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Authors: Ashley Bostock

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Trigger Happy (Girls with Guns, #2)

BOOK: Trigger Happy (Girls with Guns, #2)
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Trigger Happy

Girls with Guns, Volume 2

Ashley Bostock

Published by Ashley Bostock, 2015.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. April 23, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 Ashley Bostock.

Written by Ashley Bostock.

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Also By Ashley Bostock




























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Also By Ashley Bostock

About the Author



A little bit of you is in every one of my heros. Thank you for so many things. 



t was her twenty-first birthday and she was here. Finally. She had waited not so patiently for the day that she could legally come to this place. She walked down the hallway of the Silver Slippers Saloon, and second-guessed why she was doing this. The idea of coming here and doing adult-like things had sounded like a great idea during the interview process, but now she was extremely nervous. She made her way down the long hallway to the tenth door on the left, just as the hostess had instructed. How could she keep track of all the rooms when she was this nervous...excited? Okay, door number nine. That was nine, right? Not eight? Oh, why couldn’t there be numbers on the doors? Her fingers kept twirling her long blond hair round and round. How hard could it be to put a silly plastic number on the door indicating which room was which? Okay, ten. Amber was sure this was ten. A hundred percent sure? No, not completely. Reaching for the knob, Amber seriously considered backtracking and counting over. No! She could do this. It was this door. Opening this door would change her – she knew that like she knew her name.

With shaky hands, she opened the door.

Her breathing seized for a moment, the room was dimly lit just as the madam had told her. “Quiet!” she had instructed her, “treat it just like a spa as you, my dear, will not be the only one waiting for your knight in shining armor.”

Amber moved into the room with the grace and limberness of a cat. She quietly looked around, soaking it all up. Her breath caught in her lungs. Could this really be what she signed up for? Taking up most of the room on both sides of Amber were women kneeling on cushions. She bit back the laughter gurgling in her throat at the plastic serving numbers sitting on the floor in front of them. That way, when the man came to find his match, he knew which girl he was taking. She counted quickly - twelve women, all blindfolded; some wearing jeans, others wearing skirts. They silently beckoned her to join them.
Don’t judge us lady; this is what you are about to look like too.

The women appeared to be just like her – seeking an outlet for a life-long fantasy. Some were older, more mature women and some were young like her. They knelt with their faces pointed downward. Their hands crossed in their laps, black blindfolds covered their eyes. Every single one of them was waiting for a man to come through the door and stake his claim on their bodies for an entire night. None of the women moved. Their breathing looked relaxed. How was that even possible? She was certain they were all aware of her clumsy movements. Yet, they remained still, giving no indication that they knew she was in the room.

She found her restaurant serving number on the right side. Number fifteen. Ironic to Amber that they could spring for these numbers but couldn’t put any identification on the doors down the hallway? She found her place, like all of the other women and carefully put her black blindfold on over her head. Adjusting her black skirt, she got onto her knees just like the other women. She folded her shaking hands onto her lap, digging her fingernails into her palms. She could do this! She needed to do this. It was the only way she felt comfortable acting out her fantasy. She came here to spend the night in the arms of a man and a woman – secretly and anonymously. Don’t be scared. Her body was trembling but was it from being scared or trembling because she was excited? It had to be a combination of both – her body couldn’t take the anticipation. Her armpits felt sweaty. Did she remember to put on deodorant?

She didn’t know how long she knelt there. Her aching feet made her think forever, but her mind wasn’t so certain. Then, she heard his voice, “Number fifteen, you are with me. Lets go!”

He grabbed her arms and hauled her onto her feet.

“Don’t speak.” He tugged on her hair, pulling her forward. She was scared. Her heart was beating frantically inside her chest and her legs were about to give out. She tried to put one foot in front of the other, but she kept stumbling over herself. She was a wreck. Tears began stinging her eyes beneath her issued blindfold.

What was she thinking going along with something like this? He stopped suddenly. With her chin pointed up in the air, he spoke, “Be quiet, do you understand? You are coming with me.” The masculine smell of his cologne made her knees weak. His voice was so close to her ear; she could feel his breath on her neck. She could feel the promise of his lips on her neck - her imagination was intense. She was positive she could feel them!

His voice was low; she had to strain to hear him. But, she felt the power it held. She could feel the power all the way to her toes. She was experiencing a heady mix of fear and arousal. She tried nodding her head, but he still held firmly onto her hair.

“I understand,” she whispered.

He began pulling her along again. Grasping his arm, she tried keeping her balance as he led the way out of her room. She silently told her neighbors good-bye and had no choice but to be the ball to his chain. One thing that had her keeping her sanity was that she knew deep down they were in this together. He was going to play his part and give her exactly what she wanted. And she was going to give him her everything. She bumped into him again as he stopped. A warning would be nice, she thought. She heard the telltale sounds of a key in its lock followed by a door opening.

His hands grasped her elbows and guided her into the room, gently this time. He stopped her. His body brushed against her back.

“Here, Reina,” he said.

“What...” she stuttered, “what did you call me?” She immediately bit down on her lip as she was only supposed to answer questions, not ask questions.

The man chuckled, “A rule breaker, huh? It means queen.”

She felt herself being pushed up against a wall with her back to it. It felt never-ending but as she got ahold of her bearings, she could feel the circular curve of a column beneath her backbone. With her eyes still blindfolded, she was left to use her other senses.

He was tying her hands up, behind her, around this column. Her legs were still free. She moved the arch of her right foot up, getting a feel for the column. She then did the same with her left foot.

She heard the man chuckle again, “Inquisitive little thing, aren’t you? It’s a column or a post. I won’t hurt you,” he promised.

He sounded so in control, like he’d done this before, like he knew what he was doing. How did he know she needed his assurance? It was her heart, she thought. It was beating out of her chest. Her pulse hummed loudly within her mind. Of course he could hear it. He didn’t tie up her feet. Nor did he take the blindfold off.

“I will be right back,” he said abruptly.

Gage had to get out of there, fast. He knew if he didn’t, he would take that girl and fuck her until she couldn’t take it anymore and that was not part of this plan. Not yet, anyway. She was clouding his thoughts, her skin smelled like flowers. The same kind he used to pick as a kid. He couldn’t remember the name. He thought it started with an H or something. He had never smelled such a fragrant flower before, and here, in his wildest dreams, this beautiful blonde had the scent strung all over her body.

He needed to stay in control, he scolded himself.

What made him even more aroused was the fact that he knew more about her than she did him. She knew nothing about him. Whereas he knew she enjoyed dancing and yoga. He knew she was just getting ready to graduate college with a degree in Anthropology. But she knew nothing about him, except what her fantasy wanted and what she had requested. He didn’t know personal details about her, like her name or where she lived, who her family was or whether she was married. But he knew her sexual desires. He knew she wanted to watch a man and a woman. He knew she wanted to become a part of that desire. And he could not wait to give it to her.


eft alone in the room, Amber’s breathing began to return to normal. Her ears strained to hear anything but there was not a sound. Only her swallowing she could hear. Her wrists were starting to get sore. When she signed up for this kidnapping-type charade, it didn’t say she would have to sit here. No, stand here, for an undetermined about of time. Who in the hell did he think he was anyway? Did he think this was turning her on? Where did he go? She was starting to get royally pissed off when she heard the door swing open. She tried holding her breath so she could hear any movement. She couldn’t hear a thing! Suddenly there were hands on her.

“Are you ready? We won’t hurt you. Promise.” It was the man. He was promising this?! Her wrists hurt already. Oh how she’d like to tell him that. On the other hand, maybe that’s not exactly how he meant it...

“We just want to play.” A female! Amber’s tummy tightened in awareness. Her voice sounded actually quite sweet and comforting, she had to admit. Amber’s hands were sweaty. Her breathing was shallow and fast.

“We are going to take the blindfold off now, but we aren’t going to untie your wrists. Do you understand?”

Trying desperately to adhere to the rules, Amber nodded her head and whispered, “Yes, I understand.”

Suddenly the blindfold was off of her, but she couldn’t see. She blinked continuously, trying to get her eyes used to the light. She was so nervous. Finally, they adjusted and there in front of her, stood the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Her curly blond hair cascaded around her slender frame. In Amber’s dazed state it was as if her hair was billowing around her in the wind, like a halo. The woman’s lips were ruby red. She was tall, very attractive. That was when Amber realized the man was no longer there. Where did he go? She was dying to see him and he was teasing her. She wanted to ask the woman about his looks, about his height, his build, his age, but she didn’t. She swallowed her questions and focused on the goddess in front of her.

“Are you ready for some fun?” Venus the Goddess asked.

Amber hesitated. Oh God, was she? She had fantasized about this for quite a long time, probably since she was seventeen, and here she was finally doing it, but she was scared in such a way that she wasn’t sure if she was ready. The man’s voice was like honey in her ears but he was nowhere to be found and this woman...this Goddess, was staring at her expectantly, waiting for an answer.

She swallowed down the fear and pushed the words out. “Yes, I’m ready,” was the only response she could muster.

Amber took in her surroundings. The tall ceilings make the room appear impressively large. It was just like the room she had knelt in waiting for her knight. Minus the blindfolded women. There were apparatuses here and there – to tie someone up, she assumed. The largest bed she had ever laid eyes on, lay in the center of the room, draped in silver satin. Next to the ginormous bed was a Queen-style couch, as well as various nightstands that were placed strategically around the room.

Hmm, she idly wondered what hid inside all of those drawers. At the farthest side of the room was a closed door but she could see the light shining from underneath. Her heart rate sped up again and low in her belly came the unmistakable feeling of arousal. He must be in there, she thought. She hoped like hell he was attractive. He better fit, if not all, then most of the items on her checklist that she requested – tall, muscular, eyes that were any color but brown, sexy, no piercings – hey it was her fantasy wish list, right? Since this was going to be her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity she decided to go for it and request it all! Similar to the man, she asked for the blond with an ample bust. She didn’t know she was going to be paired with Venus the Goddess though. Her beauty was enough to make Amber want to throw a bag over her own face.

BOOK: Trigger Happy (Girls with Guns, #2)
7.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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