Undaunted Love (PART TWO): Banished Saga, Book 3.5 (40 page)

BOOK: Undaunted Love (PART TWO): Banished Saga, Book 3.5
5.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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Cast of Characters


Savannah Montgomery nee Russell
: Clarissa’s cousin and confidante, recently married to Jonas Montgomery, lives in the Back Bay

Jonas Montgomery
: wealthy New Yorker, Savannah’s husband

Lucas Russell
: Savannah’s brother, works at his father’s linen store, “Russells,” is a talented piano player

Martin Russell
: father to Lucas and Savannah, uncle to Clarissa, owns and runs the linen store, “Russells,” store and home in the South End, near the Sullivan home

Matilda Russell nee Thompson
: Savannah’s mother and Clarissa’s aunt, sister to Agnes and Betsy

Betsy Parker nee Thompson
: childless, lives in Quincy, married to a wealthy man, free-thinking, cryptic comments, Matilda and Agnes’ sister, Clarissa and Savannah’s aunt.

Richard McLeod
: Gabriel’s middle brother, a blacksmith, friend to Colin

Florence McLeod nee Butler
: married to Richard, orphan, used to teach with Clarissa,

Jeremy McLeod
: the youngest McLeod brother, was in the Army, recently returned from fighting in the Philippines

Aidan McLeod
: uncle to the three McLeod boys, smart businessman

Sophronia Chickering
: feisty suffragette, lives on Beacon Hill, distantly related by marriage to the piano Chickerings

Sean Sullivan
: Clarissa’s father, a blacksmith, from Ireland

Mrs. Rebecca Sullivan nee Smythe
: Clarissa’s stepmother, has social aspirations

Delia Maidstone
: headmistress at the orphanage in the North End

Zylphia Maidstone
: Delia’s daughter

Mrs. Wright
: Cameron’s mother


Gabriel McLeod
: the eldest McLeod brother, a cabinetmaker, married to Clarissa

Clarissa McLeod nee Sullivan
: suffragist and former teacher, married to Gabriel, sister to Colin, works with Mr. Pickens

Colin Sullivan
: Clarissa’s brother, a blacksmith

Ronan O’Bara
: Matthew’s friend who works in the mine with Liam

Amelia Egan
: widow to Liam, was a schoolteacher, mother to Nicholas and Anne

Nicholas Egan
: Amelia’s son

Anne Egan
: Amelia’s daughter

Mr. A.J. Pickens
: works at the Book Depository

Mrs. Bouchard
: works on the Library Committee with her sister; considers herself a great arbiter of fashion

Mrs. Vaughan
: works with her sister, Mrs. Bouchard, on the Library Committee

Sebastian Carling
: mill foreman, befriends Gabriel

Cameron Wright
: was a suitor for Clarissa’s hand, remained in Montana


It’s an honor to write books and have fans eagerly awaiting the next installment. Thank you to all of my readers!

Thank you, Margo and Brian, for your unwavering enthusiasm and interest.

I couldn’t ask for more ardent fans than the Ladies of Somerset. Thank you!

To my dedicated, wonderful editors, Caroline, Gary and Denise at BubbleCow, thank you for helping me see plot holes and ways to enrich my story.

Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the work about the Banished Saga. A big Montana thank you to all of the wonderful internet book bloggers, especially Charlie, Punya, and Kayla. Thank you!

Finally, thank you to my family. Your endless patience as I discuss random historical facts, lose the thread of a conversation because my mind has wandered to a new plot point, or I disappear to write is priceless. Mil Gracias!

“There is a sacredness in tears.

They are not a mark of weakness, but of power.

They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.

They are the messengers of overwhelming grief,

of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.”

- Washington Irving (attributed)

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Reclaimed Love/ Ramona Flightner. — 1st ed.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9860502-6-8

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9860502-8-2

BOOK: Undaunted Love (PART TWO): Banished Saga, Book 3.5
5.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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