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Trojans MC, 6


Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2016




Chapter One


One year from


Daisy was in a fight, and Knuckles watched as the brother hit out at the other prospect. This was one of their many tests, and even Landon had been through this shit to become a full member. Standing beside him, Knuckles folded his arms and watched as the Prospect lashed out, slamming his fist against Daisy’s stomach. It wasn’t going to bring Daisy down. The prospect didn’t have enough upper body strength, and really needed to work out more.

“The little fucker’s not going to win,” Landon said, biting into a hot dog toward the end.

“All you do is eat.”

“Holly and Mary have been cooking up a storm for that food blog thingy. This bun is one of their creations, and fuck me, it’s damn good.”

“No one is going to fuck you,” Zoe said, coming up beside him. Zoe was Raoul’s old lady, and had happened to become best friends with Landon during his prospecting. They had also been in college together. “You look ugly with the way you chew your food.”

“Baby, leave the guy alone,” Raoul said, coming up behind her.

Knuckles watched the couple interact, and Landon had this grossed out look on his face. “You guys are gross.”

“What’s the matter, Landon? Not happy to see love?” Zoe asked.

Knuckles tuned them out, concentrating on the fight that was going down. Daisy slammed his fist, and the Prospect spun away, landing on the ground. The fight was over as the guy failed to get up.
Rick, that was his name.
Rick the Prospect failed to get up, and that was the end of that fight. There was no victory. Daisy walked over, and with the help of several club brothers, they carried Rick toward the clubhouse.

“Did you hear we’re bringing in a new piece of pussy?” Brass said, coming toward him.

“How are the other bitches handling it?” Knuckles asked. Whenever they voted in new pussy, the seasoned ones always had an issue. They didn’t like other women screwing their men, and also, the men liked to test drive the newbies. Several of the club whores had decided to leave the club, finding love with some civilian, which they didn’t mind. The club didn’t force them to stay. They only demanded loyalty. Bee, Lori, Emma, and Lilah were still around, and several others.

It had been a long time since he fucked one of the free pussies that was available to him. A certain blonde with startling blue eyes stopped him at every turn. Bethany, or Beth to her friends, had come into his life, and now he couldn’t shake off the need he had for her. The fire in his blood wouldn’t disappear. He wanted to fuck her, take her, control her, show her exactly how good it would be. The problem he had? She was Daisy’s sister, which wasn’t the only problem either. No, some fucker had date raped her two years ago, and it had made her skittish. Not only was that a problem, but there was also Daisy’s belief that Knuckles was deep into the Dom/sub lifestyle, which wasn’t exactly the case. In the past couple of months, he’d seen a change inside her. She no longer lived in the clubhouse. The apartment building where Crazy and Leanna used to live, Beth now lived there. She also worked in the Clinton Briars’ office. Clinton was a lawyer, and she was now his secretary.

Knuckles had gone along with Daisy to make sure that Clinton knew to keep his wandering hands to himself. So far, nothing, but then Clinton had other women he was more interested in. Beth was more like a sister to the lawyer.

“You’re not going to fuck this one either?” Brass asked.

“Not in the mood to get my dick wet.”

“Boys are starting to wonder if your dick is ever going to get wet again. Do you even have one?” Brass leaned forward as if to look, but Knuckles swatted him upside the head.

“Back off.”

“Dude, your dick is a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

“You’re giving me a biology lesson now?”

“Someone should.” There were a few seconds of silence before Brass opened his mouth again. “You’ve got to move on. Beth’s not ready for you.”

“Fuck off.”

“It has been well over a year. She not for you. Not to mention the fact she’s Daisy’s sister.”

“Holly was Russ’s daughter. He got over it with Duke, and Daisy will get over it with me.” He wasn’t backing down. Knuckles had known Beth wasn’t ready. It didn’t stop him from going by and seeing her.

Her apartment was filled with every part of her, her essence, her stuff. Every time he was there, he drank it all in, knowing it was enough for the time being. There would come a time when it wasn’t enough, but he’d worry about that later.

“What’s the woman’s name?” Knuckles asked, showing an interest. He wasn’t going to fuck her, but he could at least watch.

“Darla, she’s twenty-five years old, and moved here a month ago. Diaz says her story checks out.”

“And we’re trusting Diaz with our shit now?”

“No, you’re trusting me with this shit,” Duke said, coming toward them.

“You’re sitting in on it?” Knuckles asked.

Duke was seriously in love with Holly. Crazily so, as he’d even killed his first wife, who also happened to be the mother of Matthew, Duke’s first son before Holly came along. “Yeah, I am. Holly’s going to be there as well.”

“Who’s looking after Drake, and Bell?” Knuckles asked. Drake and Bell were their kids. Bell had been born in the last three months. The pregnancy hadn’t been as hard as Drake’s.

“Mary and Pike.”

“Pike’s missing this? He’s the VP. Shouldn’t he be here?” Brass asked.

“They’ve been having a few troubles lately.” Duke turned away, looking around the back yard, probably for his woman.

Knuckles was aware of the problems between Mary and Pike. He’d stumbled onto them having heated words a few weeks ago, but it looked like there had been trouble in paradise for a long time. The couple had an interesting relationship to start with. Mary had had a crush on Pike. Pike had fucked her, and left her. Mary had been ready to move on, but ended up in an accident. Pike had come to her defense, we’ve all heard this story before. Of course, Pike wasn’t happy with Mac, the guy who owned the diner in town, and happened to have a sweet spot for Mary.

Knuckles wasn’t going to get involved in their lovers’ quarrel. He had other important things to do. Holly rushed to Duke’s side, and he paused to watch the couple as they kissed. Damn, they had been married for a few years now, and the romance between them hadn’t died down, not one bit. In fact, it looked like it was getting hotter.

Finally, they broke apart, and Knuckles followed them into the clubhouse, about to watch Darla become the property of the club.

Taking a seat at Duke’s table, Knuckles nodded to another prospect to get him a beer. Rick was still passed out, and Knuckles couldn’t remember this guy’s name. Barman, that’s what he’d call him. The fucker was always serving at the bar anyway.

“I’m not sure I want to see this,” Holly said.

“You wanted to see it, baby. I’m not touching her. You know that,” Duke said.

“This your first time seeing this kind of initiation?” Knuckles asked.

“Yeah, and right now, I feel sick.”

“The brothers won’t rape her, Hols.” Duke wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “You see this, and you’ll understand. Any woman wants it to stop, or to wait, the guys back off.”

“What will I see different?” Holly asked.

“You’ll see the woman begging each man to fuck her,” Knuckles said. “She’ll be begging for it.”

He’d taken several of the club women, including Lori. There was a time he’d loved this part, fucking a woman, and watching his brothers pleasure her. Then of course, he’d been involved in watching a few of the ceremonies with the old ladies, and there was just more. He didn’t know about his brothers, but for him, when the brothers each took their own women, he felt like an outsider. Some of the women had been nervous, but the only guy they had wanted was right between their legs, holding them. There was this attraction, a connection that defied everything he’d ever known. He’d only ever been allowed to watch, never touch, never to feel what they were feeling, just a detached part of it all.

Darla came strutting in, swinging her hips. She was a nice woman, very sexy, very sensual, and knew exactly what she wanted. Walking right up to Brass, she stroked a finger down his back, and moved so that she was in his arms. He’d seen the move several times to the point that he wasn’t affected by it anymore. Darla kissed Brass, trying to take the lead, but Brass was not known for letting any woman have the better of him. He pinned her against the wall, taking control of the kiss, consuming the both of them as he took what he wanted.

For a long time, Knuckles took what he wanted. He’d have taken Beth if only she’d given him a sign that she wanted it. He wanted her so badly, but she wasn’t ready, not for him. Not yet.


Beth stared around the clubhouse. She had moved out, but she loved coming for the parties. Before crap happened with Benedict she had loved partying, being around people, and basking in that feeling. She wasn’t drinking. No, she was standing in the back, watching as Brass led a now naked Darla to the pool table. Prior to her attack, she’d loved to party. No one could get her away from a good dance and drink. Maria, her best friend, had hated it. Out of the two of them, Beth had been the partier while Maria had been the stay at home studier.

Now, Maria was the stay-at-home mom, and Beth was … something.

She wasn’t part of the club, and yet she wasn’t part of anything else. It had been a couple of years since her attack, and still, she couldn’t bring herself to live. Living had failed her once before, and she didn’t want to relive that experience. Glancing into the room, she saw Knuckles sitting at Duke’s table, drinking a beer, and watching the show.

Looking toward the woman splayed out on the table, Beth had to wonder what he was thinking. Darla was fingering her wet pussy, sliding two fingers inside her cunt, and pulling them out to swirl across her clit. Even all the way over here, Beth heard Darla’s moans. What would it be like to be that open with someone? Beth knew all about the club traditions, the way they took their old ladies, and the club whores. Leaning against the wall, she pressed her thighs together as she watched Brass cover his dick with a condom and then move toward Darla. He slid between her wet folds, covering the latex in her cream, and found her entrance. Slowly, he slid inside, and Darla gasped.

“Oh, baby, you’re so big.”

Keeping her thighs pressed together, Beth folded her arms as her breasts became heavy. She would love to be on the receiving end of that kind of possession, but there was only one man she truly believed she could trust more than anything.

Looking toward the table, she frowned. Knuckles was missing. Where did he go?

“Do you like watching them fuck?” he asked, whispering the words against her ear. She hadn’t even heard him come up behind her. When she made to turn around, he stopped her by banding an arm around her waist and holding her still. “Do you see how much she’s loving Brass’s cock?”


Beth sounded breathless, needy, and damn it, she wanted to be the woman there. Only, she didn’t want Brass. She wanted Knuckles. He was the only one she wanted. The brothers of the Trojans MC had all built up her trust. She was Daisy’s sister, and they wouldn’t hurt her, not ever, she knew that.

Knuckles, he was different. He never treated her with kid gloves. In his eyes, she was Beth, not “Beth who was damaged”, or “Daisy’s sister”. She was her own self.

“Brass is going to finish soon, and when he does, there’s going to be another brother to take his place.”

“How can the old ladies stand this?” she asked.

“Easy, none of their men touch the club whores. They don’t need to.”

Knuckles stroked her stomach, and she found herself closing her eyes as he touched her. The feel of his large hand against her made her feel safe. He protected her, and she knew no one else was ever going to hurt her, not now, not ever.

He was a large man, a fierce man. Looking behind her, she bit her lip as his dark brown eyes stared right down at her, going deep into her soul. He wouldn’t let her hide from him. His hair was dark brown, and some had fallen across his brow, making her want to push it out of the way. Knuckles stood at over six feet, thick muscles … everywhere. She’d seen him lift a man up and throw him to the ground.

Now those arms were wrapped around her, and she didn’t want him to ever let her go. Was she wrong to want this so badly? He called to her in ways no one else ever could.

Brass groaned, pulled out of Darla, and stepped away. Next Bertie took his place, and she watched as Darla took him without even batting an eyelid. She continued to finger her pussy, and Knuckles’s hand moved down a little from Beth’s stomach. She gasped and bit her lip, trying to contain her excitement of having him this close.

“No other man would ever be allowed to touch you.”


“No. You’ll be mine.”

BOOK: Trust (Trojans MC Book 6)
13.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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