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Authors: Michael Broad

The Hairball of Horror!

BOOK: The Hairball of Horror!
8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

For Beau and Brixton

The Alien Invasion

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered if aliens really exist? Well, they do! Lots of them! All across the galaxy bright green eyes are looking right back at us,
studying our world as they prepare to invade it.

Some aliens already walk among us, but they don’t have slimy skin or wiggly tentacles. They’re cute and fluffy, eat fish and chase mice, and if they’re not already living in
your home, you’ve probably seen them in your garden.

That’s right – all cats are aliens from outer space! Tiddles from next door is in charge of weapons. Pickle from the post office relays intergalactic orders. And the big ginger tom
who lets you tickle his belly on your way to school is an expert in explosives.

It’s true that some cats are harmless and happy just being our pets, but if you watch the others closely you’ll see they’re up to something. Most of them are spies, plotting in
secret and preparing for the invasion. Cats have ruled the rest of the galaxy for thousands of years, conquering every habitable world, and now their sights are set on Earth to complete their evil

The feline forces have tried to invade our planet many times before, which is how so many cats got stranded here. But they were always doomed to fail because Earth is home to the best alien
defence force in the universe . . .


Fearless leader of the Spacemutts

Plucky pilot of the spaceship

Inventor, dribbler and all-round genius

BOOK: The Hairball of Horror!
8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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