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“What if I have feelings for you?” Matthew asked.

Dove cupped Matthew’s face and leaned down to kiss him again. He tasted the salt of Matthew’s wounds on his lips. “I’ll keep you safe.”

“But you have to leave.”

“I don’t want to leave you, but I can’t stay here in this place, Matthew. It will kill me.”

“I know.” Matthew closed his eyes. “I know you can’t stay and I don’t want you to. I don’t want you hurting. I want you safe.” He pulled Dove down, and they shared a kiss, hurting, hungry to touch and burn.

“I want to suck your cock, Dove. Will you let me give that to you?”

“Yes, but it won’t make me a dominatrix, will it? I’ve been reading your magazines,” Dove panted, perspiration glazing his perfect golden skin, his muscled chest rising and falling. Then he frowned, startled when Matthew laughed. “What?”

“Don’t think so, since you have a penis; though I agree you’re a natural dom, never mind the innocence and feathers. Who would guess?” Matthew swallowed, anticipating. “I’ll have to tie you up, or when you come in my mouth, you’ll probably go into orbit!”

Dove’s eyes heated, molten chocolate. “I want to come. Can we do that now?”


*  *  *

finished putting the D rings into his wall. He glanced over at Dove, who was eating Jiffy popcorn and watching the porn they’d left running. There was a sound of pleasured pain.

“I want you to do that to me!”

“Spanking?” Matthew had to wrap his mind around it; his angel was adventurous, kinky.

Dove smiled, giving Matthew a coy look under his eyelashes that made Matthew break out in a sweat. “But you haven’t been bad,” he finished lamely.

“You mean like they playacted in the porn movie? I can be a
bad angel, Matthew.”

“Christ, I’m gonna come in my jeans if you keep looking at me like that.”

They kissed, sharing tenderness and anticipation. Matthew put his hands in Dove’s silken hair, groaning at the taste of innocence and surrender.

“My angel-slut,” Matthew said against his lips.

Dove smiled wickedly.


*  *  *

“I can’t
do it. I feel too self-conscious.”

Dove was spread like a big dark cat over Matthew’s smaller lap. He was caressing Dove’s bare ass, wishing he had the courage to put his fingers into the angel’s crack and finger him.

Dove looked up at Matthew calmly. “I watched you for a long time before I ended up down on Earth.”

Matthew shifted, still uncomfortable with that. “Yeah?”

“You liked to watch a lot of gay porn and touch yourself. You also wanted the real Dove, even though he wasn’t very nice to you.”

Matthew grimaced. “Yeah, he was a prick, but in my head… I used to daydream he was—” Sudden realization struck. “Shit, I used to fantasize he was sweet, innocent. You, Dove.”

Dove nodded, as if this was no surprise. “You also wanted him to bend you over his desk, didn’t you, Matthew? You wanted to provoke him until he bent you over and spanked you for being so mouthy.”

“Fuck! How the hell did you know that?” Matthew flushed.

Dove looked a little guilty. “I went inside you once, when you were sleeping.”

“Oh Jesus. You really are a fucking voyeur, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m a very bad angel; I shouldn’t think about such things. Human sex is supposed to be of no interest to my kind, too primitive and messy.”

Matthew’s hand smacked one olive-skinned buttock, and Dove made a soft sound of pleasure. His cock ground against Matthew’s lap, wet tipped. “You really are a slut, aren’t you? Perfect for me.”

“You wanted him to shove you over his desk, rip off your jeans and use his belt on your rear end. Afterwards, you wanted him to handcuff you and shove his penis inside you,” Dove recited, not at all embarrassed he had demanded Matthew spank him and now was enjoying it.

” Matthew scrubbed his face. “Can a man have no secrets? Did it disgust you knowing what I wanted him to do to me? Did you even understand it?”

“I wanted to
Dove so I could spank you like you wanted, Matthew.”

Matthew’s hand came down again, and again and again while Dove squirmed happily, enjoying his spanking.

Finally Dove sat up and pulled him into his arms, as if knowing it was Matthew who now needed holding. “Okay, Matthew-friend?”

Matthew took a deep breath and settled down, his face buried in Dove’s silky hair. “Okay.”

“Thank you for giving me a pink ass,” Dove purred as Matthew explored the curve of his heated skin. “Maybe we can use your belt next time.”

“Fuck!” Matthew swore, his cock pressing uncomfortably against his jeans. “Next time, angel.”

Chapter Twelve


finished tying Dove’s wrist to the D ring and then it was the Big Moment, all alone with his angel in bondage, naked, beautiful… wings and all. And a big boner that Matthew planned to suck.

“I want to make you feel good, but if any of this human sex stuff turns you off or something, just tell me and I swear I’ll stop!”

“Matthew?” Dove purred, brow wrinkling. “Lick me? I am curious what it would be like to have a human taste me.”

Matthew rubbed his moist palms against his jeans. “Right. Lick you. Suck you. I know how to do this.”

“Don’t be shy.”

Matthew rolled his eyes. “Trust me to get the Mata Hari of angels.”

“You think I’m sexy, don’t you?” A little vulnerability now.

“Yes,” Matthew breathed, relaxing at Dove’s childlike delight in their planned romp. He was so fearless and clean and
. Now that Matthew thought about it, he realized this was how sex with an angel would be, lacking all the agendas, egos, and need for self-protection that normal people hid behind.

Dove just wanted to enjoy having a penis.

Well, so did Matthew! He bent close and laved Dove’s cockhead, digging his tongue gently into the meaty slit.

“Ohhhhh! Matthew, do that again! Often! We can have sex all the time!” Dove’s body arched as his desire crested.

Matthew laughed. “Relax, darling, I haven’t even started yet.”

“Do more! Now!” The D ring strained, and Dove’s wings spread and flapped, agitated.

“I’m the one in control, bossy one.” Matthew blew on the phallus. Dove was a big boy, no doubt about it. He had one long, rippled vein running down his penis, and Matthew found and suckled that line, adoring Dove with his mouth, tasting him deeply.

Above him he felt the movement of air as Dove’s wings arched. He looked up saw the most beautiful sight; the angel was glowing as if a light had been turned on under his skin. His head was thrown back and his lips were parted. He had given himself to Matthew completely.

“You might be a naughty, voyeuristic angel, gorgeous, but I can’t resist you.”

“I love this, Matthew! I love the feel of you touching my penis. It makes me even happier to have one! But will it get better? I need

“It will get much better!” Matthew sank to his knees, bracing himself against Dove’s open thighs and swallowing the angel’s swollen cock, taking him deep, tasting, moaning, because he had wanted Dove inside his mouth when he’d just been Matthew’s boss, but this was even better, a lover trapped and at his mercy, needing Matthew for his release. Perfect.

“You are a very good cocksucker, Matthew.” Dove’s hips were rigid, undulating as Matthew lit him up with every touch. His head moved back and forth, his legs spread wider, so that Matthew wet a finger and trailed it through the groove of his ass, nudging his dimple. “Oh!” Dove gasped.

“Like that?” He pushed the finger inside the angel, finger fucking him while he licked him.

Dove demanded wistfully, “I really want to have an orgasm. I’ve never had one before, but it looks like fun!”

“I want to watch you come,” Matthew fisted his angel’s cock up and down as the beautiful being shivered, helpless, his eyes open and vulnerable as he let Matthew see inside him as he took control, took his pleasure, mastered him.

One wing raised and shattered the bedside lamp. Neither man paid any attention to it. “Oh! Matthew, something’s—!”

“It’s okay,” Matthew gently rubbed the hard balls, feeling how tight they were and squeezing gently. “You are going to come soon, pet.”

“I’m afraid….” Dove was twisting as Matthew toyed with him.

“Come for me. I want to see it!”

Dove cried out, and the wall cracked, the D rings giving as he spilled, splashing Matthew’s face and his own belly, huffing as Matthew bent close and tasted him, licking his first innocent offering.

Dove collapsed to the floor with Matthew, his wings closing protectively around the smaller man to make it their own world of feathers and magic and the scent of musky sex. “Do you think an angel can fall in love?” Dove’s eyes were bright and sad as he caressed Matthew’s hair.

Their hands embraced, and they leaned together, forehead to forehead.

“You can take it back if you want,” Matthew whispered. “It’s probably just the sex.”

“No, I don’t think I can,” Dove told him gravely. “But I can’t stay here with you.”

Matthew nodded, chest tight.

“But you don’t have to love me either, Matthew; if it hurts you, you can take it back. I don’t mind.”

“Let me guess, you can see something in my aura?” Matthew asked wryly, though his gaze fell as he buried himself safe against his angel. “Too late,” he whispered.

Chapter Thirteen


a bit tight across the shoulders, but it will have to do, pet,” Matthew noted as he ran a hand over Dove’s disguise. “Just don’t pop your wings out at the wrong time; we don’t want any broken lamps while we run through Plan B.”

Dove flushed. “Usually I can control it, but you make me premature.”

Matthew laughed. “Not really, gorgeous.” He kissed Dove, satisfied himself, remembering rubbing himself off against Dove’s silky skin as the angel lay dazed after his first climax.

Dove wore a satisfied look on his face that make Matthew’s heart feel like a big fist was squeezing it. He’d obviously liked what they’d done, really liked it, and Matthew had been right to take it slow, not to push things between them, allowing Dove to savor his first experience. “Yeah, I remember. Can we do it again?”

Matthew shook his head. “When we get back to my place maybe.”

“I want to have sex with you every day for….” Dove’s brow wrinkled, and Matthew heard the words he didn’t say:
for as long as he was here with Matthew.

Matthew cleared his throat. “Yeah, we will, I promise, but now we have a bit of B and E to do, so let’s get on with it!”

Dove tugged at his collar, obviously still uncomfortable in his filched janitor uniform, and followed Matthew.

Matthew looked back at him, raising one brow, aware that Dove was still debating the special circumstances that had led him to decide to break into Dr. Nathan Albertson’s office. The angel wasn’t sure that doing a wrong made a right.

In Matthew’s case, there wasn’t any debate; he had to keep his promise and keep Dove safe, get him home, even if it meant never seeing him again.

“Bus is leaving!” Matthew called softly.


*  *  *

are we looking for, Matthew?” Dove asked once they were inside Albertson’s office. The university had minimum security running over the holidays, which made this easier, as had Matthew’s intimate knowledge of where the janitorial staff probably stored their things.

“He’s got keys somewhere to that observatory where he takes his students. Once there, we can follow through and try to contact your friends so they can come get you.”

Dove began to search with Matthew, but he looked unhappy.

“You have to go home, pet,” Matthew said, an edge in his voice that he knew cut them both. “No help for it.”

“Your life, it’s a blink of time to me, Matthew. I don’t want to lose you.”

Matthew swallowed. “Guess we’re not meant to be together, a human and an angel.”

Dove pulled the smaller man into his arms, sighing as Matthew allowed himself to be held. “Let me take away your hurt?”

“Yeah, don’t leave.” Matthew rubbed his eyes, taking a breath. “Just don’t leave and I won’t hurt.” He pulled away, knowing they had to do this. There was no other choice. The angel would die if he stayed here. “Turn on the radio there, gorgeous; this may take a while to see if we can find those keys, and if anyone hears us searching, they’ll assume it’s just the professor with the music on.”

Dove switched on the radio, and then they continued sifting through the astronomer’s office, looking for something to send Dove back where he belonged and away from Matthew forever.


*  *  *

, Matthew shoved an impatient hand through his hair. He had no idea where the professor stashed his extra keys; he’d used up everything he’d picked up from the B and E men he’d met in the joint. What now?

Then his eye caught on a little hanging mobile of a Copernicus model of the solar system, much like the one he’d loved to stare at as a kid. Something glittered between Saturn’s rings and the blue mass of Jupiter—

A key with a tag,
Black Mountain Conservatory.

“Got it!” he told Dove, triumphant, yanking it free of a hook on the model.


*  *  *

As they
locked the office door on the way out, Matthew caught the sound of footsteps. Shit! Probably one of the campus cops doing his rounds, and there was only one way in or out of this stretch of the building, so no way the guy wouldn’t see them. He felt sweat coat his back. If he was caught here, an ex-con on parole, they’d send him back to prison.

He looked over at Dove. “You fly if I give the word, angel. Don’t stop for anything, and don’t worry about me.” He passed the key to Dove, who was staring wide-eyed at Matthew. “Just get home.”

The outer door opened, the shadow of the guard fell… and simultaneously Dove tackled Matthew, sprouting wings and glowing with power. He lit the dark space, shielding him.

BOOK: The Star Man
12.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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