Twin Ties 2: Twin Affairs

BOOK: Twin Ties 2: Twin Affairs
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All Evan Savage wants is a quiet night
at the bar, waiting for his boyfriend, Alek Popovic, to finish his shift; what he gets instead is a nightmare. If Evan thought his life was complicated when his biggest problem was his tangled, complex sex life, it becomes infinitely more so once one selfless act ends in terrible violence. With life hanging in the balance, closely guarded secrets about the nature of Evan’s relationships, not only with Alek, but Alek’s identical twin brother Luka and Evan’s own twin brother Brennan, are threatened. Family is notified. Questions are asked. Suspicions are raised. The four young men’s relationships with each other begin to unravel as carefully drawn boundary lines are crossed again and again. The foursome must question the nature of their commitments to each other, what they each want and what to say to those relentlessly demanding the truth. When the most dangerous thing you can do is admit to whom you love, and selfishness and jealousy are luxuries you can no longer afford, brutal honesty is both salvation and damnation.

Twin Affairs
Twin Ties: Book 2
Lynn Kelling



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© Lynn Kelling, 2014

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Cover Art: Photos by Migfoto at Dreamstime
Production Editor: Erika L Firanc
Proofreading: JhP323 and Kaye O’Malley

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This book is a work of fiction which contains explicit erotic content; it is intended for mature readers. Do not read this if it's not legal for you.

All the characters, locations and events herein are fictional. While elements of existing locations or historical characters or events may be used fictitiously, any resemblance to actual people, places or events is coincidental.

This story is not intended to be used as an instruction manual. It may contain descriptions of erotic acts that are immoral, illegal, or unsafe. Do not take the events in this story as proof of the plausibility or safety of any particular practice.

For Rose, with respect and love. Never say never.


1. Good Gone Wrong

2. Aftermath

3. Shaken Up

4. Initial Implications

5. Afraid to Touch

6. Undone

7. Illicit Activity

8. Splintered

9. Up from Down

10. Best Intentions

11. Bad Boy

12. Screwed

13. Your Baby No More

14. Pressured to Please

15. Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Party

16. Knowing Brennan

17. Different but the Same

18. Brutal Honesty

19. Defiance

20. Losing Evan

21. Hard Truths

22. Forced and Bound

23. Hit and Run

24. Lost

25. Incomplete

26. Time to Choose

27. Ending, Beginning

28. Letting Go

29. Home

30. Knowing You


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Chapter 1
Good Gone Wrong

In a seedy bar in the rough part of town, eighteen-year-old mechanic Evan Savage nursed his beer and kept to himself. The place was packed with dangerous-looking clientele openly carrying their preferred means of self-defense, hiding their intentions more carefully than their weapons, under beards and biker gear. There were few women and even fewer young men, so the slim, pretty-faced teenager dressed in nothing but well-worn jeans and a blue t-shirt stood out like a shout in a quiet room.

Evan tolerated his prettiness with reluctance. He bore it as more disfigurement than blessing since it had always drawn mostly the wrong kinds of attention—flirtatious gestures from equally pretty girls he wasn’t attracted to, or ugly boys wanting to beat the good looks out of him. In that particular bar, his age and appearance were the two things most likely to get him in trouble, so he stayed silent and tucked away in darkened corners.

Evan was only at the bar because his boyfriend, Alek Popovic—older than him by seven years—had to work late at his unsavory job there. In order to be close to Alek, and also have some time to himself, Evan offered to hang out until Alek had finished his shift. The plan was to drive back to Alek’s house afterward and crash there for the night. If they were patient, they’d get to have a few hours alone together after a long day. As an added bonus, Evan and Alek’s identical twins, Brennan and Luka respectively, would benefit from some alone time of their own.

Though Evan and Alek had only met because of a random hook-up in the bar’s bathroom a few months earlier, against all odds, their relationship had developed depth and meaning for both of them. Now, they were committed to each other. Evan had finally gotten to experience what it was like to tell someone, who wasn’t family he loved them and have the sentiment returned in kind.

He loved Alek. Alek loved him, too.

But, it was complicated. In fact, to say it was complicated would have been an understatement. Ever since Evan and Alek began seeing each other, they’d rarely been together without other people around.

Logistics were part of it. Alek lived with his brother, Luka, and two other male friends—Presley Owens and Carter Raed. Evan lived with his brother, Brennan Holt. No matter where they were, someone else was usually there, too. That left them with the options of seeking solitude out in the fields beyond Evan’s home, at local make-out spots, or coping with company.

If that was all, it would have been challenging, but manageable and normal. Evan’s situation with Alek, however, was far from normal. Months ago, the lines cleanly dividing the two couples began to blur. It was no longer simply Evan and Alek, Brennan and Luka, two distinct pairings—distorted mirrors of each other. It was the four of them, together, in almost every sense. Evan had been intimate with Brennan in ways he had a tough time facing in the light of day. But, since Alek and Luka had had an equally intimate relationship with each other for years, it was accepted and allowed as yet another form of deep-seated affection.

The ramifications of having a lover’s closeness with his twin had only begun to settle upon Evan. As someone who had struggled with depression for years, Evan had been trying not to question the path he had begun to follow. He simply put one foot in front of the other blindly, hoping disaster didn’t wait around the next bend, though certain at the core of his being it did.

Evan hadn’t known Brennan existed until very recently. When their mother died, their father decided to finally tell the truth and introduce his sons to one another; young men who had been previously ignorant of the fact that they had an identical twin in another part of the country, raised by an estranged parent. For Evan, Brennan wasn’t a sibling. He was a stranger who had suddenly entered his life, creating chaos.

They’d had sex in front of each other, they’d had sex
each other, and they’d grown to love each other in non-traditional ways.

More recently, Evan and Brennan found themselves crawling into bed together when sleep initially eluded them, quickly dozing off once they were cuddled up, before anything more could happen. They didn’t kiss. There was, admittedly, more touching than was typical for brothers, when passing in the hall or in the kitchen getting something to eat, whether it was fingertips trailing over clothed skin or a quick embrace. They were happy with that much. A strange balance had been created by each of them giving up the most intimate part of themselves to the other, doing the unthinkable in defiance of their upbringing and the lies surrounding it.

Sexual intimacy had lent a sense of permanence and devotion. It had given them a peace long sought over the course of their whole lives. For Evan, Brennan wasn’t
a brother. He was so much more than that. Needing Brennan, and being needed just as intensely by him, made Evan feel more complete than he ever had felt. The terrible emptiness which had plagued him, causing untold mental distress, provoking Evan to go so far as attempting suicide at the age of fourteen, was miraculously lifted.

However, the atypical closeness between the brothers was also the reason for Brennan’s request for an evening alone with
boyfriend, Alek’s twin, Luka. Brennan and Evan both were secretly worried they’d crave each other’s presence and it would intrude on Luka and Alek’s happiness. Evan knew Brennan had promised to put Luka first, so he allowed Brennan to try to do exactly that.

Evan played pool and sipped a single beer, lingering in quiet spaces apart from the press of restless, testosterone-fueled energy.

He watched the crowd and the clock. Alek was hidden away on kitchen duty and not even available as eye candy, working behind the closed kitchen doors instead. It was partially because of Evan’s boredom that he noticed a man almost as young as himself scanning the room. Evan was careful to avoid the guy’s searching gaze, knowing what the intent was from previous personal experience—he was looking for a hook-up. Evan had tried the very same thing himself, after all, not too long ago in that very place.

After a while, the guy appeared to have success with someone. He headed out a back door to the parking lot, followed closely by the man whose eye he caught, and Evan was happy for him.

Not seconds later, though, a few more men, huge and burly, followed the pair out.

Evan was instantly concerned. He spared a moment to consider telling Alek, but decided there wasn’t time and ran out the back door after them. His plan was to check if anything was wrong and, then, if there
something wrong, to duck back inside for help.

It might have worked if one of the men wasn’t watching the door.

As soon as Evan pushed the door open, he was grabbed by someone waiting outside.

A hand wrapped over his mouth, muffling his yell of alarm as he was pulled away from the building. There was shouting from farther away, on the other side of the parking lot, but Evan didn’t manage to make any of it out. All he knew was, right in front of him, the young gay guy who Evan had been idly watching was getting the living hell beaten out of him by two of the men who had followed him outside.

It started with repeated punches to the guy’s stomach until he doubled over. Then, his feet were kicked out from under him. He crumpled to the pavement where brutal kicks were delivered to his head, legs, back and torso.

Horrified, terrified, Evan fought the man holding him, bucking and kicking. He clawed at the hand on his mouth and screamed from behind the rough, sweaty palm.

Time slowed to a crawl. Everything started to happen in slow motion. The men cheered each other on, yelling, pumping their fists in the air, jumping around the body on the asphalt.


“Kick him harder!”

“Teach him a lesson!”

“I’m gonna knock his fuckin’ teeth out!”

Evan bit down as hard as he could on the hand wrapping his mouth. He actually slipped free for one brief moment, darting back to the door he’d come through. His hand was on the handle when he felt a hard punch.

Sharp, exquisite pain flared in his gut.

Stumbling backward, Evan fell back onto his ass and looked down at himself as someone towered over him, his face in shadow.

A knife handle protruded from the side of Evan’s stomach. He moved to pull it out with trembling fingers, but that was when the first, pointed kick to his face connected, and it all turned to darkness.

BOOK: Twin Ties 2: Twin Affairs
10.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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