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stared down at the invitation
in his hand. His little sister was getting married. On the card the name was
. He knew Cole and
would have a second personal celebration to bind her to Cole.

“Are you going to the wedding?” Brian asked. Brian was a long time
friend, and they’d known each other since college. He was the one person Daniel
trusted with secrets.

“She’s my sister. I’ll be the one walking her down the aisle.” Simone
had phoned him and begged him to be the one to do it. She’d cut their father
out of her life completely.

“I don’t know how you do it. If my sister was dating two men, I’d lose

He knew what his friend meant. The moment he’d realised what was
happening, Daniel had to keep himself together. He’d wanted to beat the shit
out of both men. Simone had always been a free spirit. He imagined she got it
from witnessing their parents’ break-up. He’d been at boarding school through
most of it while Simone was at home. She’d been raised differently from him.
Their mother had sent her to a public school.

“Simone is happy, and that is all I care about.” If it took two men to
make her happy then he wouldn’t come between them.

“You’re a better man than I am. I’d have killed the bastards by now.”

Daniel knew his sister would hurt him if he ever tried to hurt her men.
She was protective of them all the time. He liked the new relationship he was
developing with his family. His mother had stayed in the country even as news
of his father’s impending marriage was broadcast all over the place. Malcolm was
marrying a twenty something actress even as he was fighting the charge of
corporate espionage. John had really given up everything. Daniel didn’t hold
out much hope for the marriage lasting or of Malcolm being out in the world for

Shaking his head, he ordered another strong coffee to go with his lunch.
He wished it was a beer. The day was starting to wear a bit thin.

will you be taking as your date?” Brian

He shrugged his shoulders. A date never entered his head.

“You’re going to your sister’s wedding alone? Haven’t you considered
what we talked about before?”

Daniel felt his cheeks fill with embarrassment. After one too many beers
a few days ago he’d confided in Brian he hadn’t had sex in months. All the
women around him expected something from him. He wasn’t up to giving them a
relationship outside of sex. It was easier to find relief from his hand than it
was to find it in a willing woman.

“Don’t start,” he said. Brian had suggested he advertise for a woman to
supply sex.

“You’re being a chicken, Daniel. There are women out there who will
supply you with sex for a short fee.”

“I’m not advertising for a call girl, Brian. That’s not the way I work.”

Brian shrugged his shoulders. “I know you wouldn’t do it, which is why I
did it for you.”

His friend pulled up the newspaper. Daniel saw the advertising pages.
“You did what?” he asked. His anger rising as Brian circled an advertisement
then handed it to him.

He took the paper and read the
detail out loud. “Man, looking for companion with benefits. Salary will be
discussed on interview.” Daniel threw the paper at his friend. “Are you insane?
I’m Daniel
, not some faceless person. This
is bad for my company and bad for business.”

“No one will know it is you. You will pay an extra fee for her
discretion. It is a perfect solution.”

He stared at his friend in silence. “You’re insane.
I think we need to take you to the hospital so they can have you

The waiter came and handed them the bill. Brian placed some notes on the
tray then waited for the guy to leave.

“More and more men are doing this. Even women are doing it. You need to
let loose, and what better way to do it than when you’re in control? You’ll be
paying for it, but it will be exclusive. You’ll never have to worry if she’s
fucking someone else.”

The more his friend talked about the suggestion, the more ideal the
situation sounded. Daniel didn’t want a commitment. He wanted a willing woman,
who wouldn’t be asking for a wedding band at the end of the night. He finished
off his drink then followed Brian out of the restaurant.

“I care about you, Daniel. I thought this would be the best solution for

Brian slapped his arm in a friendly
manner. Daniel glared at him.

“Fine, if I get some woman stalking
me then I’m blaming you.”

“You won’t.”

“I’ll see you later. I’ve got to get
back to the office.” Daniel shook Brian’s hand then made the short journey to
where his office was. He smiled at the receptionist on his way up to his main
office. The moment he was inside his space, he closed and locked the door.

He hoped no one would phone for the
advertisement. Walking behind his desk, he put the paper in the bin then fired
up his computer. His cell phone was on the top of his desk. The wedding invitation
from his sister, he placed in front of his computer. He stared at the silver
bells on the front, and a smile broke out. She’d finally allowed herself to
fall in love. Cole and Callum were not the best men he’d have picked for the
job, but he liked how they made her laugh. Simone was always smiling and happy
when he saw her.

Knowing how happy they made her,
made it easy for Daniel to overlook both men.

Daniel put the invitation in his
briefcase and was about to start typing on the keyboard when his cell phone
rang. He picked up the device looking at the front. The number wasn’t

He flicked his cell open and placed
it to his ear.


“Hi, I’m calling about the
advertisement in the paper.”

So much for no one


The End




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BOOK: Time to Play
11.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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