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The Lady And The Lake

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Diane Collier

Copyright 2012


Copyright © 2012
Diane Collier
- All rights reserved.

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Her name was Tiffany Wilson.
She was a hard worker, caring, loving and gentle.
She had a demure that was subtle and meek.
Tiffany was five-foot-six-inches tall with a toned slender body.
She had medium-long blonde hair, which sort of had a light red tint to it.
She took care of herself, with healthy eating and, of course- exercise.
She visited the gym nearly every day after work.
Spring had been busy with work as was summer.
She was a fashion designer for a global retailer.
Though, her dreams were larger in scale, she had to make some mark in the field prior to being mogul of the fashion world.
Though fall was encroaching fast, Tiffany was busy with work.
This was her favorite time of year.
Being in the New England states, Massachusetts to be precise, fall was pretty much everyone’s favorite season of the year.
Fall was the time of fall festivals, fairs, and most of all, the foliage of fall.
It was the time of year, that mostly everyone spent their last days at their mountain and lake cabins until, maybe, the first of November.

The week was closing fast as Tiffany made her preparations to go to her parents’ lake cabin for the weekend.
Tiffany never dated much as her work and schedule, sort of prohibited it.
She just didn’t have the time to actually meet someone, let alone actually date someone properly.
This was someone that took her some time in order to accept and deal with and get used to.


The sun moved across the sky in its parallel line moving east to west.
The shadows about her office slowly moved around the room as the sun eclipsed across her office window.
Tiffany was excited to get away for the weekend.
Work had become intense and hectic as the fall line deadlines approached faster and faster as the days melted into nights.
She knew she had a few errands to run after work, and to the market for food for the weekend, and eventually stop by her house to grab her, already packed up, suitcase.

Tiffany frequently looked at the clock on the wall as time seemed to slow as the day went on.
It seemed like it always happened like that.
Whenever something was going to happen, like leaving for vacation or such, time seemed to move really, really slowly.
Tiffany continued her trimming and sewing as clock-out time hit.
She quickly kind of shoved everything aside, grabbed her timecard and punched it into the time-clock.
Down the stairs she galloped, heading towards her car.
When she opened the exit door at the side of the building, the fresh air blew against her as the door opened.
There was a nip to the air that stung her face and tickled her, now hard, nipples.
She drove away, and headed towards the supermarket, so she could pick up some things for the weekend.
On the top of her list, was coffee, this was a must as she got really, really cranky without her coffee.

The music of the supermarket was faint and classical.
She pushed the mini-cart, gazing up and down at the shelves that were lined with groceries.
As Tiffany shopped, she caught the wind of cologne in the air in the middle of the isle where she was.
The smell made a dainty smile on her face.
She continued her shopping and when she reached the end of the isle, near the cashiers, she rounded the corner, gazing at the end isle shelf; out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed a man, wearing a ball cap, a denim jacket with like a wool-lined collar.
Granted, Boston was a huge, populated city, the suburb that she lived in, everyone knew everyone and he seemed new, sort of out of place.
She brushed off the notion and finished up her shopping.

It was getting late, when she arrived at her home to quickly, while leaving the car running, bolt in the house and grab her suitcase.
She slammed the trunk shut after popping the suitcase inside.
She walked to the driver’s side of the car and got in.
She closed the door and sat there briefly.
“Okay Tiffany, this is your weekend to relax, have fun on the lake”, she thought to herself.
Tiffany reached behind the passenger’s seat and grabbed her favorite CD.
She slid it into the CD player and it began to play.
Tiffany pushed on the brakes and put the car into drive.
She drove off as the sun was setting, causing a reddish-orange hue in the sky.

Her parents’ cabin was a distance from Boston.
Todd Pond, which was located in Lincoln, was
in the mountains.
It was quiet, on the pond and tons of trees would be changing into colors of red, orange, yellow and brown.
It would be late, not too late, but late in the evening when she would arrive at Todd Pond.
As she drove, the city faded into suburb, which, in turn, faded into rural.
More and more trees began lining the sides of the road as the four-lane road turned into two-way traffic road.
On the sides of the rocks that came close to the road, mountain water poured out of the cracks in the boulders and rocks.
She cracked the window.
The air was crisp and swiftly chilling.
The sun finally set in the west as the time passed quickly.

Finally, she had arrived at the lake cabin.
One thing she couldn’t understand was why they called it a lake cabin- it was built on a pond.
She carried her things into the cabin.
When she opened the door to the cabin, a stale, yet musty smell slapped her backwards.
“Eeeewwww, that’s gross”, whispered Tiffany.
She sat her things on the couch and turned around to go get the groceries that were in the back seat.
The mountainous air was slightly freezing to the skin, turning it red with sting.
As she walked, the darkness encompassed the surrounding area of the property.
The trees twisted and swayed as the light breeze blew through them.

Since Tiffany had stopped at this cute country diner on the way to the cabin, she didn’t have to cook anything for dinner when she got to the cabin.
She sparked up a nice fire in the fireplace and sat on the couch in her bedtime clothes.
As she sipped, she listened to the sound of the cabin.
There was no noise, no fuss, not even a noise from the nighttime creatures that ventured out when the sun went down.
Tiffany let the calmness of the coffee and the ambient heat and light, from the fireplace, wash over her.
She was completely relaxed and calm.#

The sun popped over the horizon of the east, pushing its rays through the windows of the cabin.
The sun crawled up the couch and hit Tiffany directly in the eyes.
She jolted awake and shielded her eyes from the rude sun.
“Oh my god, really”, asked Tiffany aloud?
She sat up, cursing the sun in her head.
Tiffany pushed herself off the couch and headed into the kitchen to put on the coffee.
She then, though still sleepy, headed to the bathroom to start her day.
Fifteen minutes later, she strolled back into the kitchen to get a cup of fresh coffee, which her system and mind, demanded of her.
Tiffany was wearing a thick, high collared, wool sweater, denim jeans and she put her hair into a ponytail.
She walked out onto the deck, which was off the kitchen, and into the Saturday morning air.
She inhaled deeply, taking in the, fresh, crisp, chilling air of the mountain.
The deck was covered in fallen leaves as was the ground below her.
The deck itself was a story above the ground.
She walked up the railing and looked out over the lake or pond as it were, relaxingly.

As she stood there, Tiffany took her foot and began kicking off some leaves that was on the deck, under her feet, to the ground below.
Just then, off in the distance, she could hear the rustling of leaves, like someone was walking through the forest or a woodland creature was scurrying about.
Suddenly, out of the corner of Tiffany’s eye, and out from the tree line, popped a mysterious man.
He was covered with heavy clothing, jacket, jeans and a cap.
She did a double-take in reaction when she saw him.
“Wait, I've seen him somewhere before”, she thought in a whisper.
He walked up to stand right under where Tiffany was standing above him.
She gazed down upon him as he peered up at her.
“Hello, can I help you”, asked Tiffany?
“Ah, yes ma’am, I was wondering if you’d be needing help around the place”, replied the man as he tipped his hat.
“Help”, quizzed Tiffany in confusion?
“Help doing what”, she asked boldly?
“You know, raking leaves, chopping wood, stacking wood, anything you need doing”, he replied as he focused his glare strongly on her.
Just then, he popped his head backwards as if confirming something.
“Do I know you ma’am”, asked the man in curiosity?
Tiffany looked down at the man whose face was fully exposed to her.
She squint her eyes and tilted her head trying to think if she had seen or meet him before.
“No- no, I don’t think so”, Tiffany said finally.
There was a brief silence when the man below finally said something.
“Tiffany, is that you”, asked the man in surprise?
“You know my name, how is that possible if I've never met you before”, asked Tiffany in reply?
“Yes- yes, Tiffany Wilson, yep it’s you”, boldly replied the stranger.
“I'm sorry dude, but I don’t know you, what’s your name”, asked Tiffany in a miffed tone.
“Colton, my name is Colton Masterson”, said the stranger with a smile.
Tiffany thought momentarily on the name he uttered, but still, nothing came to mind.
Since he was cute, yes, she would have remembered him certainly.
Nothing came to her with that name.
Finally, after about five minutes of pure still silence, the man once again broke the silence of their surroundings.
“Think about to high school Tiffany, remember- the short, bucked-tooth, thick-black glasses and skinny as a pencil”, Colton said.
Tiffany stood there in awe and shock.
The pimpled-faced, geek, that everyone used to pick-on and berate, turned out to be a hot piece of manhood.
“Well oh my god”! Tiffany exclaimed in excitement and stun.
“I've kind of changed a bit”, said Colton fiddling with his clothes.
“Ha-ha, yeah think Colton”, replied Tiffany comically.
“Would you like a cup of coffee”, she asked him?
“Sure”, replied Colton smiling deviously.
“Come on up then”, she stated back to him while motioning him upward.

Colton looked about the sides of the high deck for the stairs that led upward.
On the right side of the deck, was a- well-seasoned, leaf covered staircase.
Tiffany walked back into the cabin and into the kitchen.
Colton soon followed after ascending the steps to the upper, leaf covered deck.
He walked into the kitchen and stood by the old porcelain red and white table.
“You can take your jacket off Colton”, she said to him in a cute-shy tone.
Colton removed his coat and hooked on the back of the chair that was in front of him.
He pulled that same chair out from the table and sat down.
As Tiffany’s back was turned, Colton touched up his hair with his hands and fingers, checked to see if his underarms stunk and checked his breath.
“Nope”, he thought to himself, “All good”, his thought added.
Tiffany turned about and walked over to the table.
She placed a mug of coffee in front of Colton and walked over to the refrigerator to grab the milk.
She reached over to the counter that was beside the fridge and grabbed the sugar bowl.

BOOK: The Lady And The Lake
13.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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