The Loneliest Alpha (The MacKellen Alphas)

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The MacKellen Alphas, book 1


One look will change their lives



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The Loneliest
Alpha: The MacKellen Alphas 1

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2013 T. A. Grey

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The Loneliest Alpha



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delicate lace cupped the mannequin’s breast in a gentle bundle of black feathers.

Clarkson stepped back from her work and wiped a sweaty forehead on her sleeve
as she eyed her latest design. The slate gray mannequin stood poised with one
arm bent on its hip in a feminine gesture while the other still hadn’t been

knew better than to let the rush of excitement sway her more constructive
judgment but she couldn’t help it. She knew it was her greatest work yet. The
bra was black with thin silk straps, nothing unusual. What made the bra stand
out from anything she’d ever seen or made before was the glorious abundance of
raven black feathers. The idea had dawned on her late last night while she’d
been embarrassingly intrigued by some show on the history of birds. At one
point, the camera had panned over to a chubby little bird with blue and brown
feathers perched on a thin tree branch and the idea struck Alicia like

hadn’t slept since. She’d rushed to her workroom and had been working at this
one design all day. Her fingers hurt from using the needle and thread; her
nails had long been chipped and little cuts made her thumb and index fingers
swollen. The muscles in her arms throbbed but still she had not stopped
working. She couldn’t. She’d been in the grasp of her muse and there was no way
she was about to let it go so she could get some lousy sleep.

feathers shined with a luminous gleam under the fluorescent overhead light. It
was the most captivating piece she’d ever created; she couldn’t tear her eyes
away from the way the feathers cupped the mannequin’s breasts with a tender
touch. The feathered tips frayed where the swell of the breast would be,
fanning out along the skin to create a provocative sight.

could almost see the completed design. The black silk, no, satin, panties with decorative
feathers. Paired with stockings, pure black or maybe netted nylon. A shiver
went over her and Alicia raced to her notepad to jot down the idea.

stockings, black, with feather trim.

could almost see the finished concept if she just closed her eyes. It was sexy,
mysterious, intriguing.

her lip, she smiled. This could be the one. The design that made her work
popular. It was her most original idea yet. It just had to sell.

sound of a woman’s scream broke the rush of excited pleasure coursing inside
her. Alicia ran to her window overlooking the street below. One floor up gave
her a great view of her pack’s neighborhood. She lifted the window and stuck
her head out.

she saw sent goosebumps across her arms and a chill down her spine. Two of the
pack’s highest lieutenants, Mike and Lawrence, had another packmate in their
grip. She squinted to see who it was and nearly growled at what she saw. It was
Sarah, a sweet, innocent woman barely out of girlhood. She was always
practicing her acting skills, said she wanted to be a famous movie star one

Rage exploded
inside her and she shouted before she thought twice about it. “What the hell do
you think you’re doing? Let her go!” She didn’t stand there to see them glance
up at her. Instead, she raced down her apartment stairs and flew out the front

the meaning of this? Does Josiah know what’s going on here?”

leveled her with a cold look. “Yeah, sweet cheeks, he knows. Who do you think sent
us to fetch her?”

your own business, Alicia. This has nothing to do with you,” Mike said.

scanned the street to see several packmates coming outside at the commotion.
Making sure she could be heard she raised her voice and said, “I think forcing Sarah
to go with you when she’s clearly scared out of her mind is a cause for
concern. Let her go.”

jaw flexed. He had a big head with a long forehead and a nose that looked like
it’s been crushed dozens of times. He looked exactly how a thug ought to look. “Why
don’t you go back inside like a good girl and mind your damned business, tramp?”

grunted. “Taking her is all of our business.”

rumble of tires came their way. “Great, Josiah’s here. You can handle this with
him yourself,” Lawrence said.

Josiah’s dark green Jeep came to an abrupt stop with a squeal of bad brakes. He
hopped out and instantly Alicia lowered her gaze to show her respect.

they’re trying to take Sarah and she obviously doesn’t want to go wherever they
are taking her.”

minute of silence filled the air.

chanced a glance at her alpha only to see him watching her carefully before his
gaze slid to Sarah.

them both.”

jerked. “What? Take me where?” Her sharp question whipped through the air.

left Mike to hold Sarah as he came for her. She didn’t bother trying to outrun
a lieutenant since it’d never work, though choosing to stay was hard enough
when every instinct told her to flee. A tight fist gripped her arm, pinching.

Josiah, what the hell is going on here?” she asked, panic beginning to creep
into her voice.

shook his head as his shoulders pulled back in a commanding sign. “There’s a
new alpha in the Oregon pack named Gavin MacKellen. The old one, Joseph
Harrington, died after some scrap with his mate, a Kategan.”

Alicia said, words spoken from between tight lips.

the sound of her anger, Josiah’s eyes hardened. “Watch your tone with me, tramp.
The new alpha’s looking for a mate.”

and something that felt as though she’d eaten something bad filled her stomach
with a lead weight.

“As a
sign of our trust and happiness with the new leader, we’re sending some of our

of our…” she paused, then tried again. “So you’re, what, sending Sarah to be
his whore?”

took hard steps toward her until he got in her face. Whimpering, Alicia looked
as far down as she could, bowing her neck in the process. “I’m sorry, Alpha.”
Her words, barely a whisper, sounded as loud as a gunshot in the tense atmosphere.

she’s not going alone now. You both are. After all, I gotta send the pretty
ones. Wouldn’t want to pass up on the chance to send one of our finest would
we, Alicia? Not to worry, he says he’ll send back any he doesn’t like. Maybe he
won’t like all that beauty you keep wrapped around yourself. Besides, it’s not
like you’d mind him, right, tramp?”

sucked in a breath at his words. She tried to think of a way out of this but knew
it was useless. Josiah nodded to Mike and he jerked back into the house where
he ordered her to pack.

after they forced her to pack her belongings in a meager duffle bag, even after
they drove her from Arizona up into Oregon with Sarah at her side, and after they
were driven into MacKellen lands, blindfolded, and taken into a house, did her
situation finally hit her. It hit her like a lead pipe to the head.

was hungry, alone, on unfamiliar land with no friends, and blindfolded. She was
completely at someone’s mercy.

jerked the blindfold off her eyes and shoved her forward into a darkened room.
The door slammed shut behind her. Alicia raced for it and twisted the handle.
Locked. Making a fist, she banged and screamed. The door shook and someone had
to have heard her cries but no one came. What was going on? Where did they take

fist hit once more then stilled. Only her harsh, erratic breaths answered her
in the quiet room. Turning, she faced her room and took note of it for the
first time.

wasn’t a big room but it was dark without windows or any light. She searched
the walls for a light switch and only thanks to her heightened eyesight as a
lykaen did she find it. With relief, she flipped it. Nothing happened. Cursing,
she flipped back and forth again but no lights turned on.

horrible thought came to her. Was this some sort of room where they stashed the
women to be used in the dark?

god, oh god.

needed to find a weapon.

deep mumbling sound came from the other side of the door, or maybe further away
at the end of a hall. She couldn’t really tell. They’d kept her blindfolded so
she wouldn’t know where they were taking her.

BOOK: The Loneliest Alpha (The MacKellen Alphas)
6.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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