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War In

The Case For A Solar
System War

C. L. Turnage

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1. Acknowledgments

The author
acknowledges, and thanks the Viking Orbiter Experiment Team Leader Dr. Michael
H. Carr, and the National Space Science Data Center for providing the
astounding Mars images provided in this work. The author acknowledges and
thanks Dr. Michael H. Carr for the Apollo ll data; and the Johnson Space Center
Mapping Science Laboratory for the extraordinary moon data.

The author
wishes to thank the Voyager 2 Team Leader, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the photo of Triton; as well
as the photo of Neptune. The author acknowledges and thanks the Mariner l0
Principle Investigator for the “densely cratered surface of Mercury.”

The author
also wishes to thank photographer Mark Jean of Film City for his further


Most biblical
verses are derived from the literal text preserved in THE NEW AMERICAN

BIBLE. (The New American Standard Bible is based upon the oldest possible
biblical texts, according to George W. Reid, Th.D Director, Biblical Research
Institute. Those texts are Codex Sinaiticus, and Codex Alexandrinus. These
texts are presently on display at the British Museum). It was chosen because
literal interpretations of verses appear in side margins if they have been
altered by translators; resulting in a greater precision of original meaning.
Bear in mind that a Bible is only as accurate as the skills of the persons who
originally translated it. The use of several different Bibles provides one with
a clearer understanding of the verse in question. Some verses appear from: THE
Society of New York, Inc. A few verses appear from the Gideon’s Bible.
Extra-biblical books such as Enoch are cited, as well as Vedic Indian, Egyptian
texts, ancient Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian writings.

articles, periodicals and various books are cited throughout the document. In
this work, there will appear parenthesis inside words of ancient texts,
indicating a break in the original text where scholars reconstructed the word.
The hardback version of The l2“‘ Planet by Stein and Day, was used for

this work I will refer to the extraterrestrial beings from planet Nibiru in the
following terms: Anunnaki, Elohim, Nephilim, or Nibirians. No matter which term
is used, the reader needs to be aware that these are all references to members
of the race of beings existing on planet Nibiru. The reader should also be
aware that Nibiru is sometimes referred to as “Heaven,” Paradise, “the Kingdom
of the Heavens,” Nibiru, planet X, or Marduk.

The author
would also like to add that no denigration of God, any religious denomination,
or belief system is intended. The work is merely the author’s interpretation of
existing data, and may not be the definitive answer to the religious enigma.
The author remains open to other possibilities. The work of C. L. Turnage is
based upon the theory that the Mesopotamian deities, from which most major
world religions originated, are in all probability, extraterrestrials from the
tenth planet of our solar system. . .NE.BI.RU, or the “kingdom of the Heavens”
as it is called in biblical writings.


2. In The Beginning

Since early
childhood, I’ve been intrigued by two subjects, religion and UFO’s. I often

wondered if
there could be a possible link between them. My father was stationed in the
Middle East during World War II, serving as an aerial photographer. He returned
home with intriguing photos of ancient sites. His photography included the
pyramids, the sphinx of Egypt, and the holy places of Israel, To my young
imagination, the exotic structures and art forms of these “cradles of
civilization”, seemed to have originated on another world. I knew that many of
these structures were built in connection to religion - an ancient worship of
“gods from the heavens.” I frequently wondered about those responsible for
erecting these stone enigmas of the past. Where might they have come from? Were
they extraterrestrial visitors? Why did they leave earth? Or. . .did they? Were
the same beings somehow accountable for modem day UFO’s? Where might I find
answers to these, and other questions? Should I seek explanations to such
provocative queries in ancient writings? If so, which texts should I use, and
in what place would I find them?

Eventually, I
realized that every American has within their reach, a superb collection of
archaic literature ― perhaps the most valuable and important of all
antiquated documents. With the idea in mind that we had visitors from outer
space in biblical times, I turned to the pages of the book of books ― the
Holy Bible. Would I find my solutions there? No other document on earth has
impacted western civilization as much as the Bible. Much of the ethics,
morality, and law by which we conduct our societies, were derived from the
Hebrew/Greek texts, and a worship of the being we know as “Yahweh.” Could
biblical writers have been influenced by extraterrestrial contact? If so, did
this mean that beings from some other planet were directly responsible for many
of the concepts of our cultural heritage?

is an Extraterrestrial

As I studied
the Bible for evidence of extraterrestrial association, I was not always
satisfied that the traditional interpretation was indeed the correct one
― especially if one examined the literal texts. There appeared to be
hidden esoteric meaning to the scriptures. Why were the numbers twelve and
seven so predominate? As if to make matters more confusing, in the original
Hebrew and Greek, there were numerous references to plural deities called the
Elohim ― instead of the One generic being of standard interpretation.
(The word for a solitary God in Hebrew is Eloah). Were these Elohim a race of
highly advanced extraterrestrials? As soon as I realized that God was
originally referred to in both a solitary form, and a plural sense, it seemed
that the texts were relating the concept of a race of “gods,” with the Hebrew
Deity acting as their supreme commander. Curiously, the literal texts spoke of
a “kingdom of the Heavens” ― a government located somewhere in outer
The original texts said

that the Lord
had come from olam, a Hebrew word meaning “firmament” or “hard ground.” This sounded
very much like a planet, and implied that the “kingdom of the Heavens” existed
upon a celestial body. The “hosts of heaven” so often referred to in the
biblical scriptures, were in all likelihood the Elohim, the inhabitants of
planet Heaven. But how had these Elohim come to earth? Did the biblical
writings provide the answer?

in the Bible

Even as a
child, I noticed that when the Lord came down from Heaven, and rested on Mount Sinai;
it seemed remarkably similar to the descending of a rocket ship or spacecraft:
"there were thunder, and lightning flashes, and thick smoke upon the
mountain. . .Mt. Sinai was all in smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire;
and its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain
quaked violently.” (Exodus 19:16-18). Verse 23 describes how the people were
warned not to come up to Mt. Sinai, and mentions that bounds were set to insure
that they did not. Was this to protect them from radioactive contamination
given off by an extraterrestrial conveyance? These scriptures seemed to imply
that God had traveled to earth from his “kingdom of the Heavens” in an
interplanetary vehicle.

and Alien Abductions in Bible

The New
Testament contains a description of Jesus “ascending” to Heaven into a cloud,
“that received him out of sight.” This occurrence reminded me of the modem day
alien abduction of Travis Walton. He was lifted up into a hovering UFO by a
beam of blue and white light. Walton claimed to have seen, and been examined by
alien beings.
Did the Bible record for us ancient accounts of alien
abduction? Often, when the Bible describes some strange incident, clouds are
also associated with the event. It is probably no coincidence that today’s
UFO’s are frequently reported within clouds. Some ufologists believe the
vehicles generate vapor-like mists to conceal themselves. Beams of light are
frequently emitted by UFO’s, and are sometimes employed to bring people up into
hovering craft. The Bible speaks of a peculiar ray termed “the spirit of God.”
It will be shown from the biblical records that this “spirit” had the ability
to lift both people, and objects into the air. And, this ray that could be seen
with the naked eye. Comparing biblical exposes of unidentified aircraft, and
abduction episodes, with those reported in modem times, seems to imply that God
himself is of extraterrestrial origin. (The spaceship seen by Ezekiel, as well
as his abduction experiences, will be detailed in a future chapter).

Bible, an Extraterrestrial Legacy

The more I
studied the biblical scriptures, the more convinced I became that it was an
ancient record of extraterrestrial contact, and non-human manipulation of the
politics of earth. Indeed, archaic writings outside the Bible supported the
idea that extraterrestrials once lived on earth, and directly influenced man
and the governments of the world. It was then that I began to realize that the
Bible itself might be much more than ancient mythological tales, and that it
might actually be an extraterrestrial transmission. If our world was really a
legacy of extraterrestrial influence, then the next question was why would
other worldly beings care about what went on here? Our scientists have been so
fond of pointing out that our little world is just a speck of insignificant
flotsam in the vast cosmic sea of stars. What would be extraterrestrial
motivation for political control of such triviality? If they had come to earth
from some distant star, trillions of light years away, then the affairs of
earth seemed unlikely to have any direct effect on their society. It soon
occurred to me that it was more likely that these “gods from space” came from
someplace much closer. If they came from a planet within our own solar system,
they would have been more likely to have an interest in what goes on here. The
next problem confronting me was to discover which planet was the most likely

is Humanoid, Needs Earth-Like Conditions

The biblical
texts stated that man was created in the image of his God, implying that we
look like God ― and that God looks like a human. Descriptions of other
ancient deities consistently rendered them in humanoid form. (The Egyptian,
Greek and Roman Gods, were prime examples). If our visitors from the heavens
were human-like, then they too would require living conditions similar to those
of earth. The most likely nearby planetary candidate with earth-like conditions
would be Mars. Though the planet is much colder than earth, it does contain a
small amount of surface water in the form of ice, and goes through seasonal
changes which some believe are due to scant vegetation. Photographic evidence
gleaned from the Mariner and Viking probes did reveal extraterrestrial ruins on
Mars. Pyramids and other structures of geometric symmetry are found scattered
throughout its desert-like surface. By now the famous “Face on Mars” has become
part of our cultural mythos. This is a sphinx-like, mile-long stone enigma lying
on a Martian plain in Cydonia. lt bears what appears to be a human male visage,
wearing a headdress resembling a modem day space helmet. The Face on Mars is
believed to be a half-a million years old.
The Phobos 2 Russian
Space Probe was shot down over Mars by what looks like an extraterrestrial
spacecraft. This indicates that technologically advanced aliens are operating a
base on Mars.” At this point in my investigation, I considered the possibility
that our extraterrestrial visitors might have originated on Mars, including the
God of the Bible.

Elohim Come From Planet the Sumerians Called NE.BI.RU

Ultimately, I
discovered the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, a Russian born scholar that
studied archaic Mesopotamian texts; Sumerian and Babylonian precursors to the
Bible. From his studies, Sitchin proposed that the pre-biblical, Mesopotamian
deities were actually the inhabitants of a nearby planet called NE.BI.RU in
early writings. He also believed that the God of the Old Testament was a being
from this very world, and that references to the Elohim were in fact allusions
to persons from that planet. Sitchin also concluded that the Hebrew religion,
and early portions of Genesis were derived from these older Mesopotamian
records. If Sitchin was correct, then it was the planet Nibiru, and not Mars,
that should be evidenced in the Bible. It was necessary from this point on, to
hunt for clues regarding Nibiru in the biblical texts, while also searching for
any and all traces of its existence elsewhere.

Derived From Older Mesopotamian Texts

studying his theory, I began my own contemplation of the pre-biblical
Babylonian “Epic of Creation,” or “Enuma Elish” It was from a study of this
narrative, that Sitchin became aware of the planet Nibiru, and its
establishment within our own solar system. This tale was originally written on
seven clay tablets, each corresponding to a “day” of creation. The first few
tablets describe the re-creation of the solar system due to collisions from a
run-away celestial body from another star system ― the planet Nibiru. The
constellations, earth, the moon, and the establishment of day and night are
related. The creation of man was recorded on the sixth tablet, while the
seventh was reserved for the exaltation of the Babylonian national Deity
Marduk, the “creator god.”
After my own study of these chronicles,
I concurred with Sitchin’s findings. It does appear that the first three
chapters of Genesis, particularly the seven days of creation, were actually
derived from the older creation epic, and other chronicles ― then
revamped to meet Hebrew theology. Why would the Hebrews borrow the creation
story from older Mesopotamian texts? Was it because they worshiped one of the


BOOK: War In Heaven
12.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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