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Wicked Nights

BOOK: Wicked Nights
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Wicked Nights


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Lexie Davis




Can a rule-breaking biker and a straight-laced lawyer find true love?


When criminal defence attorney, Addison Pierce, has bullets flying at her head, the only person she can turn to is Mason Vaughn, President of the Wicked Angels Motorcycle Club. As her client, he vowed to protect her from any repercussions of taking on his case. However, as much as Addison needs protection from Mason’s known enemies, she doesn’t need a complication like Mason in her life.


As she delves into the world of motorcycle clubs, she struggles with the ethics of her professional relationship with Mason turning into a more personal one. Mason’s world includes motorcycles, sex and the ever-present, law-defying anarchy known within his club. Addison stands against most of Mason’s tactics for keeping her safe, but starts to question her own feelings for him.


Can a biker and a lawyer find true love amongst the chaos found in this rebellious world?






To Lisa B., Amy S., Kellie M., Patti F. and Mandy J.



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Wicked Angels Motorcycle Club President Mason Vaughn gripped the hips of a bendy blonde and thrust hard into her. He was half-drunk and nowhere near completely satisfied with the pussy hanging around the club. The boys had thrown a celebration party for him after his trial for the attempted murder of another club’s member. He’d been in prison for nearly six months, and the boys thought pussy would make up for it.

“Mason?” Addison Pierce, his criminal defence attorney, called out his name from behind him. “Oh, wow. Uh, I’ll come back later.”

“I’m almost done.” He grunted, coming inside the condom. He withdrew and tossed the blonde to the bed. “Get your shit and get out of here.”

He turned, meeting Addison’s eyes, and she flushed. “What do you need, babe?”

She chuckled nervously, glancing away from him. “Uh, I just wanted to tell you that, uh, you have a court date in two weeks for the, uh, misdemeanour charge.”

He grinned, taking in the sexy navy suit hugging every curve of her body. Mason pulled the condom off his dick and tossed it into the trash. She was embarrassed by the situation, which only made her cuter. He liked that innocence about her. The blonde he’d just screwed rummaged around behind him and he glowered.

“What part of ‘get your shit and get out of here’ do you not understand?”

She grabbed her clothes, dressed in panties and a bra and left, nearly knocking his lawyer down. He shook his head and moved to find some pants.

“Why do I have to go, again?” he asked Addison.

“Because you’re not going to get away with the destruction of property,” Addison replied. “You’ve already served time, so you might get away with a fine and some community service.”


The whole thing had been a misunderstanding. The Skulls Motorcycle Club had a long time beef with the Wicked Angels, and when shit had hit the fan, Mason had found himself in handcuffs being led to jail. Thankfully, he had been acquitted of the murder charge, but he still might have to do fucking community service.

He pulled his jeans on and buttoned them. He’d lost some weight in jail. Shitty food would do that to a man. He glanced up at her. She stood in the doorway, giving him her full attention.

“You killed it in court today.”

“Yeah, well, you hired a damn good lawyer.” She smiled.

He agreed, “I did.”

There was something about her that captured his attention. She didn’t fit into the MC lifestyle. Of course, he’d spent the last five to six months getting to know her and having her get to know him and his club. She felt like part of the crew.

“You got a sexy smile, Addison Pierce.” He searched the floor for his shirt. “It does all kinds of things to a half-dressed man.”

She laughed. “Meet me at my office around eight on September fifteenth. We’ll go to court together.”

“All business.” He pulled his shirt on.

“Damn straight.” She propped her hand on her hip. “I guess I’d better go before the party gets in full swing. If you can’t make it, please call my cell. I’d rather have an excuse prepared than be as surprised as the judge.”

“You don’t want to stay for the party?”

“Nah.” She met his eyes. “Have fun without me.”

He watched her for a moment. Addison had been his lifeline when he was in jail. She’d kept him from receiving a life sentence, proving instead that all the evidence the prosecution had was shit. She was a ball-buster, something he found enticing.

“Well, you’re one of us now, Addy. Welcome to the Wicked Angels MC.”

She grinned. “Yeah? Do I get a cut with patches? Maybe one that says ‘badass lawyer’?”

He pulled his cut up from the floor. “Only if you get a motorcycle, babe. And a couple of tattoos.” He pulled his cut on and took in her sexy legs. “From the looks of you in those suits and fuck-me heels, you probably won’t be riding bikes anytime soon. And I’m willing to bet your soft skin doesn’t have ink.”

“You’re right.” She moved away from the doorframe as he came towards her. “I’m not a biker chick. I’m a good girl.”

“A badass good girl.” He flipped the light off and shut the door behind him. “But you know, good girls can turn into badass biker chicks too.”

“Not this one.” She walked down the hall in front of him, her heels clicking as she went. “Stay out of trouble for two weeks. That’s all I ask.”

He went to the bar and grabbed a pack of cigarettes. “You know me. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

He lit the cigarette and met her eyes. She turned towards the crowd of people, looking slightly uncomfortable. “Then promise me you’ll stay out of jail.”

He grinned. “That I can do.”


Chapter One




It didn’t register to Addison Pierce that she was in trouble until a bullet soared past her. She fell to the floor and, with shaking hands, tried to take cover. Her breaths came in short, panting gasps as her mind flashed a million different thoughts. She’d known she’d get some retaliation for representing the Wicked Angels Motorcycle Club, but damn, she hadn’t expected her office to be shot up. Bullets flew by, the noise at a deafening level. She belly-crawled into the back storage room and closed the door, keeping low to the ground. They’d said if she represented them, that they would protect her. They’d obviously failed.

Two options came to Addison as she pulled out her phone. One would be to call the police. She, like every law-abiding citizen, knew that they were who you called when you needed help. However, she really didn’t want that help to come in the form of Jesse McNally. So she went with option two and found president of the MC, Mason Vaughn’s, number. She waited while he answered.

“There are people shooting up my office!”

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Back storage room. I’m locked in a closet.”

“I’m on my way. Stay low and stay put.” He clicked off.

Addison blew out a breath. There were several things she’d learned through representing the club, and she knew she was already in too deep to get out. They wanted her. She was the top criminal defence attorney in Tampa. When he had more than one charge brought up against him, Mason Vaughn called her.

He was the typical biker. Big, intimidating, covered in tattoos. He also had a body on him that made panties wet and women worship him. Her momma warned her about those types of men, the very men her father had threatened with a shotgun. She had to admit she was attracted to him. Aside from professional courtesy, she shouldn’t have any desire to be around him, but he had an air about him that made her look forward to their conversations. She didn’t need to entertain the idea of getting to know him on a more personal level, but the thought had crossed her mind. Addison tried to stop thinking about Mason and focused on the present. Bullets still filled her office. The sound of them nearly deafened her.

BOOK: Wicked Nights
8.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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