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Upside Down

BOOK: Upside Down
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Upside Down



Liz Gavin




Upside Down

2013 by Liz Gavin




Published by Elessar Books



All rights reserved, including the right to publish this book or portions thereof (except for reviews, news media reports, brief quotes with attribution, and purposes of promotion of this book or other novels by
Liz Gavin) in any form whatsoever


This book is a work of fiction. All characters in this novel are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



The material in this book is for mature audiences only
because it contains graphic sexual content intended for those over the age of 18 only.

All participants in sexual activities within this book are over the age of 18.






Dalia Daudelin


This awesome indie author gave me the tools to become a writer myself by showing me the way and pointing out the traps along it. She believed I could do it and when I panicked, she told me everything was going to be fine.

Guess what, my friend, it did turn out fine.

Thank you.





I’m sure a lot of you have read my story published under the title ‘Powerless’ but that was just a glimpse
into things. This time I’m ready to tell you everything. And I mean every little naughty detail. When I first talked to my friend Liz - Liz Gavin, the author – about all that, I was still in the eye of the hurricane trying to figure out what had just happened to me and which direction I wanted my life to move onto, from that point on.

Funny how these things
work, though. None of my plans came through the way I had envisioned them. Things I was so sure of dissolved into thin air. People I thought I knew so well turned out to be the exact opposite of who I thought they were. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I promised to tell you everything, then, I need to start at the beginning.

I’m a huge fan of Dickens, I didn’t quite agree with
David Copperfield
when he chose to start his autobiography with the day he was born. I won’t do that to you. I don’t want to bore you to death with small, insignificant details of my life. I’ll start with the day that turned my life upside down and then I’ll throw in additional background information as the need presents itself.

It was a hot day in August
, 2009. One would imagine such life-altering date would have been branded to my memory, but, I’m sorry to disappoint you - I can’t remember the exact day. I have tried; believe me. The important thing is that it was melting hot and I couldn’t sleep. I tried to find a cool spot on the bed and eventually gave up. I closed my eyes for the nth time hoping to relax but all I could see was the S&P 500 Index chart, instead. The red arrow plunging fast. I opened my eyes again. It was 2:49AM. My room was pitch black and silent. The AC was on, full blast, yet I couldn’t figure out why I was unable to sleep.

I ha
d an important meeting early the next morning. My clients wanted reassurance in the middle of that global crisis. I needed my rest, otherwise, I wouldn’t function the following day. The clients expected to meet with the heartless financial genius they had hired to take care of their investments, not a bloodshot-eyed, sluggish, cranky sleepyhead.

I tossed a
nd turned for what felt like ages. Then, I opened one eye to check the alarm clock again and grunted. It was still 2: 59AM.

Oh, that’s ridiculous!” I said out loud as I sat on the bed. “I can’t relax and I can’t take a sleeping pill. It’s too late. If I take one now I’ll sleep till noon,” I weighed out my options. Things didn’t look very promising until I had a genius idea. “Well, there’s a more pleasant way to relax. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?”

I open
ed my drawer to get my vibrator. I found the rubber dildo easily enough because I kept it handy. Although I usually prefer to take my sweet time with it, that night things would have to unfold faster. I sat up against the headboard and arranged the pillows behind and around me to get more comfortable. I turned it on - high speed. That was not about having a long session with my BFF. That was about having the job done quickly so I could get some much needed sleep.

Come to think of it, it’s a lot like most of my ex-boyfriends’ approach to sex.”

I d
idn’t have time for foreplay, either. Usually, I start by playing with my breasts. They aren’t very big but they are extremely sensitive. I love to make my nipples hard using the vibrator. It’s kinky and when I stretch them with my fingers, the electric sparks connect straight to my throbbing clit and it feels awesome. But, there was no time for that. I rubbed the huge purple head of the rubber thing around my entrance, creating some friction and lubricating my passage for the main event. The dildo was wide and I’m tight, so, I needed the lubrication badly. I leaned my head back on the padded headboard and tried to relax my muscles. It didn’t work.

So, it’s not an urban legend: stress does kill the libido. Just my luck,” I muttered under my breath.

Maybe some visuals w
ould help out. I leaned back again and imagined my gorgeous P.A., Mark Aikens, under me. If he had been there, I would have taken his big, beautiful shaft and impaled myself with it. I knew Mark very well. His member was bigger than my dildo and he made my toes curl many times when he filled me up to the hilt. I kneeled on the bed, closing my eyes to make the fantasy more believable and rode the fake shaft pretending it was Mark’s. I circled my hips, swayed back and forth but wouldn’t feel a thing. I needed to concentrate more.

“Focus, Carol Anne!”

I lied on my back with my buttocks close to the headboard, raised my legs and put my feet flat against the wall. I guided the rubber dildo back inside me and closed my eyes to visualize Mark’s young body between my thighs as I wrapped my feet around his neck. He’d recently graduated from Harvard Business where he used to be a jock with the rowing team. He had a body to match the stereotype: wide shoulders; narrow waist; muscular chest; strong, long arms and legs. I remembered the way he moaned when I bit, licked and sucked his nipples. I pressed the dildo against my front wall. Its crooked tip felt great pressing my G-spot. I bucked and imagined Mark thrusting his hips against mine and jabbing me deep inside. My scorching sex started to quiver, sweat broke over my body and my breathing got heavier. That vibrator never failed me. I could feel a big wave of pleasure rising inside me. Then the batteries died.

“No – no –no! This can’t be happening to me!”
I shouted as I threw the fiendish rubber thing across the room. It hit the wall, bounced back, sputtered to life for one or two seconds then lay on the floor, utterly lifeless.

It’s mocking me, the damn thing. Now, I’m really pissed off.”

was all revved up and needed release so I shoved two fingers inside my longing sex trying to solve the problem. I went as deep as I could reach yet nothing happened. I bit my lips and tried to remember Mark’s hot body but his image escaped me. After a few more attempts, I gave up.

“I’ll take a shower to cool me down.”

Since I slept naked, I got up and went straight to the shower turning the water on. I didn’t test the temperature or anything before marching under the shower head and letting the water pour down my head, my nape and along my back. I put my hands on the wall and let the water soak my fevered skin. The jets were pretty hot but I didn’t mind. They should relax me. Still, my throbbing, pulsing flesh wouldn’t cooperate. All that energy and tension I managed to build inside myself had nowhere to go. I felt raw like a live wire, which had been cut and then left lying around, twisting on the ground, sparks flying everywhere but without a proper outlet to channel all its power.

n the middle of my pleasure-plus-sleep-deprivation-induced haze I noticed the hand-held showerhead hanging on the wall. I remembered it had a special massage feature.

Well, it just might work.”

d already played with myself in the shower, but had never tried it with the hand-held before. Desperate times called for desperate measures so I grabbed it, switched the water on to ‘pulsating’ and directed the jets to my entrance. I spread myself with one hand and twisted the wrist holding the shower from side to side making the jets caress my engorged nub. The water flowed inside my folds and tapped against my hard clit. The sensation was amazing. I would have never imagined a showerhead could make me feel like that.

mm, that’s hot. And kinky.”

I moan
ed and increased the flow of water letting it spray faster and harder over my sex and sometimes directing a wicked jet into my backdoor hole. The muscles there puckered at the sudden invasion and the feeling reflected in the nerve endings that formed my clitoris. My legs buckled under me and I leaned against the cold tile wall for support when the climax hit me without warning and with a strength I hadn’t expected. I closed my eyes and saw bright spots and colorful dots clashing behind my eyelids creating amazing patterns. I gasped and cried out. I swallowed hard because my mouth and throat had gone dry. The spasms started inside my walls and rippled through every muscle in my body taking away the stress, the tension and the frustrations with them.

Shower time will never be the same for me. Definitely.”

At last, I relaxed. I towel
ed myself quickly but left some droplets of water on my body for a refreshing feeling on my skin. The cold air in the room triggered delicious goose-bumps all over me. I lay on my stomach in the middle of the huge bed. My flesh was still throbbing but all my muscles were relaxed and I drifted into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.


* * * *


The alarm clock went off just a couple of hours later but I was clear-headed and ready for action. The few hours of sleep had been enough for me. I went through my morning routine of jogging in Central Park, showering and having breakfast, with some time to spare. I got to the office earlier than usual and Mark was already at his desk.

“Good morning, Mark,”
I greeted him politely. In public, I treated him just as I treated all the other employees. I didn’t give him any special treatment just because I was having sex with him.

“Good morning, Ms
. Sullivan,” he replied in a similar polite tone.

As I walk
ed by his desk, though, I noticed his pants bulging a little. I bet he checked out my butt when I passed by on the way to my office. He loved that part of my anatomy and I was wearing a tight pin skirt which I knew showed off my perfect, round derrière.

“Bring me
the clients’ files, will you, Mark?” I told him over my shoulder.

stood up to locate the papers in the cabinet before taking them to my room and I noticed how uncomfortable his stance looked. I hadn’t done that on purpose. I really needed to review the files before the meeting which would take place in twenty or thirty minutes. I couldn’t waste any time. Nevertheless, I had a wicked smile on my face when I sat behind my desk and took the folders from his hands.

The meeting
ended up being a success. I didn’t solve the financial crisis, obviously, but I was able to calm down my hard-to-please clients. However, yesterday night’s events sneaked up on me every time I looked at Mark during the meeting. I’m not a blushing kind of girl so my face must have been hot from excitement, not embarrassment. I had to find some time in my schedule to bang Mark senseless today; otherwise, I would go insane. After everything I had gone through the night before, I craved for a warm body rubbing against mine and he was my boy-toy back then. He didn’t complain at all about being treated as one, mind you. Why would he? He was sleeping with his smoking hot boss, having tons of fun, no strings attached. That was every young guy’s dream.

I check
ed my daily planner and found out I could squeeze in some ‘me’ time in the afternoon, right after an appointment I had with a candidate for the receptionist position. I let the Personnel Department handle all the recruiting, hiring and firing but I’ve always made a point of interviewing each future employee to get to know my team members personally. Besides, my word was final in any hiring and dismissing process.

“Get us a suite at the W Hotel around
three in the afternoon,” I texted Mark.

“Done,” he answer
ed me, less than five minutes later, with the confirmation number.

I relax
ed in my chair and got to work on my computer. A little later, Mark entered my room with papers for me to sign. I checked the contracts and signed them up while monitoring the electronic NYSE market on my computer screen. I had been doing that for so long that it was like second nature to me, something I did without much thinking. When Mark didn’t leave after I had returned the papers, I looked up and met his mesmerized gaze glued to my face.

“Do you need anything else?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Sullivan, I didn’t mean to stare or intrude. It’s just that I’ve been working with you for almost two years as your assistant, plus three years or so with the trading team before that, but I’m still fascinated by your genius. I don’t know how you do it. How can you be right so often in a volatile market such as ours?”

I chuckle
d and gestured for him to sit down on the chair across from me. It gave me time to think about his comments before asking him.

“What exactly would you like to know, Mark?”

“Anything you’d like to teach me, Carol. I’m sorry. I mean, Ms. Sullivan,” he was embarrassed at his slip of the tongue.

“We are alone, Mark. It’
s fine if you call me Carol,” I studied his eager expression for a moment. “Are you asking me to explain to you how I know which stocks to sell and which ones to buy?”

“Basically, yes.
If it’s not a big commercial secret, that is. I’d love to understand how your mind works.”

I smile
d at Mark and pondered at how to best answer him.

“Believe it or not, this is
an easy question. In fact, I’ve been asking it myself for a while. What I can tell you, though, is that I’ve always been good with numbers, with making quick decisions under pressure. Those qualities are an essential part of my business success. But I wouldn’t be able to explain my working system, even if my life depended on it, simply because I don’t know how.”

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