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“Wow,” I managed my fingers moved up and began to stroke his hair. “This is quite an offer, Hank.”

“Most importantly,” he began. “You’ll be taking my cock into both your mouth and ass. And I will be cumming in ya without worrying about gettin’ ya pregnant.” He chuckled as his hands moved to my ass, and he began to squeeze. “Sometimes, there will be other things like wearing special items for me, me spanking you, maybe tying you up. You’ll definitely be expected to rub my big feet and maybe even lick on them. You’ll also have to keep baby smooth for me. Plus, anything else I want to do.” He paused. “You remember when I caught Dirk Jackson trying to play with your ass back when you were 14?”

“Yes,” I said with a blush.

“This is real important, and I want ya to tell me the truth. Did you heed my words back then and wait for a special man to give the sweet gift of your ass?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “I took your advice. I haven’t offered it up to anyone, Sir.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” Hank sighed in relief as he closed his eyes. I felt his thick cock thump through the denim of his jeans. “I wanted to be the only man to love a husband loves a wife...and now, if you agree to be my wife, I know that you’ll be mine...body and soul.”

This was so astonishing to me. It was every one of my fantasies about Hank come true. “I had no idea you felt this way for me, Hank.”

“You have been a constant in my mind since you took over around the house. I watched and waited. I would’ve married ya at 16 if I was able, but some call that child molesting. So, I waited till you were legal and nobody could stop me from taking you as

My eyes were dazzled. I was lost in his words....

“So, what d’ya say? Will you be my wife, Austin?”

I scanned my mind for a moment. I wanted to go to school, but so many times I had dreamed of being some sort of wife to Hank. Now, he was actually making me a real proposal of marriage. Hank Conroy actually wanted me as his bride...his boy. I felt my heart soar. My bright eyes turned up to his and tears began to stream from my eyes.

“Yes!” I declared as he moved his finger up to capture my tears. “I would be honored and thrilled to have you as my real husband, Hank. I have loved you for a long time way more than just a step dad. You’re my hero!” Hank held me in his arms. “I want to take care of you forever! I want to belong to you! I want you to teach me how to please you.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Hank grinned.

“But, yes, I want to marry you, Hank.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he said huskily as he moved his lips to mine. Gently, his assertive tongue moved between my lips. Hank’s kiss was powerful and commanding. I melted as the stubble on his face scrapped against my smooth skin, and he ran his strong hands along my back. I grabbed him and pulled him close to me.

His mouth moved to my neck. I moaned as his teeth and tongue and scruff stimulated the sensitive flesh of my neck.

I ran my hands through his thick hair.

Suddenly, Hank stood up and swooped me up into his strong arms. “I’ve waited too damn long for your 18th birthday, Austin! A man can only wait for so long before he has to take what he needs! Are you ready to give yourself over to me as a wife would do a husband?”

“Yes, Hank!” I replied boldly as I continued to hold him around his muscled neck. Swiftly, he carried me through the house to the bedroom. He threw me down on his bed and pinned me down by my shoulders. I looked up at him, restraining me...completely under his power and could not have been in a happier place. “Please fuck me like a husband would! Please teach me to suck your cock and make you feel good. I want to spend my life making you happy!”

Hank grinned and pounced onto me. His tongue raped my mouth as his hands ran their way down my slim body to my ass in the briefs. He jerked the underwear down and began to squeeze the cheeks of my ass with his calloused hands.

“I love the way your ass looks in them white briefs, Austin,” Hank growled. “I’ve been watching that bubble butt of yours for five years, and it’s finally mine for the taking!”

“Oh, Hank!” I exclaimed as he man-handled me.

“First things first,” Hank said, jumping up from the bed and pulling me onto my hands and knees in front of him. “You’ve got to learn how to suck your husband’s cock.”

My blue eyes watched as Hank unzipped his jeans and his huge uncut cock sprang from behind the zipper and hit me in the face.

I gasped.

Hank lips formed a menacing grin on his handsome mug. “I got 10 and a half inches that’s gonna be breaking in your mouth and ass! You do understand that it’s going to hurt for a while.”

“Yes,” I muttered totally transfixed by the beautiful and colossal cock in front of my face. I had sniffed Hank’s briefs before washing them many times, but the stout and potent smell coming from his actual manhood was like an intoxicant in my brain. I moved toward the monster and opened my mouth.

Hank grabbed the back of my head as the uncut helmet moved passed my lips. My mouth was filled with the strong and salty natural taste of his cock. Hank’s foreskin pulled against my lips, and the mushroom head filled my mouth. I could detect the rich taste of his smegma. I had always heard that about uncut men. On Hank, it was like ambrosia. I sucked and licked and paid particular attention to the tangy head of his 10 and a half inches.

“Damn, good boy,” Hank muttered as he pushed his cock further into my wanton mouth.

As he worked more of his cock past my lips, my ass began to wiggle in anticipation. As he hit the back of my throat, I felt his hands trace down my back to my ass, and he began to play with my muscled cheeks again. This time, I felt one of his thick fingers find my pucker.

I gasped from the stimulation of his finger against my hole, and Hank was able to push past my gag reflex and bury his cock all the way down my throat.

“Yeah, suck my cock, Austin,” Hank urged. “Suck it, while I play with your pussy hole.”

My eyes watered, and I coughed, but Hank began to fuck my face anyway.

I moaned and groaned as Hank spit on his finger and began to stick it in and out of my hole.

“I can’t take any more of this foreplay! I want my wife’s pussy! I want YOUR pussy, Austin!”

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, Hank tossed me back onto his bed and grabbed some rope out of his night stand.

“Put your wrists together, boy,” he ordered.

Immediately, I did as Hank told me and he quickly roped my wrists together. He moved my bound wrists above my head and he tightly secured the other end of the rope to the headboard of the bed.

Slightly confused, I looked up at him.

“Remember how I told ya that it was going to hurt?”

“Yes,”  I replied nervously.

“Well, I’m gonna tie ya to the bed and break in your hole. I am also going to gag you. You realize there is no turning back at this point, right?”

“I don’t want to turn back, Hank. I want to belong to you.”

He smiled. “Good boy,” he stated as he stood up and began to undress in front of me. Wrists tied to his headboard, I watched as Hank pulled off his tight white shirt exposing his muscular hairy chest. Quickly stepping out of his boots, he peeled off his jeans and his briefs. His cock continued to stand straight up.

I wiggled and moaned on the bed as I watched him undress. My instincts wanted to kiss and lick him all over, but the knots held me to the frame of his bed.

Hank took his briefs, balled them up and put them to my lips. “Open up,” he ordered. I complied, and he shoved his ripe and sweaty briefs into my mouth. “I’ve had ‘em on for three days saving up my scent and taste in case you said you’d be my bride,” he admitted as the taste filled my mouth. Taking a bandana from out of the night stand - he had obviously been planning this for a while - he tied it around my head, keeping his briefs in place.

His dirty and soiled briefs filled my wet mouth. His taste and scent soaked into the warm saliva of my mouth.

Once he had me tied and gagged, Hank moved in between my smooth legs and spread the cheeks of my ass.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue lick the small virgin slit of my hole.

“Mmmmmmmm!” I moaned into the briefs. Pleasure shot through my body as he kissed and licked and moistened my tender entry. His long tongue inserted itself into my asshole.

Wildly, I moaned into the gag, and my body thrashed about on Hank’s bed.

“Best pussy hole I ever ate!” 

As he continued to eat my ass, his rough hands moved to my ankles and spread my legs. His prickly goatee brushing against my skin drove me wild.

After a few minutes of lapping at my hole, Hank pulled his face up and grabbed some coconut scented lotion from the nightstand. “Soon, I’ll open ya up, and we won’t have to use this junk, but for now, I gotta lube ya up.”

I nodded as he squirted a gob onto his fingers and rubbed the cool and lubricating substance around my quivering hole. He took two of his fingers and inserted them inside. My eyes closed, and I breathed through my nose.

Sticking them in and out of my ass, I could not help but moan.

After a few moments, Hank pulled them out and replaced them with the swollen head of his uncut cock.

“You’re about to give to me that special gift that only a boy like you can give a man like me!” He roared as he aimed his cock at my pucker.

“MMMMMM!” I managed with trusting eyes and a desperate need to feel Hank inside of me. I nodded.

With a predatory look on his handsome face, he grabbed me by my ankles and pulled my legs apart.

I felt the head of his monster cock stretch the ring of my pucker.

I screamed and bit down on his underwear that was tied in my mouth.

“Fuck yeah!” Hank screamed out as his hips continued forward.

For a moment, I thought the pain was going to kill me. I wiggled wildly underneath him. His cock felt like it was ripping me in half. I screamed again.

“I gave ya a chance to back out,” Hank said as he continued to drive it in. “Too late now. I’m takin’ my dues as a husband!”

With my knees slowly being pushed all the way back to my head, Hank buried his cock into my tight, virgin ass.

“Give your pussy to your man, boy!” Hank thundered.

I moaned, and my eyes watered as he drove in all of his 10 and a half inches into me...all the way to were his thick and wiry, dark pubes were brushing against my ass.

I was dizzy. I was overwhelmed. Hank’s cock was so big. I thought it was going to kill me.  

Whimpering underneath the giant, there was no way out. I continued to bite down on his briefs as he began to slide his dick in and out of my throbbing and pulsing hole.

Hank spread my ankles apart to the point that I thought he was going to break my legs off. Once he had pulled me as far apart as I could go, he began to brutally hammer my ass with his unyielding monster cock.

I screamed. I shook my head, but it was no use. Hank was taking my hole!

Sweat began to break out on his forehead. “You’re so tight, Austin. My wife has the tightest pussy ever,” he grunted as his head moved back to my neck. He began to kiss and bite my tender flesh there.

Slowly, the pain turned to intense pleasure as sweat poured off of his body and onto mine.

Hank began to fuck my hole at a quicker pace. “Gettin’ close to fillin’ my wife with my seed! My boy will be swimming in my cum!”

BOOK: The Substitute Wife
8.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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