The Mystic Paradigm: An Evolutionary Novel

BOOK: The Mystic Paradigm: An Evolutionary Novel
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The Mystic Paradigm

An Evolutionary Novel



Brian M. Heater


2014 by Brian M Heater

All Rights Reserved

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Salem, Oregon


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Heater, Brian M. 1964—

The Mystic Paradigm - An Evolutionary Novel


1 –
The Passing

2 –
Grandfather’s Journal

3 –
The Dream

4 –
The Reflection

5 –
Going Back

6 –
Reading the Journal:The Mystery Begins

7 –
Visit to the University and the Seers

8 –
The Council of Elders and the Collective

9 –
Returning to the Revolution

10 –
Joshua and the Seers

11 –
Discussion at the Collective Farm

12 –
The Shift

13 –
The Third Journal: The Promise

14 –
The Joint Council

15 –
Preparing for the Journey

16 –
Opening the Portal

17 –
The Journey

18 –
The Other Side

19 –
On Earth

20 –
Journey to the Mystics

21 –
The Return

22 –
The Power of Love

23 –
The Dreaming Journey

24 –
Unrest in the United Continents

25 –
Looking Within

26 –
The Missing Pages

27 –
The Secret Meeting

28 –
The Earth Council Speaks

29 –
Finding Sudoki

30 –
Visiting the Mystics

31 –
The Confession

32 –
The Secret Revealed

33 –
Journey to the Mountains

34 –
The Energy Bridge and Ascension

35 –
Earth Energy Rising:Path of Experience


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Chapter 1

The Passing


The year is 2095. 60 years since the end of the revolution that had changed the world. Talis sat at his grandfather’s bedside as the old man slept soundly. He exhaled slowly, relieved that he could sit in stillness, and comfort his grandfather with his energy. Although he knew it was soon time for his grandfather to go, he meditated on healing and loving kindness. He focused his thoughts on the strength of the heart as he had been taught. He had seen the old adobe-plastered room many times, but this time seemed different. The walls glowed with an energy he had never noticed before. A beautiful aura of energy bounced off the earth-colored walls as Talis looked in awe at the event that unfolded before him. Grandfather was slowly opening the energy field as he prepared for his journey beyond physical life.

For a brief moment Talis’s energy pulsated and joined with his grandfather’s. The synergy of their deep connection wove itself through the sadness he felt. His mentor passing on was in many ways unthinkable, yet he knew all was as it should be and he took comfort in the peace that his grandfather had possessed during his waking hours.

“It is my time to go,” he said. “Do not be sad or worry; I look forward to the spirit world as it has always been with me. I am returning from where I came from. I will miss you, but we will see each other again.”

Talis knew that they would meet again, if not in this world, then in the other dimensions. He knew that his grandfather would move on to the other realm and continue his work on that side. The mystics had told him that he would be at peace, that he would come back again. Talis had enough abilities of his own to understand this, but his mystic abilities tended to come and go. He leaned toward being more pragmatic and grounded. As a Taurus, his calling to the earth ways were always strong. He reveled in physical tasks and only focused on the unseen mystical world when needed. His task was not to stay in the dream state like many of the mystics. He was similar to his grandfather, who focused on what needed to be done right before him on the physical plane. He honored the mystics and took their advice in most of his decisions, yet he did not quite understand that world like his best friend Joshua, who understood those ways and had those abilities. The seers, the modern mystics of their time, kept in a prayerful state most of the time, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the unseen energy field that was part of all.

The mystics were an important part of everyone’s lives now.
It was crazy
, Talis thought,
that these deeper spiritual experiences were unaccepted when Grandfather was a child
. How society had evolved since the revolution. He had always wanted to know more about the past. Grandfather had told him many stories and the information was available to everyone, but Talis longed to experience it on a deeper level. He envisioned those past days when everything was just starting. His grandfather had always reassured him that his current life was where he should focus, that the past revolution was not as romantic as people were led to believe. When Talis asked him about that, Grandfather would stare sadly off into the distance as if he longed for something and said quietly. “You will learn when it is time.”

Grandfather awoke to see Talis sitting at his bedside. He motioned to him and stretched his arm toward the closet. “Go and find my small satchel and bring it to me.” It was difficult for him to talk, but his eyes and spirit were clear. Talis slowly rose from the bed and went to the closet. Stacked beside numerous books, pictures and journals was the satchel Grandfather wanted. He grabbed it from under several old notebooks and ran his hand along the worn cloth cover, feeling every bump, taking in the intense feeling in his fingers. He could almost smell the past as he took a deep breath in this special room. He took a moment and surveyed all the history preserved in this small closet. So many things from the past, the energy somehow felt by Talis in this current moment made him briefly go back in time. It was the revolution before his eyes and he could clearly picture Grandfather when he was a young activist in the uprising.

The various books, posters, notebooks and journals crowded the closet and gave it a distinct savor. The old paper smelled and tasted of a time long past. Printed material like this, although still part of modern society, had become more of a rarity, especially in large quantities. The Elders kept much of the older books stored away, available to view by special request or in the University libraries. Books, considered sacred and revered, were still printed, but tablets, storage drives and electronic virtual paper had taken their place in everyday society.

Sometimes Talis almost longed for those days of paper and ink, printing presses, and journals with cloth covers. He could have sat there for hours just soaking in the energy of the past. He wanted to look through the entire memory-filled space. A simple, small closet such as this could hold keys to his past and to the world. What else had Grandfather stored away for all those years? This all excited him though, knowing that he might get a chance to read something directly from the past and relive the special time of the revolution. He breathed deeply and picked up the old satchel gently while holding it in his hands like a sacred text. He looked around once again, said a quick prayer of gratitude to this special room and slowly made his way back to Grandfather.


Chapter 2

Grandfather’s Journal


As he entered Grandfather’s room and neared his bed, Talis suddenly could see Grandfather’s life laid out in his mind like a hand-drawn map. He had heard the many stories of the revolution that had started their new society, about the early mystics, the original indigo and crystal children, and about the power of sacred activism. The magic was all just beginning when Grandfather was young. It was a time of great struggle, but also a time of powerful transformation. What had given him the sudden insight into Grandfather’s life? They had talked many times of these days, but the energy of this time now came to life. What was going on?

Talis brought the satchel over to his grandfather on the bed. Grandfather motioned for him to open it. Inside were three worn paper journals. Each had signs of deterioration: the pages had been torn and folded, the color of the paper had faded after many decades, but all were still intact. The journals were covered with a sort of solid, worn cloth cover that looked handmade. They smelled of older times and Talis again envisioned the revolution as he took a deep breath and smelled an age since gone.

“These were my journals before and during the uprisings.” Grandfather ran his leathery hand along the spines of the weathered books. “I tried to write in them regularly about what was going on and what I was feeling. I have not seen these in many years and now I want you to have them.” Grandfather looked at Talis with an impassioned stare, then turned his eyes away to look into a distant place that held memories of a time forgotten by most. His intense look surprised Talis and it made him even more aware that a new journey had begun. The room seemed brighter with energy as Talis, Grandfather, and the journals stood still for a moment. Talis saw a faint glow from the worn papers. He opened and closed his eyes many times to clear his mind, but the glow was still there.

Talis looked at his grandfather and asked. “Is there something you are not sharing with me about these journals?” They looked into each other’s eyes in silence and for a moment they were one. Grandfather had that ability to transform those around him and he was trying to tell Talis something without words. Suddenly he spoke.

“I have mentored you for many years, loving you and knowing that you would continue my work. The time has come for a true storyteller. One who will bring our past into the present, who will reveal what happened and why. The story of the transformation needs to be retold and remembered now. You, my grandson, are that storyteller.”

Talis didn’t quite know what to say or even think. He was honored of course, but what did Grandfather really want him to do? He loved the idea of reading the journals, but what was he supposed to pass on to the others? Most of the stories had been told. Society was open and the hiding of information was neither necessary nor desired. The mystics helped people find their hearts and their honesty. Heart-centered living was taught in every school and formed the foundation of every structure. What more did Grandfather want him to teach? Talis was confused with his task.

“What is it you want me to do, Grandfather?” They were silent for many minutes before Grandfather answered. Talis grew a bit nervous as he waited for him to respond. The silence between them this time made him wonder what Grandfather was truly thinking. Was he hiding something that was not told to the others? This was not like Grandfather. Then he spoke again clearly and intently.

“There are things that I cannot speak of at this point in my life. It has been too long. This task is given to you. It was foretold by my dearest friend, a mystic during the uprising. I ask that you read my journals and tell the story as I saw it. You will be surprised as to some of what I wrote, and yet it will reveal what all of us were going through. It was a time of great transformation—it was a revolution. We lost ourselves for a time—we lost several of our loved ones, but here we are now in what we had dreamed of and fought for.”

Grandfather looked away once again with a dreaming gaze. He reached out his hand as if in another dimension. He stared at the wall before him, smiling intensely. Talis saw nothing unusual and knew Grandfather was in a distant place.

“Grandfather, are you all right?” Talis asked quietly.

“My dear Talis. My time is near as I am starting to see through the veil. Read my stories and you will know what to do with them. They will present you a puzzle that only the seers will know how to help you solve. For there are some mysteries that have never been understood. I myself failed in one mission and did not keep a promise I made to a special person. My energy was not strong enough and those times caused great confusion. Some of my actions have haunted me since that time, yet I knew there would be a time of great healing in which all would be told.”

He paused for a moment, sipping from a small glass of water. “I have waited many decades for the story to be told and the truth revealed. You and your generation are ready to seek and hear this truth. Yet I give you a word of caution, my grandson. Be careful with whom you speak of this, for some may not be as honest as they should. They have been misled by their own power and will need time to open up and accept our evolution. There is much to discover that will change your life and of that of the world. The mystery will reveal itself if you open your heart.”

Cautious of whom?
Talis thought silently to himself. He wondered what he meant, yet he knew Grandfather was weary. He had spoken much too long and the focus on the past haunted him.

“I have lived a wonderful life, Talis, and I am blessed. Now I ask your help and pass the task on to you, my wise grandson. You will be the one to continue the journey when I leave this beautiful place. Find help from the mystics and you will know what to do.”

Talis wanted to ask many questions, but he could see that Grandfather’s energy field was weakening and that he needed to rest. His aura was fading and Talis knew it would soon be time to call the others for their earthly goodbyes. They all had been waiting and were prepared. Grandfather had made the decision to move on to the next dimension. His request was honored and respected by all. Talis nodded in approval, gave his grandfather a kiss, put away the satchel for safekeeping, and left the room to gather the others.

BOOK: The Mystic Paradigm: An Evolutionary Novel
8.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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