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Chapter 10


finished taping the last box of Jasper's things and handed it to Shane to carry to the garage.

We'll get the rest of your clothes from your Mom's before we go shifting this afternoon," he said over his shoulder.

'd been shocked when he'd asked her to move in with him after they'd made love during the smudging. He'd made her promise not to go out alone in her altered form and started taking her shifting after work. She loved their special time together. Except for the threat of Dory, she couldn't remember being happier.

When he returned to the house she said,
"I promise not to invade your space."

His gold eyes darkened a shade as he drew her into his arms.
"Why? I don't have a problem invading yours."

True. He
had invaded and conquered her mind, body, and soul.

* * *

Shane parked the Harley in front o
f The Black Raven on a warm and moonless Halloween. Antsy for a peek of Chey in her costume because she'd refused to give him a hint. A self-proclaimed bachelor, he'd quickly adjusted to having her living with him and sharing his bed.

He heard a
familiar voice call his name as he reached for the door. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he turned.

. Dressed as hooker. Not much of a costume.

What?" He exhaled.

Ed has a council meeting tonight. I thought we could go for a ride before you downed some brews with the guys." Judging by her slight stagger she'd already been in the sauce.

Sorry. No can do."

Why? What's a little ride?" She mewed.

He knew the type
of ride she insinuated. "You're with Ed. That's what you wanted." He purposely left Chey's name out of the conversation.

Sometimes a girl makes mistakes."

She certainly was his worst
. "And we gotta live with them."

Without another word, he turned and sna
tched open the heavy oak door. In her drunk and narcissistic state, she didn't get the message and followed him inside.

ack-o-lanterns decorated the tables glowing eerily in the dark tavern. Webbing strung along the exposed roof timbers added to the gloomy effect. The Pirates had already pushed some tables together. Chey caught his attention as she served their drinks. Dressed as Elvira, his lover's black lined eyes turned murderous when she spotted Dory trailing behind him.

'd done everything short of physically dissuading the slut. He found an end seat beside Jim. Dory plopped onto an empty seat across from them.

Who's heard of the legend of Virginia Dare?" she slurred. "I'm not hunting wabbit, but a white doe." Her drunken impression of Elmer Fudd made the guys snicker.

The ghost of Chief Maneto's son will haunt you," Jim said, his expression serious. "She was his beloved. When she declined Chief Wanchese son's offer of marriage, he ordered his shaman to curse her so when she kissed the rival chief's son, she turned into a white doe.

Later, the two tribes staged a
hunt for her. Maneto's son had his medicine man fashion a special arrow that would return her to human form. Wanchese's son had a different plan. When both braves spotted the white doe, her true love's arrow struck first returning her to human. Then Wanchese son's arrow pierced her heart. Legend says the ghost Virginia Dare wanders the Outer Banks as a white doe."

ll eyes were on his friend as he finished the tragic story. Unable to take anymore, Shane vacated the table as Jim entranced the audience with another historical Outer Banks legend.

Do you think if I hunt Dory and kill her that anyone would care?" Chey asked, tapping a couple of brews.

Shane grinned
. "I doubt it, but you can hunt me down later." Her Mistress of the Dark costume and push-up bra had him breathing hard.

By the time he
returned to the table, Dory had talked Dwayne, another club member into her wild expedition. An avid bow hunter, Dwayne wouldn't have a bit of trouble killing a deer, but Shane suspected anything he said to dissuade him would only lead Dory to more suspicion.

Dwayne didn
't miss his look of disapproval. "Sorry, man. It's good for a piece of ass," he apologized. "Thought you were done with her."

More than, bro. But believe me, the tail isn't worth the trouble that comes with her." He lightly pounded the man's shoulder.





Chapter 11


A few days later
, Shane stopped at The Christmas Shop on the way home from work. The tourist icon had the best selection of old fashion candies on the Outer Banks. Even in heavy boots his steps fell silent on the wood floors. He wound his way through the small maze of rooms, passing antiques, paintings and other collectables until he reached the confection shop.

The sweet smell of fudge made his stomach rumble
. Lunch seemed forever ago. Barrels and displays of old time candy and snacks decorated the large room. He picked up several classic Moon Pies that his aunt loved so much, and placed them on the counter.

I saw Jasper's obituary. How's Nona?" the older woman asked, familiar with his purchases. Her Native American heritage was highlighted by high cheek bones and deep-set eyes.

Hoping these will keep me in her good graces. I haven't visited like I should." Except for the smudging ritual, he hadn't seen her since Jasper's funeral. Chey's love had helped heal his heart, but Nona had to still be hurting.

Just busy like most young folks these days. Twittering, texting…" She muttered checking his items.

And sexting
. Jesus, he needed to get his mind out of the gutter, but it was difficult when the most vivacious woman occupied up half his bed these nights. "I'll tell Nona you asked about her."

It was ne
arly dark when he reached her house. Inside, the kitchen glowed warm and inviting through the window. He knocked and opened the door with his key. The followed his nose. As long as he could remember, cooking or preparing medicines had been her hobby. "Nona?"

Shane!" She turned from an herb strewn table and hugged his neck. "I thought Cheyenne had you tied to the bed, only letting you loose to work."

er words shocked him. A rush of heat burned his cheeks. "My great-great aunt!"

Oh, shush. I remember being young and in love. Jasper teased me mercilessly when my Henry asked me to marry him. Your great-grandfather was furious because he had Sioux blood."

Lost everything to the white man and we still can't get along amongst ourselves." Shane placed the bag of Moon Pies on the table and then dropped onto the kitchen chair. The array of dried plants turned his thoughts to Cheyenne. Tension furled in his gut at the thought of Dory trying to hurt or kill the woman he'd loved since childhood. If he caught the bitch in the woods, he'd pluck her out her eyes balls.

You're worried." Nona eyed him and took his hand, rubbing it between hers.

What if I can't protect her?"

She is stronger than you think, Shane. Teach her what you already know."

She's learning. We're shifting together. She can find her clothes and detect human scents. I even shifted back, and she found me. But she can't fight like a predator. All she can do is run. Through a night scope, she'd stand out like a full moon." He sighed and crumbled some willow bark between his fingers.

Don't despair, my great nephew. Others are on watch, too." Her cheeks brightened.

Jasper had me
ntioned others. Shane bet most of the elders were shifters or special in other ways.

There is a tribal meeting next week. You and Chey should come," she continued. "Leo is acting chieftain until a new one can be elected."

He knew her goal
. The same direction as his late great-grandfather. "Nona. I've never been a favorite of the elders. Jasper's wish will never happen. I am not a leader. What have I ever done to warrant such an honor?"

Taking his chin lightly in her grasp, she said firmly,
"I love you Shane, but you have kept yourself from everyone except Jasper and Chey. It's only in your mind that you believe you're not a worthy member of the tribe, or a prospective chieftain. Your father's actions don't reflect on you.

After Jasper
's son, your grandfather, was killed in Vietnam. He focused his love on your father, but Ben was like his mother, only out for himself. When he refused to marry your mother, Jasper disowned him and then was shattered when she took her life. You became his light."

Until Chey left, and then I
became a disappointment
. His great-grandfather had still believed in him though. Pushed him to get direction in his life, which ultimately became the army. Hearing the words now from Nona pushed it home for him. Chey had waited for him. He had to count for something, even if it were only in her sea-green eyes.


A short time later, he opened his door to the enticing aroma of dinner. He forced his thoughts to the woman inside. He'd never imagined being a guy who looked forward to heading home to the little woman, but she'd wrapped around his heart so long ago. He'd just gotten her back in his life, and he sooner die than lose her again.

She stood
at the counter rolling out homemade biscuits, looking sexy as hell in jeans that molded to that sweeter than dessert ass.

Is that roast I smell?" He stepped behind her, swept aside her long, black hair, and planted a lazy kiss on the nape of her neck.

So soft, her light fragrance enveloped him
. Since she'd returned, his human senses were renewed. Before, everything had been mundane. Even sex. Only soaring over the treetops or the ocean had made him feel whole. The lost piece of him had returned.

Yes." She giggled, squirming beneath his tickling lips. Turning, from the biscuits, she drew a line down his jaw with a floured finger. "Wow. All this for cooking dinner?" Vivid green eyes danced curiously.

No, for looking like dinner," he growled, bent his head and met lush and pliant lips. Tracing them with his tongue, she tasted like summer and life. All his hopes and dreams.

He clutched the base of her skull and
deepened the kiss. His opposite hand settled on her rear, pulling her against him, and allowed her feel his growing need.

He released her mouth with a nip to her lower lip
. "On second thought how about dessert first, sweetheart?"

* * *

flung her over his broad shoulder as if she weighed nothing and strode for the bedroom. Her insides shivered. Each time they made love or fucked, he'd found a different way to satisfy her. He already knew her body better than she did.

He l
aid her on the puffy comforter. Above her, whisky colored irises glowed predatory seeing her true self. Their time might not last forever, but having his love for a time would be more than she'd ever dared to dream. A month ago, she couldn't envision being in love or being with him again.

Rippling abs taunted her fingertips
as she tugged off his T-shirt. She cupped his sexy hips and unhitched his belt.

He yanked it from the loops and tossed it to the headboard with a smirk.
"For later." He arched a brow.

's mouth watered as he stood and unzipped. Thick and rigid, his cock sprang free―bobbed for her attention. She closed her fingers around him, loving the feel of baby soft flesh so stark in contrast to the hardness beneath. A pearly bead enticed her to lick the velvet tip. Slipping off the bed, she knelt between his legs, eagerly devouring the rest of his burgeoning shaft. He hissed and shivered beneath her touch.

Slowly, he fucked her mouth as she took him to the root
. The man would probably drive her to depravity, but she couldn't deny that she'd enjoy the trip. With an easy grasp, she rolled his smooth twin globes in her fingers, enjoying his lusty sigh.

gently held her head as she took his shaft deep over and over. "God baby, your lips and mouth are pure heaven." Stopping before he came, he withdrew and shed his jeans.

Taking his time, he helped her remove her sweatshirt. W
ith expert skill, he flicked loose her bra and cupped each breast. His tongue speared a rigid nipple, shooting heated desire straight to her sex. His eyes darkened with hunger as he roved every inch of her body and pushed her back on the bed.

Now for dessert," he growled and buried his head between her thighs.

is seeking tongue drew a line between her folds, sipped her dew. He increased her pulsing need to a throbbing ache and then filled it. She moaned at the intimate invasion. Her legs fell open. Devoid of cognitive thought, she rocked her hips seeking more pleasure.

The sweetest honey I've ever tasted." He licked his lips and dipped his finger before offering her a taste. She licked his digit as he shamelessly fisted his cock. The man could tempt the devil. Ten years of fantasies couldn't compare to the real Shane.

With a teasing roar
, he rolled her over and lightly slapped her cheeks. "Name your torture."

She looked
over her shoulder with eyes narrowed in a challenging glare and spread her knees. Voracious eyes raked her. Calloused hands grasped her hips. His rough seductive play had her slippery with desire. Then he impaled her.

lost her breath.
So deep. So good.
He filled more than her body. How had she lived without him? Her life had been black and white. He filled her with color, love and his fiery need.

Slowly, he withdrew
and slammed home again going deeper each time searing her core. His fingers slicked her cream to her anus.
Oh, yes.

fingertip circled her tight bud, lubricating and priming the delicate entrance. She pushed against the sensation. Felt the sting of his palm when he slapped her rear.

Patience my Little Doe. I'll give you what you need," he said, soothing the blush on her butt cheek.

'd already given her more than she'd ever dreamed. Still she wanted more. The wide head of his cock pressed against her rosette. Sweet pressure built. A prelude to a wicked delight. Like a flower opening, her heated channel obeyed her need for him.

warmth of his chest covered her back as his arm slipped around her waist. A contented sigh caressed her ear. Pausing for long moments, he let her body adjust. Then filled her completely, body and soul. Short pumps lengthened to long strokes. He touched a place deep inside of her as she voiced her pleasure. "Yes!" she cried.

The sound of his sac slapping her heated pussy heightened her arousal
. Her body tingled as she met his thrusts. Did he know her most naughty craving?

Are you're ready, baby?" Shane whispered.

He reached for the
nightstand drawer. Withdrew her vibrator and then filled her aching pussy with the humming faux cock. The dual penetration and alternating stokes set her nerves on fire. Ravenous.

His palm heated her ass
again. Once. Twice. Cheyenne buried her face in the soft bedding overwhelmed by the pleasure and pain combo.

Come for me, baby. I want to feel your tight ass milk my cock. Watch your nectar flow." The husky words pushed her beyond the edge.

A familiar tightening bloomed and spre
ad like a tidal wave of rippling and intensifying as his dual strokes quickened. She clawed at the sheets, desperate for release. He knew how to keep her hanging on the rope of ecstasy.

She raised her head
caught their reflection in the dresser mirror. His long dark hair, strong jaw, and aquiline nose paired with those wicked eyes reminded her of the brave warriors of centuries ago. He met her gaze. Held it. His perfect ass clenched as he rammed between her cheeks again and again. It was her undoing. Her body convulsed as she erupted, drawing him deep. Her pussy clenched and flooded. Weightless, she let nirvana carry her to another realm.

Shane groaned
. His hips locked. He let go, pulsing deep. "Sweet Chey." He held her until his spasms ceased. Both collapsed in a heap, glistening in sweat.

* * *

After dinner,
Shane tugged her outside where they both transformed instantly. As she transformed into the gentle creature, he realized he needed to bond with her beyond sex. With a high-pitched screech, he soared toward the marsh and woods.

every few beats of his wings, he circled to make sure she followed. He easily spotted her white coat with his night vision. Her lofty gaze held his heart. She believed in him. It resonated deep in his breast.

e landed on a low tree branch and waited. Chey approached, and he dropped to ground, returning to human form. An instant, later she stood beside him, staring up at their abandoned tree house.

It's still here." She rubbed her arms against the cold and climbed the ladder.

followed, still turned on by her nakedness.

Inside, she found a
familiar quilt. "You planned this," she said, sounding surprised.

BOOK: White Doe [shapeshifter romance / romantic suspense]
6.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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