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Traffic Stop

An Adventure, Twice




Lynn Chantale




This is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s
imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living
or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.




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STOP—OFF DUTY COPYTRIGHT 2013 by Lynn Chantale


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For all the couples who ever wanted to
spice things up, go ahead and try something new.




Table of Contents


In a night filled with passion, Kerry and Sarge will learn that
a mere traffic stop can pave the road back to lust and love.


Traffic Stop


would love to put the sizzle back in her love life. When she’s pulled over for
speeding, the last thing she expects is an instant attraction to the sexy cop
ready to write her a citation. There’s only one thing she can do to avoid the
ticket, and she makes Sarge an offer she hopes he won’t refuse.


Traffic Stop—Off Duty


had no problem taking Kerry up on her suggestion on how she could avoid a
ticket. Only trouble was, the brief time he spent with her was not enough.
Now off-duty, he plans to continue the negotiations,
armed with an arsenal of sex toys.


About Lynn Chantale




Traffic Stop




Red and blue lights flooded the rearview
mirror. “Great. Just great,” Kerry muttered, steering her BMW sedan to the side
of the road. On top of everything else today, she did not need another traffic

She shoved the shifter into park then
leaned over the center console to open the glove box and pull out the necessary
paperwork. Damn, her license was in her purse, which was in the trunk. She
hadn’t even been going that fast, at least she didn’t think so. A sigh left her
lips. It would not be good if she came home with another speeding ticket. Her
insurance had raised her rates once already and her husband, Adam, would not be
pleased if it happened again.

Maybe another ticket wouldn’t matter
when they were still arguing about their sex life, or rather lack of a
satisfying one. With another sigh, she dropped her head to the steering wheel.
Their intimacy had dropped to a paltry once a week, and even that was hit or
miss. She wanted something different, something exciting. An experience that
would take her breath away and leave her begging for more.

Early in their marriage they’d tried
many different things to keep the relationship fresh and new, but careers, kids
and familiarity now left her feeling like a well-worn pair of shoes, comfortable
and broke in. She wanted, no, needed her blood to tingle with lust, her pussy
to drip with desire and a man to worship her body. If he happened to spank her
a time or two, that would be okay as well.

Kerry checked the rearview mirror.
The officer approaching was tall and trim. In the deepening night, his faint
tan gleamed while the brass buttons and other metallic objects reflected the
light from the headlights of his patrol car.

How she loved a man in uniform! Adam
had looked so sexy in his, way back when, long before he’d risen through the
ranks to become a sergeant and wearing a uniform was no longer necessary.

What she wouldn’t give to see Adam
in his blues again. How often had he been late for a shift because she couldn’t
keep her hands from his utility belt? Or the countless times he’d fired his—she
smirked—personal weapon? At least one of their three children had been
conceived on his way out the door, but now all she had were memories.

A light tap on her window jolted her
from her reverie. No use fantasizing about bygone days. Maybe there was
something she could do with the present situation. With trembling fingers she
hit the window button and allowed it to roll down a few inches.

“Do you know why I pulled you over,

She twisted in her seat, trying to
catch the officer’s name tag, but the light he shone in her eyes prevented her
from seeing much of anything. “Honestly, no.”

“You were doing 55 through a school
zone. The posted limit is 25.” Disapproval hung in his deep rumbling voice.
Despite the censure, shivers of want washed through her at the rich timber. She
wanted to sit and listen to him all day.

She groaned and slumped in her seat.
Well doing thirty miles over the posted limit certainly wouldn’t look good. She
straightened. There was no way she could’ve been going that fast. “That can’t
be right.” She held her hand up against the glare of the light. “Are you sure?”

He lowered the light a fraction. Now
she was able to see his eyes were a deep emerald green. She could get lost in
the shimmering depths, and she loved his hair. A lock of sandy brown hair
flopped onto his forehead. She had an overwhelming urge to brush the curl back
in place. In hopes of curbing her impulses, she folded her hands in her lap,
twisting her wedding band.

“Are you calling me a liar, ma’am?”

Crap. “No, sir.” Aggravating the
officer was not the best way to get out of this ticket. “Can’t you let me off
with a warning or something? I really can’t afford another ticket.”

“License and registration please.”

“I need to get my purse from the
trunk,” she said. He probably wouldn’t let her get out of the car otherwise.

To her surprise, he opened the car
door. She swung her legs around and planted her sandaled feet on the loose
gravel. Before she stood, she pressed a little button and the pop of the trunk
was audible in the night. She glanced at the officer, liking the way the dark
uniform molded to his lean muscular body. How did he maintain his physique? Was
it long hours in the gym or just good genes?

Aware of the officer’s scrutiny,
Kerry added more sway to her hips as she sauntered to the back of her vehicle.
She glanced over her shoulder. He shifted, a hand on his weapon, while his
nightstick swung back and forth. She didn’t want to give him any reason to
shoot her, so she quickened her pace and retrieved her purse. After a moment of
rummaging through the bag, she withdrew her license then handed it to him.

While he looked over her paperwork,
she took in his square jaw and strong dimpled chin. A breeze tousled his wavy
locks. She really wanted to run her fingers through his hair. Instead she
twisted the wedding band on her finger. “Do you really have to write me a

He lifted his gaze. Speculative
interest gleamed in his eyes while a hint of a smile curved his full sensuous
lips. “If you don’t want citations, then maybe you should be a little more
careful about speeding.”

Properly chastened, she lowered her
head. “I know. I’m sorry. Surely you can look the other way.” She returned her
purse to the trunk. “I promise to watch my speed.”

He studied her a long moment,
lingering on the curvy swells shown by her low-cut dress. She resisted the urge
to tug at the revealing bodice, but there was little she could do about the heat
creeping into her cheeks or between her legs at his hot perusal.

“Stay put.” With that he walked back
to his patrol car then slid into the driver’s seat.

She chewed her lower lip. Great.
Just great. Now he would know just how many times she’d been pulled over.

Seconds stretched to minutes. What
if she’d missed paying a ticket and there was a bench warrant, or worse, she
was driving on a suspended license? Panic seized and shook her hard. She didn’t
think she could talk her way out of that.

Static crackled into the silent
night. She glanced at the officer. He still watched her. He had a hand to his
shoulder while his lips moved. Disconcerted, she squinted. Ah, his radio, and
he’s smiling. Hopefully it’s good news. He wouldn’t be smiling if he was going
to arrest her.

The low cadence of his voice drifted
to her ears, but his words were indistinct. She smoothed a hand down her short
yellow skirt. The little ruffled hem flared a moment before settling back in
place. She tucked a wayward curl behind her ear and leaned against the side of
her car, in what she hoped was a sexy pose. Maybe if she flashed enough skin,
he’d let her go altogether. She resisted the urge to stare him down. What is
taking so long?

“Copy that.”

Kerry blinked in the sudden
darkness. He’d turned the lights off on the cruiser. A door slammed, followed
by footsteps crunching across the gravel. Her pulse picked up as the wind
brought the subtle scent of musk to her nostrils. She sniffed appreciatively
and waited for the officer to approach.

He halted in front of her, close
enough to feel the heat of his body. She swallowed hard. There was just enough
light from the street lamps to illuminate the documents dangling from his
fingertips and the expression on his face. “It seems you make a habit of

She grasped the papers, but he held
tight. Kerry met his gaze and read avid interest in the clear green depths.

“I’m sure we could come up with some
sort of agreement.” He stepped close, his chest brushing her breast on each
inhale while he placed a hand on the car roof next to her right shoulder. He
leaned even closer. “Put your papers away and we’ll discuss terms.”

She studied him a moment. He was
actually going to take her up on her offer. Desire warmed her veins while she
fought down a sudden attack of nerves. When their fingers touched, a jolt of
awareness zipped up her arm. She focused on his eyes, and realized he’d felt it

Before her resolve could retreat,
she grabbed her documents and turned to drop them in her purse. When she stood
on tiptoe and stretched her arm to grab the trunk lid, his hard body pressed
into her back. She stiffened when he closed his hand over hers. Together they
pulled down the lid.

Warm, moist breath grazed her cheek,
while soft lips skimmed her ear. A shiver of anticipation eased down her spine
and tightened her nipples. He curved a forearm around her middle and hauled her
close. His erection wedged against her buttocks and she couldn’t help but
wiggle her bottom.

He held her in place and rolled his
hips. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Unless you want me to.”

She swallowed at the seductive purr
in his voice. It touched a need deep inside that she longed to have him

Not once did she think to struggle.
She was utterly alone on the service road for the nearby school, and since it
was summer, no one ever traveled this way. They wouldn’t be disturbed.
Excitement slinked down her spine and pulsed in her clit. Open fields and tall
privacy fences separated them from the nearest subdivision. Alone in the night,
with a sexy cop. This was definitely on her wish list.

His hand sidled over her belly and
up her ribcage to cup her breast. A sigh eased past her lips. Sensations she
hadn’t felt in a long time rippled through her body. She welcomed the slivery
tingle sparking through her veins.

“You smell very pretty.”

Her breath caught in her throat as
his other hand came around to fondle her breast. Each stroke was slow and
deliberate, as if he was learning what would bring her the most pleasure. She
closed her eyes, allowing the ember of lust to flare and ignite with each swipe
of his thumbs.

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