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BOOK: Tilt
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My World Tilted
Love at First Smile
Loving Someone
Now It’s Summer Vacation
Emily’s Parents Aren’t Home
Something Different?
Three Words

Can’t Wait

Thank God It’s Summer
What’s Got My Tightie Whities
And So
I Actually Met Tara
I Want Her Opinion
Till Cupid Comes Calling
Too Far
Lately I’ve Been Searching Online

When We Finally Meet

I Hide Hurt
So This Weekend Visit
Well, Officially
She Stands in the Doorway
I Stuff All That Inside
They Also Make Me Feel


No-Win Situation
God, I Miss Dylan
If I Keep Reliving
So Not Funny!
Mom Jumps to My Defense


I Hate Decisions
I Shave
By the Time
What I Know About Him
Mangoes Make Me Itch
Turns Out
He Struggles


I Didn’t Ask
I’d Say
Which Somehow Launches Us
Way TMI!

A Best Friend

A Conscience
So I’m Very, Very Quiet
Out of the Loop
He Rolls Me onto My Back

He Takes Mikayla Home

Some Secrets
I’m Tired
Later, We’re Going Out
No Shit
Chad Sputters a Denial
Of Course, He Doesn’t Know


I Can’t Believe
Seems Like Guys
Maybe I’ll Talk to Gram
Mom Plays Chauffeur
Prosser Reservoir

Showing Off

Three-Day Weekends Suck
When I Really Stop
One of the Guys
One Thing
Okay, More Like
In a Ten-Second Span


Ruining My Day
I Plaster On
She’s So Playable!
Turns Out

Dirty Movies

Making Love
The Closest I’ve Come
Of Course, Going Straight
While Waiting
It Is, in Fact
Any Small Sense of Fear


This Night
There Are Couples Everywhere
Subzero Cold
Suddenly, Someone Yells
Now He Waves Me Over
But When I Turn Around


I Wanted to Scream
So When Emily Called
Em Comes Straight Out
No Freaking Kidding
Past Tense
The Sentence Remains Unfinished
I Despise Being in the Middle

A Bad Thing

When I Think Like That
It Was Like Chanting a Mantra
Everyone’s Laughing
Believe It or Not

Wish I Could Forget

It Pays
I Want Him
Speaking of Vamps
If He Can Love Bella
The Movie Ends
It’s After One A.M.
Faces Washed and Teeth Brushed


Apologies Are Useless
I’ve Said I’m Sorry
I Let Dylan Know I Can Escape
I Ponder Those Two Things
He Holds Up His Longboard
I Consider That
I’m Not Really the Jealous Type

Uh, Question

So Is His Audience
The Last Time I Asked
A Soft Whistle


If You Hold Someone
Totally Stupid
How Could I Say No?
I Didn’t Want to Like Him
So I’m Sorry
I’m Afraid Her Heart Will, Too

Listening In

For One Thing
Case in Point
I Think About These Things
I Shower Away

I Suspect

It Might Have Ended There
His Face Flushed Beet Purple
Later, Something Happened
She Is Distracted
The Answer Is So Obvious
Success in That Endeavor
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I Hear

Cassie Rocks
We Are Cruising the Mall
And She Says
She Turns onto McCarran Boulevard
As the Story Goes
I’m Kind of Speechless
When We Get Back to Dad’s


To Abort or Not to Abort
I Keep Thinking of It
That Makes Him Smile
But Now He Stops
BOOK: Tilt
8.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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