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Mr. Drysdale let out a long breath and addressed his daughter. “Say good-bye to Luthor, honey. We'll take him home, and you'll see him at the end of the summer.” He regarded the other parents. “We should get these six back to their camps.”

Ben looked up in dismay. “Back to Camp Endless? Aw!”

“You'll have a good time,” his mother said firmly. It was an order.

“You wouldn't want to miss the next zombie apocalypse,” his father added.

Logan seemed pleased to be returning to Ta-da! “Mary Catherine still has to feed me grapes.”

“And, Griffin — no more plans,” Mrs. Bing stated pointedly.

“I promise,” her son replied. “I think the delivery truck guys are onto us, anyway.”

Mr. Bing took out his car keys. “We can call the camps along the way. You've all got a lot of explaining to do.”

a lot of apologizing,” added Mr. Dukakis, although he was secretly proud. He'd always known that camp would help his shy daughter come out of her shell.

As the parents headed for the cars, the six team members hung back. They would surely be resuming their summers in deep trouble with their respective camps. This was their one chance to savor the moment of victory.

“I'm not sorry for anything,” Savannah told Griffin in a low voice.

“It was totally worth it.” Melissa's furtive eyes emerged from behind her hair to meet five other pairs in complete and total agreement.

“It might be even more worth it than we know,” Pitch told them. “I saw a paper in Swindle's SUV that was kind of like Luthor's family history. It said he's descended from some kind of Doberman royalty. He's probably worth a fortune.”

“Considering the amount of dog food he inhales, you should just about break even,” Ben commented.

Savannah could not have been less interested. “It doesn't matter, because he's not for sale. You can't put a value on Luthor. He's priceless.”

The complete adventure with The Man With The Plan!

ordon Korman's first four books featuring Griffin Bing and his friends were
, and
. His other books include
This Can't be Happening at Macdonald Hall
(published when he was fourteen);
The Toilet Paper Tigers
Radio Fifth Grade
; the trilogies Island, Everest, Dive, Kidnapped, and Titanic; and the series On the Run. He lives in New York with his family and can be found on the Web at

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BOOK: The Third Adventure
5.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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