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Authors: Don Pendleton

Tags: #Action & Adventure, #Fiction, #det_action, #Non-Classifiable, #Men's Adventure, #Drug traffic, #Bolan; Mack (Fictitious character), #Opium trade

Tiger War (16 page)

BOOK: Tiger War
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Mack Bolan is a soldier, and he fights a soldier's battle. His munitions are all real articles used by combatmen everywhere, and whatever Bolan accomplishes with his weaponry is within the realm of human achievement.

But he also fights a more cosmic war, in which good and evil are far greater concepts than mere weapons in the arsenal of stale ideas. To Bolan, Armageddon is not some future mythical war to be waged between God and Satan — it is here, now, and always has been, as the life force of this planet continually strives to perfect itself.

To achieve every possibility of human excellence within his reach, Bolan must keep moving.

The entire world is on his ass. He must keep moving.

To stay alive.

For the horrors have only just begun...

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BOOK: Tiger War
8.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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