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BOOK: War-Dancer (Tales of the Commonwealth Book 4)
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Brief Letter from the Author



This piece is an excerpt from the novel entitled “
The Fate of Libertatia
” (
ISBN-13: 978-1495990236)
, and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed it. If you did, I invite you to get a copy of the entire narrative, so you can follow-up on the adventures of Captain Furyah and her crew of misfits. Also, don’t forget to rate this work and to share it with your friends. Your kind appraisal and comments will be greatly appreciated.


Very truly:


Tom Noel-Morgan









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The Fate of Libertatia –
Get ready for action, blood and treachery! In the far reaches of the Solar System, escaped slaves & dissident pirates fight for their very lives against their own ancient brotherhood of cutthroats. What’s more: the mighty Commonwealth Legion is at their heels with all the strength of their warships. Having sold their souls for their freedom, the desperate lot of them has nothing else with which to bargain. With only cunning and determination on their side, they must best a galaxy that hunts them and endure the hardships of space travel if they mean to survive, but will that be enough? Treason lurks within the crew of the commandeered Corsair Scimitar. Captain Fu’Ryah and her quartermaster must quickly discover the insidious plot or face ignominy and death in the blood-stained arenas of Libertatia. This science fiction thriller by Tom Noel-Morgan will bring you to a time far into the future to savour the life of a space-pirate. ISBN-13: 978-1495990236


The Deathworld Chronicles –
Imagine a place so lethal that life-expectancy in the wilderness is no-longer than a day. Imagine a place riddled with earthquakes and killer storms, toxic fumes and poisonous spores. Imagine a place where every living, breathing thing is either a potential predator or a virulent parasite. Now imagine that place being wrought with unimaginable beauty. Deathworld Chronicles will take you to a paradise where we’re the aliens. There, where the wanting, the oppressed and the unwanted seek a fresh start and a new life away from the scrutiny of the stark Tudor Regime, the Intergalactic Hunter’s Club is the only thing that stands between man-eating predators and the settlers from Earth. To those who have braved the nine-year crossing to make Terra Nova their home, the lush paradise planet is nicknamed “Deathworld”. But there is more than meets the eye on Terra Nova and the jungles and caves of the lonely continent of Pangaea hide secrets the new denizens of the planet were not meant to learn. In the brutal planetary ecosystem, nothing is exactly what it seems.  ISBN-13: 978-1494972585


Time of Heroes: Age of Rebirth –
It all happened once upon a time of heroes, a time when mankind was young again. The Goyan people rose from the ashes of the Great Sorrow, when the light of civilisation flickered and was almost extinguished. Technology, science and history were all turned to dust, along with Man’s mightiest empires. Those that endured through those troubled times did so at great cost. Civilisation itself crumbled and was all but lost in the purge that nearly ended the Race of Man, until a time immemorial – a time of myth and legend – came to pass. It was the Age of Rebirth, when mankind gathered in communities powered by wind, steam and commerce. Alas not all wickedness turned to ashes. Evil endured and thrived in exile. Ancient Goyan prophecy spoke of the day when false gods and false prophets would descend upon the land from the skies above, not to foster hope, but to divide, enslave and destroy. The prophecy foretold the coming of the mighty Slayers and their flying ships. It foresaw the destruction they would visit upon the land. What the prophecy did not foretell was the cunning of three young barbarians, their will to survive against all odds, and the strength of their desire to avenge their murdered people. ISBN-13: 978-1494255695


MoaZR: Final Raid

Since the Zombie Riots and the Rot Syndrome exodus, nature has recovered from the abuses of mankind and there is no more war. The world nations are at peace with one another. They have bigger fish to fry, believe you me! 70 years after the Zombie Riots, the surviving nations of the world have all migrated to the Polar Regions, where the mutants can’t survive. Between latitudes 55º north and 55º south, there is a region known as the “Red Zone”, where hordes of zombies inhabit ghost cities in the hundreds of thousands. But you should know that there are worse things than zombies out there. Mutant creatures have evolved that prey and thrive on the flesh of ghouls. To these monstrous creatures, a regular bloke like you or me is as appetising a meal as any stinking zombie. Under the UN charter for re-colonisation of the Red Zone, independent adventurer-capitalists like myself and the crew of the freighter Forlorn Glory venture into the forbidden regions of the globe to seize resources and salvage equipment invaluable to the survival of mankind. We are known as “Zone Raiders”. In Book 1 of my memoirs, I’ll describe the last and most trying adventure that I had ever had in my career as a surveyor in the Red Zone, the journey that made me give up the trade. ISBN-13: 978-1494252700


MoaZR: Revenge of the Raiders –
Since the Zombie Riots and the Rot Syndrome holocaust, the world nations are at peace with one another, united in the mission to recover the world that was lost to us. But have you ever stopped to think of how improbable the chain of events that led to this outcome really was? I mean, everything between latitudes 55º north and 55º south is now off-limits to regular folk because it’s been taken over by zombies and the man-eating mutant monsters that feed on them. That’s mind boggling, is what it is, and so is the truth behind it all. You should know that the events recounted in Book 2 of my memoirs are the result of the events described in my first account “Final Raid”. You should also know that I’m no-longer bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so that I am free to discharge my mind about certain facts that I’ve stumbled upon. Be that as it may, like before, the incidents described herein are based on firsthand knowledge of these events and have been related to the best of my recollection. Unlike before, while the episodes herein portrayed continue to be of inherent “sensitive nature”, and while I was urged not to disclose them in full, I’ve decided that they are of public interest and cannot stay hidden. I guarantee to you that the disclosure of what you are about to read still entails great personal risk, for which reason you should not take what’s in this book lightly. ISBN-13: 978-1494253035


MoaZR: First Raid –
Since the Zombie Riots and the Rot Syndrome holocaust, nature has recovered from the abuses of mankind and there is no more war. The world nations are at peace with one another. Sounds like heaven, I know, but it really is not, for the price we paid was the end of the world as we knew it. In my previous books, “Final Raid” and “Revenge of the Raiders”, I’ve told you the tale of the botched-up trip that made me quit the zone raider trade, and I’ve then entailed to you the payback expedition that opened my eyes to the truth about Rot Syndrome. By this token, I imagine that I’ve given the reader enough subsidies not to take on the challenge of venturing between latitudes 55º north and 55º south, in the region known as the “Red Zone. However I feel this is not entirely fair, given that I fell in love with this very valuable profession, tattooed the zoner Jolly Roger on my left shoulder, and stayed a zone raider for more than 10 years before I got disillusioned with all of it. For this reason, in Book 3 of my memoirs, I’ll relate to you the tale of the trip that got me hooked on being a zone raider. It’s a tale of adventure and discovery, as I had never ventured into the Red Zone before that time. It’s also a tale about placing yourself where you’ll able to make a difference, and then actually making it happen, with all the tough choices that it often entails. Perhaps this will do justice to this very worthy and worthwhile career. ISBN-13: 978-1494253257


MoaZR: South Africa –
Since the Zombie Riots and the Rot Syndrome holocaust, nature has recovered from the abuses of mankind and the world’s nations are at peace with one another. They have bigger fish to fry, believe you me, if they intend to recover the portion of the globe that’s been lost to mankind. I’ve collected within these pages certain accounts that have transpired whilst I was a zone raider in the employ of Captain Diego Armando Aragón, working in the quality of surveyor, as part of the salvage team of the ZRS Gaya’s Pride, a refurbished offshore patrol vessel licensed to sail into the Red Zone for salvage and rescue operations, under the United Nations Red Zone charter and the RSM protocols. You’ll find herein the chronicles of my first expedition into Africa, which turned out to be the last trip I’d make alongside the crew and company of the Gaya. If you’ve read any of my previous memoirs, then you may recall that I often mentioned man-eating mutant African beasts as the most vicious ones in the entire region between latitudes 55º north and 55º south, which we all affectionately know as the Red Zone. You’ll also remember that I’ve claimed that some of the worst fiends I’ve ever met were not beasts, but regular folk like you and me. In this book you’ll see why. ISBN-13: 978-1502366689


Beyond & Then Some –
Prepare to be dazzled by the unthinkable and the unimaginable in 14 original tales of fancy and fiction. Explore the past, the present and the future. Explore other dimensions and distant civilisations. Explore the human mind and the very fabric of creation. "Beyond & Then Some" is an anthology of fantasy and fiction stories exploring the limits of science, folklore and the supernatural in a provocative light and an entertaining way. Don't miss it! ISBN-13: 978-1492951285


Fairy Tales for the Young & Old –
Fairy tales enchant. They have the power to impress us like few other forms of literature. In this 1
Edition tome, you will find 15 original fairy tales that address the issues of our times. They are not tales that a six-year-old might read on their own, to be sure, but they are tales meant to be read to them, as it should be. So get ready to read about ogres, trolls, goblins and dragons. Prepare your mind for magical spears and enchanted shields, for cursed amulets and stubborn swords. More than that read about valour and about glory, read about honour and about truth. Read about the humanity and the weaknesses of the heroes and the villains of these stories, and enjoy tales that were written for you. ISBN-13: 978-1494769789


Henry Havoch & the Mounted Musketeers –
It was the Renaissance, time of progress and discovery. It was the Reformation, time of conflict and war. On the eve of the Thirty Years War, dukes and bishops fought fiercely for land and power with the Church’s supremacy hanging in the balance. Yet, in the battlefields of Europe, the fighting was done above all by the salt of the earth. Whether out of feudal loyalty, misguided faith or simply for the sake of filling an empty purse, peasants and mercenaries shed their blood for the sake of callous princes. Conflict and opportunity were but the same thing, and the dashing Henry Havoch would exploit the lords of Europe to his social and financial advancement, just as they would use him and his company of brigands to achieve their own greedy ends. These are the adventures of Captain Henry Havoch and his Mounted Musketeers. Immerse yourself in this epic historical fiction and go back to 16th century Europe, in the shoes of an upstart mercenary captain, who would not bend to the whims of the greedy lords of Europe, and who would live by his conscience and his own leave above all. ISBN-13: 978-1492887256


TAGs – Tabletop Adventure Game –
is an innovative miniature gaming system for both solo and group sessions featuring rules for 3D miniature gaming in cooperative and competitive scenarios. Games can be set in fantasy, historical and sci-fi scenarios, as the players desire. This is the ideal system for a quick hands-on RPG session where the game master can partake in the adventure. If you want to learn more about TAGs, the fully illustrated rules set includes 7 scenarios completely ready for your enjoyment, as well as rules for coming up with your own scenarios and suggestions for assembling your collection of miniatures and scenery pieces. TAGs is a must have for miniature games and role-play games lovers.







BOOK: War-Dancer (Tales of the Commonwealth Book 4)
3.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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