The Mates Who Gave Him Salvation [Feral 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove) (9 page)

BOOK: The Mates Who Gave Him Salvation [Feral 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

If not for the cock in his mouth, G’aladon would have shouted,
“Gods, yes,”
or perhaps,
“Fucking get on with it.”
As it was, he just moaned and nodded enthusiastically. The vibrations must have felt amazing around Quinn’s dick, as the human released a soft gasp and pulled G’aladon’s hair with uncharacteristic roughness. But G’aladon didn’t have the time to wonder which side of Quinn he liked best. In one smooth thrust, Roarke buried his dick inside him.

G’aladon’s world melted into pure flame. The hard column of Roarke’s cock pierced him, branding him from the inside out. And then Roarke and Quinn began a maddening rhythm, fucking his mouth and his ass, giving him everything he’d ever wanted.

As they moved in and out of him, he surrendered completely, allowing them to direct the course of the encounter. He realized now why he’d never managed to feel content with what he had achieved. No matter how much power, wealth, or fame he acquired, he had always yearned for them. Even when he had killed his soul, it had returned to him, summoned by their presence, by their unmistakable beauty and strength.

Roarke, the feral who never blamed G’aladon for driving him into his current condition, who accepted G’aladon for who he was and took the lead, refusing to allow him to wallow in his self-pity. Quinn, the human who held enough love in his heart to cry for a witch once capable of attempting to kill his own blood, who had reached out for G’aladon, enduring a pain none of his species should have been able to face. They were both too good for him, but they didn’t see it that way. And when he looked at himself through their eyes, G’aladon thought that maybe, he might truly have another chance.

It went on and on, until G’aladon became lost between his confusing emotions and a nirvana incomparable to anything he’d ever experienced before. Quinn’s hold tightened on his hair while Roarke’s hands gripped his hips in an ironlike vise, squeezing so hard it almost hurt. They were close to reaching their orgasms as well, which was understandable. G’aladon had already come once, and he felt his own climax approaching, pooling in his balls. His skin seemed to sizzle with the sexual energy gathering inside him, all over him.

One more thing, he needed one more thing to send him over the edge, and Roarke provided it. He leaned over G’aladon and buried his fangs in his neck.

It should have hurt, but it didn’t. Instead, pure ecstasy washed over G’aladon as he felt their connection fully click into place. They’d always been close, although it had taken all G’aladon had to bypass the barriers of the astral realm and speak into the minds of the two men. Now, that link was reinforced by Roarke’s claiming, and G’aladon’s soul became bonded with Roarke’s. He blindly clutched Quinn’s hips, feeling the human’s absence, wanting Quinn there with them.

He didn’t want to climax, not until he felt Quinn’s connection with him settle as well, but his body wouldn’t be denied. When his orgasm came, it swallowed him whole in a whirlpool of lust, love, desperation, and need. Roarke grunted against his neck and climaxed as well, filling G’aladon’s ass with his seed. Then, Quinn arched, and after pumping his dick inside G’aladon’s mouth one last time, he found his peak, sending hot streams of cum down G’aladon’s throat.

The chain seemed to trigger something unusual within Quinn. G’aladon blinked away the dizziness and looked up at his human lover, only to see that Quinn was glowing so bright that it hurt G’aladon’s eyes just to look at him. Quinn’s psychic abilities washed over him, propelling G’aladon into another, unexpected climax.

Choking, G’aladon saw the light engulf him as well, and his own bond with the human snapped into place. This time, tears did start flowing, blurring his vision as he trembled under the two men. It was just too much, too intense, too powerful, and G’aladon felt both smaller and stronger than ever.

Roarke licked the wound at his neck, releasing his hold on G’aladon’s throat, but still holding him tightly and keeping him from collapsing. Meanwhile, Quinn slipped out of G’aladon’s mouth and fell on the grass. G’aladon recovered from his daze just in time to realize that Quinn still glowed.

The feral let go of G’aladon and crawled to Quinn’s side, taking the human in his arms. He gave G’aladon a puzzled look. “What’s going on?” he inquired.

G’aladon’s mind was quickly recovering from the pleasure as concern invaded him. The instinct that had always served him in his magical pursuits told him what needed to be done. “Bite him.”

Roarke nodded and licked his lips. The feral seemed to trust G’aladon implicitly, yet another thing that humbled him. G’aladon watched as Roarke sank his canines in Quinn’s neck, much like the wolf had done earlier for him.

For a few seconds, Quinn’s glow only increased. But then, the human’s still-hard cock twitched and Quinn came once more, arching against the feral, clinging to Roarke. The orgasm triggered another explosion of bright light, and G’aladon closed his eyes, lest he be blinded by it. When he opened them again, he saw that at last, the light died down, and Quinn had collapsed in Roarke’s arms. G’aladon went to them, kissing Quinn’s shoulder and caressing the human’s silky skin. “Okay?”

Quinn nodded, even if he seemed slightly dazed. “What just happened?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” the feral replied.

Both Quinn and Roarke were looking at G’aladon for an explanation. Strikingly, G’aladon found it. Pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, and he at last understood everything that had happened here. As always, it had been engineered perfectly, and G’aladon might have been pissed off with a certain canine deity had he not felt so grateful.

“Had Roarke bitten either one of us outside the astral realm, the feral virus would have claimed our minds,” he told Quinn. “But here, souls are stronger than flesh. Also, you must understand that your psychic ability is far stronger here than outside. It reacted to Roarke claiming me and caused the bond between you and me to appear.”

Understanding dawned on Quinn’s face. “But I didn’t know how to control it. I was losing myself in it.”

G’aladon nodded. He knew how scary that could be, as he himself had lost his reason and his heart due to absorbing excessive magic. “That’s why it was important for Roarke to bite you. He anchored you.”

“Is he safe now?” Roarke asked G’aladon. “Are you?”

It was quite telling that Roarke only worried about Quinn and G’aladon, but never once considered that the entire thing might have an effect on him as well. G’aladon smiled. “We’ll be fine.”

“I’m glad you think that,” a sudden voice said behind him. As G’aladon turned, he was unsurprised, but still somewhat resentful when he saw the Spirit Mother there. “It’s time.”

Chapter Five


The connection between Quinn and his two mates was the most beautiful thing in existence. For Quinn, it was kind of scary to lose control of himself the way he had, but knowing he had Roarke and G’aladon there with him reassured him beyond any shadow of a doubt. However, his fearlessness vanished when he spotted the Spirit Mother and heard her words.

“Time for what?” he blurted out. “What do you mean?”

“You can’t exactly stay here forever, Quinn,” the white wolf told him. “We must proceed to the next step of the plan.”

Quinn disliked the way she phrased her comment, as if their coupling was a clinical process, not something born naturally out of their bond. Obviously sensing his dismay, Roarke embraced him, petting his hip.

“You never said how G’aladon is supposed to get out of here in the first place.” Protectiveness echoed in Roarke’s voice, seemingly stronger than even the respect he felt for his creator. “What are we supposed to do now?”

“If G’aladon wishes to proceed with his original idea of granting souls to the orcs, I can do it, but it’ll have to be with a sacrifice from his part.”

“Sacrifice?” Quinn repeated in disbelief. “Wait just a minute. I thought you said he would be safe, that he wouldn’t have to…”

He trailed off, unable to finish the phrase. He simply couldn’t bring himself to say the words. To his surprise, G’aladon smiled at him. “I don’t think it’s what Shaiyta intends,” he said.

Shaiyta. Quinn had heard G’aladon call the Spirit Mother that before, but it still seemed a little strange. Stranger still, though, was that his lover smiled at the white wolf, all hostility gone.

“Let me guess,” he added. “I have to give up my power.”

“The full extent of your magic, yes,” the Spirit Mother clarified. “You will essentially be a normal human. You might be able to keep a few traces of your abilities, but they’ll be nothing like what you were used to.”

G’aladon threw a look toward Quinn and Roarke. “I don’t care about that,” he said, “as long as I survive this. I don’t want to leave them.”

“Your bond with Roarke will keep you alive for as long as he is,” the Spirit Mother said. Quinn was more and more confused, and G’aladon must have realized that, as he turned toward Quinn. “Magic is what keeps witches alive longer than they would have normally lived. My abilities are very limited here, but I can’t die because of the astral realm’s nature. Once I go out, though, the rules will be different. If I lose my abilities, chances are that my age will finally catch up to me.”

“That won’t happen,” the white wolf assured them. “You are Roarke’s mate now, and whether you like it or not, you fall under my authority and my care. I will protect you.” She turned toward Quinn and Roarke again. “You will have a very important role. Once we are outside, it’s likely that G’aladon’s magic will rush back and overwhelm him. It will be your task to bring him back to his senses, to make him see what is right.”

Her translucent gaze seemed to reach all the way into Quinn’s soul. “You must not falter. Should you do so, we will be forced to banish G’aladon again, and this time, there will be no end to his torment.”

Quinn shuddered, terror invading him. He had seen how much G’aladon suffered. He had kissed away every wound and had wept over the witch’s bloody body. He couldn’t imagine deliberately sending G’aladon on a course of action that might very well lead them back here.

“Are you ready?” the Spirit Mother asked.

Quinn hesitated. He didn’t know. He was afraid. What if he made a mistake? The weight of this responsibility crushed him. He feared that he would disappoint his mates. After all, what did he have that was so special? His psychic powers were strong, yes, but he had never truly used them. Rather, he’d always fled their strength, hiding behind the wards of the diner. The only time he’d decided on something that didn’t directly benefit him or his family was now, when he had insisted on coming to help G’aladon. But he lacked the training for the fight that loomed ahead, and he could already imagine the outcome of their failure.

He had never been fully aware of the extent of his abilities, but here, in the astral realm, he could feel them just waiting to escape him. What if he couldn’t control them? What if he disappointed his mates?

Roarke shifted him in his arms and forced their gazes to meet. “Do not doubt yourself,” the feral told him. “All of us here have made mistakes. On our own, we are weak, but together, we are unbeatable. We complete each other.”

Quinn stared deeply into Roarke’s eyes, taking in the decision that burned in those gray orbs. He stole a look at G’aladon, who watched them quietly, not pushing them for anything they couldn’t give.

Mistakes. Weakness. In the end, was it really about that? Yes, G’aladon had lost himself in his power, but he had paid for it with agony and blood. Yes, Roarke had turned feral, but he’d also become an exile because of it. It was time for all of that to end. Quinn might not have their abilities, their power, their strength, but he did have love, a lot of love to give. He loved them so much it hurt sometimes, and he wanted to give them both the life they deserved.

“We are ready,” he said, smiling at Roarke.

The Spirit Mother didn’t question him. Instead, her focus turned on G’aladon. “What of you, child? Are you truly willing to risk everything you were and place yourself in their hands?”

“It almost sounds like you don’t want me to get out of here.” G’aladon chuckled. “It’s okay. As much as I like being here with them, they deserve better. I know they want that as much as I do, and I trust them with my body, my soul, my life.”

“Yes, but do you trust yourself?”

The Spirit Mother’s question echoed in the now-silent grove. Quinn understood what she meant. Guilt and doubt didn’t just fade away, and G’aladon must be going through a very difficult time.

Quinn released himself from Roarke’s arms and went to hug his witch mate. “You will do the right thing. I’m sure of it. We will be right there, by your side, helping you through it.”

“I’m just…I’m not myself when I’m outside the astral realm.” G’aladon trembled, his smile having vanished as if it had never been. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t,” Quinn assured the other man. “I trust you, too, and so does Roarke.”

G’aladon nodded, but he didn’t seem convinced. “We will make the attempt,” he said. “Shaiyta, I have one favor to ask. If I do lose it, I beg of you to kill me. I don’t want to plague Roarke and Quinn forever if we cannot be together.”

“The Spirit Mother doesn’t have to promise anything,” Quinn heard himself say. “It won’t be necessary. We can do this.” When G’aladon didn’t look at him, Quinn felt anger burn through him. He grabbed G’aladon’s chin and forced the man to face him. “Don’t. How can you say such things when I’m right here, next to you? Do you not realize that you’re breaking my heart? Do you not care how much I love you?”

Tears burned at the back of his eyes, and as much as he tried to suppress them, it didn’t work. The astral realm wildly responded to his erratic emotions, and the calm forest that had been the witness of their coupling suddenly became dark and foreboding, an angry wind blowing through the air.

G’aladon seemed oblivious to the angry elements. He stared at Quinn as if transfixed. With gentle, tender hands, he cupped Quinn’s face, bringing their lips so close that Quinn could feel G’aladon’s breath. “I’m sorry, beloved,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have doubted you. You’re right.”

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