The Human's Complicated Wolf [Nehalem Pack 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

BOOK: The Human's Complicated Wolf [Nehalem Pack 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
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Nehalem Pack 5

The Human's Complicated Wolf

Jensen Collins never believed werewolves existed until he found himself in love with one. The funny thing is loving a man who can turn into a wolf is the least of his problems. Josh Weathers not only stole Jensen’s heart but broke it in one fell swoop. Now Jensen can only hope some time away will help mend his broken heart.

Josh never had a gay thought in his adult life until he met Jensen. Now all he can think about are ways to get Jensen underneath him. With a goal set to win back his mate, Josh goes in search of the one that got away, but things become complicated when he catches his mate on a date with another man.

With a threat looming near, it’s up to Josh to protect the man he loves before disaster strikes. Josh just prays that Jensen can forgive him before it’s too late.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

29,682 words



Nehalem Pack 5






AJ Jarrett











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Nehalem Pack 5



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“Hey, Jensen, where’s that hot piece of ass you came in here with?”

Jensen took a seat in the empty barstool and looked up at the bartender. “Well.” Jensen pursed his lips, debating how much of a blow to his ego it would be to admit he’d just been ditched by his date. “I think he has a boyfriend or at least someone else he’d rather be with, because he left with him.”

“Ouch.” The bartender hissed out a breath. “That has to hurt.”

“Nah, it’s not like I thought we’d fall in love and grow old together.” Jensen traced his finger around the rim of his glass. “But I would have loved to have gotten a little physical with him.” He waggled his eyebrows.

The bartender started to laugh. “Dude, you and me both.”

Jensen downed the remainder of his drink. He tossed a few dollars on the counter top and smiled to the other man. “See you around.”

“See ya, Jensen.”

Jensen made his way through the cluster of bodies drinking, dancing, and overall having a good time. Any other night he would have found another willing warm body, but he had an early meeting the next day and wanted to get some sleep.

He waved bye to the man checking IDs at the door as he left the building. The temperature had dropped from scalding to bearable, and darkness blanketed the street. Jensen stepped to the curb and took in the usual scent of the city, motor oil and exhaust.

Jensen looked left, right, and then crossed the street to the parking garage he left his car in. The further away from the club he got the quieter the night became. He walked a little faster. Not that he was scared, but he didn’t want to get mugged or shot or something crazy like that.

He had just reached his car on the second deck when a hand grabbed at his shoulder.

“Holy shit!” Jensen spun around and brought his hands up, readying to punch his attacker.

“You smell really good.” A man with the most intriguing green eyes stared down at Jensen. He felt hypnotized by their bright stonelike beauty. “Do you know that?”

Jensen took an instinctual step back as the man took one forward. “Um, thanks.” His back hit the side of his car. He found himself trapped between it and the man. His pulse began to race, and Jensen couldn’t be certain if it was from fear or excitement.

“I saw you in the club.” The man tipped his chin in the direction of the bar. “Your smell is like a drug I can’t escape from.” As if to prove his point he sniffed the air, his nostrils flaring wide.

Jensen reached behind him to grab the door handle of his car, but it was locked. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. The man wasn’t making a move to attack him, but what sane person talked about the way a person smelled? Not that Jensen thought he stunk, but still the glazed over look in the man’s eyes as they darted over Jensen’s face was a little startling.

The man laughed softly. “But you don’t smell it, do you.” He shook his head.

“Sorry, but I’m not into that fetish.” At the man’s blank stare he elaborated. “I’m not one for sniffing a guy’s armpits on the first date.”

The man’s face hardened as if what Jensen said angered him. “This isn’t a date,” the man snapped. He took a step forward and bumped chests with Jensen. But being as Jensen was a good five inches shorter than the man, it was more like chest to lower stomach. Jensen’s necked ached from having to stare up at the man.

“I was just joking. It was stupid.” Jensen brought his hands up to rest on the man’s chest to keep him back. His fingers met a solid wall of muscle and heat. Jensen fingers tingled from the light touch. He glanced up to see that the other man’s eyes had fallen shut.

The stranger, without opening his eyes, moved his arms to circle Jensen’s waist. Jensen watched as the corner of the man’s lip twitched as if he were tense about something. Slowly the man descended, and Jensen held still. The closer he got, the more Jensen knew what was about to happen and went with it. He edged his arms up to wrap around the man’s neck. He thought that the man would stop him, but he didn’t. The man leaned forward and brushed his lips gently over Jensen’s. The soft fullness grazed along his lips, tickling in the most delicious way. A moan erupted from his throat as the man deepened the kiss.

The man drew Jensen up on his tiptoes as he plunged his tongue deep into Jensen’s mouth. There was no finesse in the man’s technique. It seemed more like a primal urge that drove the man. His hands grabbed at Jensen’s hips and his teeth nipped the plump flesh of his mouth.

All of Jensen’s fears of this man seeped away the longer the kiss carried on. He grabbed at the man’s strong muscled shoulders and pulled him closer. Everything Jensen had felt earlier that evening, excitement from meeting up with his date to the sadness from being ditched, floated away as if on a breeze. All that mattered was this moment and this man.

Jensen brought up his left leg to wrap around the man’s outer thigh and rubbed the hardness pressing against his zipper into his leg. The man growled an actual growl and pushed him further into the side of the car. The steel rod in the man’s pants burned a mark into Jensen’s stomach as he grinded his fullness into him.

Jensen whimpered into the harsh kiss. Their teeth clanged together in the urgency to steal the breath out of the other.

A horn blared in the distance, and it was as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown at them. The man jumped back. The hard lines of his face seemed to glow red with anger. His eyes narrowed as he stared down at Jensen.

Jensen straightened up as much as he could with the man hovering so close. He didn’t know what to say. He had just experienced the most earth-shattering, toe-curling kiss of his life, and the man to give it to him looked like he wanted the punch him in the face.

“I’m not gay,” the man said bitterly. His faced pinched in a look of disgust.

Jensen held back the flinch that one statement caused.
You sure as shit didn’t seem that straight when you had your tongue down my throat.
He wanted to scream at the guy but instead said, “Well, I didn’t ask you to kiss me.”

The man’s jaw ticked as he glared at Jensen. Jensen widened his stance, preparing just in case the man took a swing at him. Jensen might be short, but he was built like a brick house, sturdy and confident.

Without a single word the man turned around and walked away. Jensen watched as he left. He had his head held high and his back ramrod straight. Jensen got the distinct impression that it wasn’t that the man wasn’t gay, but that he just didn’t want to be. There was a difference, and it made Jensen feel more pity than anger for the very attractive stranger.


* * * *


“Why, god!” Josh shouted up at the sky. “Why!” He stormed across the street and, with every step, away from his mate. A mate he didn’t ask for or want, the biggest problem being that his mate was a man.
A man!

BOOK: The Human's Complicated Wolf [Nehalem Pack 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
12.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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