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Authors: Elizabeth Kelly

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The Recruit (Book Three) (5 page)

BOOK: The Recruit (Book Three)
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“Hannah, I –

She flicked the
button open on his jeans and thrust her hand under the material.
She wrapped her fingers around his length, he was already hard and
pulsing, and squeezed firmly.

“This is mine.”
She growled.

“Yes.” He said
immediately. “But we need to talk first. We need to – “


He grunted with
surprise when she gave him a hard shove and knocked him to the

She stripped
off her clothes, slicing her bra in half with her fingernails when
she couldn’t undo the clasps fast enough, and straddled him. She
reached between them and yanked the zipper down on his pants before
pulling his cock free.

She growled
again and he moaned harshly when she rubbed the head of his cock
against her swollen clit.

Hannah.” He groaned. “Just wait, honey, we need to – “

He cried out
when she impaled herself on his thick cock. She growled happily and
snapped her teeth at him as her eyes glowed in the dim room. She
bounced on his cock, using her legs to thrust herself back and
forth as his hands circled her waist and he arched his back under

She braced her
hands on his chest and rode him madly as their bodies slammed
together. Will, his own eyes glowing, suddenly growled and flipped
her on to her back. He plunged in and out of her, the veins in his
throat standing out in stark relief as he fucked her hard.

She moaned and
gasped and growled as her fingernails raked long, deep scratches
into the flesh of his back. He had never been so rough with her and
as he bent his head and nipped at her breast with short, stinging
bites, she dug her nails into his back until he hissed in pain and
lifted his head.

“You’re mine.”
She snarled at him.

“Yes, yours.”
He tangled his hand into her hair, pulling her head back roughly
and sucked hard on her throat.

His fingers
found her clit and he rubbed the swollen nub firmly as she arched
her back and wrapped her long limbs around his waist. She squeezed
his cock tightly and he gave a harsh bark of need before tugging on
her clit.

The pleasure
exploded within her as the colours of the room began to sharpen and
Will’s harsh panting grew to an almost unbearable level. She was
starting to shift, she could feel it, and she fought desperately
against it.

“Will!” She
shouted his name as her orgasm flooded her body and unable to stop
herself, she lifted her head and sank her fangs into the meat of
his shoulder. His blood filled her mouth, warm and surprisingly
sweet, and his entire body shuddered before he climaxed with a
loud, hoarse howl.

Chapter 5


Hannah, her
heart finally beginning to slow, stared up at the ceiling. Will was
still lying on her, his hard body fitting every soft curve of hers
perfectly, and she smiled happily before running her hands over his
back. Wetness coated her fingers and she lifted her hands, her soft
smile turning to a look of horror at the red that covered them.

“Oh my God!”
She pushed at Will and he rolled off of her. “Oh my God, oh my
God!” She nearly shouted. Blood was dripping from his shoulder
where she had bitten him and, nausea and fear rolling in her
stomach, she jumped to her feet and ran naked to the bathroom.

She returned
with a towel and pressed it firmly against his shoulder as he sat
up. “Shit! Will, I’m so sorry!”

She could feel
the tears threatening and she blinked them back fiercely as she
leaned over him and examined his back. What she saw horrified her.
There were deep, bloody scratches all over his back and she moaned
softly. What had she done?

“Will, get up!”
Still holding the towel against his shoulder she climbed to her
feet and urged him to his.

She nearly
yanked him to the bathroom, her worry and fear making her rough,
and he made a soft sound of reassurance. “Hannah, it’s fine. Honey
– “

“It’s not
!” She snapped at him. Despite her efforts, the tears
were starting to slide down her face. “I scratched the shit out of
your back, Will! I – I

“Hold this!”
She made him press his hand against the towel on his shoulder.

She wet a
washcloth before turning him around and wiping softly at the
scratches in his skin. As she wiped the blood away, she was
dismayed to realize that she was close to shifting again. Her panic
and her shame was heightening her need to shift and she made a soft
moan of panic.

“Hannah?” Will
immediately turned and pulled her into her arms, dropping the towel
to the floor. “It’s okay. Shh. Calm down.”

“I can’t.” She
moaned. She was vibrating in his arms and she moaned again when the
light in the bathroom was suddenly too bright.

“Take a deep
breath, honey.” He pushed her head against his uninjured shoulder
and she wrapped her arms around his hips and buried her face into
his neck. His scent, warm and familiar and utterly intoxicating,
filled her nostrils and she took breath after breath. After a few
moments she realized with an odd mix of wonder and gratitude that
the urge to shift had passed. Will’s presence, his scent and his
warm, hard body, had calmed her.

She pressed
herself tighter against him and he stroked her naked back with his
callused hands. Her wolf, she wondered if other Lycans thought of
their wolves as separate beings inside of them, made a soft growl
of lust and her eyes widened. She wanted him again, she wanted him
inside of her while she bit him and scratched him and marked him as
hers, and God help anyone who tried to stop her.

The scent of
Will’s arousal, strong and undeniable, filled the room and she made
a low, soft growl before reaching between them and squeezing his
cock. He groaned harshly and she stroked him firmly as he stiffened
in her hand.

She would take
him again and again. She would mark him fully with her scent until
every bitch knew that he belonged to her. He was hers and –

She tore away
from him with a soft gasp and backed away as far as she could in
the small bathroom.

He reached out
for her and she shook her head desperately.

“Don’t touch
me, Will.” She moaned. “I – I’m not myself right now and I don’t
want to hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt
me.” He said soothingly.

“I already
did.” She whispered. Her eyes drifted to the bite on his shoulder
and she drew in a shuddering breath of relief. It had stopped
bleeding and was beginning to heal.

“It’s fine. It
will heal quickly.” He smiled at her as her eyes dropped to his
cock. It was hard and ready to go, and she bit at her bottom lip as
the need to take him surged within her.

Take him. Take
him now. Take him before another female tries to claim him.

The voice, one
she didn’t recognize, chanted steadily in her head and she squeezed
her thighs together in a vain attempt to stop the aching between
them. It only made things worse, as did the smell of Will’s
arousal, and she put one hand over her mouth and nose.

She growled
when Will took a step closer. Her eyes flashed bright green at him
and she lowered her hands and dug her claws into the wall behind

“Come any
closer, Lycan, and I will take what is mine.” She snarled

Will’s eyes
turned a dark yellow and he grinned at her. Another bite of lust
went through her at the sight of his sharp fangs. “Not if I take
what is mine first.”

With a hoarse
growl she lunged at him. He caught her and slammed her up against
the wall, hard enough to make a crack appear in the plaster, as she
wrapped her legs around his waist. He kissed her hard on the mouth
as he trapped her wrists above her head with one hand.

She fought
against him but even her new-found strength was no match for his
and she gave a low howl of pleasure when he thrust his cock into
her. He plunged in and out, banging her body against the wall as he
kissed her deeply.

She kissed him
back eagerly, her tongue battling with his as he fucked her hard
and fast. She squeezed her legs around his waist and made a harsh
yip of excitement when he pushed his hand between them and stroked
her clit.

Her orgasm
roared through her, completely unexpected, and she bit him again as
he thrust back and forth. He growled and nipped her painfully on
the neck as a second wave of pleasure washed over her. Her pussy
squeezed his cock until, with another hoarse growl, he stiffened
and came deeply inside of her.

hoarsely he rested his forehead against hers and stroked her side
soothingly. “Better?”

“Yes.” She
whispered. “I think so.”

“Good.” He took
a deep breath and eased out of her before lowering her to the
ground. “Are you – “

“Fuck!” She
suddenly shouted. “I fucking did it again!”

She was staring
at his other shoulder, blood was dripping down his chest, and she
grabbed a second towel and dabbed at the bite delicately. “Jesus,
Will. I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine,
Hannah, I swear.” He stroked her hip as she chewed at her bottom
lip. “It’s natural for Lycans to bite during sex.”

“You’ve never
bitten me.” She said softly.

“You weren’t a
Lycan before. I would never bite a human in that way.”

“You still
haven’t bitten me.” She pointed out. Her hand rose to her throat
and she rubbed at the spot where he had nipped her. Although she
could feel the indents of his fangs, he hadn’t broken the skin.

“Old habits.”
He said briefly. “I’m used to controlling the urge to bite you when
we mate.”

“Right.” She
sighed. “Tell me how you control it and how you stop from shifting
when we mate. Please. I – I think part of me keeps biting you
because it stops me from shifting but I hate making you bleed.”

“It takes
practice.” He replied. “But I swear to you, I don’t mind the

She didn’t
reply and he took her hand. “Hannah, we need to talk about – “

“I’m hungry.”
She interrupted him as her stomach growled loudly. “Let’s eat first
and then we’ll talk.”

* * *


Selena leaned
against a tree and listened carefully. She had thought she heard
something to her right and she studied the area carefully. The
night vision glasses lit up the forest with a soft glow and she
squinted as the bushes about ten feet away shivered delicately. She
drew her gun, her pulse beginning to quicken, and aimed it at the
bushes. A rabbit, its nose quivering delicately, emerged and stood
on its hind feet. It sniffed the air as she released her breath in
a soft rush.

rabbit.” She muttered. “Why the hell aren’t you tucked away in your
nice, warm burrow? It’s the middle of the – “

A branch
snapped behind her and she whirled, her finger first tightening on
the trigger and then relaxing when she saw Reid.

“What the hell,
Reid!” She snapped at him. “I could have killed you.”

He shrugged
carelessly and moved to stand next to her. “Sorry.”

“What are you
doing out here?” She scowled as she took a step away and tucked her
night vision glasses on the top of her head. The moon had drifted
out from behind the clouds and there was more than enough light to
see him. She was too aware of the heat of his body, of the way his
jeans hung on his hips and his shirt clung to his upper chest, and
she snorted angrily to herself.

“I’m on patrol.
Just like you are.” He gave her a curious look. “What’s your
problem tonight?”

“I don’t have a
problem!” She snapped again. “Although you’d think you would be
smart enough not to sneak up on a person with a gun.”

“I wasn’t
sneaking up on you.” He protested. “I was walking my rounds. You’re
in my section.”

“No, I’m not.”
She frowned at him. “Mannie told me to cover the west side and I –

“You’ve drifted
a little south.” He interrupted her.

“Fine. See you

She sighed
loudly when he trailed after her. “What do you want, Reid?”

“I think we
should talk about what happened earlier.”

“There isn’t
anything to talk about. I made a mistake.”

“A mistake?
That’s all I am to you?” He clapped his hand dramatically to his
chest. “After we shared that beautiful moment in the training room,
all you can say is that you made a mistake? You’ve cut me deep,

She tamped down
her laughter and made herself frown at him. “Are you always this

“I was going
for funny, but I’ll take dramatic.” He grinned easily at her as he
fell into step beside her. “Seriously, though. We should talk.”

“Why? Can’t we
just chalk it up to a momentary bout of insanity and leave it at
that?” She asked grumpily.

“You don’t look
insane to me.” He studied her carefully in the moonlight.

“That’s why I
.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, maybe.
But do you want to know what I think?” He asked cheerfully.


“I think,” he
carried on as if he hadn’t heard her, “you’ve got a thing for me. I
think you want to be naked and underneath me.”

She gaped at
him as her cheeks went bright red. “Excuse me?”

He winked at
her. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m used to lovely
ladies like yourself wanting to jump me. It’s my cross to bear, and
you should know that I’m an excellent lover.”

“It’s been my
experience that if you have to tell me you’re an excellent lover –
you’re not.”

“Ouch. You’re a
mean little thing, aren’t you?”

When she didn’t
reply, he grinned at her. “Don’t worry, I like it.”

“Oh goodie.”
She replied sarcastically. “Listen, not to be rude, but we’re
supposed to be patrolling, not talking about fucking each

BOOK: The Recruit (Book Three)
12.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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