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The Recruit (Book Three) (7 page)

BOOK: The Recruit (Book Three)
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“It can take
some getting use to.” He replied. “But you will get better at
resisting it.”

“I hope not.”
She said candidly. “I like fucking you.”

He laughed. “I
like fucking you too.”

Her eyes
drifted across his naked chest and he growled softly as his hand
tightened around hers. She took a deep breath and did her best to
ignore the voice screaming inside her head to jump on Will.

“Rein it in,
big fella. We need to talk, remember?”

“Right, talk.”
He rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck like he was a boxer
preparing for a fight and she laughed softly before sobering.

“I almost
killed Douglas.”

“What?” He
blinked at her in surprise and she nodded.

“We were
talking about you and how the Board of Directors thinks that you
turned me because of the stigma of humans and Lycans mating.
Douglas said that the new guy is going to be keeping a close eye on
you and that they’re rethinking the whole “Lycan” in the program
thing. They’re threatening to kick you out, Will.”

She could feel
her anger rising and she closed her eyes and took a few deep
breaths before continuing.

“When Douglas
told me, I – I got angry and it brought on my first shift. Only,”
she stared at the counter and when she tried to tug her hand free
he held it more tightly, “I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t think
past the anger and the hurt and I – I wasn’t even really thinking,
you know? I mean, there was a small part of me - the human part -
way down deep inside my head but no matter how hard I tried, I
couldn’t get past the wolf. And the wolf wanted to tear Douglas

She gave him a
small smile. “Am I crazy, Will?”

He shook his
head immediately. “No, honey. It takes time and practice to learn
to control your Lycan side. And I told you before, it’s harder for
humans who are bitten.”

“Yeah.” She
sighed. “Anyway, I was about to attack Douglas but luckily Selena
showed up and shot me.”

“She what?” He
shouted in astonishment.

“She shot

His nostrils
flared and his eyes glowed as hair grew on his cheeks. Her wolf
snarled in response, wanting to shift with its mate, and she
swallowed thickly. “Will, don’t! If you shift, I will too.”

He closed his
eyes and after a moment, the hair disappeared from his cheeks and
he gave her a small smile. “I’m sorry. But Selena shouldn’t have
shot you.”

“Yes, she
should have. I was out of control. I was about to attack her too
and I didn’t give her a choice, Will. Besides, she knew it wouldn’t
kill me.”

“It could
have.” He tried to keep his voice even. “If she had shot you in the
chest, there was a strong possibility that you would have died. Not
all humans who are turned are as strong as those of us born Lycan.
You need to remember that, Hannah.”

“I will.” She
said absently. “Besides, she shot me in the shoulder. It was fully
healed by the next day.”

He didn’t reply
and she gave him a look of heartbreaking fear. “I can’t control it,
Will. I can’t. What if I get angry again and I hurt someone?”

He moved around
the counter and pulled her up against his broad chest. “It’s only
been a few days, honey. You can’t expect to have any type of
control after that short amount of time. I’ll help you learn to
control the shifting. I promise you. Okay?”

“Okay.” She
sniffed and rested her head on his chest, her fingers stroking
through the dark hair. “How do you get used to how loud people are?
And how awful some of them smell?”

He laughed.
“I’ll teach you some techniques to block the constant noise but as
for the smell – I’m afraid you just have to get used to it.”

“Right.” She
continued to rub his chest. “I know you went to see my mom and

“I needed to
tell them what I had done. I wanted to ask for their forgiveness
and explain why I had done it, but they – they were just happy you
were still alive.”

She rubbed her
cheek against his skin. “Did you really think they would be upset
with you?”

“I didn’t
know.” He admitted.

“The new head
of the facility will be here tomorrow.” She said suddenly. “You
need to watch yourself around him, Will. Reid says he’s not fond of
Lycans or other supernaturals, and I think he’s just looking for an
excuse to kick you out.”

“I’m not going
anywhere, honey. I promise you.” He stroked her dark hair as she
leaned against him.

After a few
minutes, he kissed the top of her head. “It’s late. We should get
some sleep.”

She shook her
head. “I want to fuck you again. Why did becoming a Lycan turn me
into a sex addict?”

“It hasn’t.
It’s just that our Lycan side is led by the most basic of needs –
food, shelter, mating. That’s all that matters to a Lycan.”

She frowned at
him. “But Douglas, he loves art and music and knowledge. And I
don’t see Constance running around stuffing her face and fucking
like a bunny.”

He laughed
loudly. “Again, it’s all about learning to control it. We’ve been
learning to control our Lycan side since we were children. You
can’t compare yourself to Constance or Douglas or any other Lycan
you meet. And Lycans are capable of enjoying plenty of other things
– like Douglas with his art and his music – we just prefer food and
mating more.”

He kissed her
forehead. “As you learn to control your Lycan side, more of your
other loves and interests will surface again.”

“Do you
promise?” She whispered.


“Good.” She
took a deep breath. “Now, let’s get back to that mating thing. What
do you say?”

She ran her
finger down his spine and he growled softly before nodding. “Yes,
definitely yes.”

She suddenly
paused. “Wait, I – are you sure? I keep biting and scratching you
and I don’t think that’s something I can stop.”

“I already told
you,” his hand cupped her breast and squeezed roughly, “I don’t
mind the biting or the scratching, but the only way to get better
at not biting during sex is by practicing.”

She grinned up
at him as he lowered his mouth to hers and nipped softly at her
bottom lip. “Lots and lots of practicing.”

* * *


Will walked
into the infirmary and hesitated. Curtains were drawn around a few
of the beds and he had no idea which one Chen was in. He searched
the room for Barb as Constance stuck her head out from behind one
of the curtains.

“Will!” She
smiled in delight and quickly ran over to him. She hugged him
tightly. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Hi, Constance.
How are you?”

She shrugged.
“I’m okay. How are you?”


“Good.” She
sniffed him. “Hannah found you, huh?”

He nodded.

okay with you two?”

“Yes, I think
so. What are you doing in here?”


“How is

“He’ll live.”
She sighed softly. “He was hurt pretty badly but he’s strong, you

Will studied
her closely. “You really like him, huh?”

She smiled
briefly. “I do, actually. He’s not bad, for a human.”

He laughed as
Barb entered the room from the far door. She walked toward them as
Constance smiled at him. “I’d better get back to Ryan.”

“Welcome back,
Will.” Barb squeezed his arm and he kissed her briefly on the

“Thanks, Barb.
How are you?”

better. Are you here to see Chen?”


“Good. He’s in
that bed there.” She pointed to the last bed on the left and
touched his arm as he started to walk toward it. “I’m worried about
him, Will.” She said in a low voice. “He’s so quiet and he’s barely

“He’s always
quiet.” Will pointed out.

“I know but
this is different. You’ll see.” She said solemnly. “Both Hannah and
Mannie were here this morning to visit but even that didn’t seem to
cheer him up. Maybe you can get him to open up to you.”

“I’ll try.”
Will gave her a reassuring smile before walking to Chen’s bed. He
stuck his head in the opening of the curtain.


The sword
instructor opened his eyes and gave him a brief smile. “Hello,

Will sat down
in the chair next to the bed as he stared at Chen’s arm. It was
covered in a bandage and he sighed heavily. “I’m sorry about your


Chen stared up
at the ceiling and Will sat in silence for a few moments before
clearing his throat. “How are you feeling?”




“Do you want to
talk about what happened?” Will asked quietly.

“I do not.”

“It might

Chen shook his
head and changed the subject. “Hannah was here this morning. She
seems more content now that you have returned to her.”

“I shouldn’t
have left her like that.”

“It was a
cowardly thing to do.” Chen said softly.

Will winced
before nodding. “Yeah, I’m an idiot.”

When Chen
didn’t reply, he cleared his throat again. “So, when do you get to
leave the infirmary?”

“I don’t know.
Barb tells me there is a physiotherapist arriving tomorrow from the
New York facility. Apparently he is to teach me how to navigate
life with only one hand.”

There was a
note of bitterness in Chen’s voice and Will touched his leg
lightly. “Chen, I really think we should talk about what happened.
I know how hard it is and I – “

“Do you,
Lycan?” Chen suddenly asked. “I find that hard to believe
considering you still have all four of your limbs.”

“You’re right.
I’m sorry, that was a stupid thing to say but I – “

“I’m very
tired, Will. Would you mind leaving? I’d like to take a nap.” Chen

Will nodded.
“Yes. I’ll come back tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure.” Chen
had already closed his eyes and Will gave him an anxious look
before standing. He squeezed the Asian man’s shoulder gently.

“I’ll see you
tomorrow, Chen.”

Chen nodded
and, with a troubled look on his face, Will left.

* * *



Will shut the
infirmary door as Mannie jogged down the hall toward him.

The two men
embraced and Mannie pounded him on the back. “Good to see you,

“You too,

He studied the
smaller man carefully. He looked tired and there were dark circles
under his eyes. “I’m sorry about Alison.”

Mannie replied briefly. “The new guy, Jordan, arrived this morning.
He wants to meet with all the instructors in Richard’s office in
about half an hour.”

“Alright. I’ll
be there.”

“Listen, watch
your step with him, okay? He seems nice enough but – “

“I know. He’s
not fond of Lycans.”

hesitated. “People around here think you turned Hannah for reasons
other than to save her life. It’s gotten back to the Board of
Directors, and this Jordan guy is going to be evaluating you and
questioning you about your motives.”

“I’ve heard.”
Will sighed. “You know I turned her only to save her life,

“Yeah, man. I
know.” Mannie clapped him on the back. “Listen, I’ve got to go.
After our meeting with Jordan, you and I need to talk about the
progress of the babies. After what happened, the ones that are left
are nervous and timid. I’m not sure they’re going to ever

Will nodded.
“We’ll work with them. There’s not that many of them and we can
give them some individual instruction if needed.”

Mannie shook
his head. “We’ve got a new crop of recruits coming in the day after

“What? Isn’t
that a little soon?” Will frowned.

“The Board of
Directors and Jordan believe it’s best to get back to normal as
quickly as possible.”

Will snorted.
“They weren’t here when the shit went down. A lot of good people
died, Mannie, and the ones who are left need time to grieve.”

“Yeah, we do.”
Mannie said solemnly. “But that’s not going to happen. I’ll see you
at the meeting.”

* * *


afternoon. My name is Jordan Hart and I’m the new head of the

Jordan was tall
and thin with gray hair and dark brown eyes. He smiled at the group
of instructors. “First, let me start off by saying I understand how
difficult the last couple of weeks have been, and both myself and
the Board of Directors appreciate your willingness to get things
back to normal as quickly as possible.”

He leaned back
in his chair and folded his hands across his trim abdomen. “I’ll be
speaking with each of you individually over the next week or so but
for now, I thought it would be best if we had a group meeting and I
went over the new plans for the facility.”

“New plans?”
Mannie raised his eyebrow at him.

“Nothing too
extreme, I can assure you.” Jordan said cheerfully. “You probably
noticed the crew that arrived yesterday to start installing the new
security measures around the facility and surrounding areas. We’re
confident that with this new technology we can stop any future
vampire attacks from decimating the facility.”

“It would have
been nice to have this new equipment in the first place.” Reid
muttered sullenly.

“Yes, well,
lesson learned.” Jordan replied.

He leaned
forward and shuffled through a few papers on his desk. “Your
previous head, Richard, did a remarkable job of keeping the
facility running smoothly and I fully intend to follow in his
footsteps. There will be a few changes in how we train the
recruits, nothing major I assure you, and I’ll be implementing
those changes over the next few weeks. For now, we’re going to do
what we can to bring things back to normal. As of this moment, this
place is the only training facility we have and based on recent
information, we’re anxious to expand and bring in more

BOOK: The Recruit (Book Three)
4.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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