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BOOK: The Sheriff and the Innocent Housekeeper
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He lifted her chemise over her head. He stared down at the loveliness displayed before him. "I knew you'd be beautiful." Small white mounds with gorgeous pink tips captivated him. Their delicate beauty took his breath. "Ah, Becky, I've dreamed about this for--for you don't know how long, I've dreamed about you." He raised his eyes to hers. She was drowning in his possession. "I want to touch you."


"Yes. Touch me. Touch me, Jake." His hands reached down and he reverently took hold of her breasts. His eyes lowered to watch his hands as he lifted the small, perfect mounds and rasped his thumbs simultaneously over her nipples.


Becky jerked as sweet fire clawed through her. She moaned his name as he brushed his thumbs back and forth over her nipples. Her hips lifted towards his. He lowered his head and licked one pink tip before sucking it into his mouth and starting a gentle, persuasive attack on her senses. "J-Jake," she panted his name. "C-can I touch you?" Her hand went in search and brushed up against his erection.


He sucked in his breath and grabbed her hand and moved it to his shoulder. "Not yet. Not this time." His hands moved to her hips and he slid her pantalettes down her legs. He looked at her naked beauty. Her waist was flat and concave, her navel a beautiful swipe across her stomach. He sucked in his breath at the pale, blonde curls that decorated her mound. He rubbed his finger over her navel and down to the top of her feminine heat. His eyes found hers. He moved his finger down until he was pressing against a spot that had her jerking her hips. Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated.


"Do you like that, sweetheart?" his voice was harsh. A deep moan was his only answer. He lowered his mouth to hers and their lips and tongues tangled. He eased his finger down and opened her slit. She was wet around him. He carefully eased his big, blunt middle finger into her wet opening. She was tight and slick around him. He felt his control slipping. He eased it in a bit and quickly found the membrane that protected her virginity. It was the first time in his life he had ever felt that. Tenderness consumed him. Tenderness and worry. He knew he had to break it. Was he being honest when he said it wouldn't hurt? In truth, he didn't know. He was a large man, with parts to match, and she was a delicate, tiny woman. Concern mounted.


She was liquid fire in his arms. Maybe the heat would help her accept the pain. With determination, he tried to make it good for her, while keeping a tight leash on his control.


He set out to woo her. He slid his finger back to her silky bud. She was slick and wet. He lashed a small pink nipple with his tongue. Her head thrashed back and forth. "Jake. Jake. It feels so good but I--" Her hips pressed against the palm of his hand, holding and rubbing her. "I need more, something--"


"It's okay, Becky, I've got you. Just enjoy it. Let me keep touching you." He moved his mouth to her other nipple and slid his finger down to her wet opening again. His fingers swirled and played while she rained liquid heat over him. She was slick and ready, her hips pushing hard against him. He thought she might come now and he didn't want that, not yet.


He moved to mount her. He pushed her legs wide and positioned himself between them. He put the broad head of his manhood to her wet opening. He gave her just the tip and felt her slickness surround him. He clenched his teeth and fought for control. He slid his finger back to the glistening bud at the juncture of her legs and rubbed against her. Steady movements of his wet finger had her pushing up against him. She lifted her legs up, trying to get closer.


He lowered his head to her nipple and grazed his teeth against her. She let out a small cry and her body began to tense. Just as she began to come, he pushed against her, and surged inside with one smooth stroke. Her muscles clenched around him as she crested and flew over the edge.


He stayed deep as her internal muscles milked him. He held her until she calmed and got use to the fullness inside of her.


Her eyes opened and she looked at him with wonder. She lifted a hand to his face and gently touched the bruise that still darkened his cheek. "Is it in?" she whispered.


He smiled. "Yes, baby, it's in." He kissed her forehead.


"It's over, then?" Her fingers moved to his hair and he shuddered.


"No, it's not over. The worst is over. There won't be any more pain." He pulled back slowly, gently, and her eyes flared. He pushed back in.


"You're going to feel what I just felt?" Her innocence almost unmanned him.


"Yes." He couldn't wait any longer. He lifted her face to his and took her mouth in a long, deep kiss. He put his weight on his forearms, and began to stroke. Valiantly, he tried to go slow. But it had been too long. He had waited for her forever. His thrusts became longer, his penetration deeper.


Becky saw him strain against her and felt his loud, deep groan. She watched his face as pleasure ripped through him. Love and tenderness consumed her as his arms gave out and his weight fell on her. She wrapped her arms around him as he took huge gasps of air.


After several moments, he eased his weight off of her, and let his hips move to the side of her. They gently disengaged. He wrapped his arms around her, and brought her to lie on his chest. "Everything okay, sweetheart?"


"Oh, yes, Jake. Everything is perfect." She sighed.


"I didn't hurt you?" He tensed as he waited for her answer.


"No, not at all. I didn't feel any pain." Her hand moved against him, where it rested on his chest.


"I'm glad." His voice was deep. He stroked the hair away from her face. They held each other in peaceful silence until they both fell asleep.


Becky woke some time later and everything came back to her. She stretched and smiled to herself when she remembered what they had done together. Jake's eyes were still closed and he was breathing deeply.


She reached out and gently touched his chest. She put her face to his skin and breathed in his scent. Love and happiness filled her. Her dream had come true. She opened her mouth and put gentle, wet kisses on his chest.


His eyes opened and his arms tightened around her. "Hi." His voice was deep from sleep.


She looked up to see his dark eyes focused on her. She blushed. "Hi," she answered him.


He lifted her up on top of him and took her mouth with his. He kissed her long and slowly. He broke his mouth away. "Stay there." Confusion knitted her brow as she watched him get out of the bed and move to the other room.


He returned in a moment with a wet cloth. He sat beside her on the bed. She flushed again as he put the cloth between her legs. She tried to close her legs at the intimacy of him washing her. "Shh, sweetheart, be still now and let me clean you up."


Becky looked down and saw the blood between her thighs. She had forgotten all about the possible blood Miranda had told her about. She never felt like she had bled. But she must have. There was even blood on him. Mortification filled her. She moaned in distress.


"It's okay now," his voice soothed her. "This won't happen again. It's just the first time, I guess. I felt you tear, sweetheart. I'm surprised it didn't hurt you." The soothing ministrations continued between her legs.


"Don't you know, Jake?" her voice was hesitant.


He thought about what she was asking him. "No. I've never had a virgin before." He bent over and kissed her forehead in a benediction. He moved the cloth and quickly cleaned the blood from his member. He was aching for her again.


He set the cloth by the washbasin, and then moved back to sit beside her in the middle of the bed. His back was propped against the headboard. He pulled her into his side. He lifted her face and took a long, leisurely kiss from her mouth.


Her hand ran up and down his torso, from his chest to his stomach and back again. His erection pulsed and throbbed.


"C-can I touch it now?" Her question was hesitant.


Jake steeled himself. "Sure. If you want." Trying to act relaxed and casual was going to kill him. He was already about to explode again. Her hand briefly touched him, then quickly skittered away. He sucked in his breath.


"Did that hurt?" She wanted to touch him again. But the newness was scary.


He gritted his teeth. "No. You can do it again." He felt her hesitant touch. She watched her hand as it caressed him, moving over him. She reached up and put her lips on his. He opened his mouth and took the kiss she was offering. The hesitant, untutored stroke of her hand was going to kill him. He was going to erupt in her hand if he wasn't careful, and he didn't want to shock her. She wasn't ready for that yet. Besides, she was gently rocking her pelvis against his side and moaning low in her throat. She was ready again.


He lifted her up and placed her over his lap so that she was on her knees and straddling him. He took her mouth back under his.


This time, he wanted her to come from his strokes. He put his hands between her thighs and played with her until she was slick and wet. He reached between them and held her steady as he brought himself to her wet opening. Her eyes flew to his.


"It'll be good this way, Becky. You'll like it. Please. Let me get it in you." He lifted her up and with exciting, agonizing slowness, he impaled her.


Becky felt herself being stretched as he pushed up into her. The pleasure was intense. He moved her hips slightly, and adjusted her seat on him. He was all the way in. Becky fell forward against his chest as they moaned in unison. He lifted her up once and let her feel the way she could take a stroke.


She quickly caught on. Her hips began moving up and down, as she learned how to ride him.


He tried to stay still as she took her pleasure, and in return, gifted him with herself. It was almost impossible as he watched her face. He reached out and sipped at her breast. He molded and shaped them with his hands. Her beauty was engrossing. A barrage of feelings rushed through his veins.


He felt himself swell larger as her strokes brought him to completion. His world splintered around him. "I love you, Becky." He grabbed her hips and pumped himself into her, until he gave her everything he had to give.


Becky heard his words and felt his liquid warmth spew into her womb. "Jake, I love you, too," she answered as his words and his pleasure pushed her over the edge and she fell against his chest and shimmered in his arms.


Late that afternoon, they took a drive to the river. Becky brought the basket of food her aunt had prepared for them. She sat next to Jake on the buckboard, her hand resting on his thigh. His strong hands held the reins. He maneuvered the wagon down to the river, just outside of town, and lifted her to the ground.


They strolled down to the bank hand in hand and spread out a blanket. Becky set the picnic basket down.


They enjoyed the light fare, and the serenity of the flowing water in front of them.


Becky looked around and sighed. "You're spoiling me already, Jake. Taking me on a picnic on our wedding day." She smiled and picked up his hand. She stroked it with her fingers.


"I wish I could spoil you, Becky. But I'm afraid I've just sentenced you to a meager, miserable life, a life of work and drudgery." His voice sounded hoarse, strangled. He stared off across the river, and a frown broke his countenance when he saw the big house in the distance.


Becky heard the agony in his voice and moved to soothe him. She came to her knees in front of him, and smoothed the hair off his brow. "Oh, Jake, how can you think that? Why would you think that?"


His jaw hardened. "I know you think you love me--"


"Think I love you? Of course I love you. I've always loved you." Her words rang sure and true.


"You could have had so much more. You should see that house up close--" His voice was tortured.


"I've seen it up close. I've been in it." She gripped his hand. He had to understand that he was everything she wanted.


"You've been in it? When?" He hadn't known that. He thought if he could just keep her away from that big house, marry her before she had a chance to see what she would be missing out on, then it would be too late, and she would be his.


"Mrs. Bolton invited my aunt and me to see the house they were building. But we knew it was for Kyle. Nothing was said about that. Kyle had already asked me to marry him several times by then. I know it was just the Bolton's way of trying to get me to accept his suit. Aunt Beth thought it would be rude not to go. So we did." Her voice was very matter of fact.


Tension gripped him. "What did you think?"


Becky paused. "Well, it was a beautiful house. It has gorgeous wainscoting in the front rooms, and a lovely porch with breezes blowing in off the river. But, I didn't want it. I couldn't wait to leave and get back to--" Her voice stopped as she looked at him.


He gripped her by the waist. "Get back to--?"


"Get back to you. To your house. To my house. Oh, Jake, I've only ever wanted to be with you. I love you so much, I've wanted you to be mine forever. No amount of money, and no house, no matter how big, could ever change what I feel for you. You don't know how miserable I was, at the thought of not having you for my own."

BOOK: The Sheriff and the Innocent Housekeeper
2.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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