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Vicki closed her eyes.  “How long?”

“At least until the baby is born,” he said.  “Now dry your eyes and let’s go inside.”

Vicki wiped her face and reluctantly took her husband’s hand.

“Vicki, honey, let me look at you,” the bubbly woman said as she held out her arms.

Vicki forced a smile and hugged the woman with the quirky manner.

“I’ve fixed up your room.  It’s the same one you were in before,” she giggled.

“But that’s the honeymoon suite.”

“My dear, the two of you will always be honeymooners.”

Vicki couldn’t begin to follow the woman’s reasoning, so she decided not to try.

“We’ll have so much fun.”  Beth Adler lifted one of the suitcases and headed for the stairs.

Vicki turned to her husband and smiled slightly.

“You heard the woman.  Our room is waiting.”


The change in Vicki’s demeanor seemed to occur overnight and by the end of the first week with the quirky innkeeper, she had transformed the little bedroom into a bedroom, den, and baby room by a very strategic placement of the furniture.  The room was crowded, but Vicki loved it.

It was at the end of the first week in the country cottage that Vicki noticed the slight bump that she had thought would never come.  It felt good.  The dizziness was no longer her constant companion and she felt like the sensual woman her husband had married.  She tried on a negligee she had bought but never worn.  It was black and opened down to nearly the crotch.  Her breasts were full enough now to tent it out at the top and allow it to taper in a v, as if leading to what Wilson called her honey pot.  She turned to the side and admired her profile.  There was no mistaking the bump in the tight little number and she ran her hand from side to side as she thought of having Wilson’s baby.  She didn’t hear the turn of the doorknob or her husband entering the room.  He stared at the sexy back of his young wife and then his eyes fixed on her butt.

He walked up behind her and put his hand over her hand.  “Mmm, did you start without me?”

Startled, Vicki turned her head to the side.

“I haven’t seen this before.  Is it new?”  He kissed her parted lips before she could answer.

“I bought it for you,” she said.  She slipped her hand out from beneath his and pressed his hand to her growing gut.  As she moved his hand downward, she slid it slowly so that Wilson wouldn’t miss the bulge.

He turned her around and opened the black lace.  “There he is.  There’s my boy.”

Vicki giggled, “Or girl.”

Wilson parted the lace at the top, exposing full breasts and large dark nipples.  He held the soft breasts in his hands, feeling their fullness as if unsure of what he was feeling.  “Oh baby,” he whispered before kissing her and lifting her into his arms.

“Careful, I’m fat now.”

Wilson was too aroused to hear anything.  He laid his pregnant wife on the bed and ran a hand inside the lace crotch.

“I’m so wet.”

“I can take care of that,” he promised.  He nearly tripped as he stripped out of his clothes.

Vicki held the dripping cock in her hands, smoothing a thumb across the head as Wilson let out a gasp and a low moan.  He began pulling on the crotch of the silk and Vicki whispered, “It snaps way, way down.”  The seductive wife nearly made her husband lose it as she voiced the sensuous words.  Three small well hidden snaps located at the entrance to Vicki’s wetness were pulled apart quickly and Wilson began undressing his wife.  “Do me like this,” she said.  “It’s a little naughty, don’t you think?”

“Damn, woman.”

Vicki pulled her man inside and spread her legs wide.  Pulling him to her, she mouthed the words, “I missed you.”  Wilson’s thick cock rubbed hard against Vicki’s clitoris and she climaxed for the first time in too long.  Calling his name, she squeezed as hard as she could.  Wilson closed his eyes.  How had he gone without her for so long?  She was back and that was all that mattered.  No one had it as good as he did.  He was convinced of that.  Vicki wrapped herself around her husband with her burgeoning belly pressed against him as they slept.


The next few months were a blissful blur for the happy couple.  Vicki learned to bake and sew at the insistence of the quirky Mrs. Adler.  Wilson came home every night to a woman who became more sensual and sexual as her belly grew rapidly.  He awoke one morning during Vicki’s eighth month of pregnancy to find her admiring her naked form in the full length mirror.

“Mmm, mm, bring that big beautiful body over here.”

Vicki turned to face him.  “Look how big I am!”

“Get over here,” he teased as he lay on his back.

“Don’t you think I’m fat?”

“If I did, do you think this would happen every time I came near you or thought about you?”

Vicki leaned over and kissed him.  “You’re just saying that.”

“Sit on me with that beautiful big butt of yours.”

Vicki playfully licked his nose.  “I’ve got a different idea.”

Wilson gave her a quizzical look.

Vicki got on the bed on her hands and knees.  “Take me from behind,” she said with a daring look.  She wiggled her butt in the air and waited for Wilson’s hands to hold it still.  A thick finger entered deep inside of her and she gasped.  “Do it, Wilson.  That felt good.”

Wilson would do anything for this woman and he entered her deeply as she rested her arms on the bed, pushing her butt up more.  “Oh, it’s good, it’s so good,” she moaned.  “Harder, honey, I’m so hot for you.”  She spread her legs wide for her man and he leaned over her, holding her big belly as he fucked her harder.  Vicki’s loud moans and pleas to go deeper and harder caused Wilson to grit his teeth to hold on.  As Vicki collapsed on the bed, she was filled with a powerful stream of her lover’s semen.

“Woman, this was one hell of a good idea.”

Vicki felt the thickness slide out of her slowly and she lay on her back.  “You’re going to be late,” she teased.

“Hell, woman, it was worth it.”  Wilson had time for only a quick shower and when he came out, Vicki was asleep.  He covered her with a blanket, stopping to place soft kisses along her belly, and then he headed off to work.

A month later and Vicki was three days overdue.  “When will this baby come?”  She and Mrs. Adler were baking fruit pies and Vicki sat down at the kitchen table exhausted.

“Babies come when you least expect them.  Do you have a name picked out?”

“Kind of, but we want to keep it a secret.”

“That’s the only way, honey.  It could be a girl, you know.”

Vicki ran her hand along her belly.  “Whatever it is, it’s going to be huge if I get any bigger.”

When Vicki was two weeks overdue, her physician decided that it was time for the baby to make its debut.  “You carried this one full term and then some,” he announced.  “Check in tomorrow morning and we’ll get this party started.”

On the drive home, Vicki was silent.

“What’s up?”

“I want to have the baby in the country at the cottage.”

“Vicki, we can’t get the proper medical treatment out there.  The doctor says the baby needs to be born now.”

“Mrs. Adler says that babies come when they are ready.”

There was nothing Wilson could do to change Vicki’s mind, and the physician very reluctantly agreed, quietly telling Wilson that he didn’t think it was wise.”

It was nearly a week later when Vicki woke Wilson in the middle of the night.  “The baby’s coming.  Wake up.  We’re having a baby.”

Wilson was up in a second, pulling on his jeans and calling Mrs. Adler just in case they needed help.

“It hurts, Wilson, really bad.”  Vicki writhed with excruciating pain, but it was too late to move her.  She would have to get through it somehow.

The physician sent a midwife to the cottage who did her best to ease Vicki’s pain.  After nearly twelve hours of screaming, and pleading for someone to make the pain go away, Vicki began to push, and Wilson watched as his son was delivered into the trusting hands of a midwife.  Vicki lay back exhausted as the midwife laid the infant on her belly.

Wilson sat down beside her and kissed her.  “You did it!”

“If I had only known…”

“You would have done it the same way, Vicki.  You know it and I know it,” he winked.

The midwife took care of everything and announced that the baby weighed eight pounds.  “That’s a big baby you got out of there.”  Vicki smiled.  She had finally made up for the baby she had lost.  She had given Wilson a son.

Two weeks following the birth of Dante Jones, Vicki was lying in bed, her son feeding from her breast, when Wilson came home from work.  “That’s a beautiful sight,” he proclaimed as he watched the naturalness of the naked sight.

“I look like I’m still at least six months pregnant.”

“Lots more for me to love.”

“You have awhile to wait, hot stuff.”

Wilson changed his clothes and sat down on the bed beside them.  “We have a few decisions to make.”

“I know.”  Vicki wasn’t in the mood to think about the future.  She was happy with the here and now.

“Honey, a wrecking ball went through my old home today.”

Vicki sat up and placed little Dante on her belly.  “I’m so sorry, Wilson.  Why?”

“It belongs to your ex now and he’s determined to own the entire neighborhood.  This was taped to our door.”  He read the contents of the thinly veiled threat.  “Sell your house to me or you’ll regret it.  I’ll show you a loss from which you will never recover.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’d say he doesn’t know about the money.  Don’t worry, honey.  As soon as we came out here I deposited the remaining money in the bank, in a retirement account, savings, mutual funds and the like.”

Vicki smiled.  “Thank you.”

“Vicki, there was money found in another home in the neighborhood, hidden somewhat like ours.  I think that’s why your ex wants the houses so badly.  He and his people seem to know about hidden cash, but they wasted their time with my house.  There wasn’t even a mouse in my basement.”

A chill went through Vicki’s body and she shivered.  Wilson pulled the blankets over her.  “You okay?”

“I’m okay.  It was just a chill.”

“It’s no wonder, my little nudist.”

Vicki wasn’t surprised that her ex knew about the money.  He seemed to sense two things – money and fear.  Hearing about Wilson’s house brought the document hidden in Vicki’s purse to the forefront of her mind.  In the past few months she had almost been able to forget about it.  “How many houses are gone?”

Wilson didn’t want to tell her, but he knew he had to.  “There are very few houses left standing, Vicki.  Like dominoes, one by one they fell.  We made the right decision coming out here.”

“But this is not our home, Wilson.  Sooner or later we’ll have to go back.”  The tears began to flow and Wilson pulled her along with his son to nestle between his broad shoulders.

“No we don’t, Vicki.  My boss wants to sell this cottage and I offered to buy it.  All he asks is that Mr. and Mrs. Adler are given a home here for as long as they like.”

“Why did you do that?”  Vicki sounded angry and Wilson was confused.

“I did it for us, Vicki, and for Dante.  I won’t raise my son in an unsafe place.”

Vicki’s heart was beating wildly and Wilson tried to calm her.  “I will take care of my family,” he stated firmly.

No one had cared as much as Wilson did.  Vicki had always felt as though she were on her own and alone in the world.  “I like the Adlers,” she said.

Wilson kissed her cheek.  That was all he needed to hear.  “I just wish I knew why the houses had so much hidden money, hidden in the same manner, and yet some houses were empty.”

Vicki hated keeping secrets from her husband, especially a secret about him, but she had hoped it would all be forgotten.  “Maybe some of the home owners discovered money, just like we did, and there was money in all of the houses at one time.”  That made sense in Vicki’s mind, at least.

Wilson put Dante into his crib and returned to his gorgeous wife.  Putting his hand on her belly, he said, “Mmm, one day Dante will have a brother.”

“Hey, don’t make fun of my belly.”

He kissed her parted lips, opening her mouth, and making her feel very loved.  “I love your belly.  If I had my way, there would be a baby growing inside of you all the time.”

Vicki giggled like a schoolgirl.  She had never wanted children until she met Wilson.  “Let me see the house just one last time.”

Wilson’s gentle teasing tone abruptly changed.  “No, Vicki, I won’t do that.  Everything will be packed and brought here.  Perhaps one day you can see, but not now.  Don’t argue with me on this issue.  It won’t help.”

Vicki sighed.  She knew he was right.  Everything she wanted was right here anyway.  When the weather was warm, Vicki and Mrs. Adler took Dante out in his stroller along the numerous walking paths that led into the woods and were a major attraction to the guests of the bed and breakfast.  The baby had celebrated his first birthday and Vicki was eager to become pregnant again.  She would often lie in bed after Wilson was asleep and place her hand on her pelvis as if trying to will another life inside of her.  He had been watching her for a couple of months, though he never said anything, until he caught her doing it whenever she was naked.  He turned onto his side, startling her, as he held her hand still.

BOOK: White Diamonds
10.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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