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“You really wouldn’t mind?” I
asked, searching her eyes for any signs of disappointment and finding none.

“I’ll mind if you don’t do what I
want, and this is what I want. Let me take care of you tonight, Nate. You had a
crappy birthday looking after your mom, let me give you one night when someone
looks after you and gives you what you need, ok? Good,” she replied without
waiting for my answer. “Now let’s go.” She pecked my lips and let go of my chin
as she spun around to open the car.

“You’re an amazing person, you
know that, right?” I sighed, trailing my finger down her neck.

“Takes one to know one,” she
replied, making me shake my head in disbelief.


We lay on the lounger, toasty
warm under the heater and blankets, Sky’s head on my chest and her arm and leg
tossed over my body. Her fingers circled my shirt, right above my heart and
tattoo, as I filled her in on how bad things with Ma really were. She didn’t
interrupt or offer advice, she just knew what I needed and listened, and let me
hold her close. Whenever I felt like I was drowning in a wild and stormy sea,
she was the lifeboat I could cling to. My symbol of hope that I could have a
different, better life. With her. I dipped my head and kissed her hair,
breathing her in, never feeling more content or happy. Not even out on the
field, and that was saying something. A girl had usurped my love of baseball.
Just like that, I’d let go of everything but her in this moment. I needed her.
I needed to be inside her, no more barriers between us.

“Sky.” My voice was hoarse as I
spoke her name and she immediately looked up at me, concern in her eyes, which
changed the second she read my intentions. I reached down to palm her ass,
hitching her up my body as I clasped her chin, and her hand moved from my chest
to cup my cheek.

“I’m ready,” she whispered. “I
want you too, so badly.”

I heard a growl leave my throat
as I crashed my lips down onto hers, forcing them apart as I thrust my tongue
into her mouth with no pretense of gentleness at all. She moaned as my cock
started to swell, and I moved my hands down to grip her ass and yank her flat
on top of me, her pelvis giving me something to grind against. My tongue
thrashed against hers, whipping her up into a frenzy as she clawed at my hair,
pulling it tightly. She cried out when I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and
bit it, my fingers sliding up inside her dress to knead her ass so hard I was
sure it was going to bruise. She pulled her mouth away and moved to pepper
kisses up the side of my neck, biting my ear lobe as I sank my teeth into her
neck. This time I didn’t care about marking her. She was mine and I wanted
everyone to know it. I sucked as she writhed on top of me, rubbing her panty-clad
pussy against my steel, fogging up my vision. I gasped and released my suction
on her neck as she returned the favor, sucking and biting right in the crook of
mine, claiming me as hers as well. And damn, if I didn’t love that.

“Get that dress off, now,” I
ordered, gripping her shoulders to sit her upright, the fur blanket pooling
behind her. She nodded, reaching for the hem while I made short work of my
shirt buttons, having discarded my jacket and vest when we’d crawled under here
over two hours ago. “Fuck,” I uttered as I watched her lift it up, exposing
that black and pink lingerie I’d only gotten a brief peek of on my birthday.

Her nipples were denting the
material, and I could already see a damp spot on her panties. I’d never had a
girl as responsive as Sky. She pulled her dress over her head, revealing pink
cheeks flushed with desire, her swollen lips parted as she tried to catch her
breath, her tempered chocolate eyes burning with need. I reached up to cup her tits,
squeezing them hard before yanking the material down and under her flesh,
forcing them up even higher, her nipples pointed and stiff. I needed them in my
mouth. I sat up and ripped my shirt open, tearing the last few buttons off as I
did, then shrugged my way out of it, Sky’s hands helping to shove it down my
arms. As soon as I’d tossed it onto the floor, one hand palmed the small of her
back while the other grabbed a breast and held it still as I lowered my lips to
it, sucking the stiffened peak into my mouth.

“Harder, bite me,” she cried, as
her fingers curled around my biceps. “Oh yes, Ace, like that.”

She started to circle her hips,
riding my cock as I worked on her, switching to the other breast as I looked up
to watch her face. She’d closed her eyes, her head tilted back as she gasped for
air and ground down on me. My cock surged as I imagined how wet she would
already be, and just like that, I needed to taste her. I reached for the
elastic of her panties with both hands, gripped it, and pulled, tearing them
down the back as she gasped in surprise. I kept going until they were shredded
and managed to pull them off her and toss them. I released her breast from my
mouth and lay back down and yanked her hips, forcing her up my body, the slick
lips of her pussy rubbing up my chest as I dragged her toward my face.

“Nate?” Her eyes were wide with
surprise as she gazed down at me.

“Straddle my mouth, baby. I want
to eat you as you ride my tongue,” I rasped, my cock seeping at the thought of

“Oh God, you’re going to kill me,”
she mewled, but moved up, her knees on each side of my head as she hovered over
me. I groaned to see the hot pink flesh, her damp brown curls and swollen lips,
the way her core pulsed, not to mention that heady perfume of her sweet, wet
cunt that got me even more aroused every damn time. I pulled her down so that
she was smothering my mouth, her mons pressed against my nose, which I had to
breathe through while I sucked her clit and tongued her hole. “Nate, Jesus,”
she cried. Her back arched and she quickly reached behind her to curl her
fingers around my ribs.

“Hmmm,” I grunted, hardly able to
drink her down before she was filling my mouth with more of her nectar. I
needed her wet, seriously fucking wet, if I was going to slide inside her. I
could already tell from having my fingers inside her before tonight that she
was smaller than any girl I’d been with before, and while I had the urge to
slam into her and fuck her hard, I didn’t want to rip her or put her off
letting me near her again. Not her first time. “Fuck,” I muttered as I lifted
her off my mouth and shoved her back down to my waist. “Fuck!”

“Nate,” she panted, “I was so

“I’m a fucking ass, Sky,” I bit
as I flipped her onto her back and spun around to straddle her lap. I focused
on her confused face, rather than those swollen tits of hers and the bruises
from my ravenous attentions earlier that were already starting to show. “It’s
your first time, I shouldn’t be so aggressive and rough.”

“I’ll take you any way I can get
you, Nate,” she breathed sincerely, reaching for my jeans and undoing the
buttons with slightly trembling fingers.

“Not tonight. Tonight should be
tender and respectful. We have the rest of our lives for raw and wild. You
deserve to lose your virginity with me making love to you, not fucking you.”

“Does Nate Hudson know how to
make love?” she teased as she peeled back my jeans. I chuckled and shook my

“It’s a new concept to me, but
you’re worth it.” I leapt up and pulled my jeans and boxers off, stepped out of
them, and threw them into a heap on the floor as I gazed down at her. Christ,
she was so beautiful, lying there, offering herself to me, willing to give me
whatever I needed tonight with no thought of herself. “Spread your legs, baby.
I’m going to finish what I started.”

“Please,” she nodded with a
smile, bending her legs to part them and slide both feet down either side of

I fisted my cock as I stood over
her, squeezing it hard. It was going to have to wait awhile for its release.
She needed me. I sank down to my knees and moved back until I was lying between
her legs, so I could kiss her inner thighs and part her lips with my thumbs to
expose her. I slowly ran my tongue around her entrance as she pulsed, needing
something inside her. I obliged with first one, then two, and finally three
fingers, stretching her as I gently pumped, priming her. I looked up as I heard
a strangled cry and saw her reach up behind her to grip the edge of the sun
lounger, arching her back, her stomach and hips rising off it as she tried to
catch my rhythm. I pushed in and out of her fast, then slow, then pulled out,
taking a second to fuck her with my tongue or suck her clit gently, before
returning my fingers into her heated and sodden core.

“Nate, please, I’m so close, so …
close,” she moaned. I smiled and used the ball in my tongue to stimulate her
clit as I pumped my fingers inside her more firmly until she was sobbing, her
feet scrabbling for a grip as her muscles contracted and released. She
shattered into a powerful climax that ran on and on, and I didn’t let up,
forcing a number of orgasms from her, one after another, until her fingers were
tugging at my hair, trying to pull me off her. I was so turned on at her
response to me that I was close to coming with no stimulation at all. I slowly
sat back on my heels, licking my lips before dragging my forearm across my
slick mouth as she tried to focus her gaze on me, with a soft and loving smile
on her face.

“You sure you’re ready for this?”
I asked.

“More than ready,” she confirmed,
still trying to catch her breath. I nodded and went to reach for my jeans on
the floor to get the condoms I’d tucked inside them earlier. She grabbed my
wrist, circling it as she sat up. “No condom, as long as you’re clean?”

“I’m clean,” I confirmed. Getting
checked was one of the first things I’d done when we’d started dating. “But
what about you? I mean, I love you, but I’m not ready for a kid, Sky.”

“Jesus, me neither,” she giggled.
“I went on the pill a few weeks ago, after my birthday, so we’d be safe. I want
nothing between us our first time.”

“Oh, baby,” I sighed, full of
contentment as I clasped her face and kissed her softly. “Lie down then. I’ll
take it slowly, but you tell me if it hurts. Promise me, Sky.”

“I promise,” she nodded, settling
down on the lounger and taking a deep breath, then slowly letting it out.

I settled over her, holding my
upper body weight on my left hand as I took my cock in my right and guided it
to her lips. She moaned as I rubbed it up and down, coating my head in her
lubrication first, before finding her entrance and positioning myself. I
couldn’t remember feeling so excited, even when I lost my own virginity. I
sounded like a pussy, even to myself, but being in love with a girl and having
sex meant so much more than all those fucks that were just to get me off. I
wanted to please her more than I wanted my own release right now. She gasped as
I gently pushed, inserting my tip, gritting my teeth to feel her heat on me. Shit,
I’d never had sex without protection before. The feeling without was incredible,
so much more sensitive. I pushed again, feeling her tight ring of muscles
stretch to accommodate my engorged head, and it was my turn to gasp at the
amazing feeling as she cried my name and reached up to clutch my shoulders with
wonder in her eyes.

“I love you, Sky,” I uttered as I
pushed again, and felt her give as I forced my way inside her with a groan.




“Nate,” I cried again, gripping
his shoulders tightly, sure my nails were going to mark his skin. Feeling his
fingers inside me was nothing compared to being filled by his cock. I was
nearly hyperventilating, torn between the most intense pleasure I’d ever felt
and wanting to drag him deeper inside me, and a feeling verging on pain that had
me wanting to force him out. I gasped for air as I looked up at his face, his
green eyes full of emotion as he gazed down at me. He was inside me, I could
hardly believe it. He held himself still, letting my muscles pulse around his
girth, as if he was letting me adjust to the alien feeling of having something
so large so deeply embedded inside me. I shifted my hips, and he gritted his
teeth and hissed through them.

“Give me your hands, baby, up by
your head,” he ordered, a husky rasp to his voice. I let go of the cushions
below me and did as I was told, and smiled as he gently settled his weight on
top of me, reaching up to nudge his fingers through mine. I squeezed around
them tightly as he dropped his forehead to mine, our chocolate and lime eyes
merging, his lips hovering over mine. He slowly pulled back, not quite coming
out of me, the dragging motion of his girth over my sensitive nerve endings at
my entrance making my breath hitch.

BOOK: Torn
11.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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