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“It shouldn’t have happened.  You’ve been so good to me, but you were forced to endure the most atrocious things.”

“Vicki, my life has been very good,” he said as he patted her belly.

“You know what I mean!”

“We can’t change the past, though hopefully we can learn from it and repeat only the good.”

“But what about ‘the sins of the father’?”

“How long would we pay?”

Vicki didn’t have an answer for him, and Wilson helped her to her feet.  “Let’s go home.  We have exciting news to tell our son…good news, wouldn’t you say?”  Vicki nodded, and left the shovel where it lay.

The little boy waiting at home clapped his hands and danced around when he was told of a younger brother and sister, though he didn’t fully understand.  When he learned they weren’t coming in the near future, which in his mind meant in the next few hours, he lost interest and returned to his toys.

“He’ll be two by then,” Vicki whispered as she wiped her eyes.

“You really do have two babies in there,” he said as he ran his hand across her belly.  “I believe you’ve grown since this morning,” he teased.

“You know you love it.”

Wilson kissed the tear drops from Vicki’s lips.  “And I can’t wait to sleep naked with it.”

“That’s going to have to wait until I get something to eat.”

“Let me, my oversized wife.”

After sandwiches and frozen yogurt, Vicki lay down for a nap while Wilson finished his work day from home.  It felt good to Vicki to get out of her ill fitting undergarments and she lay in bed naked running her hand back and forth across the twins.  She was going to be huge, but she didn’t care.  She was having babies with the man she loved.

Vicki filled out quickly and every night Wilson couldn’t wait to get his hands on her naked body.  Vicki’s hormones were driving her crazy and when she wasn’t crying, she was craving sex.

When she was seven months pregnant, she was so big she thought she would explode.  “Wilson, this isn’t right.  I should not be this big.”

Wilson led her to the mirror to try and convince her that she wasn’t that big.  He knelt in front of her and opened her pussy lips with his tongue while he held her big belly.  When she climaxed, it felt different somehow.

“Wilson, I think you just caused me to have a contraction.”

“Mmm, I didn’t know I had such power.”

“Is it serious?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”  Wilson phoned the doctor and asked him, embarrassing Vicki with the very descriptive example he gave.  “The doctor says it’s fine and contractions won’t begin in earnest until the babies are ready to enter this mixed up world.”

Vicki struggled to get back onto the bed, but what had happened felt good and she wanted to feel it again.  She leaned down as best she could, with her butt sticking up in the air.  “Do it again, Wilson.  It was amazing.”

Wilson stroked the hard clitoris and slowly fucked his wife with a finger.

“Wilson, it’s happening again.  Oh, it’s the most amazing…oh, Wilson.  Stick it in me,” she begged as she swished her butt against his chest.  The wet pussy was begging for its lover and Wilson filled his beautiful wife as he always had.  “Wilson, it’s happening again.  You’re dick is…fuck me harder.”  Wilson wrapped his arms around his wife’s big belly as he gave her the best sex she had ever experienced.  When they lay together afterward, Vicki sighed.  “That was beyond orgasmic.”  She turned onto her side and lifted her belly onto Wilson’s chest.  “I told you I knew when we made these.”

“Yes, you did, but when did we make two?”

“Wilson, what if one was conceived at the hotel and the other one here at home.  That can happen, you know.”

Wilson kissed her on her beautiful mouth.  “No, I didn’t know, but the way you went after it that weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Vicki was sure the twins would arrive early, but it was only two days before her due date when they decided to make their debut.  It was a little past midnight when she thought she had to pee and her water broke in the bathroom.  “Wilson, it’s time.”

This time Wilson was ready, fearing that he may have to deliver his own twins.  He helped Vicki into a pair of his extra large sweat pants and the only shirt that would fit her, woke the nanny, and headed toward the city.

“I swear, these babies must wear thirty pounds each.  Look at me.”

“Woman, you’ve never looked sexier.  You know how I crave you.  I’m surprised we didn’t knock the babies loose one of those times.”

Vicki giggled for the first time in a long time.

Against the doctor’s advice, Vicki insisted upon taking no drugs during labor.

“Okay, but if I see any signs of distress, there’s an epidural with your name on it.”

Wilson’s nerves were frazzled as he watched his wife writhe and moan in pain, and when the twins arrived he was as exhausted as she.

“You’re amazing, Vicki,” the doctor stated as he delivered the boy and then the girl without performing a C-section.

“How big are they?”

“Baby boy is seven pounds eight ounces and baby girl is six pounds ten ounces.  It’s no wonder you were uncomfortable.”

“I was miserable…fat and miserable.”

Wilson kissed her.  “But I loved her body,” he said seductively.

“Cool it, hot stuff.  You have to wait now, remember.”

When they arrived home, Wilson had a surprise for his much larger family.  He had hired a cook and a housekeeper.  “We can’t expect our wonderful nanny to do everything,” he said with a wink to the kind woman.  He also hired a night nanny so that he could have his wife to himself.  “No arguments.  You need your rest, and I need my wife next to me.”

Vicki had no arguments.  What had been missing in her life was now hers and it didn’t matter what anyone thought about the color of their skin.  Their beautiful offspring were the perfect blending of two wonderful ethnicities.


The Lost One:

On the run, Analeigh wanders into the city one night and meets a kind stranger who offers her a place to stay.  Having grown up among those who practice alternative couplings, the young woman knows little of the world and the evils lurking in the sweetest places.


Nash could not believe his eyes.  He had seen photographs and paintings of the beautiful land surrounding him, but if he were not experiencing the wonder of all that lay before him, he would have doubted their validity.  Born and raised in the ‘lower forty-eight,’ as the contiguous forty-eight of the United States were referred to here, Nash had been to nearly every one of them, but nowhere within had he seen a land so beautiful and pristine as that which awaited him.  This land of northern beauty was Canada, and Canada was going to be the setting of what promised to be a groundbreaking film.  In Nash’s opinion, the producers of the grand venture couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place.

Nash was an actor and he had been chosen to play the lead in this, his very first major motion picture.  He had been lucky enough to play plenty of bit parts in the past, but this was his time to shine.  The natural setting was perfect for the outdoorsy Nash, and he couldn’t wait for production to begin.  Beauty was not only found in the naturalness of Canada, but it was also clearly evident in the city of Vancouver, which was the focal point of production for Nash’s debut film.  For the next several months Vancouver would be his home, and from what he had seen so far, he couldn’t have chosen a better place for his big screen debut if he had chosen the location himself.

Soon after arriving in Vancouver, Nash and his fellow actors and actresses were given a quick tour of the city.  Vancouver, he learned, was a ‘city of neighbourhoods,’ and he planned to immerse himself in as much of the city’s diversity as he could.  Prior to becoming an actor, Nash had earned an undergraduate degree in ethnic studies and he longed to experience many cultures throughout the world.  Since he couldn’t afford a world tour, performing in as many places as possible was the next best thing.  The group’s tour guide informed them that persons of English, Scottish, and Irish descent historically comprised the largest ethnic groups in the city, with definitive elements of each still visible in many areas of Vancouver.  Nash planned to spend time in each of Vancouver’s ‘neighbourhoods,’ exploring the shops and restaurants of each ethnic group.  The closest he had come to feeling as if he were a part of a culture other than his own was when his family had vacationed in Walt Disney World and spent a day at Epcot Center.  He felt as if he had taken a trip around the world in only one day while in sunny Orlando.

The guide announced with a great deal of pride that Vancouver was the second most popular destination for immigrants relocating to Canada and that many of its Chinese citizens had come from Hong Kong in the 1980s in nervous anticipation of Hong Kong’s transfer from the United Kingdom back to China in 1997 following fifteen years of British rule.  Referred to by members of the United States media as the Hong Kong Handover, Nash recalled watching the rainy daylong event in 1997 as it was aired on television networks around the world.  Many more Asian ethnic groups had followed their brave pioneering counterparts to find a new home in Canada, including Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Cambodian, and Japanese.

Following a quick tour of the city, Nash and his fellow members of the film crew were returned to the lot where their trailers had been placed.  The people of Vancouver were accustomed to seeing film stars, both international as well as local, as the area had become the site of major film making for nearly a century and had been given the nickname of ‘Hollywood North.’  The reason was simple.  The money men of Hollywood realized that it was much cheaper to shoot a film in Canada than in the U.S.

Nash made himself comfortable in his new home, which was nothing more than an averaged sized trailer, but as the star of the film he didn’t have to share this time.  He helped himself to the complimentary basket of local cuisine which the various businesses of Vancouver had so graciously provided, while he looked over the script for the first day of the film.  Exhausted, he fell asleep in the chair and didn’t wake up until he heard a cadence of knocking at his door.

“Nash, ten minutes,” the voice said.

“Be right there,” he responded, barely opening his eyes.

It was dark outside as he flipped on the light and looked at his watch.  It was 5:30 a.m.  Nash had grown accustomed to early morning calls, but he had slept better last night than he had in a long time and wasn’t ready to greet the day.  “Must be the air up here,” he muttered as he stumbled to the shower.  Taught by his parents to always be on time regardless of the venture, Nash was on the set ten minutes later.  His dad had joked about being on ‘Lombardi time,’ a termed coined after the football legend Vince Lombardi who insisted upon his players arriving ten minutes early or face the physically demanding consequences on the field.

Nash had read the script only once, but he had been blessed with a photographic memory.  As lead actor, his part was very physical, at least for the first few scenes.  The film opened with Nash running as fast as he could, gasping for air, but not daring to stop until he reached the United States/Canadian border.  Once he made it across the border and into Canada, he would be free.  He was out of breath after doing the opening scene ten times in a row before the director was satisfied with every detail.

He had not given much thought about the group from which his character was fleeing.  What he did know was that he was playing the part of one of the Lost Boys, young men who were excommunicated or afraid to stay because of abuse from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS).  The young boys were pressured to leave through various means for engaging in seemingly insignificant things such as watching a movie, watching television, playing football, or any other reason the grown men of the group could use to make the boys feel unworthy of being a part of the so called ‘chosen’ group destined for eternal glory.  What Nash did understand, and what the real Lost Boys did not, was the only reason they were forced out was to eliminate the competition by the adult men for the young girls of the group who were forced into polygamous marriages to men two or three times their own age.  The young girls were often mothers by the age of thirteen.

As the film progressed, Nash became curious about the history of the group and began searching the Internet late at night.  He discovered that it was not uncommon for young women to try and escape the group as well; that is, if they had somehow escaped marriage to a man old enough to be their grandfather.  From their earliest teachings, young boys and girls were raised not to trust the outside world, and that if banned from the group, they would be forever beyond spiritual redemption and destined for eternal hellfire and damnation.  With little education and few life skills, they were unable to function outside of the group, and many turned to drugs, committed suicide, and if somehow fortunate to find someone to help them cope, someone who had been where they were, scars remained forever a part of them.  Nash spent hours every night learning about the unfortunate young men and women, and as the days passed he became more engrossed in his research than he had planned.  He learned that Canada, and specifically Vancouver, had become a refuge for many of those who had escaped and traveled northward from Utah.  He also realized that he was becoming too involved with his role, but he couldn’t seem to stop.  He had always become a part of the roles he played, which made him a good actor, but internalizing his character often took its toll on him emotionally.  In his current role, he was averaging a total of three hours of sleep each night, and he felt the effects the following day.

BOOK: White Diamonds
8.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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