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* * * *

Jamie couldn't believe he was going back to Ty's apartment. No matter how familiar and attractive the man seemed, Jamie didn't know anything about him, really. For all he knew the guy really was a stalker who was out to beat him to death once they got inside. Or a gamer. Who knew what had really happened once he went to take his shower?

It was hard to believe that, though, the way Ty looked at him. The man was hungry, but Jamie didn't think violence or roleplaying figured into it. It was physical for sure, but not in a bad way.

Ty's apartment was just off campus, in a little wooded area that sat back against a creek. Boulder was cool that way, with little pockets of green and calm among the bustle. The interior of the apartment was all sustainable bamboo and saw grass floor mats, all of the fixtures low-slung and covered with pillows and cushions.

It was a little decadent looking, which almost seemed at odds with Ty. The neatness was no surprise, though. Ty didn't look like the kind of guy who would foul his own nest. It was a refreshing change from his and Anton's place.

"This is nice.” Jamie said, glancing around for dogs. He would have thought Ty would have dogs.

"Thanks. I have a German shepherd. His name is Rufus. He's at the vet today. He had to have a lump removed from his ear."

Jamie chuckled. “Wow, am I that obvious?"

"Pretty much, yeah. But this is Boulder. I was surprised Anton didn't have a dog. Want something to drink?"

"Only if coffee breath will offend you."

"Nope. Not a bit.” Like that was all the encouragement he needed, Ty stepped up and slid a hand up behind Jamie's head, just like in the chick flicks his sister liked so much. “Do you kiss?"

"Yes.” Jamie tilted his head back, lips open a tiny bit, inviting.

Ty took his mouth, bending to press his mouth open even more with a firm touch. It made Jamie gasp, because it felt like a little electric shock, the pleasure of it buzzing through him like he'd swallowed a bee.

"Mmm.” Ty treated him like dessert, like something yummy he'd gotten at the coffee shop. That mouth devoured his with a thoroughness that left him gasping. He raised his hands to cling to Ty's shoulders, his fingers digging into the soft cloth of Ty's T-shirt.

He could feel the amazing heat of Ty's skin under the shirt, the hardness of the heavy muscle. Suddenly Jamie wanted to see that heavy body, wanted to see if Ty was ripped, or if he was more like a forties movie hero, wide of chest and shoulder, yet smooth and flowing.

He slid his hands down, grabbing the hem at Ty's waist and pulling up. Ty helped, grabbing the shirt and tugging it off.

Oh. Oh, God. Jamie fought back drool, which was harder than a basset hound looking at bacon. Ty was put together like a modern-movie Greek god. He had hard shoulders, arms bulging with muscle, and pecs that most guys would kill for. The abs were ripped, but not weird looking. He was damned near perfect.

Jamie felt scrawny and awkward all of a sudden.

"Stop it.” Ty kissed him again, then again, easing his worry. “Let me see you, too."

His T-shirt disappeared, like whoosh. He fought the urge to cross his arms over his chest, which was helped by the admiration in Ty's eyes. “Nice. You're lean and pretty, man."

"Thanks.” All he could do was take a deep breath and reach out, putting a hand on Ty's bare chest. Crisp hair tickled his fingers, and he scratched a little, instinctively treating Ty like pack.

Ty's eyes crossed, his nipples going hard in seconds. “I like that."

"Me, too.” It was true, so he might as well own up to it. He grinned, scratching his fingertips over one nipple, watching Ty shudder. It was much easier to forget his insecurity when Ty was spreading those thick thighs for him, taking a wider stance to accommodate the bulge that rose up under the tight jeans Ty wore.

"Fuck, man, that feels amazing."

"I like your skin. It's really warm.” He stroked down over Ty's belly, fingers dipping under the waistband of Ty's jeans.

"I— uhn.” Ty reached out and picked Jamie up by the upper arms, like he was a dancer or an ice skater or something. The world spun a little, and before he could blink off the vertigo he was on one of the long couches, the cushions arresting his light fall.

"Hey.” Jamie shook his head, smiling at Ty, who had the good grace to look a little abashed.

"Hey. Sorry. I want to touch you, too, and I figured I'd fall."

"Just give a guy some warning."

"Okay.” Ty winked. “I'm taking my jeans off."

It was a good thing Ty had warned him about that or he might have passed out from sheer need when Ty skinned out of the tight denim. Christ. The man was fucking hung.

Jamie licked his lips. “Bring that here."

"Yeah?” Ty laughed, the sound a bark of pure joy, and brought him that long, hard cock, one big hand going underneath it to lift it toward his mouth.

He grabbed Ty's hips, encouraging the man to straddle him there on the couch. He was surrounded by Ty's scent, by hair-rough skin and muscle. The pressure on his chest was intense, but it didn't cut off his air or anything. If anything it made Jamie's erection harder, made him want Ty's cock even more. He opened his mouth, his tongue flicking out to touch the tip of Ty's prick, and the flavor hit him like a ton of bricks.


Ty was one of his kind.

Jamie closed his eyes, refusing to think about what that meant or how stupid he'd been not to see it. He refused to panic, damn it. This was too good to ruin right at the moment.

That would come soon enough.

Since he couldn't think of anything else to do, he sucked, letting his cheeks hollow out so he could pull Ty in deep. The tip of Ty's cock hit the roof of his mouth, and Jamie took a deep breath through his nose. That was wild, how good Ty tasted, how he wanted more. He hadn't expected anything like this at all.

Ty was moaning, hands on Jamie's head, gently at first, then holding his head in place while the man fucked his face. Jamie didn't think of himself as particularly beta, but there was something about Ty taking what he wanted that made Jamie hard as a rock.

They moved together, Ty really going to town on him, letting him have the full length and breadth of that amazing cock. It was hot. Real hot.

"Jamie. Fuck. Oh, fuck."

Jami would have smiled if he could. He could feel the tremors run through Ty's body, the man ready to go off for him. Boom. That would be fucking amazing. He pulled harder, closing his eyes so all he had was taste and feel and smell. That made it so much more intense.

"Jamie. Gonna.” Ty tried to pull back, but he fought it, letting his lips seal as far down Ty's shaft as he could. He tugged with his mouth, letting the whole thing get a little toothy, and bam.


"Fuck!” Ty curled down over his head, big body surrounding him completely for a moment. That was the hottest thing ever. It really was.

When Ty uncurled and pulled him up for a kiss, he had to amend the hottest thing award. Jamie figured Ty could taste himself on his tongue, which wasn't near as freaky as Jamie had always thought it would be when he read about it in the Nifty archive.

"God, you have an amazing mouth,” Ty murmured, licking Jamie's lower lip.

"You have an amazing dick. I could get used to being a size queen."

Ty barked out a laugh. “Cute. What do you need, man?"

"A hand, at least.” Jamie wiggled, and Ty got off his chest, helping him skin out of his clothes. He wasn't built or hung like Ty, but he wasn't ashamed of what he had, either. His cock was long, and he had a shock of dark hair down there that almost always caused a stir.

Ty reached down to tug at Jamie's curls. “Nice. I like it."

"Thanks.” Jamie spread like butter, determined not to think too much. That could so ruin the mood before he got off, and he wanted to get off so bad that his balls hurt. “Touch me, man."

"No problem.” Ty's fingers curled around his cock and moved up and down. The hold was a little loose, though, so Jamie reached down and squeezed his hand over Ty's.


"Mmm. I like a guy who knows what he wants."

"Me, too.” Jamie grinned, showing his teeth. “I almost blew when you grabbed my head."

"Yeah? I like it.” Ty started stroking harder, really giving what he needed.

That meant he could raise his hands and stretch out, grabbing the arm of the couch behind his head for leverage. He pushed up, his butt leaving the cushion so he could get more and more. The tip of his cock was wet with pre-come, his balls drawing up nice and tight to his body.

Ty pressed the tip of his thumb to Jamie's slit, making Jamie's toes curl. Oh, fuck. That was perfect.

"Again,” Jamie moaned, thrashing a little.

"Like this?” Ty did it again, harder, widening the tiny hole there just enough to sting. God almighty. The man should be a national treasure, hitting as many of Jamie's kinks as he had in like, five minutes’ time.

"Yeah. Yeah.” Jamie was chanting, his hips rising and falling with Ty's rhythm. He was so close he could feel static building in his fingertips, could feel the hair rising on his scalp. He held on, though. He had to enjoy this while he could. He'd just have to leave Ty's place after.

He didn't fuck around with pack. He really didn't.

"Come on, man.” Ty pressed the hand not around Jamie's cock to Jamie's belly, keeping him from humping so hard. The pressure put an extra tug into every thrust, put extra stress on his overloaded balls. When Ty pinged him again with the thumb maneuver, it was all over but the shouting. He shouted so loud, in fact, that he was hellacious grateful they'd gone to Ty's place and not his. Anton surely would have come knocking.

His lay there panting, his come all over his belly and Ty's hand, grinning at the ceiling.

The grin faded when Ty kissed him, muttering, “You're a hot little beta, baby."

"Thanks.” He pushed Ty aside and rose, searching for his clothes. It was time to get moving when someone started talking in pack language.

"Did I say something wrong?” Ty watched, sprawling naked on the floor.

"Nope. I just don't date other weres, man. Bad for the soul, or whatever."

The expression in Ty's eyes sharpened. “I wondered if you even knew."

"About me or you? Sussing you out took me longer to figure it out than it should have, I admit. If nothing else I get credit for assuming crazy Anton could never have found two of us in Boulder. Mainly I was just hoping it wasn't true."

Ty curled a hand around his ankle. “What's the big deal? It could be nice, not having to hide it."

"It could, sure.” He pulled his foot free. “That's mitigated by the fact that with you, I'd always have to adhere to pack structure. You alpha, me beta, and if I did something you didn't like, I'd pay for it."

"Hey, have I given you reason to believe I would mess with you?"

He pulled his shirt on, then his pants. “Nope. But you're an alpha wolf, man. You would do all sorts of shit out of instinct and not even mean to."

"Bullshit. You don't know me.” Ty climbed to his feet, which was a hell of an endeavor as big as he was.

Jamie tugged on the rest of his clothes. “Hey, I'm not trying to be a butthead. I just know me. I left the pack a long time ago.” He gave Ty a meaningful look. “So long ago that I didn't even know until I tasted you, okay? I just can't go back there."

Ty reached out to touch him, but Jamie danced out of the way.

'You're serious? You don't even want to try to get to know me?"

Jamie shrugged, his shoulders hunching up permanently halfway through. “I'm sorry, okay? I told you, I don't date other weres. This was fun, but I have to go."

He didn't give Ty a chance to reach out for him again. If he let those amazing hands that smelled like his come fall on his skin one more time, he might not be able to ignore the confused-moving-into-pissed expression on Ty's face.

"See you around,” Jamie said and high-tailed it out of Ty's apartment.

Too bad Ty was a wolf. Wolves were just on his automatic no list. Such a shame. If Jamie wasn't such a coward, he really could get to like the guy.

* * * *

Ty waited three days.

He spent the first day chewing on anything he could find. He started out with potato chips and moved on to rawhides once he went to the vet to get his dog Rufus. They loved to have a good duck-wrapped rawhide together, lying on the rug in front of the sliding glass door and watching squirrels.

The second day he drank coffee, which was totally out of character for him, and when he got the jitters he went jogging, cursing Jamie's name with every breath. Ty loved to run as a wolf, but jogging was for insane people.

The third day he went to the wolf sanctuary where he volunteered. It was a day to take blood samples, and having him there always seemed to calm the wolves. It was while he was watching the most beta male of the pack tuck his tail and duck his head that it occurred to Ty that as the alpha of the pairing it was his job to make Jamie feel safe, and his job to do the pursuing if anyone was going to do it. He was a good hunter, patient and prepared. Why couldn't he get Jamie if he wanted? He was going soft if he really thought that no meant no, especially from someone who could suck him off like that.


So Ty called Jamie's roommate, Anton.

"Hey, man, it's Ty."

"Ty. Oh! Hello, Tyler. I didn't expect to hear from you."

"No, I guess not.” He'd been pretty rude to the guy, really, showing up, refusing to game, watching movies instead of doing what Anton had clearly expected him to do. “I thought I'd see if you still wanted me to come by and roll up a character."

"I would very much, yes. I don't have anyone else coming tonight, but you could come make a character and then come back when I have a game going."

"Cool. Would you like me to bring anything?"

"Well, I like Coors. Jamie likes chicken wings with bleu cheese if you want any hope of Jamie coming out of his room. I swear under the moon, that boy has no social skills."

"Oh, hey, I'd hate to leave your roommate out. I'll drop by and get some wings on the way. And some beer for you, of course."

BOOK: Under the Moon
2.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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