and allows me to wrap my arms around his neck. I decide not to push my luck, not wanting him to stop me from holding him close.

I gasp when his fingers speed up their delicious assault, stroking a part inside of me I never knew existed. Moaning into the kiss, I hook my legs around his lower back to bring him closer. My hips start rocking to the rhythm of his hand with desperation as I feel myself teeter on the edge.

His growl vibrates against my lips. “That-a-girl, I can feel how close you are, Kayla, give it to me, let me feel it all over my hand, baby.” As soon as he mumbles the words his free hand cups the soft weight of my breast and his fingers pinch my sensitive nipple with a force that sends me crashing over the edge.

White lights explode behind my eyes and ecstasy rushes through every vein in my body, stealing the breath from my lungs. Cooper swallows my cries of release until every last ounce of pleasure spills from my body.

As I float down from my high and back to reality, I feel him remove his hand quickly. Before he can pull away I tighten my hold on his neck and kiss him for all I’m worth, not wanting this connection with him to end, but unfortunately, it does, and all too soon.

With a groan he reaches up and forcibly unlinks my hold from around his neck then walks to the other side of the kitchen. He braces his arms on the counter, keeping his back to me, and drops his head in defeat.

“Cooper, what is it?” I ask, confused at his sudden turmoil. His silence has a sick feeling forming in the pit of my stomach. I quickly put my bra back in place and right my shirt before hopping off the table. I walk toward him slowly, then lay my hand tentatively on his heaving back and feel him tense. “What? Did I do something wrong?” My question drips with insecurity, which bothers me because I am not an insecure person.

“Jesus, no,” he breathes out before spinning around and pulling me against him. I feel his erection against my stomach and his body wound tight. I wrap my arms around his waist and soak in his warmth. “Kayla, as much as I want you to stay right now, baby, I need you to leave.”

At the restraint in his tone I look up at him, and suck in a sharp breath at his tortured expression. Without hesitation I reach up and cup the side of his face. “Coop, talk to me.”

He watches me for a moment, his jaw flexed and his eyes ablaze. “I’m barely holding on to my control right now.” Every word he breathes is through clenched teeth. “If I fuck up here I could lose my job. Do you understand?”

I do now. It finally dawns on me—it’s because I’m underage, that’s what’s been holding him back. Even though I am only weeks away from my eighteenth birthday that doesn’t matter to Cooper. His oath to uphold the law weighs heavily on him, and I’ve been tormenting him to break that oath without realizing it.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper guiltily. “I wasn’t thinking.” He shakes his head, seeming like he wants to say something but holds back. Instead, he leans down and presses a hard kiss to my forehead. He turns to walk away but I grab his shirt before he can escape and stare up at him. My heart pounds in my chest for what I’m about to ask but I feel like it’s now or never. “Come to prom with me.” His eyes widen in surprise, but before he can answer I slap my hand over his mouth. “Don’t answer yet, just think about it. Please.” I pause and lick my lips nervously. “I’ve turned down a lot of offers, Cooper, because I want you to take me. I don’t want to go with anyone else. I understand your reasoning for all of this now.” I gesture between us. “And I don’t expect anything from you but to be my date. Although, I will remind you that I turn eighteen at midnight that night, so…” I trail off with a smirk.

Removing my hand, I reach up on my tiptoes and kiss his jaw before slipping past him. Just as I make it to his door he calls out to me. I stop and look back at him.

“Promise me you won’t go to that party this weekend.”

“Coop…” I breathe out and shake my head, not understanding why he’s being so stubborn about this.

“Please, Kayla.”

It’s easy to see how concerned he is about it, and since it really isn’t a huge deal to me if I go, I relent with a nod. “Okay. I promise.”

Walking out the door, I make my way across the driveway to my house. Just as I’m about to walk in I feel his eyes on me, and turn to see him watching me from his back door, making sure I get in safely. With a smile, I blow him a kiss and don’t miss his small smirk in return.

After a hot shower I get settled into bed, my body feeling the most satisfied it ever has, but unfortunately, my heart does not, and I know it won’t until I finally have all of Cooper, body and soul.


aturday morning I walk down the stairs to see my Mom and Dad sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

“Hi, honey, have a seat. I made pancakes,” my mom says, immediately dishing me a plate.

As I take the chair next to my dad he leans over and kisses my cheek. “Morning. How’s my girl?”

I smile and return his kiss. “Good. You aren’t working this weekend? Should I have a heart attack?” I love my father, but he’s a workaholic. It’s rare to see him on a Saturday morning but I know it comes with owning your own business. He runs the best construction company around and I’m really proud of him for all of his success.

“Ha, ha,” he replies with an amused smirk. I get my smart-ass attitude from him so he knows I’m just messin’ with him. “Actually, I took the day off since I have a meeting tonight.” He pauses, suddenly seeming uncomfortable. “I’m having a prospective client and his family over for supper. I’m hoping you will be around to join us?”

I shrug. “Sure. Who is it? Do I know them?” I’m assuming I do since everyone knows everyone in this town.

I can tell by my parent’s expressions that I’m not going to like this. “Yes, actually, you do. It’s the Vails.”

“What?” I shout in outrage. “No, Dad! No way is that bitch sitting at my kitchen table.”

“Kayla, language,” my mom scolds but I ignore her.

“How could you invite them here for supper? You know how much I hate Brittany.”

My dad’s expression turns remorseful. “It was her father who suggested it. He thought our families could get to know each other while we talked business.”

“Hell no! I already know her and like I said, she’s a Class-A bitch.”

My mom cuts in now. “Honey, why don’t you give her a chance? Who knows, it might surprise you and y’all could end up becoming really good friends.”

I roll my eyes at how delusional she can be. “Trust me, I will never, ever be friends with her.”

“She can’t be that horrible if Cooper dated her.”

I stiffen and feel as if someone just kicked me in the stomach. My teeth grind and I try to remember that my mom doesn’t know about my feelings for Cooper. I haven’t purposely kept it from them, I just haven’t exactly found the right time to bring it up. Although, I am a little surprised they haven’t caught on.

I shake my head vehemently, not wanting to see that bitch ever again, let alone in my own house. My father reaches over and puts his hand gently on my arm. “Can you please put aside your differences for tonight? This will be a huge contract for my company if I get it, Kayla, it would be years of work for us. Please, honey, can you do this for me?”

I stare into my dad’s pleading blue eyes, which are the same color as mine, and feel my resolve slipping. He’s wanted the contracts on the Vail’s malls for so long. He’s given me so much and has worked hard to make sure my mom and I could have everything we’ve ever needed. No matter how much I want to, I can’t say no to him.

“Fine,” I relent on a sigh. “But I’m not staying long, Dad, I will only be able to put up with her for so long. Also, I have plans with Julia, so if it’s all right I’m going to invite her, too.”

He nods and gives me a relieved smile. “Yes, of course. She’s always welcome here, and I promise just a couple of hours then you can go.” Leaning over he kisses my cheek again. “Thank you, sweetheart.”

Yeah, well, he better not thank me yet. I just pray I can bite my tongue long enough to get through this. I suddenly think about what I did to her car the other night, and realize this could get very ugly.


BOOK: The Final Temptation
12.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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