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Without even saying good-bye to her girlfriend, Tiffany just hung up the on the call.
She looked about the cabin for Colton, who was nowhere to be found.
She looked for his clothing, gone.
She looked for the mess that was on the kitchen floor from the sugar and milk mess, gone.
The sun was out with clear skies.
Something struck her as out of place, something was different, something was wrong.
She raced quickly to pack her things back into the car.
She couldn’t understand how she could have missed an entire day.
All of Sunday, day and night, was gone.
Tiffany couldn’t fathom that she might’ve slept Sunday completely away.
She grabbed the keys to the cabin off the counter, walked outside- closing the door behind her.
She locked the doorknob and walked towards her car.
Tiffany started the car and drove away.

She stuck the key into the deadbolt and turned the knob- pushing the door open as she did.
Tiffany walked over the threshold of home- she was home once more; back in Boston.
During the long drive back to Boston, her stomach just ached and was in discomfort.
Tiffany thought maybe it was either, she had eaten something at that roadside eatery made her sick or the fact that she hasn’t eaten since Friday night.
She sat at the dinning room table, just trying to make herself and her stomach feel better.
In the meantime, she decided to contact her doctor.
She wanted to make sure she didn’t have food poisoning.
She couldn’t help but think of Colton.
Here was this man, a blast from her school years past, wooed her, made mad-passionate love to her, and then…, seemed to just vanish into thin air.
He was completely gone, like he was never even there.

The nurse came into the exam room carrying a tote of “blood taking” items.
She didn’t like her blood taken, she really hated needles.
Tiffany held her breath as the nurse poked the needle into the fold of her elbow.
The nurse finished her task and walked out of the exam room.
What seemed like hours, but was only minutes, her doctor finally came into the brightly lit room.
“Hello Tiffany”, said the doctor, “How are you feeling, any better”, he added as he sat down on his round stool with wheels.
“Hey Dr. Ferntry, no- not feeling any better”, she replied with a sour face.
The doctor opened up the manila folder that he picked up out of the slot outside the room.
“So doc, please tell me I don’t have food poisoning”, stated Tiffany as she gasped- feeling like she had to throw-up again.
“Ah, well- no, you don’t have food poisoning”, confirmed the doctor.
“Then- what the hell is happening to me”, she bluntly asked?
“Well”, said the doctor, “you're pregnant”.
The room got suddenly and deadly quiet.
“Excuse moi”, asked Tiffany in utter shock?

The doctor went telling her about what was wrong with her.
Though it was an odd conception, it was a normal one.
The tests showed that she was about three weeks along.
Tiffany knew that couldn’t have been positive, since the only man she slept with was two days ago.
But the more she thought about it, the more, in “hindsight” of course, saw the oddities of Colton.
One: he just “magically” showed up, fucked the hell out of her for hours, and then finally, vanished into thin air.

On the drive back to her home, she thought and thought hard about Colton.
She was sitting at a red traffic light, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Colton sitting in the passenger side.
She looked over, scared to death, towards the right side of the car.
The sky suddenly darkened ominously, as she looked at and through Colton.
Thunder and
was all around her.
“Go back to the cabin”, whispered Colton and then vanished.
The thunder,
and black ominous surrounding became instantly sunny and clear.
She thought she was going crazy.
“Go to the cabin”, Tiffany heard in a sort of “voice-over” sound.
She immediately bolted from the light and headed to the cabin as instructed.

As she pulled up to the cabin, the darkness, thunder,
and wind returned as she walked into the cabin.
Suddenly, and without warning, all the windows and doors burst open.
Leaves, dust and mist flew about the area.
Colton sudden appeared by the front of the fireplace.
“I have left you a gift, a special gift Tiffany, take good care of the both of you; I will always be watching”, said Colton as Tiffany slowly shuffled towards him.
Just as she got close to him, he vanished once again.
Just then, a massive wind blew through the room.
It blew all the leaves, twigs and such from the house and in a “ghostly fashion” closed all the windows and door.
The outside became sunny and clear yet again.

Tiffany stood there, baffled, yet content.
Though she was uncertain of what exactly happened this past weekend.
She was going to have a baby- a very special baby!


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BOOK: The Lady And The Lake
12.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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