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Scene One

Scene Two

One Too Many Drinks

Scene Three

In The Palm of His Hand

“Kiss Me”

Scene Five

Indecent Proposal

Scene Six

“I Fly Way Off Anyone’s Radar.”

Scene Seven

Transfer Approved

Scene Eight


Scene Nine

Scalded Ass

Scene Ten

A Walk in the Woods

Scene Eleven

The Key to Her Heart

Scene Twelve

Tell Me You Love Me

Scene Thirteen

A Walk in the Woods

Scene Fourteen

Pillow Talk

Scene Fifteen

Risky Business

Scene Sixteen


Scene Seventeen


Scene Nineteen

A Knock On The Door

Scene Twenty

To The Basement

Scene Twenty-One

Hitting The Highway

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A Call After Midnight
Ripped from a sound sleep, Alain answered the phone with a groggy, "Danvers here."
"Captain Danvers?" The throaty female voice seemed barely able to speak.
"Yes, this is Danvers."
"I'm sorry to bother you so late, sir. You must have been sleeping."
"Yes, like a baby, who is this?"
    "M-Meredith, Meredith Shaw, sir. From the office," she paused, and when he didn't respond, went on, "there's been an incident."
    Meredith Shaw… yes, the pretty brunette clerk in his unit. Long hair, lovely body, whimpering sort of female angst that had on more than one occasion caused his cock to engage. But not now. Not at two am.
    "Incident? Where? What is this about?"
    "I thought I should call you first. It's my roommate, Kat. She's disappeared."
    "You're calling me in the middle of the night about a missing person?" he gruffly barked, as he ran his hand through his thick greying hair.
    "No, sir. We think she's been kidnapped from…" she suddenly stopped.
    "From where?"
    Her voice quavered miserably as she replied, "The X Club, sir."
    "You're there now?" he was strangely aghast.
    "Yes, sir. I think you'll want to be here, too. I'm sure you'll be called about this…and I could have called the station first, but I thought I should reach you now, you know the discretion thing…" she was rambling on and he wasn't hearing very much of her confused blather, although he was finally getting his wits about him. Sitting up in bed helped.
    "Is Ms. Argentine in the vicinity, Miss Shaw?"
    "You know her, sir?"
    "Would you just put her on the phone, please?"
    There was a lot of shuffling about he could hear over the connection, as if the girl were walking. Then background voices and strange noises until he finally heard Ana Argentine's lush, unhurried pitch.
    "Alain this is Ana speaking."
    "Ana, it's the middle of the night…why this call?"
    "Been awhile, I'd say, hum?"
    "No personal revelations, please, especially not in front of Miss Shaw. Why is she calling?"
    "You'll want to be here, Alain," her tone less sumptuous now. "Kat Bloom is missing. Meredith's roommate."
    "And what's wrong with filing a missing person's report?"
    "The girl, the missing girl, she only took the name Kat Bloom about nine months ago when she had a falling out with her father," Ana paused, "but I rather not say more…not over the phone. I don't trust you or your department, not to have my place bugged. But you can trust, Captain Danvers, that your presence will be invaluable in this situation."
    "Yes, well give me a few minutes, in the meantime, try not to say too much in Miss Shaw's presence."
    "You have my word."
    "Yes. Right."
Meredith Shaw heard just one side of the conversation between Alain and the X-Club's owner Ana Argentine. But her curiosity was piqued. Her boss must get around if he knew Mistress Ana by name. Maybe it was right to have called him. But he didn't seem very happy about the situation. But then, maybe Meredith had just learned exactly what she wanted to know about the captain. Already her belly was feeling that familiar warm, squeamish rush she associated with her boss.
    Even in middle age with greying hair and a ruddy face, Alain Danvers was a handsome man. Not necessarily the kind to turn a woman's head. He was too closed, too curt for that on most occasions. But he was a man's man sort of police captain, observant, clear-thinking and decisive. Strong, broad-shouldered and direct. He could peer over his glasses with a stare to cause an underling to shrivel, or reflect his amusement with no more than the slightly raised eyebrow, and a turn of his lip. Only after a few beers, only after work on a good day, could his grim look become a real smile, or a real smile turn into a genuine laugh.
    On the other hand, Alain Danvers might be perfect for a woman seeking a dominant force to mature and guide her—which was probably why Meredith Shaw thought to call him first, before she called the station to report the crime. He might also have some tact considering the current situation in which she found herself—he would have found out sooner or later about her association with the X-Club. She couldn't hide that fact, not now. But despite the way Kat's disappearance was going to thrust her into the proximity of her boss, this had been a bad night, a very bad night.
    Kat was gone. She'd disappeared into thin air and Meredith believed that she was the only one who could have prevented that from happening.
One Too Many Drinks
The girl knelt on the hardwood floor in the empty room; empty except for the wire cage with the fat padlock. She was a blonde now, short, spiky hair with dark roots – in fashion for the crowd she ran with. She had been a brunette and red head – as in scarlet red hair – since he'd been tracking her various incarnations. He didn't particularly like the severity of her current hairstyle, but that could easily be changed.
    "This is how it's gonna be, Kat Bloom, that is your name, right?" As if she could answer.
    The gag prevented her from speaking – the hobble from standing, the blindfold from seeing his face. This was how it would be for a while. He was a great believer in sensory deprivation, which would take his victims down to a core level from which he could remake them to suit his needs.
    "Whatever life you had has just been erased. You like slipping into oblivion, well girl, oblivion is where you've arrived."
Kat could feel his body moving around her, shuffling sounds on a hardwood floor. His anxious, feral energy loomed above her, swooping in around her and, if she were telling the truth, tickling her exposed privates – she'd worn a dangerously short skirt to the club that night, no panties. But then, exhibitionists like her love the feel of air on a naked snatch. Kat had been hot all night.
    If she weren't scared out of her wits, she might actually find her current situation stimulating. But this was no ordinary Bdsm scene, this no ordinary dominant man, playing master for the sport of it.
    The feel of the ballgag being suddenly ripped from her mouth took her by surprise. Her head jerked, and she struggled to right herself with her hands tied tightly behind her back.
    "I saw the drool. Rather unsightly, I think." He mopped her wet mouth with a handkerchief and started circling again, feet shuffling as before.
    "You are kidding, aren't you?" she finally vented into the otherwise silent room.
    He stopped directly behind her. "No. I'm not."
    His imperious eyes – she could feel them on the back of her neck – burned holes in everything from her skin to her composure. She'd make a plea bargain with God, confess every sin, swear off the life she loved – if only
would intervene.
    "Please, let me go," her whispering voice practically shouted. Everything was so quiet, so still, except for his shuffling feet. No sounds of traffic, or night birds singing or honking horns or cell phones. No street music, no conversation, no laughter, no humming computers. All absent. Except for his shuffling feet and his voice – and the anxious pounding in her body, the throbbing beat of rushing blood, the noisy discord of fear.
    "Let you go… and waste my entire last two months? I guess, you didn't hear what I said, did you? Or maybe you just didn't believe me. But that really doesn't matter, Kat Bloom. You'll understand soon enough."
    "I don't even know who you are…"
    "No. You don't. But you've seen me. I'm like a fly on the wall that haunts your club. The least likely candidate for master by anyone's estimation. The fellow that lurks around the corners of your days, spies on your nights. You've seen me often and dismissed me, exactly as I expected you would. I didn't want to be noticed, so I hung out in the shadows, tiptoed like an innocuous male sub, looking for some mistress' boots to lick. Waiting. Watching. Until the opportunity for an abduction presented itself. You were there all the while…a statuesque subbie, all decked out in subbie's garb, taking your beatings like a true submissive, though surrendering only when the mood struck your fancy, flicking off Dominant men who don't pass muster as if they were annoying insects." He chuckled darkly, "You're a real piece of work, Kat Bloom.
    "But…you looked so pretty to me that I couldn't resist. Not your snapping eyes, your sexy swagger, your seductive voice."
    "That isn't me! That's just a game I play!
, let me go."
, let me go!"
let me go!" she recited with the proper emphasis, hopefully.
Her black leather skirt was so tight that when kneeling it rode right up her thighs and exposed her dampening pussy. Boy, did it glisten in the soft spotlight that shown down from above. The lacy halter clung to her breasts so tightly that her nipples stuck out like bullets. Spike heels – again her choice – pushed her well over six feet tall when she was standing. Now, tucked tight under her ass, the heels almost looked like daggers.
BOOK: Untitled
5.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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