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  1. At the beginning of the novel we see Denise and Derrek at a meeting for people who have problems with drug abuse. Considering
    the level of their drug use at the start of the story, do you think this meeting was necessary for them, or was it an overreaction?
  2. We often hear people refer to
    smokers or
    drinkers, meaning they only use nicotine or alcohol in a social atmosphere. Do you believe there is such a thing as a
    social drug user
    ? What about prescription drugs? If a woman lends her friend a prescription pill to help her sleep or calm her nerves during
    an especially stressful event, is that drug abuse? 
  3. Denise and Derrek keep some pretty big secrets from one another, but it didn’t start out that way. At first they only keep
    what they consider small secrets. Is it ever okay to keep a secret from your spouse? Or is keeping a secret of any kind harmful
    to a marriage? 
  4. We learn that Derrek and his brother, Dixon, had had a fight over money, and this is what had kept them apart. Do you think
    the issue was that Dixon didn’t repay Derrek the money he borrowed, or that Derrek didn’t approve of how Dixon spent the money?
    When a person gives another person a loan, do they have the right to judge how that money is spent? 
  5. Denise holds herself to very high standards—something she learned to do during her childhood. While the pressure she put on
    herself ultimately led to her problems, it also helped her to achieve a high level of success. How can someone balance striving
    to achieve her full potential and protecting herself from unrealistic expectations? As a parent, how can someone encourage
    her child to succeed without making her afraid to fail? 
  6. Both of Derrek’s parents and his brother struggled with drug addiction. Do you think a propensity to become addicted to drugs
    is hereditary? If so, does that make Derrek’s drug use more excusable (it was inevitable that he would use drugs) or does
    it make his behavior more irresponsible (knowing his family history he should have been more careful)? 
  7. When someone is struggling with addiction, what do we expect of the people around them? For example, should Denise’s friend
    Michelle have noticed her odd behavior and questioned it more? Should Derrek’s boss have spoken up sooner and encouraged him
    to get treatment rather than fire him? Or does the responsibility to change belong solely to the addict? 
  8. Denise and Derrek turn to drugs as a form of stress release. What are other, healthier ways they could have managed their
  9. Denise’s mother, Wilma, is another character who keeps secrets from the people she loves. Why do you think Wilma keeps the
    truth about her marriage secret? Fear? Shame? Denial? How do you think her behavior impacted Densie? 
  10. Mackenzie was so desperate to save her family that she took dramatic—and dangerous—action. What might you have counseled her
    to do instead? And what advice would you offer her while she’s healing, both physically and emotionally, from all she’s been
  11. It’s not only drugs, alcohol, or gambling that people can become addicted to. People can develop addictions to food, shopping,
    the Internet—anything. Can an addiction ever be harmless? What advice would you give to someone battling an addiction? 
  12. Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage? What qualities must a marriage have to be described as perfect? 
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BOOK: The Perfect Marriage
13.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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