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Cam's eyes bugged out of her head, she
looked at Monroe for a moment trying to consider if he was being
truthful or trying to put something over on her.

Are you trying to tell me
the Lachlan, the punisher, is sweet Gretchen's Grandfather? Cam
shuddered at the thought. The mere mention of his name gave her and
every other Fae nightmares. Lachlan had been advisor to the royal
family as far back as she could remember. Sometimes instead of
imprisonment offenders would be turned over to Lachlan for his
special torture sessions lasting one day to infinity.

Yes he is, he's keeping an
eye on things until he knows if Gretchen and Richard are Fae enough
to claim.”

Fine, I will take you up
on your offer. I want my sentence revoked and I will help you keep
an eye on Gretchen and keep her away from the vampire.”

I need a Fae portal, a
private one.”

Cam smirked. Like a Fae wouldn’t have a
portal? She opened her closet to reveal a long door-shaped glass
with a pink tint and colorful gemstone’s that served as a

I hope this will do?” she
asked with arched brow.

Yes, now please go have a
snack. I will come get you when I am finished.” Cam left her room,
shutting the door behind her.

Monroe stood in front of the portal as it
activated showing a very unhappy Lachlan. “It’s about time you
contacted me,” he scowled

Sir I have made progress,
Gretchen went out with a Fae enforcer. I think with a Fae
roommate’s help we can sway her to him indefinitely.”

Let me think. It must be
Adrian. He will make a good match for her. It will be easier for
her to be accepted if she’s mated to a Fae.” Lachlan clapped his
hands together and laughed, “Just like her grandmother—attracted to
the dangerous Fae.”

Master, there is one
little situation. I need the help of the Fae roommate. She is a
wanted fugitive; if we revoke her sentence she will be most

What is the name?” He
grumbled as he got out a pen and paper.

Camilla Maryweather”
Monroe replied.

The adulteress! Oh you’re
not making this easy are you? The Queen Brianna will never agree,
she almost turned her over to me for punishment, I had to talk her
out of it.”

Master, the Fae enforcer
is coming for her tonight; it needs to be done by then.” Monroe
squeaked out meekly. Monroe could see the fury building up in
Lachlan as he grabbed a nearby vase and threw it, shattering it
into a million pieces.

It will be done.” Then he
was gone, the portal once again restored to a clear piece of


The nerve
she thought as she walked down the hall wearing a
flimsy robe she neglected to tie up. It swung open as she walked to
the kitchen. She flicked on the light in the darkened kitchen to
find Richard sitting there in the dark staring at her naked exposed
body. Cam screamed and quickly tied up her robe.

Cam looked over at Richard to find his eyes
wide and hungry with a desire that sent tingles through her whole

I’m sorry, Cam. I was just

In the dark? You scared me
half to death.”

Um...I’m sorry. I will
just leave.” He stood up and began to leave when Cam stopped him.
She grabbed his strong biceps; she could see that look in his eyes,
that look that confused her.

Richard, is there
something we should talk about?”

No, I need to go to my
room, it’s late. He stopped and gave her a peck on the head as he
left. That small kiss was insignificant but still left her wanting
for his strong touch. Cam sat at the kitchen table, so confused.
She could see the heat in his eyes; maybe she was wrong, maybe she
was seeing what she wanted to see in those gentle eyes of



Queen Brianna refused to leave Cayden’s side
the whole night; he seemed to have a gentleness he never had
before. This gave her hope that she could make him fall in love
with her.

Brianna,” Cayden called
from his sleep. His eyes opened.

My husband, did you sleep

I awoke when you left, I
need you with me.”

You don’t even remember
me, how can you feel this way?”

My mind doesn’t remember,
but my body craves your nearness.”

Brianna sat down next to Cayden; took his
face in her hands, and gave him a gentle sweeping kiss on his

My husband, we will be
very happy, you’ll see. I need to leave just for a little while, I
have royal business to take care of.”

I will anticipate your

Brianna arrived at the bed and breakfast
where she was staying to take care of some business. She sat in the
living room as the portal activated, on the other end she saw
Lachlan the punisher.

Lachlan, this is an
unexpected surprise.”

I need a favor my queen, a
big favor.” The queen ached an eyebrow with surprise, Lachlan never
asked for anything.

You have been a loyal
subject, what can I do for you?”

I need the sentence for
the mistress revoked.”

Brianna felt her stomach knot up; the whore
who stole her husband’s heart would not get any compassion from
her. “Lachlan, how can you even ask such a thing? She tried to
steal my husband, the king from me.”

I need her help with a
private family matter, I will see to it myself that she never
returns to the other realm.”

Brianna sat and thought for a moment. With
the king unable to remember anything perhaps just keeping the whore
away would be best. They could start new and fresh without the king
ever knowing of her.

Lachlan, you have
approval. I’m sure you have heard my husband was in an accident and
has no memories. This is however conditional, if my husband ever
regains his memories of her I will reinstate the

Thank you my Queen, you
are must compassionate.” The Fae glass was once again clear.
Brianna scowled to herself. As much as she hated the whore, she was
happy to be rid of her forever.

Chapter 18

Adrian was in his small apartment after
getting ready for his date and possible capture of Camilla. He was
really hoping to have this peacefully resolved but couldn’t figure
out a way to do his job and make everyone happy. As he was about to
leave the house the Fae portal activated, and there sat Lachlan the
punisher on the other side.

Lachlan, it’s an honor.
What can I do for you?” Lachlan looked back at him with little

The warrant for Camilla
Maryweather is revoked; you are to cease all attempts to apprehend
her. She is, however, no longer welcome to return to the Seelie
kingdom. She is now in exile. Please advise her of this and please
tell her, I will contact her shortly.” He said dryly.

Thank you, Lachlan I will
deliver this immediately in person.”

Safe journey, enforcer

Adrian was shocked to say the least; Lachlan
never involved himself in tasks such as this. The only time he
normally was involved was when punishment was handed out. Then he
was all over it like a kid in a candy store.

Well that solves one problem.

Adrian arrived at Gretchen’s house quicker
than intended. He couldn’t wait to take her out and to give her the
good news. He knocked on the door and found a man, not Gretchen,
standing there scowling at him. Adrian could tell that he was doing
his best to be intimidating and scare him off, but he dealt with
dangerous criminals on a regular basis, this man didn’t scare

You can’t have her, I
won’t let you.”

I am Adrian, I am not here
to take anyone from you, and what is your name friend.”

Richard, Gretchen’s
brother and Cam is mine,” he hissed.

I was actually here to
tell you Cam is free to go, her warrant had been revoked.” Richard
smiled at Adrian and his whole face changed from a menace to
grateful. He grabbed Adrian and hugged him.

Thank you so much, I don’t
know what I would do without her.” Adrian looked at him

Are you mated to her?”
Adrian asked.

Richard stiffened realizing the way he was
acting. “Of course not, she’s just a friend.”

Am I allowed to see your
sister now?” he asked sharply.

Yeah, sorry man, you know
how it is?” Richard opened the door and Adrian entered the house.
Adrian could immediately feel the Fae presence in the house. It was
then that he saw Gretchen appear from the hallway. She looked
stunning in her short black skirt and sleeveless blue blouse. Her
hair was just hanging with a beautiful tousled look and her shoes
were strappy, barely there high heeled sandals.

Adrian was speechless for a moment before he
regained his composure. “You are so beautiful Gretchen,” He smiled
nervously; somehow this seemed more formal than just meeting in the
woods. This was an official date. He couldn’t remember if he had
ever taken a woman on a date before. Most just threw themselves at
him; there was never a need for seduction.

I wasn’t sure what I
should wear,” she replied meekly.

You would look stunning in
anything. I just told your brother the good news, the warrant has
been revoked.” He was a little taken by surprise when Gretchen
launcher herself at him giving him a big hug.

Oh, Adrian thank you, I
knew you would help.”

As much as I would love to
take advantage of your enthusiasm I didn’t do anything, I got a
call it was off, and that Camilla is now in exile.” Just then he
saw the Fae in question come out from the hallway. She was slight
in stature, especially with Gretchen’s brother hovering over her
protectively. Richard held her in his arms as he told her the news.
Cam smiled she shrugged out from Richards grasp and approached

Thank you, Enforcer. I
cannot begin to repay you.” Cam said to him, with tears in her

Lachlan contacted me
before I came here. He revoked the warrant and informed me you are
now in exile and said he would contact you shortly.” Cam’s face
paled at the mention of Lachlan the punisher.

Do not be afraid, Cam. As
far as I know you won’t be in any kind of trouble,” Adrian said
trying his best to sound reassuring. Cam’s face seemed to change
little at that news. Lachlan inspired fear in all Fae.

Adrian cleared his voice trying to break the
tension in the room. “Gretchen, we should get going.”

Oh, yes Gretchen please go
on your date.” Cam said with purely fake enthusiasm.

Gretchen nodded and took Adrian by the hand
and they left the house. They walked outside of the house toward a
black sleek sports car. “What kind of car is this?” Gretchen asked
trying to make conversation.

Adrian smiled, obviously proud of his car.
“It’s an Aston Martin Vanquish, do you like it?”

I don’t really know cars,
buts it’s very nice.” They drove for a few minutes in what seemed
like an eternity of uncomfortable silence. Adrian turned into a
hidden driveway, which led to an unpaved road.

Where are we going?”
Gretchen asked.

A special place, just for

I’m not Fae,

Yes, you are. You may not
realize it but you are part Fae. I can feel it inside you; it’s why
we are drawn to each other. It’s also why your brother wishes to be
mated to Cam, a Fae.”

Gretchen sank back into her seat, not sure
what to say. She always knew she was different, but part Fae? It
just couldn’t be. As they pulled up to a building covered in
vegetation, Gretchen could feel a pull. She felt a strong desire to
be in the building.

Here we are.” Adrian got
out of the car and came around to the other side and helped
Gretchen out, taking her by the hand. She looked up at the building
with awe.

This place, it’s so
familiar,” Gretchen murmured.

It’s where we come to be
together.” Adrian said as he led her up to the building. They got
closer and Gretchen could hear music, whimsical and

They reached the door and Adrian paused for
a moment looking at her. “If you are not Fae you would not be able
to enter the building, this is our sanctuary.

Okay, I’m ready,” she
squeaked out.

They finally entered the building; it was
part bar, strip club, and coffee house. She had never seen anything
like it. The room was divided into sections, each with its own

The bar serves food, the
coffee house has pastries. Where would you like to go?”

I am hungry, let’s get
something to eat.”

They walked together to the bar area. Adrian
opened the door for Gretchen and she entered the bar. It seemed to
be like any other bar except the drinks. They were brightly
colored, different from anything she had ever seen, and they seem
to glow when the waitresses carried them around. They chose a cozy
secluded corner booth and sat down. Adrian took her hand in his,
the warmth of his skin warming hers. He looked into her eyes and at
that moment she felt like the most important girl in the world.

BOOK: Werecat Avenue
6.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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