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Their Ex's Redrock Four

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This book is a work of fiction. Names characters, places and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales, is entirely coincidental.

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Copyright © 2012 by Shirl Anders. All rights reserved.

Published by Allure Books


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Stairway to Heaven
; Cher; Redrock; Chopped


Their Ex's Redrock Serial


Their Ex's
: Redrock (Texas Alpha, Erotic Romance)


Their Ex's
: Redrock (Texas Alpha, Erotic Romance)


Their Ex's
: Redrock (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)


(The Final, Serial ending;)

Their Ex's
: Redrock (Texas Alpha Erotic Romance)


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Their Ex’s Redrock, Four (Texas Alpha, Erotic Romance)

By Shirl Anders




Tess looked in the mirror at her killer outfit. She’d bought it for a trip to Vegas that she and her low-life, nearly ex-husband was supposed to take her on. Never happened. He’d had a talent in Houston he’d had to babysit instead.

“More like a blonde, brunette, and redhead,” Tess muttered, turning to the side and looking at her profile. Trying to outdo Luna Whitehorse’s perfect body, perfect face, and new stage outfits might be too much of a challenge for a simple Vegas outfit.

But the mini dress was super tight, had a sweetheart neckline, and was strapless with sequins everywhere. Normally a redhead shouldn’t wear red, but this red was deep and rich with gold flecks. The dress was amazing, but ohmygod it hugged her butt.

Tess looked at her sequined encase ass in the mirror, blushing. If she wore the right shoes Steven’s jaw would drop when he saw his little flower shop housewife, soon to be ex, wearing it.

Vincent would be mad.

Tess went to find heels, a purse, and a wrap ... anyways. She was at her house … the only place she’d find a dress like this, and it looked as if Steven hadn’t been home for the entire time she’d been gone.

“He’s addicted,” Tess muttered, rummaging through her closet. But she didn’t care anymore except to maybe make his jaw drop … and then frown, as
wrapped herself around Vincent, showing Steven she’d found a
man and Steven could freaking have Luna.

Tess found a sparkly clutch and a printed light wrap … next she went burrowing for heels. They had to be really high and really sexy. She was more worried about Vincent, she thought, while looking through her high heels. He’d told her, well ordered her actually, to stay at his house and not go to the quote “fucking concert.”

Well she really liked Vincent being bossy in bed and she really liked him domineering when she was naked out of bed or in his truck or his office or … But really, this
different. He was going to break it off with Luna … Crazy
Luna, and Vincent would be surrounded by all Luna supporters. Steven, the mob, the band... Vincent needed someone to take his back.

Tess was going to show him, it was her!

She felt secure enough in going an hour later after the concert started. That would give Vincent time for his vote and to be waiting to serve Luna divorce papers. She wasn’t even going to the concert itself, but she was planning to wait close by in Redrock’s bar. She didn’t need to incite Luna further by flaunting the fact she caught Vincent, while Luna was losing him. She just
to be close, in case Vincent needed support.

The fact she’d not thought it all through wasn’t in her favor. But it didn’t stop her. There were security guards and everything at Redrock, and Luna-freaking-Whiterose was
going to keep Tess from supporting

However, thirty minutes later, when she sashayed her killer dress and her opened-toed glittering, gold high heels into Redrock, and then further into the intimate, darkened bar — she was floored to see Steven sitting at a table with his head hanging between his hands.

She’d intended to text Vincent and tell him she was close by. That way he could cool off before he came to her, but now she quickly skirted toward the bar praying Steven wouldn’t look up. She skipped her gaze around looking for Luna … nope. Hmm, that didn’t look good for Steven did it? She glanced at the long bar and saw it wasn’t very full so she scooted toward it, intending to stay out of Steven’s eyesight.

“What could be wrong?” she muttered, setting her purse on the bar top and unwinding her wrap. Another quick peek through the crowd showed Steven still looking as if he was heads down going to cry.

“No one showed.”

Tess held back a tiny gasp, turning to look up at Cabe. He was a surprise. “Umm...” she mumbled.

Cabe’s gaze drifted over her and he looked stormy, as in tightened jaw and glittering gaze with auras of heightened emotions. “Fuck,
dress,” he uttered as his mahogany charged eyes moved over her slowly again, making her blush. “First spandex, now this.” His hand raked over his lighter blond entwined over darker blond streaked hair.

She’d just opened her mouth to ask him what he meant by his first comment, and thereby bypassing his second, and to ask him why he was there, when he added. “The concert busted.”

Her eyes widened as she wondered how he knew or cared. “It did?” she asked disbelieving, but really if she’d thought about it at all, which she hadn’t, she’d have guessed ruin.

Cabe moved closer and they both leaned against the bar. “Wasn’t twenty people there,” Cabe told her in a low voice.

“Wow.” She peeked at Steven again, still with his head hanging. Wow.

Then Cabe blew her mind. “That’s my wife over there. Way in back.
locked with the fucking mayor...”

Tess grabbed Cabe’s arm, stunned, leaning into him to look over his shoulder. She had to do it on her tiptoes, but her four inch heels helped. “Cabe,” she exclaimed, looking and seeing a pretty brunette lady with a stylish, short haircut, wearing an evening gown that had a very bare back, and who was practically in Mayor Tilly’s lap. Mayor Tilly, who everyone knew was a love them
leave them, dog.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she whispered against Cabe’s very stiff shoulder. “You followed them to the concert?” she guessed.

She felt his head nod, and she watched his wife ungluing her attention from the Mayor to look around. Cabe’s wife’s gaze roamed … Tess started to warn Cabe she’d see him, when Tess saw it was too late. His wife’s gaze jerked back to Cabe’s broad back with Tess looking over his shoulder.

Tess jumped backward. “Shoot,” she blurted. Cabe’s face was very close turned down to look at her. “She’s seen you,” Tess warned him in a whisper, and she saw raw pain tensing across his features.

Damn them, damn all cheaters to hell,
she thought.

Suddenly, Cabe grabbed her, pulling her on tottering heels against the hard line of his body. His hand gripped her chin, pressing it upward, and then his mouth covered her lips. Holy hell! Cabe was
her! Protest was in her mind — one second before all her senses melted into a hot kiss from a
hot guy.

Seconds later, she felt Cabe moving them around in a circle as they kissed. Then she heard an exclamation behind her. Cabe’s really nice mouth lifted from her lips, but he continued to hold her against him, as she dazedly looked at Cabe’s wife glaring daggers at them.

you kiss my husband!” Cabe’s wife exclaimed.

“Vega, your fucking tongue was just down Tilly’s throat,” Cabe snarled back at her.

Et oh,
domestic battle begins, Tess thought, as she found out Cabe’s wife’s name was Vega. Very unusual...  Then something
the drama, playing out in her space, as she locked gazes

She’d never disengaged from an embrace quicker, pushing Cabe so hard, she nearly fell backward, but Vincent stalked forward and caught her. Not holding her close, but at arm’s length.

Cabe’s voice came close to her ear. “Thanks for helping me grab some dignity.” Then Cabe stopped by Vincent and growled at him. “You ever fuck up with her, I’m moving in.” Then Cabe stalked away with Vega skipping after him, exclaiming.

Vincent’s hand tightened on her arm as she opened her mouth to explain, but right then a new voice invaded. “T, you
to take me back or we’ll be bankrupt!”

Tess ignored that startling revelation from her husband, closing in on them, as she gripped Vincent’s arm back trying to draw nearer to him. “He kissed me. I didn’t expect it. I swear it was...” Vincent’s features were etched as if he held back enormous amounts of fury.

“What are you doing here
him,” Steven demanded, and she felt his hand on her shoulder. “
going on here?”

Her eyes widened in alarm, and then her mouth opened and closed with no sound as she looked helplessly at Vincent, basically begging him with her gaze to help her. While she held her breath, waiting to see if he would save her. He looked no less of lean, masculine suppressed fury when he tugged her into the line of his body and she quaked in relief.

“Get your fucking hand
her,” Vincent snarled, then she was transported, still stuck to Vincent’s side, but away from Steven.

“That’s my wife!” Steven started to exclaim.

your wife,” Vincent growled. “Now she’s

Steven looked thunderstruck with his gaze jumping between them. “No way,” Steven uttered.

“Oh yeah, fucking
,” Vincent spat. “Your and Luna’s fucking affair helped us meet.”

Well if a person could look like their head blew off, that was what Steven looked like. Tess just hoped she’d not royally messed up all Vincent’s plans as she hugged Vincent’s side, while glaring at Steven.

“You two are...” Steven pointed back and forth between them. “You two are...” He did it again, then hissed, “

Tess finally found her voice. “Talk to my lawyer, Steven. I don’t want to talk to you

Tess tugged on Vincent, trying to get him to move. She didn’t want bloodshed, which looked as if Vincent was willing and very capable of doing.

Steven blurted, “You can’t be together, its illegal or something.”

Tess’ mouth fell open. “Grow up,” she snapped at Steven, really tugging on Vincent, who finally moved.

She grabbed her purse and wrap in a sweep by, while Vincent basically flew her toward the entryway into the bar with his arm around her back.

fucking Luna,” Steven yelled behind them, snapping Vincent to a halt. Tess grabbed Vincent’s black western shirt, at his waist, holding on. “
wife,” Steven further hissed.

Vincent turned a stark gaze back at Steven. “Sorry sucker, you lost Luna to Coronado. You going through him?”

Tess heard Steven make an actual whining sound, but Vincent was pulling her forward again. Luna was with
guy now, Tess wondered, and then it popped out of her head with Vincent’s growled voice.

“Next time, I’m handcuffing you to the bed.”

Tess jerked at his suppressed fury, but she so agreed with him. She’d not listened and showed up where he’d told her not to, and then she’d kissed a hot guy. She groaned at her reckless brainlessness. Still, hope skipped through her because Vincent had growled “next time and bed” in the same sentence about her.

She grabbed his arm, trying to keep up, and she saw they were heading outside. “Did the vote go your way, Vincent?”  

Maybe she’d try to deflect onto other subjects, instead of the subject of being lip-locked with one of his best friends. Why had she done that! Well she kind of knew why, but she’d never be able to explain it to Vincent and make him agree it was for a good cause. Like getting back at a cheating spouse.

“Bitch is cut out,” Vincent uttered.

Well that was good, Tess thought. They’d arrived at Vincent’s truck. Maybe she should try apologizing, because the carved features on his face scared her. “I didn’t mean to mess anything up, honey, I just needed to be here for you...”

dress,” he demanded over her words.

BOOK: Their Ex's Redrock Four
2.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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