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Unbridled Temptation

BOOK: Unbridled Temptation
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Montana Double Riders 1

Unbridled Temptation

Jocelyn Demarco has gone to great lengths searching for her runaway sister, including something she swore she’d never do. Taking a single day off to relieve some stress from her journey and also to enjoy her passion for history in an Old West–themed town, she finds sexy cowboys Kendall Forrester and Logan Pearson and can’t keep her lips off of either man. They take the occasion to tie her up and control her sexual bliss, teaching her about the pleasures they enjoy. Being bound and blindfolded becomes her newly discovered satisfaction.

Confirmed bachelors Kendall and Logan never thought they’d find a woman who would make them ache at her departure. They’ve never wanted to settle down until Jocelyn came along. After she leaves, they discover her deception. Will their wickedly dark and sexy lifestyle intrigue Jocelyn enough to come back to Montana for another taste, or will the secret they’ve discovered keep them from trusting her to pursue a future?

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

60,715 words



Montana Double Riders 1






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Montana Double Riders 1



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Enclave, Montana


Kendall Forrester clenched his fists, resisting the virulent urge to strike his computer, and to keep pounding on it until he’d reduced the entire machine into pieces the consistency of sand. His premium—and supposedly secure—defense system for the private compound where he lived had been hacked.
! Without even checking a file, or a single security report detail, he took a deep breath, calmly retrieved his cell phone from his front pocket, and called his little brother.

Clay had been largely responsible for helping him construct and place the state-of-the-art system. His brother was legendary, and often named as one of the top security men in the business, if not the very best. With today’s debacle, Clay was apparently not good enough. Because being hacked wasn’t supposed to even be an option with this system. Not ever. And certainly not without a clear trail to the perpetrator. He didn’t know what made him angrier, that someone had dared to hack him or that he didn’t know who it was. Both were equally abhorrent in his agitated state.

Unable to reach Clay after several redials using various phone numbers his equally secretive brother used, Kendall then resisted the urge to squeeze the life out of his phone. Crushing his electronic equipment into unusable scrap metal wouldn’t help the situation. He knew this. But destroying something to quell his anger, while very satisfying in the short term, wouldn’t really diminish his ire. Plus, then he’d have a bunch of useless broken things.

What he really needed was some good old-fashioned, dark and dirty sexual activity to calm his raging nerves. Pounding his cock into a willing submissive woman, bound up for his pleasure and ultimate control, might be the only thing to take the edge off. If only he had a wife or, better yet, a regular female partner for this activity. But he didn’t. He didn’t have the time to nurture a relationship with a wife. The world he’d constructed for himself kept him very busy. Too demanding to tend to a serious commitment.

Besides, he always shared women with his best friend Logan Pearson. He liked ménage sex with no strings attached. Although, they hadn’t found the time to acquire a sexual partner for a threesome romp lately. That had likely been a huge tactical mistake. An even bigger one given his current rage monster outlook on all things electronic.

Kendall sat down, took another deep breath, and called a friend of his brother’s, a man named Dalton. He left a message with Dalton for Clay to call him, but didn’t give any details as to the reason. He’d save that diatribe earful for his brother.

The private walled compound was where all the rich cadre of Old West Town owners lived. They all expected a certain level of privacy and security in this neighborhood. There had certainly been more than one adversary who’d tried to gain access either to voice a deeply held concern or to make trouble. Up to now, all of them had been thwarted and dealt with by the law.

As one of these owners, Kendall took very seriously the responsibility of keeping intruders out, cyber or otherwise.

The door to his office opened and Logan stuck his head in. “Did you find out who hacked the compound security firewall?”

“No.” Kendall was amazed the single syllable came out of his mouth so calmly. “I did not.”

Logan stepped inside and closed the door. “Well, did you get a hold of Clay?”

“No. Not yet.”

His friend crossed the room, seated himself across from Kendall in the other chair next to his desk, and smiled. “Do you want to crush something electronic into smithereens?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. But I’ve resisted. I know it won’t really help.” Kendall released a long sigh and with it went half of his anger. Logan could usually read his mind on any given day. Which was handy for many things, including ménage sex with eager, restrained women seeking temporary fulfillment and not permanent ties of commitment. Good, bad, or ugly, those were his chosen lifestyle parameters.

Unlike his brother Clay, who’d already been down the aisle once in wedded bliss and was actively seeking a second trip, Kendall liked being a bachelor and playing the field. He was lucky he’d found Logan to fuel their ménage sex fantasies, and who also felt the same way regarding permanence in relationships. Although, Logan was mostly hurt after the first love of his life had callously stomped on his heart years ago. He’d also once been headed toward the marriage path and all that entailed, but no more.

Elbow planted firmly on the armrest, Logan leaned his head on his fist. “If you do decide to go medieval on something digital, try to resist smashing the really expensive stuff, okay?”

“Right. Good idea. Thanks for that enlightening nugget of advice,” he said, not hiding his sarcasm.

Logan grinned. “Well, I can see my work here is done.” He stood up again. “Oh, yeah. One other thing I came inside to tell you. Remember that reporter—or blogger or whatever the hell he is—who was sniffing around here a couple months ago?”

Kendall nodded warily.

“Well, he’s back. And this time, he’s not sneaking around. In my opinion, he looks smug and that’s worrisome. So I thought you should know.”

“Great.” Kendall tilted his head back, stared at the ceiling, and wondered how this day could get any worse.

Then Logan frowned, his expression going deadly serious before he added, “Also, he’s telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s got undeniable proof that we’re running an illegal prostitution ring out of the Old West Town park saloon.”

Chapter One


Enclave, Montana—two weeks later


“The stagecoach leaves in five minutes. You’re lucky, you got the very last seat on the last run of the day.”

Jocelyn Demarco nodded to the ticket master with veiled delight, grabbing her ticket, receipt, and credit card.

She tucked the paper and plastic away quickly into her small flat purse. Looking at the scene before her with unconcealed awe, she studied the landscape. The “taste of the Wild West” that the scene revealed put lift in her spirit she’d lacked for quite a while. The ramshackle building before her looked like it was straight out of an old Western movie set. She couldn’t wait to experience this day.

She’d come to Enclave, Montana, to look for clues to the location of her runaway sister, but the lure of visiting an authentic piece of history was too exciting to resist. Her sister had been gone for a couple of weeks, following blindly the pie-in-the-sky musical aspiration of her boyfriend, Dean.

BOOK: Unbridled Temptation
6.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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