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Twist (Siren Publishing Allure)

BOOK: Twist (Siren Publishing Allure)
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Fredek Manard is young, rich, self-assured, and impulsive. After a single date, Lana is consumed by his love and drawn into his erotic sexual desires. Fredek informs her that she is moving in with him, and three weeks later, he asks her to marry him. Their life together is a fantasy, nights and days spent making love in his "dungeon" or outside in his private garden, surrounded by miles of forest. It’s an illusion that ends, as Fredek grows weaker.

Rolf Manard is Fredek’s twin brother who lives in California. As Fredek grows more ill, Rolf spends ever more time with his brother and Lana. Rolf is bolder, charismatic, and shares his brother’s love of creative, torturous sexual delights.

With Fredek’s last breath, he gives Rolf his greatest gift, his greatest love, Lana.

Lana is caught between love and grief as she and Rolf deal with the barrage of stressful events in the aftermath of Fredek’s death.

BDSM, Contemporary, May-December

96,252 words








Kat Barrett










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Chapter 1


Lana dropped into the chair, exhausted. She had spent three weeks sorting through boxes and drawers of Joe’s things. Her husband had been a bit of a hoarder, and it had taken her seven months to sell off or give away the larger items. Then had come the task of getting his daughter to go through his clothing and personal items. Lana now had to get rid of what remained.

She opened Facebook, going to her homepage to see how Maria had replied. Maria was a good friend, but she had set Lana up on a date the night before, and the result was a disaster. Maria had posted a question to her wall that evening.
How was your date?

Lana had replied, before going to bed,
OMG how could you set me up with someone older than me? Boring X10. I’m so glad that he informed me that he “wouldn’t have a Facebook account if his life depended on it.” The man whined about everything. His ex, his kids, his job. I wasn’t dressed well enough for the restaurant “not.” (He was way overdressed!) He hated the meal and the restaurant (his choice). Then had the nerve to get miffed that I didn’t give him a kiss or invite him in. I ain’t exactly prime rib anymore, but I ain’t settling for chuck roast either.

Maria’s reply was,
LOL talk to you later.

Maria had sent her reply, and since the entire thread was a public post, Lana sat reading the litany of comments from their friends. Lana replied to a few of them and then went back to the main page. There was a “1” over her friend request, and she clicked on it.
Fredek Manard has requested you as a friend
, with a personal message attached.
Hi Lana. You don’t know me. My brother Lee is a friend of Nancy who is a friend of Maria. Anyway. I read about your date and cracked up. My wife died of cancer a year ago, and I have gone on a few dates with equal results. I loved your profile photo and have to disagree about the prime rib. If anything you are wild, free-range filet minion. I’m into organic. I like interesting edibles to begin raw and tasty as nature intended. When cooking, I have found that it’s the ingredients we add that spice things up, and of course, I always like help in the kitchen. Fred.

Lana sat back, reading the message over a few times. At face value it was innocent enough, but the undertones could be taken as vulgar or erotic depending on her state of mind. She added him as a friend, going to his homepage and grinning broadly. If Lana had written a list of things she liked and disliked in a man on her Facebook profile, she would have thought that Fred had copied it word for word.

Lana read what he’d written about himself.
I like to travel or stay home and work in my garden as the mood strikes me. I have a huge dragon fountain, which I love to sit and watch. I like to cook and love to experiment with new food. I try to only eat organic eggs, dairy, fruits, and veggies and to stay away from gluten. I prefer free-range meat. I like to play interactive video games, and I am a warrior by trade. Only kidding. I’m a freelance computer nerd who repairs corporate glitches when no one else can figure them out. It doesn’t pay too much, but I love doing it.

The final comment struck her as odd. She had always thought that computer troubleshooting jobs paid well, but Lana didn’t care about money.

She sat back, looking up at Joe’s photo. Their relationship had changed over the years, and what had once been a fiery romance had slowly morphed into a compatible friendship. She missed his presence and had initially mourned his death, turning into somewhat of a recluse, until her friends had irritated her into dating.

Lana was also leery of getting involved with anyone because she had accumulated quite a nest egg between Joe’s life insurance and a lawsuit against the drunken truck driver who had killed him. She had also made a few wise investments over the years of their marriage, and she had heard many horror stories about a woman getting conned out of her life savings. But…being cautious didn’t mean that she couldn’t have some fun.

She scanned through Fred’s photos and stopped on one where he was standing in front of his beloved fountain. He was enticing, his eyes the most amazing shade of lime green, his light-blond hair streaked with amber. He had high cheekbones and a perfect nose that wasn’t too narrow or wide. His jawline was masculine, but not in a way that made him appear gruff or dangerous. An incredibly honest smile lit his face like a ray of sunshine, and Lana stared at the photo, analyzing it.

She scrolled down to his age and chuckled. “Damn, he is only thirty-three. I may look thirty-five, but I’m not. C’est la vie. He will check out my page and dart when he notices that I am forty-five. What a hunk! I would love to do some cooking with him. Sorry, Joe,” she added, looking up at his picture. She released a snort of laughter at herself and closed his page, returning to the homepage to open up Farmville. It was her favorite game. Lana had a large variety of animals and had mastered many of the farm crops. It was amusing and often challenging to get the needed items to complete quests and win new items for her farm.

She was checking to see what items she still needed to ask her friends for when a popup sprang up in the bottom corner of the screen with a very sexy photo of Fred next to it. He was standing on top of a mountain, his shirt off and his well-muscled thighs evident below a pair of cutoff shorts.

Hi Lana.

Hi Fred.

Thanks for the acceptance.

You are welcome. I like the new photo. Did you check my homepage out?

Yes and yes. And you mine?

Yes. Did you note my age?

So what? You’re not old enough to be my mommy.

Lana laughed at the comment.
LOL. No I’m not. I was just making a note to you.

Noted. I don’t care.

She ran her tongue over her teeth, reluctant to let him know that she was interested in him. She found him charming, and he was amazing to look at. Thinking aloud, as she often did, Lana asked, “I wonder if he is really that hot? Only one way to find out.” Laughing at herself, she wiggled against the heat in her groin and then took the leap.
I’m bored and hungry. Have you had dinner?

Nope. I live in Ridgefield. Meet you @ the Lobster Pot…in say…an hour?

Cool, but I am not a bar cougar.

Didn’t think so. Ciao.

Lana shut the computer down, her heart racing. With a nervous combination of terror and anticipation, Lana hopped in the shower. The day had been unusually hot and she wanted to look her best for her first date with Fred.


* * * *


Fred was leaning against a dark-blue Smart car with a roiling waterfall painted on the side. The spot next to his was empty, and Lana spun her Yaris and backed into it. He was exactly as his Facebook photo indicated, and she watched him as he walked around to her side of the car. Fred opened her door gallantly and then held out his hand to help her out. Lana accepted and smiled as he tilted his head, examining her. “You are as beautiful as your photo.”

BOOK: Twist (Siren Publishing Allure)
10.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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