The Nightlife Moscow (Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Suspense) (The Nightlife Series Book 5)

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The Nightlife Moscow

Published by Travis


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Travis Luedke


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Reading Material (17+)

scenes of graphic sex and violence

for underage readers



by Travis Luedke


The Nightlife Series:


I    The Nightlife:  New York

II   The Nightlife:  Las Vegas

III  The Nightlife:  Paris

IV  The Nightlife:  London

V  The Nightlife:  Moscow


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the shepherd


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*The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and
occasionally violently sexy*

Vampires Aaron and Michelle have landed in Moscow, on the
prowl. In the company of a misfit pack of mercenary werewolves and Urvashi, a
fallen angel, the vampires are forced into the violent, decadent underworld of
Russian mafia, drugs and blood slaves.

This time the hunters have become the hunted.

Dmitri, a Russian vampire billionaire, sends his mafia hit
men to the streets, gunning for the wolf pack. Now they must bring the fight to
Dmitri and face the ultimate battle for survival.

Experience the violent, sensual underbelly of Nightlife
Moscow, as Aaron and Michelle mix up a wicked blend of sex, chaos, mayhem, and

Get your copy of the latest urban fantasy – paranormal
suspense novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Travis


Praise for The Nightlife

“Fast paced, no holds-barred,
gripping, gut-wrenching, soul-ripping and most definitely tear-inducing.

“You know when you see a violent or
bloody scene in a movie and you cover your eyes for a couple of seconds until
it has past? I caught myself doing that with this book, then I realized that
the lines were not going to go away until I read them.”

“I love that we have strippers,
prostitutes, sluts, and Mr. Luedke is unapologetic about it...Nightlife gives
it to us in spades.”

“Mr. Luedke once again showcasing
his considerable talent for crafting erotic, action-packed, supernatural
thrillers that leave the reader saying “Wow!”

“A no-holds-barred, easy-to-read
romp that mixes fantasy, suspense, horror and erotica, and does it well.”


Chapter 1



“Wake up you bloody leech. I need a fucking bite already.”

Katya’s insistent voice dragged Aaron from a deep, satisfying
sleep. She nipped at his ear, a playful imitation of what she expected from
him. His eyes opened to her pointy little face framed by dark brown hair that
brought out the intense hazel color of her eyes brimming with endless need.

She sat curled up beside him on the king-sized hotel bed, no
shirt or bra. Her dark nipples, rock hard in the evening chill, invited him to
taste her delicate flesh. He grinned in satisfaction. He enjoyed Katya’s
constant need. Having a beautiful woman waiting to be served as dinner –
begging for his taste – inspired a feeling of power. His fingers circled her
nipple and her eyes dilated. Her golden gaze flicked to the vampire goddess
sleeping at Aaron’s side.

Katya scrunched up her nose. “Not with Michelle here.”

He licked his lips, and Katya’s eyes tracked his tongue. He
dug past the block in her mind with his telepathic probe. She needed him, like
a heroin addict needs a fix. She craved the sensation of his teeth piercing her
skin, and the wonders of his venom. Her need floated heavily between them and Aaron’s
growing erection pushed up the bed covers.

His fingers slipped into the waistband of her jeans. “You’re
overdressed.” Deftly, he undid the top button of her pants and pulled down the
zipper. He slid his fingers past her cotton panties into the soft down of her
pubic curls. Juicy goodness met his questing fingers.

She tried to stop him, her hand on his, but he yanked her
down into a hug, bringing her neck into his waiting teeth.

Instead of fighting him, she growled in his ear. “Yes! That’s
what I need. Give it to me, now.” The razor points of his teeth dipped into her
neck while his two fingers curled up inside her wet warmth.

Her pelvis jerked on his hand, and in seconds she began
helping him remove her jeans and panties. Without disturbing his deep-seated
bite, or his solid grip on her pussy, Katya stripped off her last bit of
clothing. She normally didn’t like being intimate around Michelle, regardless
of the fact Aaron slept beside his blonde vampire lover daily, but Katya was in
no mood to stop.

Vampire venom, the strongest narcotic known to man, coursed
through her body. She shook and moaned in ecstasy. She kicked off his bed
covers and gripped his waiting cock. He barely pulled his fingers out of her
before she guided him into her slick, hot channel.

He unclamped his bite as she gushed in orgasm, wetting his
balls with her release. “Shite! Damn you, Aaron!” Theirs was a love-hate relationship.
She loved his cock and his teeth, couldn’t find the will power to deny him, and
hated herself, and him, for it.

Katya grunted hard and hunched down to grind him deep inside
her, pushing him right where she wanted him. She gasped as she found that
special spot. Her eyes turned a deep gold, and the scent of her wolf filled the
air as the beast prowled just under her skin. He loved that animal quality of
her personality, especially when she relaxed and truly enjoyed their rare
moments together. Catching one-on-one time with his werewolf bloodslave had
become increasingly difficult since their arrival in Moscow two weeks ago.

Aaron held her hips trapped in place and pounded his cock
into Katya, loving the bounce of her breasts as he hit her limit over and over.
She was more fragile than his vampire lover, but not by much. Suddenly, cool,
pale hands with lacquered, rosy nails slid around Katya from behind to cup her
breasts and tweak her nipples. Katya’s confused eyes searched Aaron for a
second, looking down at her own chest and the strangeness of this extra set of

Michelle’s French purr rumbled as she nuzzled into Katya’s
neck. “I just love waking up to a fresh meal.” She bit down hard and Katya
screamed in hate and ecstasy.

His bloodslave had made it very clear she was
chew toy, Aaron’s alone. But Aaron read Michelle’s hunger clearly in her mind
as she slurped up Katya’s rich blood. His vampire lover simply couldn’t keep
away from this delicious little wolf.

Aaron had to admit, Katya tasted far better than the average
human. Her stronger, richer blood provided a unique rush of power. He knew
there’d be hell to pay for Michelle taking advantage of Katya, but in this moment,
balls deep inside her, he didn’t care. The consequences would come soon enough,
so he came first.

Katya keened and rocked. Tears of hate and joy ran down her
face when Aaron slammed up into her as far as he could and released inside her.
Finally she succumbed to the moment, her fist buried in Michelle’s golden locks.
“Don’t you stop, bitch! Don’t you dare stop! Bugger me!”

Aaron relished these few seconds of Katya’s ecstasy, when
the walls blocking him out of her mind dropped completely. Vampires venom was
the most intense experience humans could have, better than sex, cocaine and
heroin all rolled into one. Sharing that experience telepathically delivered a
double orgasm, his and hers.

Michelle stroked her victim lovingly, one hand around her
breast and the other down between Katya’s legs, working the sweet little nub of
her clit. His bloodslave vibrated and convulsed atop his cock as her non-stop multiple
orgasms soaked the both of them. Michelle had made Katya squirt.

From the look on Katya’s face, and the twitching of her
body, Aaron wondered if this experience might break through the barrier of
Katya’s resistance. Until now, she had no idea what she’d been missing.
Michelle knew a woman’s body far better than Aaron ever could.

Michelle came up for air, a look of satisfaction on her
face. Her hands continued working Katya’s body, grateful for the tasty meal.
From the flavor of Michelle’s thoughts, Aaron knew she could have drained Katya
dry. Luckily for Katya, Michelle had a rigid set of morals she lived by, and
killing her food was definitely against the rules. Michelle had no problem with
killing, but she’d seen too much death and chose to handle her feedings with
great care. She had been the voice of restraint in Aaron’s ear since she turned
him four months ago.

Michelle released Katya and the bloodslave slumped forward
to land face-down on Aaron’s chest. Breathing hard, still twitching around his
cock, her mental block gradually reformed to hide her thoughts from him. He
didn’t need to read her mind to know she’d thoroughly enjoyed what he and Michelle
just did for her, and he was surely going to pay for her pleasure.

The woman never gave an inch.

Katya breathed a whisper against the side of his face.
“Please tell your ruddy leech to keep her paws off me. I didn’t sign up to be a
fucking blood-sex sandwich.” She had a touch of that animal growl, a hint of
her wolf menace.

Michelle licked the taste of Katya’s pussy off her fingers
and spanked Katya on the ass. “Tomorrow night I’ll fuck you myself. I guarantee
you will not complain.”

Katya growled into Aaron’s neck, her body limp with euphoria,
but still shaking in aftershock. “I thought she already did.”

Aaron gave Michelle the please-quit-while-you’re-ahead look.
He petted his bloodslave’s dark, glossy brown hair. “Maybe this is the start of
something good … if you let it be.”

Katya caught her breath and he felt her body stiffen with
fight. “You’ve got to be shitting me? I’d be the laughing stock of the entire
pack. The vampires’ little whore pet, is that what you want?”

Though his heart said
, he clamped his lips shut
before his mouth made the same mistake. “All I’m saying is that we’d have more
time together if you accepted Michelle in your life, too. There’s a place for
you here.” He patted the center of the bed and grinned. “Call it a two for one

Her golden, sultry eyes looked at him, and for a moment she
seemed to consider his offer.

Then the door opened and Urvashi walked in. “What a shame. You’ve
started without me.”

Aaron’s master, a fallen angel – if the rumors and
propaganda were true – slipped out of her white silk robe and stepped up to the
bed au naturel, nothing but golden-tanned curves featuring dark, rigid nipples
and a slight smile. Her dark-red, lacquered nails caressed Katya’s spine with
tingling sparkles of energy. The contrast of her warm, caramel skin against
Katya’s paler coloring was only the most obvious difference. To Aaron’s
enhanced vision, Urvashi glowed like a candle, the flickering light of her
electric aura a testament to the power dancing beneath her Persian skin. This
was the persona Urvashi preferred. Aaron suspected the shapeshifter could take
any form she wanted. She chose a skin-suit of Kim Kardashian. The look fit her
personality and arrogance perfectly.

Katya twitched with Urvashi’s touch and sparks of fire
ignited in her eyes. A rumbling growl came from the wolf who had no desire to
be forced into the middle of Aaron’s unusual sex life. She barely tolerated
Michelle at the best of times, but Urvashi had gone too far. “I’m not doing
this. No!” She sat up and almost fell over, heavily drugged from sex and venom.

Aaron sat up with Katya held in his arms, still buried
between her wet thighs. “Vash, couldn’t you give us a moment of privacy? Not
everyone wants to fuck you.”

Urvashi grinned at his jibe.

A succubus, fallen angel, and seducer of men the world over,
everyone wanted to fuck Urvashi
. Everyone. Even her Vedic name spoke of
her allure, Ur –
and Vash –
, the woman who
conquers the heart. Katya must have missed the memo on that. She certainly had
no love and even less tolerance for Urvashi.

Urvashi leveled her gaze at Katya. “Shush. The wolves do not
spurn my gifts.” Urvashi was forever playing a domination game with the wolf
pack. Aaron wondered what gifts his master referred to, and what strings might
be attached.

Nothing was ever what it seemed with Urvashi.

Katya snarled and looked down and away in submission. “Aaron
and his leech already had their way with me tonight. That’s quite enough, thank
you very much.”

Urvashi surveyed the three of them together and glanced at
Michelle whose hand rested absently on Katya’s ass cheek. “Hmm. Three’s company
and four’s a crowd?”

Aaron grabbed Urvashi’s hand. “No. Katya was just leaving.
Stay, please.” Aaron had grown to relish his time with Urvashi and Michelle. It
was an arrangement most men would kill for, and he certainly wasn’t letting Katya’s
shitty attitude fuck it up.

He slid Katya off his lap and cock, and set her on the bed
at his side. She snatched up her pants, underwear and shirt, and staggered to
the door of his suite butt naked. “Five more minutes with him, that’s all I
wanted! Bloody whores can’t keep their hands off him for five minutes!”

She marched out the door and slammed it. Her thudding
footfalls hammered down the hallway to her room three doors down. She hadn’t
even stopped to put clothes on.

His vampire lover and fallen angel master looked at the
vibrating door, then looked at each other. Both shrugged simultaneously. They
pinned Aaron to the bed with seemingly identical grins. His night had just
begun, but it held such promise.



* * * *



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