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She took my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched the smal , hard discs. White-hot electric sensation pulsed in my nipples and darted to my groin.

I pulled from her mouth on a hiss. “Oh, yeah, I’m way okay.” She let out another laugh, this one low and rich with lust, and I pressed, “So are you free on Sunday?”

The amusement left her face again. She wasn’t exactly frowning, but I could feel her body go tense against mine. Placing a hand on the bed on either side of my head, she rocked back on her bent legs. “Actually, I’m not. I have plans with a girlfriend. The one who works at the Liege.”

“She could come along.”

A hint of an impish smile played at her lips. “Hoping for a threesome?”

I was hoping to see her interact with two of the people I was closest with and have the three of them get along as well as Deitre and I did. So as not to look too eager, I again kept it light. “If she’s as demanding as you are, that would be the death of me. I don’t want your girlfriend. I would like for you to meet Jack and Carinna. You know how it is, with family worrying about the people you hang out with.”

“Not really. My father isn’t around often, and I’ve never much known my mother. I have sisters, but they’re mostly off doing their own thing, too.”

I countered the loss of her smile with a knowing one of my own. “In that case, you definitely need to come along. The four of us can be one, big, happy family.”

“I actually prefer not seeing my family.”

“Okay, then, you don’t have to pretend like my family is yours. They can just be your new friends.”

She frowned. “I’m telling you, Ryan, I don’t do families. Not mine or anyone’s.”

“And I’m telling you I’ll make it worth your while.” Taking my smile from knowing to wolfishly naughty, I slipped a hand between her spread thighs and petted her mound through her jeans. “C’mon, now, what’s it gonna take? A little pussy worship?”

Interest flared in her eyes with the rising of her eyebrows. “Right here on your hospital bed?”

“If it gets you to agree.”

A few silent seconds passed. Then a wickedly carnal grin curved Deitre’s lips. She moved off the bed, brought the jeans and underwear down to midthigh with a single, graceful push, and then climbed back onto the bed and lay down on the cramped space beside me. “Start worshipping and I’ll think about it.”

Even if the stakes weren’t so high, I would have risked being caught for the sake of getting my tongue buried inside her pussy. Like every orgasm I shared with her, the taste of her cum was pure heady indulgence. Better than caramel. Better than most anything I could think of save for the tantalizing taste of her mouth.

Going up on my knees, with my stiff cock doing a flagpole number at the front of my sweats, I worked the jeans and underwear down her legs the rest of the way. After depositing her clothes on the tile, I centered her on the bed. She spread her legs, affording me a breath-hitching view of her sex. Her pussy was freshly shaven. The tender skin, past the gently parted lips of her labia was a glistening, slick pink. The scent of her arousal perfuming the air with a sweet and sexy musk was too inviting to keep from tasting a second longer.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” I coaxed her cunt with a smug, rough voice as I slipped my hands beneath her and cupped the silky, smooth skin of her butt. “Looks like you’re in need of a tongue fuck.”

To the sound of Deitre’s laughter, I lifted her ass off the bed an inch, tipped her hips and fitted my mouth to her succulent sex. Her amusement faded to a throaty gasp as I impaled her pussy with my tongue.

I groaned back, struck once again at her tightness. Either she was a master of Kegel exercises, or she had to use some kind of tightening herb or gel.

Whatever the case, the powerful clenching of her sheath as I corkscrewed my tongue up inside her moist inner walls had my balls snug and my dick quivering its need for release.

Writhing on the bed, she grabbed hold of my head and ground her mound hard up against my face. Greedily, her sex sucked my tongue even deeper inside her as she panted out, “Throw in the butt plug.”

I pul ed my tongue free of her sheath to lift my head a few inches. Her lips were swol en and back to that shimmering, lush cherry-red. Her eyes half-masked and shiny, cool blue marked with the sizzling heat of ecstasy.

Gorgeous, yeah. Out of her mind, yeah, that, too. “You’re crazy.”

With a primal grin, she jerked the bal cap from her head. She sent it sailing across the hospital room and her luscious, long red hair feathered all around her body. Her grin grew even wilder then, as she pushed the hem of her T-shirt up to expose her big, gorgeous and awesomely bare tits. Another mystery—how she managed to keep the erect state of her nipples hidden when she never wore a bra. A mystery I could have given two shits less about right then.

Deitre took the heavy mounds in her hands and fondled the rosy flesh. “Throw in the butt plug, or it’s a no. To dinner on Sunday and sex with me tonight.”

“Ah, fuck.” It was almost illogical the limits I was willing to go to for her. But I was clearly wil ing to go just about any damned where and try any damned thing if it meant we had a chance of ending up together. “Fine.” My sphincter muscles squeezed. “On two conditions. It happens after we do dinner on Sunday…and I get to control the lube.”


With the way Carinna insisted I help her grab beer from the B and B’s extensive kitchen while Jack dealt the cards for the next round of pinochle and Ryan, apparently, assisted by keeping the private dining-room table occupied, I could guess a grilling was in store. That might be okay. She had the tall, stacked build of a succubus to complement her Latina coloring and the sort of no-bul shit attitude that I’d always respected. Jack maintained an arrogant charm similar to Ryan’s while making it clear he had eyes only for Carinna.

Despite my qualms about coming here, I’d been relaxed and enjoying myself from nearly the second we walked through the B and B door.

“How long have you and Ry been an item?” Carinna tossed over her shoulder.

Bypassing a ceramic-tiled island, she went to a double-wide, stainless-steel refrigerator and pul ed open the right-side door.

“A few weeks. He seems great.” Frowning at my automatic and irritatingly adoring-sounding reply, I came to a stop behind the fridge door.

Ryan was charming. He made it seem like he cared about me until I had moments where I was convinced that he really did. But he’d made Jada feel the same. She’d been head over heels for him when he dumped her cold. He’d cared about her so little he’d allowed her to die in order to save some guy he’d never even met. Given the opportunity, the odds were favorable he would let me die as easily as he had Jada.

Except, he hadn’t let me die in the basement of the processing plant.

He’d silently vowed to save me and had been attempting to do just that before I knocked him unconscious.

Carinna reached around the side of the refrigerator door, two longnecks of Bud dangling from her fingertips. “He used to be a cocky little shit. But yeah, he’s really come around.”

My relaxed feeling a thing of the past, I accepted the beer. I hadn’t been able to see her face when she’d spoken, or now, as she reached back into the fridge for another set of beers, but the honest affection in her voice knotted my belly with guilt. It wasn’t a sensation I knew a lot about, and it also wasn’t one that I planned to hold on to.

Moving back to the island, I set Ryan’s beer down, and uncapped my own. “Have you known him long?”

The affection was evident in Carinna’s nearly smoke-gray eyes now, as wel , as she joined me at the island. Smiling, she repeated my move, setting down one beer and uncapping the other. “Pretty much his whole life. The three of us grew up together.”

I pulled back a long, cold drink as the information settled. Just because she knew him, didn’t have to mean she really knew him. After all, she hadn’t seemed to know how long Ryan and I had been screwing. “Any notable skeletons?”

“Since you work at the firehouse, you must know that he has a reputation for getting around.” I nodded, and she continued, “He can also be pretty narrow-minded, though he hasn’t acted that way in months.” A thoughtful frown formed on her lips. “Actually, he hasn’t mentioned sleeping with anyone in months, either. Maybe it’s just because Jack and I are together and we don’t share our sex stories with him for obvious reasons, but we used to hash on the details of our love lives as part of our Wednesday-night poker routine.”

So he’d broadened his horizons and potentially quit sleeping around. Damn, so much for skeletons, not to mention obliterating my guilt.

“Has he changed in any other way?” I pressed, all but hanging on the hope of a negative find.

Carinna took a pull from her beer as she considered the question. She set the bottle back on the island. “He is more affectionate with Jack. They’ve always been close, with their dad dying young and Jack basically being a surrogate dad for Ryan, but you know how guys can be about their fear of getting too touchy-feely with other guys?”

Not to mention their fear of butt plugs.

I nodded. “I do.”

A conspiratorial smile returned to her lips. My guilt finally ebbed, and I gave in to my own smile over thoughts of the night that lay ahead.

As soon as we got home, I was seeing that Ryan made good on his promise from the hospital. If only because it meant showing him the best of pleasure tonight before I doled out the worst of pain someday in the near future, he was going to experience a G-spot orgasm like nothing but a butt plug and a woman who knew how to use it on her man could deliver.

“Well, Ry seems to have gotten over his fears,” Carinna continued. “He’ll actually hug Jack goodbye when he takes off now, or if they talk on the phone, he’ll say that he loves him before he hangs up.”

My smile had quavered a bit with the thought of Ryan as my man. It quavered a bit more as Carinna’s words sank in and my guilt once again flowed freely. I could see him acting a fraud to a woman he hoped to fuck, or keep fucking. But he had no reason to act that way around his brother.

Did he truly feel remorse over what had happened with Jada and was shaping himself into a nicer guy for it? And, if so, did his regret haunt him enough that I should let him off the hook?

Wanting my mind off thoughts of Ryan and my mood back to relaxed, I took in the expansive kitchen done in all-natural hardwoods and trimmed with a deep shade of green that would be a perfect complement for Ryan’s eyes. “This place is gorgeous.”

Carinna beamed with pride. “It’s a work in progress, but it is coming along a little more every day.”

Apparently, getting my mind off Ryan was also a work in progress, that checking out something as routine as kitchen trim could make me think of him. Whatever my plans for the guy, I had to get them figured out pronto and my mushy, moony ass back to Hell.

Chapter Six

“R eady to suffer?” Deitre asked the instant we cleared the garage door and stepped into the kitchen.

Today with Jack and Carinna couldn’t have gone better. For al her claims that she didn’t do families, Deitre had meshed with mine from word one. She’d admitted to what a great time she had when I pulled out of the B and B, and both my brother and Carinna commented on how much they liked her while she was out of the room. Somehow, I’d managed to keep from commenting on how much I loved her, in return.

I let those three words become a mantra in my head now, as my anus clenched its anxiety. Not bothering to hide my grimace, I turned around midway through the kitchen.

“Could you make my ass pucker a little harder?”

Amusement gleamed in her eyes with her laughter. She stopped laughing then to cross the few feet to me. Pressing her bountiful breasts against my chest, she wrapped her arms around my neck and met my lips with a soft, sweet openmouthed kiss.

A tender smile curved her lips as she eased her head back a couple inches. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Seriously, though, if you can trust me enough to relax and do as I say, you’re going to love it.”

If I didn’t trust Deitre, I would never have agreed to be in this position in the first place. And if I didn’t love her already, I would have fallen for her the second that tender smile emerged. Her kiss had been just as gentle. Both seemed packed with affection.

I let that thought warm me as I accepted my fate. “Where do you want me?”

Approval flashing over her face, she unroped her arms from my neck. “Get naked and lay on the couch. I’ll be in to join you in a minute or two.”

The one time I would expect to hear command in her voice, there was none. Just more of that gentle persuasion that managed to soothe my frayed nerves, if only partway.

I started to backstep toward the living room, then stalled to ask, “Do you want me on my front or back?”

“It’s up to you. The element of surprise can be nice.”

My nerves reared up full steam as I stripped off my clothes and lay naked on the couch. Folding my arms beneath me, I tucked my face into their opening. I wasn’t convinced the element of surprise would be a reward for lying on my front, but I knew I didn’t want her seeing my face when she jammed that plug up my ass and I started bawling like a baby.

Closing my eyes, I pulled in a few deep breaths and attempted to relax. A half minute later, the flat of a hand swatted across my ass, jarring my eyes back open and jerking the air from my throat.

With her voice once more dripping Southern seduction, Deitre remarked, “Stellar view, bad boy.”

Stifling a cry, I squeezed my butt cheeks as a sting raised on their surface and dull ache shot through my groin. Ache that was just going to grow increasingly worse. Fuck me.

My voice muff led against my arms, I said, “Where’s my lube?”

“Tonight, I’m in total control, Ryan.” Her hand contacted with my butt again, this time as a warm caress. “All you’re going to feel is ecstasy.”

BOOK: What Happens in Vegas...After Dark
13.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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