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As a former crime reporter I have a basic understanding of police procedure and jurisdiction. But for this story I took a great deal of creative license. I have been to Texas a number of times but make no claim to being an expert on local matters.

My thanks go to two colleagues from the news business, Paula LaRocque, formerly of the
Dallas Morning News,
who so graciously put me in touch with Texas journalism legend O.K. Carter, former publisher of the
Arlington Citizen-Journal
and the
Arlington Star-Telegram.
If my settings and news aspects ring true, then thanks goes to them.

If you see inaccuracies, then blame me.

I did my best to reflect the meteorological aspects of the story accurately and apologize to experts for any errors. Again, I took liberties as a fiction writer.

My thanks to Amy Moore-Benson, to Emily Ohanjanians and the incredible editorial, marketing, sales and PR teams at Harlequin and MIRA Books.

As always, my thanks to Wendy Dudley.

Very special thanks to Barbara, Laura and Michael.

It is important readers know that in getting this book to you, I benefitted from the hard work and generosity of many people, too many to thank individually.

This brings me to what I hold to be the most critical part of the entire enterprise: you, the reader. This aspect has become something of a creed for me, one that bears repeating.

Thank you for your time, for without you, a book remains an untold tale. Thank you for setting your life on pause and taking the journey. I deeply appreciate my audience around the world and those who’ve been with me since the beginning and who keep in touch. Thank you all for your kind words. I hope you enjoyed the ride and will check out my earlier books while watching for my next one. I welcome your feedback. Drop by
to subscribe to my newsletter and send me a note.

Rick Mofina

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BOOK: Whirlwind
4.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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