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Thralls of the Dark Queen Part 1: Falling Into Bliss

BOOK: Thralls of the Dark Queen Part 1: Falling Into Bliss

Thralls Of The Dark Queen

By Echo Stardust

Part 1: Falling Into Bliss

Copyright © Echo Stardust 2015

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    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Chapter the 1st: Pillar of light

“It’s only getting worse with the village boys,” Echo remarked to her friend Alexia as the pair walked down the dirt path from their village.

Alexia rolled her eyes. “Echo, you’re a woman now. They’re called men. And just because you were picked on by boys when you were a girl doesn’t mean you should be so scared of them now. You should just let yourself fantasize.”

“I know you always say that” Echo’s voice lightened a little in jest. “But I don’t know. They used to always tease me for my hair and call me a bookworm. But to see Jorn like that… all shirtless and sweaty and shiny…”


They were talking about Jorn Craster, a farmer who lived on the outskirts of town. When Echo had come across him the day before, chopping wood in only his breaches and boots, his smooth but pleasantly toned chest and arms glistening in sweat and long dark brown hair pouring down his shoulders in moist tendrils, she couldn’t help but stare. Then he saw her, smiling and nodding politely. “Lady Starsmith” he greeted, before raising is axe and splitting another piece of wood. She raised her hand, waving lightly he mouth robbed of all words. Jorn’s wife, Leera, only made the situation more awkward as she came out and saw Echo licking him up with her eyes.

“What you want Echo?” Leera barked, shaking Echo out of her trance.

“Nothing lady Craster I must be on my way good day misses!”


Alexia laughed. “Leera is quite the envious little bitch.”

Echo eyes widened. “Alexia! You shouldn’t say such things!” Her voice was hushed, eyes darting around for nearby ears. It’s not lady-like!”

Alexia furrowed her brow and shrugged. “We’re in the middle of the forest, Echo, none hear us!”

“My problem,” Echo continued “is that this is the same boy who, years ago, used to always toss things at me whenever I passed until you told him to stop. And now I see him, all shirtless and wet… And…”

Alexia raised an eye “And what?”

“And…I want to be shirtless. I was already getting wet.” Echo smiled, blushing as her friend burst into laughter.

Echo and Alexia had been friends all their lives. Echo’s earliest memory was being taunted by the children of the village over her platinum blonde hair. Alexia overheard and came to her defense. While Echo was thin and frail for her age, Alexia developed fast, being much taller than the other children not afraid to pick a fist fight with the older boys. While Echo cowered in fear from the other children throwing stones at her, Alexia stood fast, setting her hands on her hips and staring them down like a Knight from an old tale.

Since most of them barely reached her shoulders in height, they backed off.

Alexia was the first person outside of Echo’s family to treat her kindly, and Echo was grateful. As the two blossomed into women, they decided to live in a cabin together and vowed to be the dearest of friends.

The pair picked today, a holy day of rest, to take a stroll along the outskirts of town. They took a hike up Merry-Weather hill, their boots braving the dense and soft soil to the tallest hill overlooking their little village of East-Glen. They sat themselves on the grass, taking in the bulbous clouds pouring down over the mountains in the distance.

Echo wore her bark toned skirt and bodice with white long-sleeve shift underneath. Her garments seemed baggy on her, only because of her thin, waifish body underneath, a fact Echo inwardly cursed. The idiot men of the village only had eyes for women with large breasts, but wanted them young and thin all the same. It didn’t help matters that she wore garish wire-framed spectacles over her light blue eyes, which often got her teased from the local girls for looking like a “school matron”. And to top it off, her almost silvery hair, which she kept in a braid spilling down over her shoulder, was seen as almost alien to the mostly dark and scarlet haired natives.

In contrast, Alexia practically broke out of her dress with her tall and curvaceous form. At the age of 21, she could not help but display her cleavage as her shift strained to keep her supple flesh contained. Lower, her bodice struggled to contain her, but her hourglass figure usually won out as her supple hips swayed in movement with her walking. Often, she’d let her long, crimson locks spill down her shoulders in an attempt to distract people from them, but it rarely helped.

She had no end of male suitors, some even having the gall to court Echo just to get close to her. It angered Alexia, knowing that Echo would only be hurt when such suitors made their intentions known eventually.

The village elders constantly chided her for ‘inciting the lusts of faithful, Gods fearing men’ and demanded she be more humble in her garments, only causing her to chide back “the Gods are the ones who made me this way!”

Either way, it mattered very little to Alexia. She had little interest in men.

“It is so easy for you.” Echo continued. “You’re just so outspoken and don’t care. I’m always afraid the elders are going to burn me for being a witch if I act out.”              


Echo had never been with a man carnally, but she knew of it. For a while, she was getting books from the old bookseller in the market square, a lecherous old man who would smuggle in books of bawdy tales for her. Alexia would chide her over this, not for any moral reason, but mainly because she knew the old lecher was trying to seduce one or both of them.

The bawdy tales were mostly the same: a young woman craving release until the tall strapping and shirtless rogue came and had his way with her. Or a pirate, or a lecherous lord, or a dark stranger from a far off land. All of whom, coincidentally, happened to be shirtless.

Echo would sometimes laugh with Alexia at how silly some of them were. Still, when Alexia wasn’t looking, Echo would often found herself reaching under her skirts and softly rubbing the lips between her legs, her finger burrowing in her snatch like a hungry worm, until she felt the spasms of pleasure.

Sometimes, Echo felt a nostalgia for those stories. It had been too long since she had read them, mostly since the old Lecher was caught and flogged for “attempting to corrupt the youth of town”.


Alexia smirked. “Those old fools won’t do anything unless you really screw up. And even then they haven’t burned a witch in five summers. I doubt they would suffer a ruckus just because you looked a little too long at a shirtless man.

Echo unclasped the cork of her water skin and eagerly suckled it down. Alexia spread her legs, splaying herself over the grass and basking in the spring air. She felt a warm weight on her belly as Echo set her head gently down upon it. The pair fixed their eyes upward to the blue sky, the sun barely masked behind a tuft of clouds.

“Lexy, do you remember when that bard took you up here?” Echo felt oddly nostalgic as she felt her dearest friend’s belly swelling beneath her with each breath.

“I remember he tried to sneak a hand underneath my skirts and I gave him a black eye.”

Echo giggled. “And I was walking by, heard you yelling, and charged in, tossing my waterskin at him?”

Alexia laughed. “He was so angry, screaming his breaches were worth more than our lives and he had rich friends and we’d be sorry before storming off.” She shook her head. “What did you think you were going to do with that waterskin?”

Echo broke out into laughter. “I don’t know!”

The two’s laughter died down. After a while, Echo spoke again. “Lexy… have you…”

She stopped. Alexia reached down and squeezed her friend’s hand. “What is it?”

Echo shook her head, shaking the thought away. “Nothing, it’s not important.”

The two continued to gaze off into the clouds. Images of Jorn Craster’s naked flesh warmly tormented Echo’s thoughts while Alexia dreamed of things she would rather not tell Echo. Somewhere, in the noonday sky, they both closed their eyes.


Somewhere in her sleep, Echo dreamed.

She was in one of the Bawdy novels the Old Lecher would give her.

It was a hot summer day. Jorn Craster was chopping his wood, his hot glistening body sparkling in the noonday sun as Echo strolled onto his farm, licking her lips. Jorn looked up, his piercing, animalistic gaze taking in Echo as he tossed his axe to the side.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, fanning herself. “Tis’ far too hot today.”

“Indeed, lady Starsmith.” He paced toward her, tossing his head to one side as the wet locks of his wet mane swung behind his back.

Her eyes greedily took in the curves of his hard, muscled form as she placed a finger on her chin. “Whatever will we do in such an oppressive heat?”

A smirk curled on his face. “Perhaps it is not the heat that is oppressive,” in one motion, his hand tore at the neckline of her dress, ripping it asunder and leaving her pink body exposed before him. “Perhaps it is your clothes.”

Echo raised a hand to her forehead, feeling faint as her body turned like jelly. As she collapsed, his thick hard and sweaty arms caught her, scooping her up and taking her into the barn. As her cheeks and bare flesh touched his, she could not help but bite her fingers to suppress the moans of excitement. He tossed her onto a pile of hay as he undid the buckle of his belt, letting his breeches fall to the floor. His hot member stood erect from his loins as he collapsed on his knees.  Echo quivered at its girth, softly spreading her legs as he descended upon her.

His hot flesh was slick, frictionless, as he pressed down upon her, his hot thick tongue pressing deep within her lips. She relished the taste, her small tongue fencing with his. Their kiss broke as he gazed into Echo’s eyes. “Echo, you fill me with such lust and desire, I cannot think without you.”

Her back arched, pressing her nipples tightly against his chest. His lips travelled down, his rough tongue assailing the buds of her breasts with rough and lewd licks that sent maddening bolts of sensation throughout her flesh.

Jorn!” her voice was rasping breathlessly. “We mustn’t! It’s adultery! Your wife or the elders may find out!”

“I care not!” he growled. “I must have you! Now!”

As his gazed pierce through her, his cock broke drove into her.

She cried out in bliss, its girth stretching her and burrowing deep inside. His hips drove hard, slow, methodically, his arms cradling her body as he sheathed himself inside her over and over again. Her arms locked tightly around his chest, her legs squeezing tight around his waist, never wanting his cock outside her again.

The pace of his thrusts intensified, his arms locking her hips against his body as he drove madly, relishing the feeling of her body clasping tight to him. A pleasant and hot pressure built inside Echo’s hips as she ground back, eager to meet his thrusts.

“Jorn I’m, Jorn I’m, Jorn I’m, Jo—OH GODS I FEEL IT EVERYWHERE!”

She felt something burst inside her, warm and hot, spilling all throughout her innards. Her body squeezed hard against him, her pussy convulsing on his hard rod as she thrashed against his wet and muscled frame. Her orgasm gripped her and twisted her belly into pleasant agony, so much more pleasant than when she’d pleasure herself to her books.

She raised her arms over her head, her hips still milking his cock as she cooed out in pleasure.

“Oh Jorn…. I love you.” She cooed.”

His lips touched hers, the two coming down from their ecstasy. The two snuggled close as he wrapped a nearby blanket over her and pulled her close. “Jorn,” she ran her hand through his dark hair. “It was so beautiful. I don’t even care that it was a sin.”


“Yes, Lady Starsmith! It was a sin!”

Echo stood up, the world around her seemed to darken. She was still naked, but standing before the court of the Elder, their aged, ragged faces gazing down upon her flesh. The fore-elder raised his bony finger. “You forsook your chastity as a proper woman of the Gods! You and Jorn Craster broke the sacred covenant of marriage and damned yourselves to hellfire!”

“It was not my fault, Elders!” cried Jorn Craster, now fully clothed and standing some distance from Echo, holding his wife and child in his hands. He raised his hand and pointed at Echo. “She bewitched me!  I stand and beg for forgiveness elders.”

Leera was crying, gazing at Echo with a bitter hate. “Curse you, harlot!

“You are a good man, Jorn Craster,” assured the fore-elder. “We know the Gods will forgive you, as there is no sin they cannot forgive.”

“Please Elders!” Echo cried. “I beg for mercy as well! My soul was weak! Forgive me!”

“It is far too late for that!” Elated another elder. “The Gods will decide your fate!”

Behind the elders exploded a symphony of light and flame. The nine gods emerged in their golden robes, their faces concealed with bright glowing masks.

“Echo Starsmith,” the fore-elder decreed. “The Gods have determined that your soul is much too sinful for redemption. May the nine hells have mercy on your soul.”

The lead God reached down and scooped up Echo’s tiny frame in his hands. She wriggled and squealed and pleaded, but it paid no heed. Before the ground, a massive chasm of flamed opened up. Inside the flames, Echo could make out the forms of bodies. Naked sinners writhing in agony and begging the nine for mercy.

The God turned his hand, his fingers opening. Echo dropped downward to the flames.

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