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The Fountains of Silence (57 page)

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Children in Spain salute an image of Francisco Franco on the street.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

Maternity ward in Madrid.

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Auxilio Social home for boys.

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Original ad for the Castellana Hilton in Madrid.

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The Guardia Civil.

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The Valley of the Fallen, which contains the remains of forty thousand people who fought in the Spanish Civil War. The site remains controversial in Spain.

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Nationalist painting on a building in Bilbao, containing symbols of the Falange.


Ruta Sepetys (
) is an internationally acclaimed, #1
New York Times
bestselling author of historical fiction published in over sixty countries and forty languages. Sepetys is considered a “crossover” novelist, as her books are read by both teens and adults worldwide. Her novels
Between Shades of Gray
Out of the Easy
, and
Salt to the Sea
have won or been shortlisted for more than forty book prizes, and are included on more than sixty state award lists.
Between Shades of Gray
was adapted into the film
Ashes in the Snow
, and her other novels are currently in development for TV and film. Winner of the Carnegie Medal, Ruta is passionate about the power of history and literature to foster global awareness and connectivity. She has presented to NATO, to the European Parliament, in the United States Capitol, and at embassies worldwide. Ruta was born and raised in Michigan and now lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Twitter
and Instagram

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