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The Godfather's Revenge

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The Godfather’s Revenge

“Some of us have been living with the
mythology for thirty-seven years now. The late Mario Puzo’s 1969 bestseller shocked the nation with its explosive mix of sex, violence, and profound cynicism. The new novel,
The Godfather’s Revenge
…[is] a big, ambitious book…deftly handled and deeply ironic. Winegardner packs a great deal of mob lore into the novel…plenty of action…[and] smart talk.
The Godfather’s Revenge
is popular fiction at its best and arguably offers more depth and realism than Puzo’s original.”

The Washington Post

“Re-creating Puzo’s embroidered Mafia universe can be entertaining, and Winegardner has rich (in every sense of the word) material to work with.”

The New York Times

“Keeps the action moving, the plentiful sex and violence scenes have that
Police Gazette
swagger, and in the end it may be even more fun, thanks to its deliberate excess and sly asides. Like Puzo, Winegardner paints real-life characters in far darker colors than their public images.”

New York Daily News

“A corker. [Winegardner’s] created a plot that cleverly encircles and amplifies the existing tale.”

The Seattle Times

“Faux Kennedy brothers, elaborate detailings of byzantine Cosa Nostra politics, steamy pulp-fiction prose, a hot murder mystery, and [an]…epic cast make this
installment a worthy addition to the chronicle of
la famiglia
Corleone. Winegardner breathlessly reanimates these archetypes even more effectively than he did in
The Godfather Returns.
[His] deft plot-spinning is rivaled only by his sure grasp of Goodfella mise-en-scène, the profanity-laced witticisms, the fashion fetishizing, the cool, long, dark sixties Chevy Biscaynes. Minor characters, from upstart Eddie Paradise to the musically monickered Ottilio Cuneo and Osvaldo Atobello, add varnish to inch-thick operatic mobster atmosphere. Bloody and bombastic—a top-notch addition to the saga.”

Kirkus Reviews

Further Praise for the Novels
of Mark Winegardner

“The real deal.”

—Stephen King

“Shows a hard-eyed love of human drama—sad, ridiculous, and lovely.”

The Washington Post Book World

“Grand in scope.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Profoundly impressive…an expansive talent.”

—Antonya Nelson

“A meaty, engrossing novel.”

Chicago Tribune

“Both an intimate and a sweeping scale. But [Winegardner’s] main achievement is a narrative voice…that’s distinctly his own.”

Los Angeles Times

“An ambitious novel…. Like Jonathan Franzen in
The Twenty-Seventh City,
or E. L. Doctorow in
City of God,
Winegardner takes on the American metropolis…in plain, straightforward prose.”

Publishers Weekly

“Playful and vivid…a crafty mix of the real and imaginary.”

—Stewart O’Nan

“A grand piece of historical fiction recalling E. L. Doctorow and, more recently, Don DeLillo. Winegardner is a lively writer who holds the reader’s interest throughout his long epic. A remarkable and entertaining book.”




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Ancora una volta,

alla mia famiglia

Men must either be flattered or crushed, for they will revenge themselves for slight wrongs, while grave ones they cannot. The injury, therefore, that you do a man should be such that you need not fear for revenge.

The Prince

Cast of Characters


Vito Corleone: the first Godfather of New York’s most powerful crime family Carmela Corleone: wife of Vito Corleone and mother of their four children Santino “Sonny” Corleone: Vito Corleone’s oldest son (deceased)

Sandra Corleone: Sonny’s wife, now living in Florida

Francesca, Kathy, Frankie, and Santino Corleone Jr.: children of Sonny and Sandra

William Brewster Van Arsdale III: Francesca’s husband (deceased)

Tom Hagen:
and (unofficially) adopted son

Theresa Hagen: Tom’s wife and mother of their four children

Frederico “Fredo” Corleone: Vito’s second-born son (underboss 1955–1959)

Michael Corleone: Vito’s youngest son and the reigning Godfather of the Corleone Family

Apollonia Corleone: Michael’s first wife (deceased)

Kay Adams Corleone: Michael’s second wife (divorced) Anthony and Mary Corleone: children of Michael and Kay

Connie Corleone: Vito and Carmela’s daughter

Carlo Rizzi: Connie’s husband (deceased), father of her two sons



Michael Corleone (1954–) Succeeded his father, Vito Corleone


Tom Hagen (1945–) Succeeded Genco Abbandando, Vito Corleone’s original
Vito Corleone (1954–1955) and Peter Clemenza (1956–1957) served briefly as

Sotto capo

Position currently vacant

Formerly Fredo Corleone (1955–1959); Nick Geraci (1959–1961)


Eddie Paradise (1962–)

started by Salvatore Tessio

In 1955, merged with Nick Geraci’s
(started by Sonny Corleone)

Richard “Richie Two
Guns” Nobilio (1959–)

started by Peter Clemenza

Clemenza succeeded by Frank Pantangeli, 1957

Other Significant Made Members of the Family

Al Neri: ex-cop; head of Family security rumored to be informal
sotto capo

Cosimo “Momo the Roach” Barone: nephew of Sally Tessio;
under Geraci and now Paradise

Tommy “Scootch” Neri:
under Nobilio; nephew of Al Neri

Renzo Sacripante:
under Nobilio

(circa 1963; years on the Commission are in parentheses)

The Five Families of New York

Michael Corleone (1954–), boss of the Corleone Family Succeeded Vito Corleone (1931–1954)

Paul “Fat Paulie” Fortunato (1955–), boss of the Barzini Family Succeeded Emilio Barzini (1931–1955)

Osvaldo “Ozzie” Altobello (1962–), boss of the Tattaglia Family (New York) Succeeded Rico Tattaglia (1955–1961) and Phillip Tattaglia (1931–1955)

Ottilio “Leo the Milkman” Cuneo (1931–), boss of the Cuneo Family Charter member of the Commission

Other known Commission members (at-large seats)

Carlo “the Whale” Tramonti (1931–), boss, New Orleans

Charter member of the Commission

Giuseppe “Joe Z” Zaluchi (1931–), boss, Detroit

Cast of Characters

Charter member of the Commission

Salvatore “Silent Sam” Drago (1954–), boss, Tampa

Appointed to fill vacant at-large seat

John Villone (1963–), boss, Chicago

Succeeded Louie “the Face” Russo (1955–1961)

Frank “the Greek” Greco (1963–), boss, Philadelphia

Succeeded Vincent “the Jew” Forlenza, boss, Cleveland (1931–1961)


Judith Epstein Buchanan: Tom Hagen’s

Deanna Dunn: widow of Fredo Corleone; Academy Award–winning actress

Marguerite (Rita) Duvall: dancer, actress; believed to be dating Michael Corleone

Johnny Fontane: singer and Academy Award–winning movie star

Patrick Geary: United States senator from Nevada

Fausto Dominick “Nick” Geraci, Jr.: deposed Corleone underboss Charlotte Geraci: Nick’s wife Barb and Bev Geraci: children of Nick and Charlotte

Fausto “the Driver” Geraci: Nick’s father; former
in Cleveland mob

Sid Klein: attorney; special counsel during the Red Scare; on retainer to Corleone Family

Joseph P. Lucadello (aka Ike Rosen): old friend of Michael Corleone’s; CIA operative

Ambrose “Bud” Payton: former Florida senator; now vice president

Daniel Brendan “Danny” Shea: attorney general of the United States; James’s brother

James Kavanaugh “Jimmy” Shea: president of the United States; Daniel’s brother

Ben “the Phantom” Tamarkin: attorney and fixer for the Jewish syndicate, aka the “Kosher Nostra”

Agostino “Augie the Midget” Tramonti: Carlo Tramonti’s brother and

Jack Woltz: CEO of Woltz International Pictures; former racehorse enthusiast

BOOK: The Godfather's Revenge
11.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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