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The Widow of Larkspur Inn

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The Jewel of Gresham Green


The Widow of Larkspur Inn

The Courtship of the Vicar’s Daughter

The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark

The Widow of Larkspur Inn

Copyright © 1998

Lawana Blackwell


Cover by Jennifer Parker


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ISBN 978-07642-02674


Library of Congress has cataloged the original edition as follows:


Blackwell, Lawana, 1952-

The widow of Larkspur Inn / by Lawana Blackwell.

    p. cm.—(The Gresham chronicles ; bk. 1)

ISBN 1–55661–947–2 (pbk.)

I. Title. II. Series: Blackwell, Lawana, 1952-     Gresham chronicles ; bk. 1.

PS3552.L3429W53     1997




This book is lovingly dedicated

to my mother,

Polly Chandler,

who taught me how to be a lady.

LAWANA BLACKWELL has eleven published novels to her credit, including the bestselling G
series. She and her husband have three grown sons and live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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Chapter 1


March 1, 1869


How many miles to Nottinghamshire?

Sixty, seventy, eighty-four.

Will I be there by candle light?

Just if your legs be long and tight.


Julia Hollis stopped reading and looked down at the child asleep in her arms. The combination of rocking chair and
Tales of My Mother Goose
had proved too formidable an opponent for a five-year-old’s nightmares. Grace’s heart-shaped face was now the epitome of peaceful slumber; her lashes resting gently against her cheeks, her lips parted slightly, and her breathing steady.

Give her sweet dreams for the rest of the night, Lord
, Julia prayed silently. She did not begrudge being roused from her bed by a frantic nanny. If only her own nightmares could be chased away so easily.

From her left side came the whisper of felt slippers against the carpet. Julia turned her head to look at Frances, whose gaunt figure was swathed in a flannel wrapper, her brown hair wrapped in curling papers.

“It’s time to put her back to bed now, missus.”

Recognizing the injury in the nanny’s tone, Julia knew that it was because Grace had refused to be pacified until she came.
What was I to do? Refuse my own child?
Nevertheless, she would attempt to make it up to Frances by asking Jensen to extend her next half-day off to a full day.

“I believe I’d like to hold her a bit longer,” Julia whispered back. “Did she wake the others?”

“I just looked in on Miss Aleda—she’s fast asleep. And there wasn’t a peep from young master Philip’s room.”

“I’m glad. They’re just starting to sleep well themselves. And they resume lessons with Mr. Hunter tomorrow.”

“And that’s why the child needs to be back in her own bed. If you coddle her too much, she’ll repeat the same behavior again and again.”

Julia was beginning to feel a faint irritation. True, Frances had been with them since Philip was born, and responsible nannies were supposed to be difficult to find … but she was, after all, the children’s mother and the mistress of the house.
And it’s high time Frances became aware of that
, she told herself.

But then worry set in, squelching any rebellious thoughts. If she made Frances angry, she might possibly be cross with the children tomorrow. They certainly didn’t need that, not after having lost their father three weeks ago.
It’s probably better to compromise this time
. Giving the nanny her most nonoffensive smile, she said, “You’re right, of course. But I know I shan’t be able to sleep until I’m positive she won’t wake again. Why don’t you go on back to bed, and I’ll be sure to tuck her in very soon.”

“Well … I suppose it won’t hurt,” Frances said after covering a yawn. “But just this once, missus. I cannot abide a spoiled child.”

“Yes … thank you.”

“I’ll go straighten the bedclothes. You be sure and tuck them around her shoulders so she won’t catch a chill.”

“I will.”

After Frances had padded back into the night nursery, Julia leaned her head against the back of the chair and resumed rocking. The warmth of Grace’s body against her shoulder and the sound of her faint snoring were comforting. She closed her eyes and her grip upon the book in her lap loosened.


If all the world were apple pie,

And all the sea were ink,

And all the trees were bread and cheese,

What should we have to drink?


“Mrs. Hollis?”

Images of inky black sea water dissolved at the sound of her name, but it took Julia a few seconds to realize that the voice had not been part of a dream. She turned to peer over her left shoulder. Jensen, the butler, stood framed by the doorway leading into the corridor. He was a man of about sixty and carried himself erect with a restrained dignity that would befit any palace guard. He was just as restrained with his facial expressions as with his bearing. In the fourteen years that she’d known him, Julia couldn’t recall ever having seen him smile.

“Yes, Jensen?”

“My apologies for disturbing madam at this late hour, but there is a caller downstairs. A Mr. Deems.”

BOOK: The Widow of Larkspur Inn
6.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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