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The Innocent

BOOK: The Innocent
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The Innocent



Kailin Gow


The Innocent

Published by Kailin Gow Books

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This dedication to my husband whose love makes all things possible.


A NOTE from the Author



Thank you for choosing to read The Innocent.  While this is an erotic romance in contemporary times, it is also fantasy with sexual situations that are advised to be taken cautiously in real situations. The Innocent features a story of a young woman who has been through a past which taught her to accept things as they are, not what they could and should be. Unless we have been in a situation similar to her, we may not be able to understand where and why she thinks the way she does or behave the way she does. So please withhold judgment until you see and understand another person’s circumstances.


The Protégé Series is dedicated to women and men of domestic abuse. 


Thank you for reading and helping me support organizations providing help and shelter for these brave people. 


Sincerely and with much love,


Kailin Gow




FOR AGE 18 and Up






Serena ran through the school as fast as her four inch heels and pencil skirt permitted.  It was impossible to be discreet as her heels clicked loudly on the tiled floor of the deserted hall, and she felt certain every student in every class could hear her pass by.  Everyone was already in their classes where they belonged; everyone except Serena who was thirty minutes late for her very first class.

She pulled open the door to the grand lecture hall and quietly found a seat at the back of the room.  Breathless and eager to catch up on what she’d missed, she pulled out her laptop and took notes.

Her quick and quiet entrance, however, didn’t go unnoticed by the devastatingly handsome man speaking to the class.  He stopped speaking for the slightest second, a pause barely perceptible, but Serena noticed.  She also noticed the longing gaze he briefly directed at her. There was no doubt, he was happy to see her there.

“Inspiration comes in many forms,” he said.  “Tragedy and heartache have inspired countless melancholy melodies, whereas joy and romance have brought about beautiful music; music that lifts the spirit; music that brings on the desire to love.”

Serena typed out every word, all while keeping her eyes steadily on him.  When his gaze swept across the room and stopped to connect with hers for the briefest moment, she didn’t see the masterful composer who spoke so eloquently about his passion for music, but a man who loved and needed love.  Even with a room full of students between them, she felt his love and desire.

“Some dare say,” he went on, “if you’ve not lived, if you’ve not lost, you cannot compose great music.  True, a life rich with experience, pain and pleasure, gain and loss, love and hate, can beget profound melodies that evoke strong emotions even from the coldest and disinterested listener.  However, this doesn’t preclude you, young and virginal, green and pure, to compose beautiful music.  Everyone has a past, be it filled with sorrow or joy, pride or regret.  Don’t be afraid to dig deep, to go behind doors you may have closed, to re-open old wounds you’d rather forget.  Pour them out onto that blank sheet of paper staring back at you.”

He turned his back on the room and walked to the piano set behind him.  Sitting down, he looked at the room of eager students.  “If you would humor me, please close your eyes, listen, and allow your emotions to take over.”

With one finger, he tapped on a solitary low note for two measures before adding a slow and dramatic melody.

Serena closed her eyes and listened to every note.  She could almost hear his voice calling out to her as his fingers played along the lower register of the piano.  She could almost hear his heart break.

The melody ached, broke and fell apart with devastating heartache.  As the song went on, brooding and dark, she heard a few sniffles, a few whimpers and finally a soft sob.

When Sebastian rested his fingers over the stilled keys of the piano, the room was silent save for the quiet sobs.  Serena opened her eyes and caught Sebastian’s poignant gaze, a gaze filled with the very emotions his composition evoked. His aqua blue eyes held her, mesmerized as the emotions filled her.  She looked down, breaking his gaze, her heart racing with the pace of her breathing. How this man’s music affected her so – it brought out all kinds of conflicting emotions within her, ones she had been repressing.

“Now,” Sebastian said with a clap of his hands. He cleared his throat and stood before the class.  “Looking at you, I can see there’s plenty of emotion in the room.  What did you feel?”

“Sad,” many students said at once.

“Yes,” Sebastian said. “I guess there is something rather sad about it.  Anything else?”

“The rhythm was almost plaintive, as if the piano was crying.”

“Some of the combinations of low base notes with the high, sharp ones added something mysterious and enigmatic to the melody.”

“I felt sad, almost morose throughout the song, but in the end, it seemed to hold a faint note of hope.”

Sebastian cocked his brow. “Interesting.  So we have a sad mystery with a grain of hope.”

“Where did you get the inspiration for such a composition?” a young woman in the front row said.

Wringing his hands together, Sebastian shot a wicked grin around the large room.  He inhaled deeply as he hesitated. “All I’ll say is, when you find love, true love, hold onto it, because once you let go, it can easily become your greatest regret in life.”

“Are you in love with someone you can’t have?” another girl asked, clearly interested in being his true love’s replacement.

He grinned and clucked his tongue. “I’m happy to see my music touched you all as intended. Think about what you can bring to your own compositions, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

Having dismissed the question and the class, Sebastian picked up his notes and jacket as students cleared the room. With the room almost empty, he walked to the back of the class to Serena.

“You came in late.”

“There was more traffic than I anticipated.” She slipped her laptop into her bag and pulled the strap over her shoulder.  “I’ll make sure I leave home earlier tomorrow.”

“You look lovely today – surprisingly prim and proper. I’ll admit you're just as alluring buttoned up to the collar as you are in the nude. There’s something naughty behind that crisp blue shirt that makes me want to tear it off.”

“That wasn’t my intention. I wanted to show you I’m serious about my music.”

He grinned. “Speaking of which… I need to see you in my office. I want to discuss my expectations.  As your advisor, I won’t tolerate tardiness, or laziness.”

“Yes, Sir.” Serena followed him out of the lecture hall.

His strides were long and forceful as he walked out of the building and into the neighboring one where his office was housed. On entering the building, she remembered her first encounter with him. How quickly they’d grown close. How quickly she’d developed such an intense affection for him.

Now, as he pushed the door open to let her into his office, she knew she wouldn’t have the strength to resist him should he touch her.

“You know how I feel about tardiness.” His voice was hard with scorn as he closed the door behind them.

Standing in the middle of the large and elegant office, so typical of Sebastian, Serena looked down at the floor while Sebastian circled her. “I apologize.  It won’t happen again.”

“How can I ensure it won’t happen again, Serena?” He reached out to tug playfully on her ponytail. “Hmmm?  What do I have to do to make you realize just how intolerant I am of tardy students?”

She stared silently at the floor.

“Do I have to punish you?” His hand slipped under her ponytail and grasped the nape of her neck.  “What punishment do you deserve for making me wait?” His fingers squeezed her flesh as he came to stand in front of her. “I’ve a mind to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget.”

With searing heat, he clamped his lips over hers, his kiss instantly hungry and urgent as he pushed her back until she came to the edge of his desk. 

“You know how I hate tardiness,” he groaned through his passionate kiss.

“Yes,” she breathed as she clung to him, her mouth greedily taking in his tongue and sucking hard on it. God how she missed his taste.

He unceremoniously swept his desktop clear and threw her on top.  The room filled with his heavy breathing as he jacked up her skirt and ran a finger along the edge of her panties.

“Sebastian,” she said, as she put her hand over his. “I had to make sure I wasn’t being followed.  Price…”

His eyes suddenly dark and menacing, Sebastian sat her back up.

Trying to ignore the sizzling heat between her thighs, Serena looked pointedly at him. “And the way you looked at me during your lecture… you have to stop that.” She was already breathless after the brief and heated kiss.

Sebastian bit his lip.  “I know.  I try.”

Serena looked at him, his clear blue eyes filled with the emotions he’d so artfully displayed in his song.  Reaching out to run her fingers through his mass of dark curls, she leaned in to kiss him, gently sucking on his lower lip.

“Do you really think Price would have you followed?”

“He was excessively possessive last night.  He left me chained to the bed until this morning.”

Sebastian glared at her then glanced down at the cuff bracelets on her wrists.  “That’s the real reason you were late?”

Serena nodded as Sebastian pulled off the bracelets.  He let out an angry grunt at the sight of the red burn marks around each wrist.  “Damn the bastard.  Why, Serena?  Why do you stay with him?”

“You know why, Sebastian… and it is my choice, just as I’ve chosen to have you as my adviser.”

“If you're with that man because of me, because you want to protect me, forget about it. I don’t need protection, Serena. There’s nothing he can do to hurt me more than taking you away from me.”

Serena put her hand to Sebastian’s chest, so strong, so muscular, so capable. “You can’t underestimate Price.  He’s ruthless and…”

“I can take care of myself, Serena.”

“I know, but…”

A loud knock at the door startled them and they froze as they stared at the door.



Chapter 1



“Damn it,” Serena muttered as she hopped off the desk and straightened her skirt.

“It’s probably just a student.  Don’t worry.”  Sebastian adjusted his crotch, buttoned up his jacket and reached for the door.  “What is it?” he bellowed in a professional tone as he opened the door. His eyes were hard and uncompromising.

“Laura,” Serena whispered from behind Sebastian.  “What are…”

A phone to her ear, Laura looked at Serena with an annoyed pout on her lips.  “Yes,” she said into the phone with an air of complete innocence.  “She’s right here.  She’s getting her assignments from her adviser.”  For a long moment, Laura simply glared at the pair as she listened.  “Look,” she finally said, “I found her.  What more do you want me to do?”  No longer innocent, she was now angry and frustrated.  “No,” she barked.  “That, I will not do.  I don’t care if you…”

Serena snatched the phone away and put it to her ear. “Price, listen to me.  I won’t have you getting Laura involved in this.  I don’t need a babysitter.”

“How long have you been in his office?” Price asked.

“He’s my adviser.” She knew there was no point arguing with him.  “Look, I’ll be at your place in a few minutes.  Let me get my things and I’ll be right over.”  She hung up and handed the phone back to Laura.  “Sorry about that.”

“Now he’s having you watched,” Laura said.

“I’ll make sure he leaves you alone.”

“I don’t want you going to him,” Sebastian said.  He pulled her into his arms and kissed her temple.  “He’s a tyrant and you shouldn’t be alone with him.”

“I agree.  Please, Serena, it’s time you broke free of him.”

“You both make it sound so simple.”

“It is easy, Serena,” Laura said.  “He doesn’t own you.  There’s nothing he can do if you decide to leave.”

BOOK: The Innocent
5.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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