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First of all, I would
like to thank Patricia Garvin, who, completely out of generosity and kindness,
made this project possible by putting me in contact with Carol.


Second, but
not less important, I would like to thank my translator, Carol J. Coller, who
was so fast, gentle and efficient that made me want to write books only to have
them translated by her. I’m very happy and it has been beautiful, interesting
and fun working with you, Carol. So… thank you very much!


Thanks to my
dear friend Isa, for having been my first supporter and my personal trainer for
writing. Sometimes more a heartless slave driver than a personal trainer, but
the idea was to have me reach the end of this book despite my continuous
efforts to avoid doing so. I love you, Isa.


Thanks to my
friend Agente Sibox, because without her I wouldn’t have this beautiful title. If
she had left me to my own devices, this book would have been called, trivially,
“Olivia”, because the name of the main character is normally the only thing I
can think of.


Thanks to
another person I came to love recently, Azzurra, my graphic designer, to have
created this dreamy cover and to leave her wonderful creativity at my dispotic


Thanks to my
husband, for believing in me, for secretly reading everything I write and for
repeating often, “You just tell me when I can resign.” Tatins, I’m so sorry to
tell you, but I’m afraid you will have to wait quite a lot before quitting your


Thanks to
Francesca Diotallevi, Francesca Marchesi and all the people that gave me honest
and sincere opinions and advices on the original version – I’m sure your words helped
me improve this story.


A special
thank to Manuela Busatta, who commented and analyzed the book in every part,
dedicating a lot of time and attention to me. Thank you, Manu!


Thanks to you,
whoever you are, for having read until here and having given me a chance and
some of your time. 





A little note

The book
The Answer
is not in the Fridge
really exists. The most interesting concepts illustrated
Training in Love
come from this little jewel of a book. They are
creations or thoughts of mine. I used the Italian title of the book in the
novel, for several reasons that I will not explain in order to avoid writing
another twelve pages. Let’s just say that the Italian version is no longer available,
but you English reading people are lucky, because you can easily find it on Amazon,
under its original title,
Loving Yourself Thin
by author Patricia
Bacall. This is the most helpful book I have ever encountered in my life. It
helped me overcome my darkest moments, but I warn you, despite its small size,
it is not an easy book. It’s not that simple to put what it says into practice.
It requires a little time and a certain willingness to persevere. Now, having
written a whole novel and this little extra note, I think I have said enough. There
is just one thing that I feel compelled to underline: you have a responsibility
to love yourself, no matter your dimensions or your physical appearance. In
this, I wish you all the best.






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you can also find the Epilogue of Training in Love, from Andrea’s point of
view, and the play-list of the songs I listened to while writing.


BOOK: Training in Love
12.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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