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Threads of Silk

BOOK: Threads of Silk
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Also By Linda Lee Chaikin

Daughter of Silk
Written on Silk

Book Three



Threads of Silk

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Chaikin, L. L.

Threads of silk / Linda Lee Chaikin.

p. cm. — (The silk house; bk. 3)

ISBN-13: 978-0-310-27310-3

1. Catherine de Medicis, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of France, 1519 – 1589 — Fiction. 2. Dressmakers — Fiction. 3. Courts and courtiers — Fiction. I. Title.

PS3553.H2427T485 2008

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Title Page

Copyright Page

Historical Characters

Threads of Silk

PART ONE: The Ties That Bind


Laying the Trap

News from a Far Country

Put to the Test

The Broken Lock

To Bury a Treasure

With This Ring



The Ultimatum

Serpent in the Garden


At Court

PART 2: In the Shadow of the Serpent

Gowns for a Princesse

Bitter News

Oh, Beulah Land!

The Growing Menace

The Dark Agreement

Truth War

Danger and Providence

Au Revoir and Godspeed

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Glossary of French Words



Daughter of Silk

Written on Silk

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Historical Characters

Duchesse Montpensier
— of the House of Bourbon, a Huguenot

M. Jacques Lefévre d’Étaples
— translated first Bible into French
M. John Calvin
— writer of
Institutes of the Christian Religion
Religionis Institutio

Prince Louis de Condé
— French general, of the House of Bourbon

Prince Antoine de Bourbon
— older brother of Louis. He later became King of Navarre through marriage to Huguenot Queen Jeanne d’Albret of Navarre.

Admiral Gaspard de Coligny
— had Normandy and Picardy under his security

Cardinal de Châtillon(Odet Coligny)
— brother of Gaspard and d’Andelot Coligny

Mary Stuart (la petite reinette)
— married Dauphin Francis Valois who became King Francis II

Charles de Montpensier (Duc de Bourbon)
— had rights to the throne that equaled, if not exceeded, those of the Valois

“Capitaine” l’Ollonaise
— French pirate

Henry of Anjou
— third son of Catherine de Medici and King Henry II (Valois)

Duc Francis de Guise
— of the infamous Borgias family from Florence, Italy

Catherine de Medici
— Queen and Regent of France over Francis II and Charles II Valois

Princesse Marguerite Valois
— daughter of Catherine de Medici and King Henry II (Valois), also called Margo

Monsieur Henry Guise
— later a duc, younger son of Duc Francis de Guise.

Anne d’Este
— wife of Duc de Guise (Francis)

Charles de Guise (Cardinal de Lorraine)
— younger brother of Duc Francis de Guise

Mme. Charlotte de Presney
— member of Catherine’s escadron volant

— Italian serving girl of Catherine de Medici

Prince Henry of Navarre
— son of Antoine de Bourbon and Jeanne d’Albret, King and Queen of Navarre

Maître Avenelle
— the betrayer of the Huguenots

Princesse Eleonore Condé
— a niece of Admiral Gaspard Coligny

Messire de la Renaudie
— a leader of the Huguenots, a retainer of Prince Louis de Condé

Ambroise le Pare
— physician and surgeon to kings, a Huguenot

Princesse Elisabeth Valois
— daughter of Catherine and Henry Valois, married Philip II of Spain

Montmorency family and the Constable of France
— Catholics who sided with the Bourbons in the end

— Niccolo Machiavelli, a cunning and cruel man; he was associated with corrupt, totalitarian government because of a small pamplet he wrote called “The Prince” to gain influence with the ruling Medici family in Florence.

Alessandro (the abuser)
— a brother of Catherine de Medici

Cosmo and Lorenzo Ruggerio
— brothers from Florence, Catherine’s astrologers and poison makers

— parfumer, also Catherine’s poisoner

Duc of Alva
— Spanish general

Marechal de Saint Andre
— a marshal of France
Monsieur Theodore Beza

— French Reformer, disciple of John Calvin

Cardinal d’Este
— from Ferrara, Italy

Poet Tasso
— a poet from Italy

— a poet who served the Valois Court

Hercule Valois
— the fourth and youngest son of Catherine and Henry Valois, little is known of him

Anne du Bourg
— a Huguenot man sent to the Bastille by Henry II. He was burned at the stake under the Cardinal de Lorraine when boy-king Francis ruled with Queen Mother Catherine. The Huguenots then felt betrayed and planned the Amboise plot.

— a soothsayer in the Roman Catholic Church
Jacopo Sadeleto
— Archbishop of Carpentras

— Thomas Perrenot de Chantonnay, Spanish ambassador to France

— Monsieur Ronsard d’Alencome, French Ambassador to the English Court and spy for Catherine

Threads of Silk

PART ONE: The Ties That Bind


? A
waiting in ambush

BOOK: Threads of Silk
9.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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