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ome where during the Paleolithic period, man’s main objective was to compete against other species, which had evolved thousands of years before him, for food and dominance struggling to survive. With little or no shelter, they sought the security of caves and over hanging ledges, which their lands had to offer. Most would spend endless nights out in the open amongst the forever-hungry predators that roamed their lands. However, this night would prove to be different, as a small group of hunter, gatherers were awakened by a rumbling sound that shook the earth, shattering the tranquility of the night.  In their moment of fear they sought shelter in a nearby cave, as lights raced across the sky.

One particular primitive
, approached the cave entrance expecting the rains to follow the roaring thunder.  However, the thunder had stopped and all he could see were distant glowing lights, a warm gust of wind brushed him by,  He could feel the heat, across his body that was being emitted from the ships main thrusters, as they slowly descended upon the earth.

Standing in fear, paralyzed by shock, he witnesses the alien beings as they stepped onto the earth for the very first time.

He would later on recall these events and describe them through drawings, as the aliens who had invaded his land. combined with their own jeans and genetic strands, set out to create a new species, that would compete and succeed in wiping his people from the face of the earth, A being known to us as Homo sapient were about to be born.



















































A planet far from our own

eramaya was attending to his green, garden patch, situated at the back of his small although, comfortable living quarters.

Artificial soils, which were integrated with chemical fertilizers, helped encourage growth, since their sun was no longer capable of providing the energy source needed to stimulate photosynthesis. Each small green patch had its own artificial sun, which altered according to the time of year giving the plants and the people, the same feeling and resemblance, which they would have had, when they used to live on the surface of their planet.

However, since their sun was dying, becoming a white dwarf, its
heat, and light source wore no longer strong enough to sustain life on the surface. The extreme weather conditions and sub zero temperatures made it hazardous, massive glaciers and frozen seas had covered their entire planet. Where only during the short summer months, which could only be felt around the equator, would the people venture outside to enjoy the fresh although, thin air.

Since hard
ly any plant life could blossom due to extreme weather conditions, the oxygen levels had dipped coursing the air difficult for anyone to breathe.

Which left this advanced civilization no chose,
but to seek shelter underground.

, craters had been dug deep into the planet’s crust where cities were built to house the entire population.

A thick durable, flexible dome encased these cities’ to protect them from the ever-shifting fault lines that ran across their planet. The flexible domes absorbed the tremors that often accrued; it even protected the cities from seeping water that would freeze during the winter months, coursing cracks in the planet’s surface. This often allowed water to seep through during the short summer months, when the ice would sometimes melt and underground streams would form. If it were not for the cities
protective casing they would be venerable to flooding, which would cause havoc in their cities.

Laya was quietly attending some miner duties in the kitchen; occasionally she would glance towards her husband Jeramaya, as he attended to the small amount of fresh vegetables, which she had the pleasure of preparing when they would be ripe enough to harvest
. It was seen as a privilege to eat fresh vegetables, since most of their food consisted of artificial meats and proteins. Their city’s were not capable of providing any type of agriculture, on such a mass scale to accommodate everyone, so each family would do what they could to grow their own.

“Suppers ready,” called Laya.

  Jeramaya stood up eager to taste the fresh vegetables once again.

Their son Luka, heard his mother calling him and ran towards her, she embraced him and showed Luka to his place at the table
. Laya would often stare at her son, wishing she could have another child. However, since when they sought to live underground, it was forbidden for any woman to conceive a child, because there was just not enough space, for any more people to live in these great underground cities.

In addition, when or if they did receive word of a new planet, which they could, colonies, transporting an ever-increasing population would be virtually impossible.

Engineers had been constructing massive, deep space cruisers for when this day did arrive, their calculations were based on an
ever-shrinking population, and that is all they could cater for.

In some way however, it did make sense, the governing bodies knew that the chances of ever discovering a new planet were slim, and to bring a new child into a world that did not hold any certainties would be ridiculous.

As living under ground could not last forever, their planet was as old as their sun and was dying. Soon their planet would also be enduring the same fate as their sun,

As the heat generated by their planet’s core, was constantly becoming cooler
. They knew that once the core of their planet cooled down to such an extent, it would be the end to their great race. Even with their well-advanced technologies, not even they had the power to regenerate the suns immense heat.

Although, several attempts had been scientifically, theorized to try
to refuel their sun however, it would take a massive meteor ten times the size of their own planet to replenish the suns fuel source. Which in return could also have serious side effects, the blast itself could easily ripe their own planet out of orbit sending it tumbling through space or even turning it into a massive ball of fire. Whichever way they looked at the situation it was pointless to attempt such a task. There for the whole project was abandoned, as they knew if the immense cold did not wipe them out a high magnitude earthquake would. As the glaciers were always constantly expanding the immense pressure, they produced over the surface, could easily one day crush their entire cities. Their only hope was to complete the fleet of ships, which were orbiting around their planet, so that maybe one day the entire colony could leave and search for somewhere else to live. Until they heard word, or even the slightest response, from one of the four teams that set out on scientific, expeditions almost ten years ago, would acknowledge that they had succeeded in locating a planet similar to their own.

Jeramaya was one of the technicians who had planned, and devised the expeditions that Sonard and his other colleges had ventured off to; he often wondered what had become of them
. Still he had other responsibilities, and they were towards his wife and son Luka, who during the summer months he would take him to the surface. Luka enjoyed this
since it meant riding in a lift that traveled fast towards their planet’s surface, which took them to a monitoring station where his father worked. Jeramaya was in control of transporting the huge parts that were constructed underground, and teleporting them to the outer boundaries of their atmosphere, were other engineers battled to join the pre-constructed parts together. Since the deep space cruisers were of such a vast magnitude, it would be almost impossible for them to generate enough power for them to lift of the ground, so the entire project had been moved into space where gravity was none existent.

Jeramaya had promised to take Luka to the surface one more time, before the cold winter months set in.

they had reach the surface and were preparing to venture out into the cold, white, snow bound lands that lay before them.

However, their first objective was to seek medical assistance, were a chemical solution was injected into their blood, to enhance the transfer of oxygen from their lungs into their blood stream
. This enabled them to breathe more easily, since the air was so thin on the outside, it would mean that they would have to breathe at a faster rate than normal, for their bodies to absorb the oxygen that they needed.

Jeramaya wa
s the first one to step outside and began to test his navigational equipment, since the surrounding territory was covered in ice; it was hard to distinguish any reliable landmarks.

  Jeramaya also had the task of scanning the airways for any response; signal that one day might be transmitted to their planet from any one of the four, teams that left almost ten years ago
. However, as time elapsed their hopes had dwindled, and they knew it would take something of a miracle for anyone of the four teams to succeed.

Luka ran in the frozen icy snow, wanting to take
advantage of this rare occasion while his father went to

Fetch an anti, magnetic, ground hovercraft
. Its construction was a simple one that used an anti-magnetic field, which repelled anti magnetic materials. The opposite effect that a magnet would have, it created a positive repelling system that allowed the craft not to touch the ground, but hovered slightly over the top.

Luka raced towards his father, and had to take a few breaths of oxygen from the breathing mask, to bring his oxygen levels back to normal.

The chemical compound that was injected into them was only efficient for normal stress related duties, Since Luka was excited about being outside he had burned up most of his oxygen and it would take him quite a while to bring his levels back up to normal.


Luka played in the snow, while Jeramaya relaxed taking this precious moment with his son, and reflected on the challenges that stood before them. He knew that deep down inside that one day it would be impossible to take Luka to the surface again.

Their planet was constantly becoming colder as the years passed them by, One day they would all have to leave and live on the expedition cruisers, which Jeramaya had helped to built, and travel the vast distance in space to try
to seek a new home for everyone to live, and lead a normal and happy life once again.

Maybe even Laya’s dream of having another child might even become reality, once this planet was found and colonized.

Jeramaya was gazing into the distance, admiring the beautiful although deadly landscape, when out of nowhere he heard his son’s voice. “Daddy, look at the mountain, it’s moving.”

Jeramaya shook his head and did not really understand what his son was on about, until he heard a rumbling sound, he looked up towards the mountainside and realized that they were sitting in the path of an avalanche
. The ice must have shifted maybe due to an earth tremor, which was common around these parts.

Jeramaya shouted towards his son as they both raced towards the hover
craft, they could feel the ground shifting beneath their feet. Jeramaya, being older took a few inhalations from their oxygen supply and quickly accelerated his hover bike, moving out of the way, as the ice and snow came tumbling down. Jeramaya knew they could not out run the tumbling sheet of ice and snow and found shelter in a cave that he had noticed on their way into the valley.

They reach the cave just in time, as the
ice piled down in front of them. “Quick Luka get to the back of the cave, “shouted Jeramaya.

They both ran towards the back of the cave, when Jeramaya discovered that the cave was deeper, than he had thought,
probably running for miles deep inside the mountain.

They watch as the snow piled in front of the only exit they knew of, Luka clung to his father as the sound of the crushing ice seemed tremendous, frightening the living day lights out of him. 

The whole scenario ended with a stirring silence, they had become trapped, entombed only hope and the will to survive could save them.

As nightfall was almost upon them, Jeramaya knew the temperatures would drop to at least fifty below zero, Also they were not equipped to with stand these extreme, although summer temperatures.

BOOK: Time Warp
3.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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